Sunday, June 9, 2013

Quick Hits - A Heron Catchup

Despite the lack of posts, there has been a lot going on:
  • The Friends have been busy. Together with Futurewise, they held three grant-funded messaging sessions disguised as "Shoreline Science Forums" (Lopez - May 10, San Juan - May 17, and Orcas - June 4). Also, they have been busy opposing shoreline stabilization projects on San Juan Island, objecting to projects by the Woodmans (project approved), Laufers (awaiting decision), and Dickinsons (awaiting decision).  In addition, the Friends continue to crank away on their CAO appeal to the Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB). One of the interesting claims made by the Friends in their GMHB filings is the notion that tourists to the San Juans have "investment-backed expectations" regarding their experiences here (i.e., tourists don't want to see no stinkin' houses). The Friends' relationship with tourism is a flip-floppy one. They back the Scenic Byway and like to use the supposed interests of tourists to justify anti-resident initiatives like the CAOs. However, the Friends are simultaneously opposing expansion of camping sites and RV hookups at the Lopez Islander Resort. On June 7, they held an informational meeting on Lopez with opponents of the proposed Islander expansion. I wonder if the residents who oppose the Islander expansion have any idea that the Friends would probably like to get rid of them even more.
  • Susan Dehlendorf resigned from the Planning Commission. In her resignation letter (posted below), she said "I feel strongly that those individuals who are willing to work in government service deserve our gratitude and respect. I deplore the fact that public servants are subject to denigration and attacks as they do their professional work." And despite those expressed sentiments, in the very same letter Dehlendorf denigrated some of her fellow Commissioners (who are all volunteer public servants) by characterizing them as partisan representatives of special interests.
  • In an interesting development, the former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, visited the San Juans along with investors (Jamen Shively) who seek to capitalize on the legalization of marijuana in this state by developing national marijuana brands. The leadership group for this effort held a symposium last weekend on San Juan Island on the topic of marijuana and cancer. Some residents here are beginning to ask whether the San Juans should somehow get in on the ground-floor of what many are calling the "Starbucks of Pot."
  • Lastly, the San Juan Journal has started a blog. We wish them the best of luck, and if you happen to stop by to read their blog, be sure to come back here and let us know what you think. Leave a comment.

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  1. A thought for today - consider the
    Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water home masterpiece built in 1935 in Pennsylvania. Forget about the stream buffer for this house – the water runs through it. Of course, Frank Lloyd Wright believed that homes should be designed individually to fit the landscape and compliment nature by design. That “organic architecture” belief is anathema to the modern planner and those who profit from wearing the “environmentalist” label today. The modern planner and enviro believes that man is a disease to be removed from nature and installed in buffered, crowded, concentrated, surveilled, mass-transit walkable utopias somewhere. As a result of this late 20th Century trend in central planning schemes, and more modern mutations – our world becomes ever more limited and stifled by the Planning Class and Those Who Know Better.

  2. Mrs. D resigned? Oh what will we do for entertainment without Mr. D in the news?

  3. I read the new blog. Looks like even more puff pieces about our local pols. Yup, hard-hitting, relevant analysis (Spokane pol for VP in 2016? the over/under on Christie's weight by then?). Pass.

  4. Dehlendorf's letter asks that her replacement be someone who has not "prejudged the issues."

    Hold on a minute! Isn't she the one who took an illegal straw poll of the Planning Commissioners regarding the CAO? Yes, she is. Here is the link and the video.

    I agree with Mrs. Dorf, please do not appoint anyone to the Planning Commission who in any way resembles Susan Dehlendorf.

  5. Tocqueville compared a potentially despotic democratic government to a protective parent who wants to keep its citizens (children) as "perpetual children", and which doesn't break men's wills but rather guides it, and presides over people in the same way as a shepherd looking after a "flock of timid animals".[3]. Wikipedia


  6. Anyone who chooses to throw a minority citizen under the bus for the supposed greater common good "a completely relative term" as different a our differing worlds. is hardly without prejudgment. Liberty to the greatest extent possible, is the only answer equal in protection to all

    Even us odd ducks deserve respect, and no our planning commission and staff, as well as our council should for once think about those you bear no relative similarity in thought taste or needs in living a valued constructive life.

  7. Why is it that people in positions of authority only seem to think about the spaces they themselves occupy, instead of the larger group and positions that they will never discover?
    Is is just ignorance arrogance.........,

  8. Do I have this right? Our county government has agreed to, and spent, OUR tax dollars$$$$ to take pictures of our private parts, and We will not have Access to these photographs? So, if I won't have access to my own private parts,, shouldn't I have the right to deny others to those same private parts?
    It feels a little like we have a pedifile in our midst! This is simply repugnant

  9. Mrs. D has said "Dorf it! I'm OUT" She's tired of being Dorfed with and she's not going to take it anymore!

    Of course what she really meant is this:

    "Dear PC, I will not tolerate, nor be apart of, a planning commission that is not filled with leftist enviro-facist such as myself, or total goofballs like Thomas and Gamble, and since I can't get my way, I quit so go Dorf yourself!"

  10. @8:59

    Well said!

  11. In a more perfect world...

    There once was a passel of Friends
    Who hassled us all without end.
    But when people got mad,
    shouting, “Hey, we’ve been had,”
    There were no more big grants left to spend.

  12. This is like ranker turning down the chairmanship of the state environment and marine and marine waters committee. Both do not play well with others.

  13. For a long time now, I have seriously wondered what the board of FOSJ really wants. It continuously appears this outfit is headed in many different, conflicting directions or no direction at all.

    The Dehlendorf letter fits well with I'm stomping my feet little kid approach FOSJ takes on most issues. (It there anything these folks aren't upset with?)

    Excellent point made by 6:59pm about design fitting with the landscape rather than arbitrary rules dreamed up by FOSJ and or demanded by the Dehlendorfs.

    Also, is anyone else completely fed up with this continuing "incivility" canard.

  14. The FOSJ just want to cause trouble in order to make it as expensive as possible for all of us to live here. It doesn't matter whether they win or lose before the Growth Board or before the Hearing Examiner. The point is that they desire to increase costs for any project proponent. That is their goal -- not to be consistent, not to be scientifically sound, not to be honest -- but only to be annoying and expensive. They are not playing with their own money but with grant money that flows in year after year regardless of their behavior.

    They are very successful at what they do, even if they lose every single time.

  15. "Effective Immediately." What's that all about? A quit without notice, is certainly not an endearing way to get anyone to respect comments you wish to make.

    But then I wasn't there; maybe someone threw a pencil.

  16. Friends of the San Juans

    Consumes regulatory surveillance
    Grant parasite
    Dangerous to themselves and others
    Runs with scissors
    Hates homonids

  17. Anyone on the PC want to hazard a guess as to what or who pushed Suzy over the edge?

  18. Just my own conjecture, nothing pushed Ms Dorf over the edge, having long since jumped over it.

    Just a drama queen. "Those in the know" might recall when her term came up a few years ago and she seemed to be moving on, but that dang CAO was so important and certain elements sort of begged her to stay on ... and be chair ... during a special period of time ... anyway, she did what she could and now she's done.

    Do you think we've heard the last of David? Hah. But one can hope.

  19. How can the FSOJ be stopped?

  20. The FOSJ can be stopped by exposing them for the frauds they are...or finding peeps with deeper pockets to counter sue them at every turn.

  21. In a manner of speaking, apply a tourniquet, slowly twist until the gangrenous limb is isolated from the body politic.

    Apply Chinese political water torture. Drip. Drip. Drip. This seems to have had some effect.

    This organization operates on less than $500K a year. And must raise soft money over and over and over again.

    There are ways to do unto them that which they are doing unto us. Expect things to get worse before things get better. They will become desperate and dangerous.

  22. Not one person on the TH spoke up yesterday to wish Lovel Pratt happy birthday. Not one. Talk about uncivil. What's next? Racial slur contests?
    Just read her heartfelt concession letter and....
    Oh wait, never mind.
    Thin victory that still makes me smile.

  23. Anonymous wondered: "For a long time now, I have seriously wondered what the board of FOSJ really wants. It continuously appears this outfit is headed in many different, conflicting directions or no direction at all."

    That's because FOSJ is often pursuing other projects than ones initiated within FOSJ. Example: their current jihad against the Islander expansion is really a project driven by a couple of wealthy Lopez property owners (some resident, some not). FOSJ is only involved as a funnel/middleman for the cash to undertake the protest. The reason: the cost for protesting the Islander expansion would be a non-deductible personal expense to the extent paid for by the 1%ers. By "arranging" with FOSJ to undertake the project: voila - otherwise nondeductible expense is magically converted to tax deductible "contribution" to the FOSJ.

    I suspect that a number of the jihads waged by the FOSJ are set up under similar circumstances & that a material portion of FOSJ activity is really a form of tax fraud perpetrated by 1%ers. I imagine the IRS would be interested that FOSJ is blatantly "shopping" their tax exempt status to function as a conduit for otherwise nondeductible expenditures thereby converting them to "charitable" contributions.

  24. Checking Gordy's new column you find the FOSJ histrionics over the expansion of the resort to be as overblown as usual.

    The expansion is modest and seems designed to serve all economic levels of visitors. Also, it does seem when you want to launch a kayak, you need to be near some water.

    And hint to FOSJ; you folks need to get out more. The ripper about the expansion as a potential cause of ferry crowding was a real joke. Are you aware WSF is constantly trying to get MORE riders! Will you folks bring suit against WSF next?

  25. @ 2:39 PM

    Spot on. Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Why would the FOSJ simultaneously pursue mutually exclusive objectives?

    Occam's Razor ... the simplest explanations tend to be correct ...

    Answer: They took the money. It's just business. It's what they do.

  26. David Hume seems to have it nailed down.

    There are some people for whom the almighty dollar is the only thing important. At least more important than other things, even those nasty neighbors who want to change things. (We'll fix those bastards; we'll get the FOSJ legal team onto them and with the tax deduction we'll come up plus anyway.)

    FOSJ then goes in any direction a large donation wants.

    Truly, it does make sense. (Thank you Mr. Hume.) And it does go to explain the basic question of: "What does FOSJ really want."


  27. Bingo on David Hume and @8:09

    "It's what they do."

    Says it all.

  28. Even for those who've figured out what's going on, what FOSJ wants you to think is: "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown."

  29. Now we have an analytic framework. This is good. It's real simple and time honored:

    "Follow. The. Money."

    This is the way to connect the dots. Grants. Agencies. Donors. Operatives.

    Why was the treasurer for the Byers campaign the county employee managing the salmon lead entity program?

    Follow. The. Money.

    Here is where public records requests will help. On the private side, for FOSJ finances, look to IRS Form 990's as a place to start, then dig.

    Then make a bunch of really pretty infographics and present to the public broadly, and bring this Machine to heel.

  30. And pay attention to who's attending the workshops and commenting against the Islander expansion, for example. That will tell you who's funding this particular jihad. Watch at the meeting who's hanging out with the consultant opposing the expansion - she's working for the jihadists (in substance over form), not the FOSJ. (BTW: she's the former director of planning for SJC - there ought to be a 100% surtax on income earned by revolving door public servants.)

    As indicated above - what's happening is actually pretty simple (albeit pretty sleazy). Shining the light on it is only a matter of investing the time to pull all the loose threads and attend the meetings. At some point in time, there'll be enough uncovered that the IRS should be interested - it'd be interesting to see if they'd yank FOSJ's tax exempt status. In addition to bouncing the tax deductions being claimed by some of these "altruistic" contributors to FOSJ. Here's something that should annoy the crap out of everyone who's not taking sleazy tax deductions: honest taxpayers are essentially subsidizing these jerks. The hypocrisy of a few of these people is stunning.

  31. So, why are two of our council members at a three day meeting being held by Island Trust on Maynes Island in B.C. ?

  32. Island Trust, over in the Gulf Islands has tentacles, and has been around for a long time. Some accounts point to Island as the model for the California Coastal Commission. Our local reps get together over on Salt Spring annually. Meanwhile we should all stick to our knitting at home.

    Interested in more reports about this. If true that two council critters went I would assume that to be Stephens and Hughes. A quorum, meeting on foreign soil? Okayyy ...

    Anyway, back to the Islander expansion project, yep, the consultant is none other than a looonnnnggg standing member of the Marine Resource Committee and one time planning director for the county.

    Apparently a number of local neighbors where shaken down to come up with enough money to hire this person to come in and do God's work.

  33. So Kit Rawson, Bob Jean and Stephanie Buffum all walk in to a bar.....
    Come on who are we kidding, Kit was already there.

  34. And the bartender sez "Sorry we don't serve your kind here."

    Just about then, a duck sits down and orders a Moscow Mule ...

  35. Oh, gotta love the TH.

    Still not too big on the poetry, but it is getting better.

    Hey, we just figured out FOSJ. Hand slaps all around. Now, bury the jerks.

    The longer FOSJ marches the more people dislike and or are injured by this group.

    How many lives were upset by the guest house fiasco? How many pocket books were hit by the CAO's promoted and then vanquished by FOSJ? How many hapless property owners have been ruthlessly attacked by FOSJ?

    It is adding up. It is becoming more than obvious the scale of those injured is way heavier than those benefited. ("Benefit" is a poor word here, because it is more like a train robbery for those who pay.)

    The shake down experts at FOSJ really should look into employment in the Mexican Police force, they would fit right in.

  36. This one goes out tonight to the Friends and all their Friendly Friends ...

    And in your dreams
    You can see yourself
    As a prophet
    Saving the world

    I just can't believe you are such
    A fool

  37. Don't forget our f-'d up prosecutors that seem to not be from the same country, or share the same constitution. Privacy and freedom from unnecessary search and seizure is pretty basic stuff. Ignore my right to privacy because it makes you hard. But who wins? Really? Wat goes around will come around. And we keep our values intact, there will always be bullies and victims, at least we are on the right side of things.


    Slippery slope. Slippery slope.

  39. TH exposition and discussion of the evil FOSJ is a great start! But, how to take the next step? How to start a process that results in the demise and eventual extinction of that vile organization? To look forward to the day when there is no longer a 501(c)3 or a Form 990 with the name FOSJ on it? How does this happen?

  40. They masquerade as a charitable, scientific and education organization (c3) however it is likely that most of their work deals with direct lobbying and political advocacy beyond the limitations set by law. This would be difficult to prove and it is rare for the IRS to pull a designation or demand back taxes due to misuse of charter. However, bear in mind that the FOSJ was investigated by the IRS in 2006 at public request. The incident was reported by the San Juan Journal in June of 2006. The issue had to do in part, with the membership of the FOSJ and how that was being managed. Notably the FOSJ has become very quiet about membership ever since, declining to publish the names of members in its annual report, for example, which it did for years prior.

    So there is precedent. Find out about the 2006 IRS investigation into the activities of the FOSJ. Drill down.

  41. @7:27
    Thanks for more conspiracy theory nonsense.
    Just what the TH needs.

  42. @7:27

    Not conspiracy theory. Chain of custody. Just follow the money.

  43. Yes, but... nobody gives a shit.

    The feds listen to your phone calls & read your emails & the 'merican public approves. Give up freedom for safety. Give up privacy for, well, nothing I guess. But, give it up you will! And be happy to do it. This is the new world order! 'merica: love it or leave it! (cause with this entrenched police state, you certainly are not going to be changing it).

  44. Freedom for Safety, "my Ass" not in this county. Fascism in the name of Safety.
    Just consider the enforcement action log in this county.
    Safety? "Not" Bull Steering of the people in Fascist Order that is all it is.

  45. "Surveillance is regulation."

    George Will - 6.9.13
    This Week with George Stephanopoulos

    Roundtable on Prism scandal

  46. So... are we in 1984 or Brave New World?

  47. Brave New World maybe ... Soma was just legalized and we're all being concentrated in urban centers.

    But then I thought, no maybe Hunger Games.

    But maybe ... EcoTopia. Ernest Callenbach.

    Anyway, the Brickworks is all painted in meaningful red for its grand opening, all set to attract more tourists to the back alleys of Friday Harbor to make sure they find the public rest rooms back there.

    Therein lies a clue.

  48. @ 12:42 pm Surely you don't think that the link between the Friends and CDP is only the product of crazed conspiracy theorists? "FRIENDS" (as it refers to itself) dictates to CDP and CDP jumps. Tina Whitman, for some reason, seems to run the entire "science" effort of the County planners. SHe's been on the MRC forever, and she's on the technical committee for the CAo and SMP.

    And the fact that Ecology is the puppeteer hand moving the CDP puppets is well documented in the CAO process. So please spare us the conspiracy theory crazy insinuations.

    (As it is, weren't we all told that we were paranoid when we thought the US govt might be spying on us? You're not paranoid if they are really out to get ya.)

  49. Let's see: County gets right to choose recipients of grant funds from state and feds; County uses MRC to do this; Friends dominate MRC; MRC awards Friends most of the grant money. No problem there, right?

  50. Council website says Stephens and Hughes went to THREE DAY meeting over in BC "together." Sounds like a quorum to me. Why? This was something that Lovel Pratt was always pushing--the regionalization of control--let's surrender control of our lives to everyone and anyone. We can't be trusted to regulate ourselves. The Gulf islands have a similar lunatic fringe as the San Juans--there should be no people messing up the islands (except them, of course). What was on the Canadian agenda that required the presence of TWO councilcritters? Did the boys go up on Jamie's boat? Not talking all the way?
    And are there no issues left to resolve here in the County? That aerial thing all cleaned up--contract cancelled? The CDP scandals all righted--no more retaliation problems, no more screaming staffers running riot, no more idiotic interpretations of the code? Budget all balanced?

    Sure, then, you deserve a vay-cay.

  51. Has the number of actual posters surpassed the all important number of 12 yet?


  52. @1:31
    My sincere apologies. "Babbling idiot conspiracy theroists" should be revised to simply "babbling idiots"

    Thanks for helping to clarify.

  53. 5:08 PM

    Sooo... you wouldn't be willing to sign an initiative to make San Juan County a "Drone Free Zone"?

    You must be one of them. If its GMO Free, Nuke Free, Jetski Free, bring it on.

    But Drone Free? I'd be you'd scoff at the notion. Are you pro-Drone or what?

    Actually, the Puget Sound Partnership planted a tiny radio in my head when I attended the Padilla Bay Re-education Camp. I must do what the voices tell me.

  54. Sorry folks, I think the machines will win. John Connor was residing in Washington but after the passage of I-502, he has been quoted as saying "dude, chill out about the whole resistance thing."

  55. @8:15
    Personally, I would actuallyl like to see small nuclear powered jet skis. I think they would be quiet.

    As far as GMO, skip that nonsense and let's go straight to synthetic.

    Drones, I Would work on technology and surveilence counter measures. Why hasn't anyone figured out how to digitally camouflage their property from survellience?

    Lets see that island creativity come to life. Put down the paint brushes and yoga mats and think outside the organic gluten free box.

    Remember when Arnold covered himself with mid and the predator couldn't see him? Like that.

  56. @ 508p

    [Shudder] Personal attacks! How about some facts?

    But thanks for stopping by and keeping the traffic numbers up.

  57. @5:08
    Babling idiots from Orcas would be more appropriate...
    There are conspiracies behind every GMO free tree.


  58. @8:26 PM

    Those in the know have realized that Salish Sea Sky-Net became self-aware and sentient at Oh Dark Thirty UTC, Sunday June 9 2013.

  59. @1:31 I would go a little further, Friends is San Juan County Administration, the Prosecutor’s, and most of CDPD
    No need to dictate policy when you are one in the same

  60. 4:49
    It's good these dozen or so have this quiet out-of-the way place to vent their spleens. Keeps them out of the way of the actual adult population. Other than Kilduff and Civille posting over and over again there are probably 4 others. Otherwise the readership is the equivalent of drivers slowing down to see a car wreck. A bit chagrined to be doing so, but it's so bizarrely compelling. The conspiracies, the anger towards people, the bizarro 'facts' ... How can these people be serious. Keep venting in your playpen kids, it seems to make you feel good and it's keeping the rest of us amused.

  61. @9:24
    Excuse me but I like car wrecks. Heck if they had a car wreck network, I would pay extra. Seeing it live though, that's the holy grail. Everything else is just a tease.

  62. You’ve got the Car wreck correct/ and the anger. But it’s not directed at the people, Nope
    We’ve got some serious anger issues directed at folks, the likes of which would sooner make choices for the people assuming the good citizens of this county were not capable of making them on their own.
    And privacy issues the likes you simply cannot understand, albeit ignorance is bliss. That is the reason we stand on such as our Constitution and defend it.

  63. @ 9:24 p.m. And yet here you are again, checking out this quiet, out-of-the-way spot and driving up the numbers. You have an NSA job? Is that how you can tell who does and doesn't post or read here? Or is it tarot cards?

  64. @ 4:49

    What we have here, is another of the few disaffected ranters who show up here once in a while, who simply cannot respond directly to the actual news posts themselves. There are reasons for that. They don't want this news reported.

    What is strangely compelling is the quality and persistence of the journalism itself, the depth and growth of commentary, the broadening audience. Surely the Trojan Heron is rapidly becoming the most widely accessed source of real local news across the islands.

    Personally, I'm glad the Trojan Heron is here. It is providing a needed news service, long over-due. I don't believe the commentary here is the product of a dozen people or so. That just doesn't make a great deal of sense. It makes more sense that the targets of this journalism are going out of their way to be trouble makers.

  65. I have noticed, extemporaneously, when the TH got a multitude of comments that the Hale's should get a ride on the free ferry, there developed a fierce, granted a bit more intelligent, new attack on the TH.

    It continues. So what?

    Welcome aboard. One thing I can assure you of is I'm not any of the people you want to condemn and I firmly believe most readers of the TH are not.

    We just live here and want to be left alone. Tell your wife and get on the next boat; surely, you will fit in somewhere else.

  66. @9:24

    Suggest keeping an eye out for the emergence of the Salish Sea Sky-Net.

    Looks like it just became self-aware.

  67. @924
    You wish it was a dozen or so, in fact it is hundreds, if not thousands, of frustrated voters that have been pushed beyond the tipping point. Beware of poking the sleeping tiger.

  68. @9:55
    ....."in fact it is hundreds, if not thousands..."

    Wow, this statement should be up for some sort of award. It is an admission that you have no clue the actual number of readers and posters. Reread that one in context.
    Nothing says "actively managing your council" like posting about poked sleeping tigers.
    I will grant you one thing, it's true that "they" are watching.

  69. @ 9:31 AM

    Thanks for that. It's the active management thing, is it? Appreciate that insight, very helpful.

    Sky-Net is sentient and John Connor is nowhere to be found.

  70. Actually, 9:55, had you been around a bit sooner you would have had the benefit of actual numbers provided by the TH of readers/others who check in on the TH.

    It was interesting stuff. Good to see some regular readers are in State Government employ. (Just doing our job, you know.) I'm sure SJC has other interested readers.

    Welcome All.

    PS: Who the heck is this Civille person? If this claim has merit, then this person is REALLY working their butt off. (The TH recently has had several issues with way over one hundred comments.)

  71. The things you seek to prevent or stop have already occurred. What you should focus on instead is what is to come, inevitably.
    You have to imagine the unthinkable and prepare for that. Adaptation to the unknown becomes an exceedingly difficult skill yet necessary.

  72. Yes, the climate is changing. It always does. And not just the weather.

    Evolution eventually breaths new life that steals dinosaur eggs off the primeval jungle floor.

    Those evolved for agility are moving ahead now. The old machine cannot keep pace. There are fewer left to oil the rusting grinding gears of hypocrisy and corruption which has now begun to feed upon itself.

    Really now. Just go back and add up all the comments posted since the first of the year. Do the math. Thousands. And many more are reading.

  73. @9:34 ther really appears to be no use, they own every aspect of our lives. There is no freedom, there is no government of by and for the people, just a bunch of nuts with swollen egos. Shut your doors lock your gates and fence your lands rural is the opposite of what we have known.