Why this blog?

What if there were an organization that wanted to take over a community and direct public resources towards its own aims? What if that organization seized upon a popular and credible cover issue, like an environmental cause, that protected it from serious scrutiny or even promoted widespread support? What if they got funding from mostly out-of-area wealthy donors, foundations, and grants? What if they turned on vulnerable members of the general public (the 99%), dividing and conquering with quiet but aggressive bullying tactics, but were still able to get good press all the time? What if they were able to infiltrate all areas of local government, including committees, staff, and the Council? What if they used questionable tactics and the power of the State to further their aims, including the manipulation of science and scientific credentials? What if their main tactic was to turn a laser-beam-like focus on anyone who crossed them or their donors? What if their playbook included ruthlessly "nailing" hapless victims by finding some inevitable peccadillo property violation that could be expanded into a nightmarish entanglement with unforgiving and incompetent authorities? What if they turned a blind eye to the behavior of their own well-connected donors, Board members, employees, and friends? What if they always advocated for, and received support for, stronger environmental laws, not because of environmental problems, but because it made it easier to find violations to further their tactics and overall strategy? What if they used labels, wedge language, and ad hominem assaults to discredit all opponents and divert attention from their own ongoing efforts to divide and destroy? What if most everyone in the community knew all this but were afraid to speak out for fear of being targeted? What if?

Well then you might have the San Juan Islands as they are today, and someone has to tell the story.


  1. Typical -- the powerful and influential 1% trying to tell the rest of us what to do!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The county doesn't make the 1%. If we didn't want "powerful leaders" to "tell people what to do", then why do we have a council in the first place?! Heck, why do we even have a President of the United States?
      The participants here are just a bunch of anonymous bloggers complaining, nothing more. Pretty sad, isn't it?

  2. The "powerful and influential" do what they want to do as they have the 'power' to do so. This said we can redirect their 'power' to support our opinions if we take the time to support our island community with personal efforts, over years no less, to allow us to know them on a 'personal' level and thereby be influential ourselves. Been there and have done that.

  3. Wow, this place is really paranoid.

  4. Folks, I believe that the 1% try to control a lot, but you need some serious head checks. Cowardly anonymous comments on people by folks running for office and their friends is just not right, not on Lopez. And yes, I dare you to talk to me face to face like real human beings.

  5. I found your blog on a search for "WA DNR evil scum". Currently doing battle with them in SW WA. I could tell you very similar stories

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