Monday, September 9, 2013

Creating The Eco Matrix

The movie The Matrix depicts a dystopian future in which reality as perceived by most humans is actually a simulated reality called "the Matrix," created by sentient machines to subdue the human population, while their bodies' heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source.

In San Juan County, our dystopian present is created by the Machine to subdue our human population using trumped-up eco-doomsaying, while grants are used as an energy source. We saw this on display today during Amy Windrope's presentation for the undead San Juan Initiative. The zombie San Juan Initiative 5-Year Review was funded by a TACT grant from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. We've talked about the TACT grant before. It stands for "Trouble shooting, Action planning, Course correction, and Tracking and monitoring." Under this grant, the Friends and members of our MRC reportedly worked with armed state police in boats from WDFW's Enforcement Division to map supposed shoreline violations. Sources suggest that this grant-funded activity resulted in a phonebook-sized inventory of purported violations, especially along the west side of San Juan Island, where activity was focused.

This was all supposed to come together in a neat little package. The on-the-ground mapping of the TACT/San Juan Initiative was supposed to be reinforced by Pictometry. The Conservation District would facilitate State agency enforcement (enforcement based on bias and misinterpretation). It was all arranged, and "they" just needed an obsequious, complicit County government to play along with the demands of the State agencies (WDFW, PSP, Ecology), the grant-driven whims of our non-profits/quangos (Friends, Kwiaht, Madrona Institute, Stewardship Network), the illusory subject-matter expertise of the Conservation District, and the self-interests of the tribes.

That's how homeowners get framed. That's how the Eco Matrix is created, and before you know it (see the video), we have soccer moms talking like jackbooted thugs before the Council asking, "What is the concern with armed boats?"

She understands our concern ... sure she does.


  1. "What is the concern with armed boats?" Amy actually asked, "What is the concern with armed boats?"

    This is perhaps the most important post TH has EVER put up. It shows how it all fits together, but more importantly, it shows the dismissive attitude of Amy -- the darling of the Machine. She is over the edge, not by a little bit, but by a MILE.

    "What is the concern with armed boats?" should become a slogan for everyone trying to preserve community here by fighting against extremists like Amy. Anyone involved in this study should be ashamed of themselves, especially those who put their name to it (Jonathan White, Lovel Pratt, Lisa Byers, Patty Miller, Linda Lyshall, Stephanie Buffum Field, Peter Kilpatrick, Tom Cowan, Marilyn O’Connor).

    What is the concern with armed boats?

  2. I hope people remember when one of our previous planning directors, Captain Ron, wanted his team to be law enforcement officers, and to conduct warrantless searches?

    These people are all alike - petty tyrants.

  3. And Jamie Stephens is comfortable with this. He makes that very clear. Not only comfortable but supportive.

    Also...very disappointed with Patty Miller.

  4. Who invited Amy up here, how did she get on the agenda, where did she spend the weekend up here?

  5. I'm outta here. I've closed on the Orcas house and I'm moving to where people still believe in the Word of Christ. I fear for the good people of the islands, but I applaudue the soldiers still fighting the fight against the secularists and those who refuse to accept that the constitution recognizes we are a Christian country. God bless you.

  6. @4:00p -- don't let the door hit you on the way out.


  7. @4:00PM -

    I'm looking through my copy of the Constitution, and I find no mention of the United States being "a Christian country", and no mention of Christianity or Jesus.

    The only references to religion in my text seem to be in the First Amendment, which bars laws "respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," and in Article VI, which prohibits "religious tests" for public office.

    Perhaps you have a defective text?

  8. I think this was left on the wrong thread (Walking Dead Bureaucracy). I believe it was meant for here instead:

    Zhang Sanfeng said...
    @4:13 I suspect you'll find plenty of "secularists and non-believers" who are against the vileness which has infested our county government, and who would make common cause with you.

    September 9, 2013 at 5:27 PM

  9. I'm an atheist, and I despise faux environmentalists and their contempt for anything but themselves. I love the Constitution. I can't stand the Friends, DOE, or any meddling interloping government hack. I think mean people suck, and despite all the whining of Kit Rawson about his "friends" being good people, they seem like the craziest, meanest people in the world to me.

  10. I pray for athiests.

  11. Whatever floats your boat, just don't map my shoreline with an armed one, an armed boat that is

  12. Our founding fathers all believed in the Word of Christ, and unless you accept this truth, you cannot truely be with God. I have found great comfort in the TH and feel a kinship with you all. I pray you have the strength to carry on the fight and know in my heart that Jesus loves you. Your cause is just and if you accept Christ you will be victorious. If you don't, you are not truely walking with truth.

  13. Tomorrow 10:30am. Barbara Rosenkotter and the grant recipients.

    That sounds like a Motown band.

  14. It's not whining. It is called standing up for my friends who are good people. It would be wonderful to know who you are so that we could discuss this.

  15. "....we are endowed by our creator...."
    -Declaration of Independence.

    Our Creator is not the department of ecology, Shireene Hale, the prophet mohammed, or mother earth.

    The previous poster is correct, Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.
    I don't want the TH go off in the weeds about this, but the poster speaks the truth. We do pray for everyone, non-believers and even our enemies, that they may find peace of Christ in their hearts.
    Learn the truth and keep it close.

  16. To 6:30 and 7:05 -- thank you for praying for me. I like 5:40p am an atheist. I appreciate the kindness in your prayers, but not the judgment on my character.

    This whole discussion has turned me off TH forever.

  17. We are off in the weeds, and btw, where does "Jesus is our Lord and Savior" leave the Jews?

    Ethics and morality are separate from religious belief. There are plenty of believers in Christ who are total assholes, and there are some darn good atheists and Islamists out there too.

    Can we leave this discussion for somewhere else? This is not a TH topic. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole discussion was a troll for the purposes of discussion.

    We have a woman who admitted before our council today that armed boats have been used to surveil our homes along the shoreline, and we're talking about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Ridiculous.

    If you want to believe that all non-believers are evil bastards, go right ahead. There's a long line of people ahead of you. Either help me fight the Machine or get out of the damn way.

  18. Thank you Rick for standing up for the folks of San Juan County.
    Not sure that Leadership San Juans Amy "understands your concern" but she wants any excuse to get back to the islands! With deputies. It must be clear that no one needs her or her help!

  19. @2:15 started this comment thread with a great comment, and it has dissolved into crap.

    Wow. All of a sudden, it's Lopezrocks. All we need now is someone screaming about coal and cell phones and we can have every buzz killing discussion that exists in the islands.

    Kit, by the way, since you are recently back from the UK, you can think of it as whinging instead of whining.

  20. For Lo, I say unto you, my children, do not speak of me on the Trojan Heron.

    The Heron's work is righteous and the good of the land shall cast a wide net to make peace with thy neighbor and smite thine enemies who endeavor to frame thy chosen with false eco-accusations. Do not despoil this land of milk and honey with gunboats and grants.

    For a man's foe shall be they of his own household [Matthew 10:36]

  21. Seems somehow pertinent that Windrope's performance today would dredge up old church and state issues. Amy Windrope is a High Priestess in the Unreformed Church of Gaia.

    Funny how a few remarks about Jesus would turn someone off the TH forever. Sounds like trolls to me.

    Anyway, to bookend this subtopic and get back to the San Juan Initiative, here's a few parting quotes from the founding fathers ...

    James Madison: "Religion and government will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together."

    John Adams signed the Treaty of Tripoli, which was drawn up during George Washington's term. Article 11 states "The Government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion"

  22. Snap back to reality - the pink salmon run in the Fraser River this year is one of the largest ever. The pre-season estimate for pinks was 8 million, and the in-season estimate has been upgraded to 26 million, and there is no end in sight yet.

  23. Maybe today's soul searching have something in common:

    A recognition that today's Council presentation by the San Juan Initiative was deeply troubling, morally and ethically repulsive. That we are all glad that Rick Hughes saw through the rigged game and called foul.

    That what we say today was creepy, authoritarian and kind of evil in a way. This is what is tearing the fabric of our community apart.

    And that Jamie Stephens is all for it.

    Read the list of names again and memorize them: Jonathan White, Lovel Pratt, Lisa Byers, Patty Miller, Linda Lyshall, Stephanie Buffum Field, Peter Kilpatrick, Tom Cowan, Marilyn O’Connor.

  24. Some groups appears to be trying to hijack the issues and move the focus to religion." Who could it be knocking at my door?"


  25. Well at least the gloves are off, finally, they must know something we don't in order to be so brazen.
    I actually feel for Jamie when he realizes he has been used. His property is a prime example of the "problem", for some reason he thinks he will be exempt from the planned common destiny.


  27. There's a report filtering in from Island County tonight, from someone over there watching our convulsions over here.

    The question was basically this: "How does this all tie into what is happening with an Island County Fish and Wildlife plan that is being hurried through, trying to avoid public knowledge and/or approval?"

    Any takers?

  28. Interesting that Jamie is so comfortable with armed government agents patrolling the county looking for CODE VIOLATIONS. Code violations. Especially if you've seen the riprap added to his property to ensure his house doesn't slide into the sea and that's holding his rental guest house above the tide flats. If you want to really amuse yourself, ask yourself what would have happened if you or I had submitted THAT plan to the county building depot for approval. Some animals are more equal than others.

  29. Sorry, department not depot. Darned autocorrect.

  30. What's the big deal about armed boats, they're here all the time...of course they're not parked outside Amy's home are they?

    Amy just gave you an insight into eco-fascism...brown shirts bringing the justice of Mother Gaea.

  31. At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law, I just have to reprise this quote about "The Banality of Evil"

    The concept of the banality of evil came into prominence following the publication of Hannah Arendt's 1963 book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, which was based on the trial of Adolph Eichmann in Jerusalem. Arendt's thesis was that people who carry out unspeakable crimes, like Eichmann, a top administrator in the machinery of the Nazi death camps, may not be crazy fanatics at all, but rather ordinary individuals who simply accept the premises of their state and participate in any ongoing enterprise with the energy of good bureaucrats.

    Let me repeat that -- ordinary individuals who simply participate in any ongoing enterprise with the energy of good bureaucrats.

  32. @8:25 - Agreed. There are clearly people engaged in a classic campaign of disinformation/disruption with the discussions here on the TH.

    Their motivations should be transparent to all.

    Don't fall for it.

  33. Seems Amy missed her calling; a righteous armed officer, flack vested, with all the tools included; semiautomatic, stun gun, taser, mace, cuffs, black boots...well she could go to the customs dock at Roche and get a look at what she is mission out on. (A 28 pound belt that will give you several permanent disabilities)

    It is appalling anyone would think an armed boat is necessary. What? To respond in kind if fired upon?

    What total complete crap.

    Most if not all of these "shoreline violations" have no baseline established. This is a childish hand ringing escapade by a group of people who have made their minds up about just about everything. Eyes wide shut!

    I get about by boat quite a bit and compared to many shorelines in Canada we have done almost nothing, certainly extremely few of the frankly common adventures in concrete, rock, and steel you see up North. And the salmon still love the place.

    Bob should have made a motion to have her comments censored and then asked her to kindly LEAVE the chamber.

  34. The council needs to stop wasting time on such insipid shit.

    Jamie Stephens should bow his head in shame.


  35. I guess BP doesn't do pop quiz's. British Petroleum is sponsoring a planned oil spill response drill for tomorrow to satisfy the Washington State Department of Ecology. Their response tomorrow will be graded and interpreted as what they would do the other 364 days of the year. I feel sure DOE will give 'em a passing grade.
    Do a search on The Bullitt Foundation and energy market manipulation. Check out the local groups they buy.
    And be sure to watch the council
    videos when you have time to absorb them.

  36. I went back and watched the full presentation after seeing this short clip and I am kind of shocked.

    What I see is first of all this, friendly, Chatty Cathy, working the audience, clear and articulate, charming, joking, reminiscing about her work, emphasizing the need to really work with folks to help them achieve their dreams.

    And then without skipping a beat, she starts talking about armed boats with deputies carrying guns taking detailed observations of our shorelines.

    So Rick Hughes calls her on this obvious disconnect and boy, Chatty Cathy turns into Wicked Wanda in a heart beat. Her demeanor pulls a 180. Her voice tightens, gets icy. Asks a really scary question, what is it about armed boats that concerns you?

    Rick is taken aback, almost cannot believe what he is hearing.

    But the thing that really sticks with me know is how fast her attitude shifted, from cheerful and nice to kind of chilly and mean.

    Good that we see that. This is a wake up call. I'm feeling angry.

  37. Here's a clip of WDFW conducting surveillance of county residents.

    Here's Amy!!!

  38. They were on the look out for wire hangers. Tourists have investment backed expectations. They really don't want to see any wire hangers along the shoreline. No. Wire. Hangers.

  39. This is such an important post. I wholeheartedly agree with the first poster's comment @2:15. This may be the most important post that the Trojan Heron has ever put up. It is no wonder that it has attracted disruptors. Their efforts only lend credibility to how important this post is. I don't think anything can be more poignant than what Amy Windrope said today.

    What is the concern with armed boats?

    If that isn't a wake up call, I don't know what is. This woman graduated from Berkeley, as I did! I didn't think I would live to see the day when a Berkeley graduate would say something like that. It is surreal. What's next, Kent State graduates advocating troops to gain armed entry into homes?

    I guess if you live long enough, you see everything. I feel like I've seen too much. I don't know what Amy thinks she is, but she's not the kind of liberal that I identify with.

    Wow. Stunned. Liberals who say, "What's the concern with armed boats? That hits me deep in the pit of my stomach.

  40. @8:41

    I'm not sure what it means, but the strategy of rushed public participation is something we've experienced. They let us have "community conversations" while also doing everything they can to shut down comments on issues of authentic concern, except from insiders who can have all the time they want.

    Patty Miller was a pro at that. If she starts showing up in Island County, watch out.

  41. @10:52

    Well spoken.

  42. @10:49

    You love to make me bring armed boats to the San Juans, don't you? DON'T YOU?!?!

    Amy Dearest.

  43. Steen Cannons will happily make you up a nice 20 pounder naval-model coastal Parrott gun for about the price of a wetlands delineation.

    And they are legal to own and operate.

    Heck, several neighbors could pitch in together and put in a whole battery. Perhaps on a berm, above their dock! (Assuming they used soft-armoring in the shoreline zone, of course...)

    Just sayin'...

  44. Anyone have any idea what Duncan Wilson (Town of FH admin) would be doing at the Conservation District?

    They don't really have any dirt left in town to conserve, its all pavement and buildings.
    I guess the hanging baskets have some dirt.

    Just curious.

  45. @12:25

    My guesses of possible topics -

    1. Stormwater
    2. Rain gardens
    3. Size of the CD sign
    4. A secret plan to take over the world, or at least control it
    5. He wants a job
    6. He wants a grant
    7. All of the above

  46. I think the Trojan Heron just called the Machine's feeder bluff.

    No wonder Kit Rawson wants to talk.

    Hey Kit. Your Friends. They're not really Your Friends. Are they?

    Jonathan White, Lovel Pratt, Lisa Byers, Patty Miller, Linda Lyshall, Stephanie Buffum Field, Peter Kilpatrick, Tom Cowan, Marilyn O’Conno

  47. This just in from Island Guardian about the GMBH...

    1. County‘s allowance of new and expanding agricultural activities in wetlands and their buffers and in FWHCA buffers as well as the allowance of sewage disposal systems in wetlands, FWHCAs and their buffers does not comply with RCW (The Revised Code of Wa.)

    2. Exemption for transmission and utility lines within private or public rights of way authorized by SJCC 18.30.110.C.3 does not comply with RCW

    3. Definition of ―development�- in Ordinance 26-2012 does not comply with RCW

    4. Public agency and public/private utility exception included in Ordinance 26-2012 does not comply

    5. Findings of Fact relating to water quality buffers and habitat buffers are not supported by substantial scientific evidence

    6. Water quality buffer widths and habitat buffer widths adopted in Ordinance Nos. 28-2012 and 29-2012 fall outside of the range for buffer widths recommended by the Best Available Science,

    7. Water quality buffers and habitat buffers adopted in Ordinance Nos. 28-2012 and 29-2012 fail to protect the functions and values of Critical Areas comprised of wetland ecosystems and fish and wildlife ecosystems;

    8. Water quality buffer and habitat buffer methodologies combined with the lack of monitoring and an adaptive management program fail to protect Critical Areas from degradation

    9. County failed to include the Best Available Science in developing policies and development regulations and failed to provide a reasoned justification for departing from the Best Available Science

    Other than those nine objections, the CAO passed muster. Maybe.

  48. About the GMBH decision...

    The FOSJ wins, the buffers are too small, the regs don't protect functions and values enough, and BAS which requires more restrictive land use was ignored.

    In other words, the EcoNazis get a do-over to to further erode property rights!

  49. Looks like the buffer methodology developed by Hale and Adamus was thrown out, if I'm understanding correctly.

  50. Look at that decision closely from the GMHB, what it says is the Best Available Science was NOT followed, and the idiot in charge of creating that monstrosity is Shireene Hale, having already cost the county hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars what's going to happen now? Give this incompetent DOLT another shot and screwing it up?

    Council, it is TIME to fire this obviously unqualified failure and move on.

  51. @7:21

    I completely agree with that. The Council listened to everything that Hale said, and swallowed everything that came out of Adamus' mouth as BAS. The Council basked in the glory of developing a site-specific approach based on BAS. Miller said the difference between the new CAO and the old CAO was that the new CAO followed BAS.


    That's what we told them all along.

  52. OK, the County wrote a ten pound door stop and the GMHB responded in kind with their own ten pound door stop.

    What is required now, is that the County must go back and revise their ten pound door stop to be consistent to what they believe the GMHB might have meant in other ten pound door stop.

    This will require more grant funding to resolve. And legions of lawyers to litigate, over and over again.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Meanwhile the Council has it in their power, at the stroke of a pen, to amend this monster and stuff the genie back into the bottle as much as possible before the March 2014 enactment date.

    Gosh. This just isn't over yet. Doubt it ever will be. Full employment for the Eco-Legal Industrial Complex.

    Don't forget that the CAO - as written - represents the single largest expansion of local police power in the history of San Juan County. And we all saw yesterday what that really means. Who knew? I mean the San Juan Initiative wants to take a lot of credit for laying the ground work for this CAO, don't they?

    If it's any cold comfort this CAO cannot be implemented, for many, many reasons. It just simply won't work. But maybe that's the whole point. Time will tell.

  53. The other big loser is agriculture. All those exemptions for agriculture and gardens in buffers? Not gonna happen according to the GMHB. They just put ag out of business in San Juan County.

  54. The GMHB has stated in no uncertain terms that as restrictive and onerous as the CAO was, IT WAS NOT RESTRICTIVE AND ONEROUS ENOUGH.
    They didn't say the BAS was bad, it is just that the CAO didn't adopt it. Folks, we're talking 800 foot buffers and 800 sq ft reasonable use exceptions again!
    We'll look back fondly at this version of the CAO when the FOSJ gets cranked up with the new draft!

  55. Shireene already has stated that she was only doing what the council wanted. So this is the old councils fault, not hers.
    So when you take someone who's previous experience we inspecting toilets in all the Idaho Taco Bells, partnered with a heavy agenda driven motive, you get this.
    Careful what you say about her Highness or the armed boats will become armed amphibious landing craft and zip right up spring street to provide cover for the Queen.
    After this and watching Ed Hales drooling dither yesterday, I guess we should expect both to be promoted here soon.
    Ed Hale, new Super Special Utility Manager Director.
    Shireene Hale, supreme ruler of all.
    I took noted during the Ed Hale video. Some of that stuff is almost laughable, if it wasn't for the fact that we are paying these clowns so much money. Combined with the additional expenses that they result in, mind blowing.
    Watch Ed's dog and pony show again. He doesn't have a single answer for the technical questions but by golly, anything involving money, really had those figures down.
    Unbelievable. Incompetence. Staggering. Proportions.

  56. The GMHB has reduced itself to being the Department of Ecology Policy Board. That's the bottom line. They just want Ecology edicts to be followed. The real issues will have to be sorted out in a proper court of law.

  57. This is the way the GMHB will operate in the future. Every time a county plan comes up for review, BAS will have decided that buffers need to get bigger and bigger. In a few years, we'll be seeing buffers in fractions of MILES. The goal is to drive humans out of rural areas completely. Except for the Grant Funded wildlife research stations, of course!

  58. You can't separate the CAO and the stormwater disarray that has characterized this county from the involvement of the Hales. We don't just want them to leave, we should get a refund. We want all our money back from the Hales for all the crap they have fed us over the years, plus interest and damages.

  59. Translation of GMHB Ruling (Windrope variant) -

    What is the concern with removing everyone from the islands?

  60. Lets see now, if we put an 800 foot buffer around Ed Hales pond in Eastsound ........... Well that would be one way to get rid of the Eastsound mafia.

  61. Let's see, 800 foot buffers probably only "moderately" protect "values and functions". What are the odds that FOSJ pushes for greater than 1000 feet, because of "precautionary principle". And while we're at it, let's revisit the cell phone ordinance, because "rays hurt the amphibians and bees in the wetlands".
    This should be entertaining watching the FOSJ go all medieval!

  62. Yes, the FOSJ broke it, so they own it. This tar baby is theirs. Service, Friends. But not match point, not by a long shot. This is a huge opportunity, as the dust settles it will become increasingly clear.

  63. Shireene was in the Fs pocket during the CAO biz and the Fs don't really care if everything goes through. They've now created a situation where extremes become the norm. That was their goal in the first place as far as I can tell.

    That strange council group will be remembered for a long long...time. What a mess they've created and...

    WHY IS SHIREENE HALE STILL HERE! It's ALL on tape. Just ridiculous!

    And Adamus...good lord. What a doofus. Money poured down the drain and now there's a permanent money leak. This is DIS-service! AUGH!!!!! Really upsetting. Really really upsetting.

  64. I can't believe the GMHB found that the exemption for electrical utilities in public right of way was illegal. So in order to repair an underground electric cable that might be in the 1000 foot buffer around some mud hole, OPALCO is going to have to remediate a 4 acre swamp on Crane Island? And forget forever getting Fiber to the Home. Every home will have to prove that digging an 18" deep trench for a 1/4" diameter fiber won't destroy " values and functions" of
    mud holes 1000 feet away.

  65. Just pack up. Leave. Now. The GMHB sez we don't belong here.

  66. It took 109 pages to say that Hale is completely incompetent?
    I just did it in one sentence.
    They going to turn her loose and let her "fix" this? Here Shireene, your demonstrated gross incompetence will be rewarded. Here is 2 more years of employment, a few experts and some grant money. Let us know if you need more.
    This doesn't have to happen.

  67. Wow, you people really know how to make paranoid ridiculousness out of nothing. How would you feel if government stopped patrolling your streets with “armed vehicles”?

  68. @3:28

    Wow. Yeah, it's just like that, except the Friends and the MRC are riding around with the cops, actively doing surveillance with them and cataloging potential property crimes for future enforcement, and the Friends and everyone in cahoots with them is getting PAID to find "changes" in the shoreline which are manufactured into crimes. Yeah, it's just like a cop car in a neighborhood - IF your neighborhood is somewhere in in the Soviet Union back in the 1960s. I feel so stupid for being alarmed. Why should I be concerned that criminalizing shoreline "changes" has been given a grant-funded profit motive? Why should I be concerned that questionable data is handed over to state and federal authorities? What am I worried about?

    What is the concern? What is the concern about armed boats carrying Friends?

  69. @3:28
    I would feel a lot better, knowing that myself and other self reliant individuals can take care of ourselves.
    Oh yeah, my tax bill would drop too.

    I'm all for it. Seriously. I don't have any use for the police, much less Eco-police.

  70. @3:28

    Why don't we just deploy the Marines and National Guard to your neighborhood? They carry weapons and drive around in vehicles just like the cops. What's the concern?

    Better yet, why don't we billet soldiers in your house? It's just like the cops being in the neighborhood, only better because they're closer and can "help" you sooner.

    What is the concern about armed property police analyzing your every move? You people are just ridiculously paranoid.

  71. @3:28 Well, given our Planning Department's history of asking for the power to carry out warrantless searches of our property, and the previous director's push to have his folks "deputized", I think the community here is a little bit touchy about such things.

    The situation might also resonate a bit with islanders who remember back when that child-rapist Border Patrol official, Joeseph Giuliano, used to swagger armed into public meetings here to explain that we all needed to "trust him" about the wisdom of herding us into the chain-link enclosure for questioning when we took the ferry back to the mainland.

    You have to be a little more careful with an islander...

  72. @3:28

    It depends which way the guns are pointed. The armed boats have their guns pointed at us. The armed boats aren't here to protect "us." They are here to protect -- hell, I don't know who they're here to protect, but it's not me, that's for sure.

    The last thing we need are Friends with badges and guns. To put it in Rawsonese, if you don't understand the problem with armed boats, then I feel sorry for you :-)

  73. I think they are protecting some grant based employment. With guns.

  74. Mind boggling, simply mind boggling. I've been away for a few days and Holy Jesus (sorry Atheists) what the hell is going on? Such comic opera!

    Gun toting thugs patrolling our shorelines looking for offenders? People get paid to bring this s**t up? WTF? I'm glad Rick called this female Dorfbag on the carpet. Good on you Rick!

    And the GMHB vomiting this s**t back? Good God!! (Sorry again Atheists, or do you say god?)

    All this is truly unbelievable. This is San Juan County for Christ's sake (oops again)this is chilling when magnified larger i.e the good 'ol USA. This is not our father's country or county anymore.

    And please tell me why the CC gives an endless audience to these EcoNazi's? Don't they have more important s**t to deal with? Katie bar the door. Tell these Dorfs to use public access time and let the CC solve real problems. Enough is enough...stop the madness already!!!

  75. @8:56

    Right on. Aren't there more pressing issues for the county to deal with? These endless stream of zealots are clogging up the works. don't entertain these wackos until 2014, if you absolutely have to.

  76. @8:56

    Amen (now, I'm doing it)! I was thinking today how much time the council spends on eco-crap versus economic or social issues (5 recent suicides). When is the last time the council discussed the drug problem in the county, especially on San Juan? Not only do we have to deal with this eco BS all the time, they completely dominate the agenda, squeezing out every other issue.

  77. It is a bit more basic than all this hoot and holler.

    A known person showed up before the County Council and revealed her mindset openly. This is good. Getting the mental freaks out in the open is what free speech does well.

    However, this person's alignment and allegiance to those who actually can act on her thoughts...well this is bad.

    And, Council Member Hughes stumbling questions of the woman were pathetic. Better than nothing, I agree, but her statement should have been carved up, attacked and eviscerated on the spot. Jarman should have immediately jumped on board with Hughes: "You mean, madam that gun boats should be used to intimidate and perhaps fire upon San Juan County shoreline homeowners, as you see fit.

    Well yeah, I'm a little concerned about that!"

  78. @9:04
    "....the drug problem on San Juan...."

    Meth. Heroin. Cocaine.
    Anyone ever hear of drug interdiction?
    That is what you do with armed patrol boats and enhanced survellence.
    Looking for someone who put a volume of rocks on their shore that pales in comparison to what the good chair has on his land. Now that is wrong, over the top and unnecessary.
    What does the sheriff think of all this?

  79. In Kittitas County in 2011, the local PA got so fed up with Ecology's antics in her county that she tried to prosecute them.

    I wish we had a sheriff's department and prosecutor like that.

  80. They still have not showed us past or current data of pollution here. Just papers and data from else where. Save the pristine San Juans from what exactly?
    The storm water people cant even produce current test results. Don't they have them and why cant they find them? Do they have to have meetings , write a report. Cant they just post one test result from last month , last year anything. Are they testing at all? Do the results say everything is fine, what are they testing for? We are paying for this if the water is toxic let us know. What, they don't want the masses to panic, what are the hiding, the truth that there is no problem.

  81. The Friendly Federalis ...

  82. If you listen very carefully to Amy Windrope, you can hear her say the following to the shoreline owners in San Juan County.

  83. @9:04

    Amen! There we go again.
    Drug & Suicide problem. Where are all the bleeding heart liberals now? These issues are much more important than f'n salmon & shorelines!

    The Sheriff showed promise early and instead posted Felix in the hospital 25 MPH zone to crack down on people going over the limit! Give me a break. I know someone pulled over with a burned out license plate light on Spring St.

    Weak judges too. Eaton giving some one dealing Coke 60 days for a 2 time offender? Grow a pair Don!

    I am not a user of illegal drugs, but I know where to get it if I so desire. It is not a hard problem to solve guys. Get to work.

  84. I have to say 9:18 has brought up a good point.

    Amy was very confident and powerful. Both Amy and Jamie spoke in patronizing ways to Rick. They are bullies. We knew that about Jamie but Amy is new.

    Rick was sticking his neck out! I applaud him! There is momentum against him and that is very hard to fight against.

    We need to support and inform both Rick and Bob. They are certainly targets for the "machine" and are being worked for all they're worth!

    Here's a place for God. Pray that they can hold their own, keep their wits about them, see and speak the truth, and not be unduly influenced by these overly zealous eco freaks.

    Rick and Bob are gentlemen and businessmen. We need them and we need to support them. I can't help but feel proud when I hear Rick speak respectfully and thoughtfully to someone like Amy who doesn't really, probably, deserve it.

    just my two bits

  85. Rick is a gentleman, he takes the time to greet all who attends public meetings, and is a businessman; so I am not surprised by his approach with Amy, he's not going to jump up and down and froth at the mouth - don't mistake politeness for weakness, I know from sources he's not happy with all the ridiculous eco-whacks and is working to end the corruption.

    Keep up the good work Rick!

  86. AMY WINDROPE SAYS "Umm Hmm, Umm Hmm" several times following by "I understand your concern". She is so disingenuous. She doesn't understand any Islander's concerns. The sound "umm" (also um, hmm, and er) is a "filled pause", a special class of interjection.

    The interjection "umm" "hmm" is a noncommital sound when considering a reply, to express doubt, without openly saying "I think that's completely wrong."

    Jamie Stephens does not have the fortitude to say "I agree with Amy" but "blames" past Councils. Really is that all you can say about guns on boats?

  87. This is the second time Gunboat Amy has made the news for her punishment-centric philosophy. The first time was when she went before a previous council and advocated a "carrot and hammer" approach to writing regulations. I always thought the expression was "carrot and stick" but Gunboat Amy upgraded "stick" to "hammer." Now she's gone from "hammer" to "gunboat", bypassing "flamethrower" altogether.

    I can't wait to see what she'll come up with the next time she comes before the council.

    What is the concern with armed drones?

    Rumor has it that Amy was drooling over the Pictometry proposal, and if anyone thinks Pictometry wasn't coordinated with this Gunboat Grant, they're asleep. Windrope, Buffum, and Lie-Shall couldn't wait to get pictures in the sky working together with armed boats and enforcement from the county. Air, sea, and land - but don't feel surrounded, they're just protecting salmon.

  88. @6:04 AM

    "Special class of interjection"

    Yes, and the other locally famous example is Shirene Hale's "Soooo....." during her many smoke and mirror episodes with council.

    This is one feature of the video sessions that is quite powerful. These tactics become objectively obvious to the viewer in a way that aren't apparent in the moment. Watch the video sessions if you can stomach them. You can learn a lot.

  89. There's actually a very powerful tool available to deal with Pictometry. Stay tuned.

    And don't forget the National Monument "Tour de Islanders" coming to your community later this month. Watch the council session from yesterday to see what's in store, and pay close attention to the little vulture smacking her chops in the first row.

    This individual was the lead donor that drove the political campaigns for Pratt and Byers; she was the political insider that drove the CAO side by side with Shireene Hale; and she lives next door to Kevin Ranker with local reports of frequent interactions.

    Oh, she's on the board of the Frauds of the San Juans. Watch her body language. She could not give herself away more obviously.

    Hello Janet. Yes, you just surveilled yourself for the world to see. You are a fool.

  90. Speaking of Janet.
    Nothing says speaking from the heart like reading prepared remarks in a monotone voice. Sounds like someone else wrote those.
    Clowns to the left of me, Dorfs to the right.

  91. For Jamie to punt to poor decisions of past councils is to call the kettle black.

    Remember, come January, Jamie no longer manages the agenda.

    Let's prepare for the change that is coming, and get ready for a new agenda for the rest of us.

    Janet: Can you handle that? Nope, didn't think so. And guess what, you broke the CAO. So you own it now. Going into election season. Pitiful. Looking forward to this. It's payback time.

    By the way, getting back to the National Monument. Listen to what is being said carefully. This is a very vulnerable new program. Obvious deference is given to the powerful organizers who rammed this through. Give the Devil his due.

    But, the Devil is in the details. And the details is budget. And the House controls a lot of that. And the controlling chairman is in eastern Washington, not pleased with Kevin Ranker's rude behavior to his colleagues over the hill. The word is out.

    This will become interesting. Once again, Ranker shot himself in the foot and the gun's still smoking.

  92. In an unrelated topic, voters in Colorado successfully recalled two state senators who were instrumental in passing draconian legislation this year restricting firearms.
    This was a pure grassroots movement in a big way. They that prevailed also were heavily outspent.
    They booted the president of the Senate.
    The message is clear here, as an elected official, you work FOR your constituents.
    Just an issue that I am passionate about. 2nd amendment is the best preservation guarantee we have for the 1st.
    Time for a citizen patrol boat to shadow the enforcement gunboats if they show up. Real high stakes stuff here.

  93. Regardless of our personal preferences with firearms, the 2nd Amendment is really important now. It's intent is to provide citizens the tools they need to protect themselves from tyranny if the government turns against them. That was 200 years ago, and no one is going up against the force of the State with a pop-gun.

    But the same principle applies with over-reaching surveillance, counter balanced with powerful personal encryption and other electronic counter-measures. Plus our rights to privacy which are grounded in our private property rights.

    The fight is coming and the issues are becoming clear. They will become black and white in the coming months. This is not about liberal vs conservative or Republican vs Democrat.

    This is about that other thing. Yeah, you really need to be a bit more careful with an islander. They are becoming a bit cross. They just want to be left alone.

  94. A quick read of the 109 page GMHB decision shows that FOSJ LOST on nearly all of their assertions. The one BIG win was on the size of buffers. Here they prevailed, but not in establishing a size to their taste. Rather, in sending the issue back to the county for rework to be consistent with whatever BAS is used to justify the decision. However, the local rag that passes as media (San Juan Islander) will play this up as a massive victory for the EcoNazis.

  95. Seems like there is a wide berth to establish new, actual BAS and go from there.
    Not using Ed "we don't have the data published yet" figures or whatever halfbaked overpriced scheme Shireene has concocted.

    Anyone else see the Ed Hale drool fest? He basically said he didn't want to publish raw data yet because the uncertainty of the accuracy?
    Ummmmm, it's RAW DATA. It is what it is.
    Insanity. Incompetence. Flourishing.

  96. It's pretty cool actually. This thing is a tar baby stuck to the FOSJ. Our local Futurewise Franchise. Our own eco-taliban Taco Bell.

    This real lump of coal cannot be implemented in any way close to its current form. That's the real story. Because the law would be broken. Randy knows that. The GMHB did not want this tar baby on their watch so they threw it back and laid the fix on the Friends. The real fun is just beginning.

    The Friends broke it. They bought it. They own it. Sit back and watch the show, campers. It'll take a little while for this all to soak in. So, let them crow now, they'll be eating crow soon enough.

  97. Easy now! The FOSJ solution, backed by references to BAS, will be to uniformly set buffers at 300, 600, and 1200 feet, with additional distances added on for wildlife, tree blowdown, slope, etc. Their solution is massive BIG buffers, which would be supported by RCW, DOE, GMHB, etc. The Council, if they are lazy, will see this as the easy, low cost solution

  98. Remember the guest house/ADU thing that the friends dragged on forever. Using up the counties time, resources and hold the citizens hostage. The big build up with a lottery to see who could get one and then it turns out they cant give them away. Years of dealing with a nonissue, lost revenue and crushing long time tax payers dreams.
    The friends and some county employees calling in the feds and the state to decide what we need in our county. We had a vote, the voters approved guest houses the friends said no and took the county to court. Would a real friend ignore the wish of the people.

  99. Is there any merit in trying to recall Jamie? Or are efforts better spent on defeating him next year?

  100. Not really. Beat him next year.

    "Article I, §33 of the Washington Constitution says that a recall can only occur if the targeted public official has engaged in the "commission of some act or acts of malfeasance or misfeasance while in office, or who has violated his oath of office."

    This requirement has proven difficult to meet. A 2010 effort to initiate a recall campaign against members of the Seattle School Board after the board received a bad audit from the Washington State Auditor came to naught when a judge ruled that this constituted insufficient grounds under the state's constitution for a recall"

  101. The Gunboat Ten, plus First-Mate Jamie:

    Amy Windrope, Jonathan White, Lovel Pratt, Lisa Byers, Patty Miller, Linda Lyshall, Stephanie Buffum Field, Peter Kilpatrick, Tom Cowan, Marilyn O’Connor

    The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of the fearless crew, the Gunboat Grant would be lost.

  102. What ever happened to the case of one of the FOSJ who was trespassing on private property and impersonating a county employee?

  103. That case was dismissed. The guilty party was found to be suffering from "Gaia Derangement Syndrome" and let off with a Letter of Commendation.

  104. Actually, a post about that is coming right up. Good follow-on topic from the "armed boat" story.

  105. THANK YOU 12:37! It is important to all islanders that we remind everyone of the ADU/FOSJ/FIASCO.

    Hopes and dreams were destroyed. Financial planning was left in ruins. This was no light weight intervention into the lives of many islanders, this was a broadside that scorched many lives for a long time, some permanently.

    Let none of us on these islands forget what FOSJ did to us with all the malice of a gun boat now being proposed.

    There can be no excuse for the managing board of FOSJ for their continued relentless attack on island residents.

  106. Male voice: Janet?
    Female voice: Yes?
    Male voice: Janet Alderton?
    Female voice: Yes?
    Male voice: This is the voice of your conscience baby ... uh, I just want to check one thing out with you ... you don't mind, do ya?
    Female voice: What?
    Male voice: Jane Alderton, honey, what's got into ya?

  107. Dear William Wallace: What is the concern with warrantless searches? Our leaders know what's right and wrong. Just shut up and do what they say and you will not be hurt.

    And why bother with warrants if CDP can get a judge to issue a warrant by claiming that staff saw a violation from a plane, even though it couldn't possibly see anything but a shed roof? Kinda undermines the whole warrant thing, right?