Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TH Changes

Below you will find the latest in our "Tales of Tyranny" series that we began some time ago. You will also find this post on our new site, which can be found at www.trojanheron.com. Please take the time to visit the new site, and you'll find that it also has a discussion forum associated with it ... in addition to blog commenting.

The need for the Trojan Heron is as strong as ever. We will continue to improve our tools and methods to provide all of you with a voice to speak out ... and there is a lot to speak about.


  1. Sorry, not able to understand the launch. Things going in different or no direction at all. Leads to stories that cannot be read by just anyone?

    No easy way to post.

    No easy way to be free of ID.

    A money making scheme promised to someone...the wife?

    So far the old one looks better except to this "surfrider" person.

  2. ESO - equipment superior to operator.

    It's very easy to post on the new site. No captcha issues either. Just post with any old name using any old email address after you check the box for being a guest.

    The wife? Money? Damn. TH has been figured out. Oh yeah, TH is all about money and matrimony.

    Leads to stories that cannot be read by just anyone? You are sounding as confused as a county councilman.

  3. August 6, 9:34:

    On the new site, just click on the TITLES of the stories to access them.

    It's not real clear that you have to mouse over them and click to access.

  4. Sorry, it's good bye. Reading your terms of service leads to only one conclusion; you were sued or threatened substantially and then caved in and went under the legal rock along with other so called "journalists."

    We still have free speech in this Country and anyone who thrusts themselves into the public eye, politicians are always fair game, and most other people on boards and commissions are also fair game.

    Face it, you are asking people to lie about who they are. Fake E-Mails, fake names, fake everything.

    Simply being anonymous was more honest than what you have set up.

    I do understand that the trolls were a problem, but that was part of the fun too.

    If you can allow posting without your "terms of service" I might be back.

    As I'm sure you can see, the number of posts with this new gig have dropped off substantially.

  5. This is ongoing in San Juan County. Look at the Water Committee - county employees paid to give advice on how the county should manage water, MRC - friend of Linda Lieshall of Puget Sound Partnership fame, how about WSU Extension or Stormwater-hummm Ed Hale and Susan Keys friends of Shireene Hale, Tom Schultz, Mary Knackstead, Linda Lieshall, county hires - must be part of Leadership San Juans and have been vetted by Ron Zee or real new and able to be twisted into lock step. The "County" decides who will "work out" so we get unqualified experts who hide in their inner circles and need to rely on volunteers to expose the problems. Sickening.