Saturday, February 21, 2015

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

The downfall of Oregon's four-term governor should be a cautionary tale to our Washington politicians, whether they hold office in Olympia or in our local rotten boroughs. It's quite the story, and the Washington Free Beacon has a good summary of the money and political relationships at work in Kitzhaber's downfall. If you read the linked article, imagine the howling there would be if you were to substitute "Koch" for "Steyer" in the report.

Shift WA summarized the situation by saying,
In June 2014, Shift exposed a series of emails that reveal how Jay Inslee’s green agenda is heavily influenced by outside extreme environmental organizations and paid-for political consultants. In fact, Shift discovered that the very environmental organizations caught in the Kitzhaber scandal—the Tom Steyer-fund Energy Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund—are at work in Inslee’s administration. Despite the scandal that unfolded in Oregon and the newfound relevance of Shift’s investigation, most media outlets in Washington State are still not paying attention. Austin Jenkins picked-up on the link between Kitzhaber and Inslee in a recent article for the Northwest News Network, but it’s not enough. Inslee is picking winners and losers, just as Kitzhaber was caught doing. Unfortunately, in our state, the winners are Inslee and the extreme environmental industry and the losers are hardworking Washington families. Inslee is a part of what has become an environmental political complex. Just like Kitzhaber, he is part of a system that runs on hypocrisy, corruption and selfishness wrapped in a veil of self-righteousness. 
This is the same circus, just different clowns.
Ditto at the local level. Same circus, different clowns. We have all seen our local political environmental complex divert public resources to its own advantage. Surely this is corruption of the political process, but what about genuine scandal ... the kind of corruption that makes headlines, ends careers, and takes down politicians and career bureaucrats? That doesn't happen here, does it?

Has there been any long-term misuse of funds, retaliation against whistleblowers, crony no-bid contracts, lame pretexts to try to get the sheriff's department to act as henchmen, or interference with the duties of an enforcement officer? That sort of thing doesn't happen here, does it? ... in one of the 50 places to see before you die? ... in one of the best coastal small towns?

But wait, there will be more ...


  1. Wait, how about misuse of fee revenue for purposes not authorized by statute--does THAT happen here? Is THAT why permit fees are out of this world?

  2. Correction Royce - you are a bit off on some of your facts. Not all employees were instructed to all the sheriff. The Health Department Director, Mark Tompkins, sent out an email to his department telling them to call the sheriff if John tried to enter county property (is entering county property illegal? What did John ever do to Mark?). Also, Gibboney used the pretext of "fear" to have the PA's office send a letter to the sheriff, which named John as a potential threat to Gibboney and her family. It was all fraudulent. It was all character assassination. How many cases of employee abuse and wrongful termination have been under Morais' supervision now? She makes Catbert look like Mother Theresa.

  3. If you really think someone is a threat, you get a protective order from a judge. I wonder if abused women everywhere can now just go to Sam Gibboney to get the PA to react without a court order.

    There are rules for insiders, and different rules for everyone else.

  4. Glad to see our Council and "Mr. 11% Retroactive Raise" have such a good handle on the county. Yessiree. Well done Hughes and Jarman. Get rid of Hale and Beliveau. Replace them with Kuller, Gibboney. Can't control expenses, so you raise taxes. Vote more than once to "close loopholes" in the CAOs. Give money to Barbara R. Give money to the Conservation District. Bang up job. Oh that's right, Hughes won an award. For "Leadership". HA! Leadership. What. A. Joke. Can't even control the MRC but you're a "Leader". Wonder how Dear Leader and the others will get out of this predicament. I'm sure it will be ingenious for its stupidity, prejudice, and spinelessness. They will probably win an award for it.

  5. Morais and Manning are good friends of the Hales. I like the Catbert reference. Can't think of a better description of Morais than the Wikipedia description of Catbert. County jobs are good jobs. I'm not complaining, but we have to put up with Pamela, so it all balances out.

    With the help of his "random policy generator", she (Catbert) comes up with sadistic, illogical, and often evil policies to enforce on the employees, such as permanently branding employees, requiring employees to schedule sick time before they actually get sick, replacing the health plan with Google, and making time spent in the bathroom count as "vacation." He also has the help of his "Life Suck 3000" (to suck the life force out of employees faster than normal), and his library of HR binders that give strategies on downsizing and hiring of morons specifically. He often works in tandem with the Pointy-Haired Boss (Thomas?), though on occasion he even harasses him with his policies. Catbert typically celebrates the creation of a new evil policy by purring loudly, hugging himself, doing the "evil dance" or by occasionally laughing himself fuzzy.

  6. HEY! What happened to Royce's comment?!?!

  7. In an effort to clarify something in Royce's comment, it got deleted inadvertently. Royce is welcome to re-post, if he wishes.

  8. This is OT, but I hate the new black on red with white type page design.

  9. Is anything OT on the Heron? Opinions - everybody's got 'em. If the color is the only thing you hate about the new Heron, then you have fewer complaints than most readers.

    1. Everybody embraces and supports Free Speech until it happens. The TH is a really obvious free speech deal and should be attacked when it offers unsupported but damaging claims. I don't see any here so far. Just good, take a look, pointing to what may or may not be happening in local "government."

      And for those looking, and I hope maybe those who know will give up a good look or two, the TH is the only place you might get just that.,

  10. Once again it appears Psmela Morias is leading the County off a cliff.
    How much more stupidity is the clowncil going to allow?
    Firing someone a few days AFTER they file a whistleblower claim?
    Then engaged in defamatory actiins against him?
    Damn Pamela, don't stop now, maybe you can throw in some racial slurs too...I believe Geniuch is a Polish Jewish name, sure you can think of something in your obviously 23 I.Q. brain.
    Circus and clowns doesn't even begin to describe this level of stupidity.
    Mr. Geniuch will be yet another county employee to walk out of here after suing the county for 100's
    of thousands of dollars.
    Well done Mike Thomas and Pamela Morais, you truly are the dumb and dumber of SJC.

  11. Wait...I'm confused, what in the hell is going on at CD&P?

    1. Me too. I have been dealing with John Geniuch off and on for five or six years, always in the CD&P. A few weeks ago he signed off on some plan changes I had and I noted his business card now listed him as CBO, (Chief Building Official, Plans Examiner) and I just assumed he having survived the Beliveau years and perhaps because of education or whatever he had been promoted over some more senior staff people.

      I can tell you this person John Geniuch has always been very low key in my dealings with him. A soft spoken, very reasonable person who also seemed competent.

      So yeah, what the hell is going on now in the CD&P??????

    2. I don't know what's going on at CD&P. Seems like chaos still. One thing I know for sure, if this unorganized poorly managed biased mess keeps up, Mike Thomas is going to need another raise.

    3. Thomas can't fix it. He's in over his head. Go with the flow. He's one of them. He fits right in. Nothing to fix. Things are going well. Ship of fools.

    4. Would @2:53 please try to be more accurate. It doesn't help when you mislead people. Your last sentence should have read "Mike Thomas is going to need another GIGANTIC raise."

      There. That's better.

  12. When you speak of Pamela Morais, are you referring to the HR lady that was gleefully trying to bully and strong arm the union members in to a contract that drastically cut their benefits, gave a pittance of cost of living increase, all while presiding over no benefit cuts for management and some healthy cost of living increases for at least the head honcho? Is that the one you speak of?
    Wondering if she got her way or if she has finally been exposed for who she is?

  13. So is Governer Inslee being looked at? Or will this go away quietly?
    Imagine if we didn't have vigilant citizens and a few courageous insiders trying to expose the waste, fraud and abuse at all levels of government.
    Thank you TH for keeping up up to date on non/under reported stories.

  14. Pamela tried to screw the union...and ended up looking like a fool.
    She also has a knack of trying to bully hourly employees who have the misfortune of battling cancer.
    She seems to think people who have medical insurance and use it are a burden to the County.
    Seems if you're not smart enough to know you shouldn't fire someone after they file a whistleblower claim then you shouldn't be the manager of HR.
    Just more of our tax dollars going to waste, but hey, as long as you're pulling in 80k what the hell right?

  15. Royce Meyerott-------TrustIslanders!February 22, 2015 at 6:40 PM

    There is more,and it is happening at present within the
    > Planning/Building Dept. John Geniuch, the head building
    > official is under fire by Sam Gibbony( Who's in Charge?) and
    > Pamala Morias (Human Resources) just 10 days after he filed
    > a whistleblower complaint against San Juan County for over
    > charging the public for building permits(about $1 million
    > over 3 years) and only two days after he filed a harassment
    > claim with HR regarding his professional mis-treatment by
    > Sam Gibbony. A week ago Weds. he was literally marched out
    > of his office with Pamela Morius and Stan Matthews at each
    > shoulder. County employees were instructed to call the sheriff
    > if he was seen on the premises. A few women subsequently
    > filed reports with the Sheriff stating that they were afraid for
    > their lives. All of this taking place very coincidentally
    > within days of John having the balls to report what is going
    > on in the Planning/Building Dept. Any one who knows John, is
    > aware that he is a quite
    > responsible building official who is even handed in his
    > decision making and surely not a hothead. He is the victim
    > of a "witch hunt" and slander campaign by Friends
    > insiders(Gibbony and Morius) along with others who have
    > bought their BS. It remains to be seen where the county
    > manager Mike Thomas and the prosecuting attorneys office
    > stand on this unfortunate affair. I believe that the truth
    > will come to light and that those that stand with Gibbony
    > and Morius will find themselves on the "wrong" side of the
    > fence. In the meanwhile, any of you who have had
    > interactions with John Geniuch should call your respective
    > Councilman---Bob Jarman, Rich Hughes, or Jamie Stevens and
    > convey your experiences, as well as your concern for the
    > integrity of the building dept. More to come.....

    The above was my original posting which was accidentally deleted. I needed to edit one of my statements as it was not quite factual. The real story is actually more interesting. Sam Gibbony filed a report with the county attorneys office naming a number of women, including herself, who were afraid for their lives of John Geniuch. A public records request will not disclose the names of the women. Very convienient!! This action on Gibbonys part constitutes the lowest form of slander.
    As you may guess, there will be more as all of this unfolds.

    1. I'm an old man. I had 350+ employees at one point, admittedly mainly women. I think I know people fairly well at this point in life: "...afraid for their lives of John Geniuch," I gotta say BULL SHIT!

      This guy is not an open carry or concealed weapon person and I have seen him enough to know. (People who carry do, those who don't, don't.)

      Was he going to inject em with Tide Soap? (Apologizes to Colgate Palmolive or whomever.)

    2. What does open vs concealed carry have to do with anything?
      Police carry guns, we consider them as providers of security. Someone who carries, is much more of an asset, any day.

  16. Thanks for the re-post Royce.
    This has been the buzz among contractors for days now and I can tell you we're all shocked, but not surprised.
    For years we've been wondering how come it cost so much and take so long to get, and why we have to wait forever for an inspection.
    Now we know, instead of hiring building inspectors and plan reviewers the county has been hiring all these stupod planners to make idiotic rules written by the FOSJ we don't want.

    1. Sorry, but you, person, are not correct. Getting inspections has never been a problem. You call the day before or schedule it on the CD&P web-site unless it is an old permit. Having built in other places, this place is golden in that regard. You call on time and you get inspected....not saying you're going to like it.

    2. I didn't make the original post, but the point they make is still accurate. The problems are on the planning side of CD&P, not the building side.

  17. yes..what is this ROYCE stuff about CD&P?

    1. CD&P is imploding. The people who do no work are in charge and abusing the people who work. The manager and the council don't understand that everything is collapsing around them. Workers. Union. Service to the public. Morale. Budget. Everything is tanking. Now we just wait to see how bad the manager, council, and HR can make it.

  18. OK, now that the list has updated, I see what's happening. John has followed in the spirit of Rene and provided personalized, one-on-one service to me for years. He has never exhibited any sense of frustration with the people he works for...meaning us.

    I can't imagine him intentionally intimidating anyone. Somethings missing from this picture

  19. ROYCE: email me at so we can talk.


  20. There's nothing missing Bob.
    There are lies and slander, but nothing is missing, except honor and decency.

  21. Royce,
    Does Mr. Geniuch have legal representation?
    If he does, has a legal defense fund been established?
    I have known John for a few years now and I am appalled by this injustice and would like to help if I can!

  22. WOW! Did they really fire John Geniuch?
    I have to work with the building department all the time and he was always super helpful. Honestly, more than one time, I got email replies to questions at like 8pm on a Saturday. I wasn't expecting a response til the work week began.
    We as builders don't choose to go to the building department, we have to.
    John was always reasonable and fair, even when that meant making a decision that didn't go in my favor, I felt like he gave everything a fair shake.

  23. They marched Geniuch out of the building? WTF? WHAT THE F*&(!

    This sounds crazy. What is going on?!?!?!?

  24. Anyone else think the timing of this is suspect?
    Just as two legal marijuana farms were nearing approval for their building permits, the building official is removed.
    Wow. What an incredible coincidence. I'm sure that's all it is. Nothing to see here.

  25. Stupidity has no just happens...

    1. This marching stuff has me a bit upset. Where does anyone get the authority to "march" someone out of the building?

      The sheriff is an independently elected authority. He or she answers only to their electorate (yes, us.) . In my lights, this is the only entity that can march anyone anywhere.

      Yet here, we have hirelings marching people off without any opportunity to face their accusers, a key tenant of law, and these walkers to the door are not sheriffs deputies.

      One can only hope Sherriff Krebs got asked and he righteously told em to het a court order and good bye.

  26. All this talk in this forum and conspicuous silence from the so called real news services. I don't think John Geniuch is completely without fault as I have heard that this all started when he provided false testimony to the Hearings Examiner when the Record was closed to further testimony. Sam Gibboney stepped up, to save her behind, and threw him under the bus for his erroneous statements and he was put on paid Administrative leave. Now sounds like he is the one doing the retaliatory actions. Good for him. It is time for a house cleaning at CD&PD. Ever since the realm of Ron Henrickson, another of those that was marched out of his office, Pete Rose, who ditched SJC when things got hot, and Bob Jean, who was in it for the money and he got a lot, CD&PD has been sorely dysfunctional. Past time for an independent outside investigation before SJC is hit with more million dollar lawsuits from both employees and citizens. Where are our Councilmen in all this?

  27. Geniuch hasn't been accused of making false statements to anyone (unless we count your post).

  28. John Geniuch is not the problem with CD&P...ENDLESS leftist planners ARE.

  29. This isn't a about left or right political affiliations.
    It is about right and wrong. Basic decency. Common sense.

  30. Yes yes...and it's not Islamic Terrorism, just disgruntled middle east unemployed men.
    Thank you, now that we have the PC koolaid out of the way we can talk common sense.
    It is leftist planners, believers in state planned and controlled society that slither their way into planning departments.

  31. Is planning a disease or just a symptom?

  32. Symptom? Disease?
    I thought Planning is a religion.

  33. Religion: (def)
    the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods:

    I would say yes, planning fits the bill.

  34. In all seriousness, the American Planning Association is the closest thing we have to a Communist Party in America. The APA would prefer that all aspects of our lives were planned by their "professionals," and they do their best to guarantee it. They hide behind benevolent sounding invented phrases like smart growth, but it is totalism. Planning is an authentic threat to the free market and to the American way of life. They hide in plain view. They push us around, and we have become unaware and tolerant of their constant intrusions in our lives. It doesn't take much planning to destroy the rural economy, and the planning needed for "protection" is a great way to gum up the whole economy. All you have to do is slow things down, and the unraveling of rural communities begins. Delay the cut of lumber from a forest, and the mill goes under. The mill goes under and local stores go under. Schools suffer. Decline sets in and feeds on itself because who wants to move to a declining rural area with fewer shops, services, and prospects. Aside from the liberty and legal issues associated with planning, planning burdens are transaction costs and prevent efficient economic outcomes. Planning is an alternative to the free market, and not a very good one. Also, it is tyrannical. For all the talk of inclusiveness, planning is entirely based on concentrating power in a small exclusive group of professionals. The free market is the real inclusive system.

    1. "The APA would prefer that all aspects of our lives were planned by their 'professionals,'"

      Ideas so good that they must be mandatory.

  35. So, it appears that planning is an ideology if anything.
    The previous poster mentions that "they hide behind benevolent sounding invented phrases like smart growth"
    Do a quick search for "smart growth EPA" and you will quickly arrive at a document published by the EPA. Yep. Good old EPA. They are, in this case, said inventor of innocent sounding phrases. Read that document.
    You will quickly find that it is guiding this local administration. You will also find that in a lot of instances, it is rather contrary to the island way of life, the traditions we embrace and the goals of our communities.
    Remember, this Council selected an urban planner from the King county area who worked his way up the planning ranks, to be our county manager.
    The State legislature finally passes legislation to allow a few small counties to opt out of the GMA planning process, but somehow there is something that excludes San Juan County? Or so we are told by this Council. No effort to even see if the voters want to explore the option? The window on this one is closing.
    The "professional planners", those that get planning degrees and work in municipalities, are only the most visible of those that seem to control most everything. The rest are more subtle and it involves local committees, boards, and advisory groups.
    Again, defeat of this hydra will require citizen participation and engagement at all levels.
    And if you can't participate, please at least pay attention.

  36. I wanted to do a search of "why planners need to control" and only got to "why plann" when the suggested search terms returned the phrase "why planes crash"
    Made me laugh.
    Also made me sad.
    For any serious discussions about scaling back local and state government, cutting planning budgets and staff need to be part of the discussion.
    What would be useful is a "cost per planning dollar spent". Or in other words, a real look at, for every salary dollar spent on a planner staff member, what is the real cost to the citizens from the rules they concoct, the experts we now have to hire to do simple small rural residential development. How much will then be spent on other government programs resulting from planning directives and dictates?
    The costs are staggering. To all of us.

  37. Google "totalism" as a previous poster mentioned, and eventually you'll come across an entry for "Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism" and if the entry there doesn't remind you of the Friends and local government, I don't know what will. They mention the eight criteria for thought reform.

    In the book, Lifton outlines the "Eight Criteria for Thought Reform":

    Milieu Control. This involves the control of information and communication both within the environment and, ultimately, within the individual, resulting in a significant degree of isolation from society at large.

    Mystical Manipulation. The manipulation of experiences that appears spontaneous but is, in fact, planned and orchestrated by the group or its leaders in order to demonstrate divine authority, spiritual advancement, or some exceptional talent or insight that sets the leader and/or group apart from humanity, and that allows reinterpretation of historical events, scripture, and other experiences. Coincidences and happenstance oddities are interpreted as omens or prophecies.

    Demand for Purity. The world is viewed as black and white and the members are constantly exhorted to conform to the ideology of the group and strive for perfection. The induction of guilt and/or shame is a powerful control device used here.

    Confession. Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group. There is no confidentiality; members' "sins," "attitudes," and "faults" are discussed and exploited by the leaders.

    Sacred Science. The group's doctrine or ideology is considered to be the ultimate Truth, beyond all questioning or dispute. Truth is not to be found outside the group. The leader, as the spokesperson for God or for all humanity, is likewise above criticism.

    Loading the Language. The group interprets or uses words and phrases in new ways so that often the outside world does not understand. This jargon consists of thought-terminating clichés, which serve to alter members' thought processes to conform to the group's way of thinking.

    Doctrine over person. Members' personal experiences are subordinated to the sacred science and any contrary experiences must be denied or reinterpreted to fit the ideology of the group.

    Dispensing of existence. The group has the prerogative to decide who has the right to exist and who does not. This is usually not literal but means that those in the outside world are not saved, unenlightened, unconscious and they must be converted to the group's ideology. If they do not join the group or are critical of the group, then they must be rejected by the members. Thus, the outside world loses all credibility. In conjunction, should any member leave the group, he or she must be rejected also.

  38. Jack's got an article up!

  39. Maybe the IG article can shed some more light on this.

  40. Royce Meyerott----TrustIslanders!February 25, 2015 at 10:32 AM

    I am going to have to stay up late or (and) get up early to keep up with the latest group of commenters. It looks like 11pm. to 7 am. is when minds are especially active and on the money. I will add two quotes to all of the above excellent comments.

    Hitler--early 1930's----"Society's needs come before the individual's needs".

    Hillary Clinton--today----"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society"

    Rhymes a little, doesn't it. Today, Hillary's thoughts are considered Smart, as poetry is no longer in vogue. Sort-of brings a tear to your eye......

  41. All are interesting comments but we need to stay on topic.
    Mis-spent funds, whistleblowing and retaliation.
    The public's first line of defense against government abuse and fraud are honorable government workers who will see it first.
    They must be protected at all cost.

  42. We also need accountability and responsibility in local government beginning with the Council. They have the power in one sentence to call for an independent investigation into all this instead of hiding it until it blows up in the papers. Starting with themselves, the County Administrator, Department Heads, then employees. If there was an independent investigation with anonymity for all questioned we would get to the bottom of this and maybe moral would improve along with services. Didn't John Geniuch get put on Administrative Leave in early February? Why three weeks before parts of the tale go public. Where was another infamous Press Release by the PA? Still sounds like important pieces are missing. And don't forget the PA's office in the questioning. I doubt his hands are completely clean.

    1. Thank you IG. Good professional journalistic effort.

      It does seem pretty basic. Over time personnel in the building side of the department get fed up with having funds they produce being spent on obtuse and unnecessary flights of planning and wages for same.

      John Geniuch is one of those and faced with his new position and an overwhelming work load, he seeks relief from the boss lady and he thinks maybe he has the law on his side too. Instead of being a good manager and shifting hours to get him more staff time or even doing something meaningful like eliminating kuller and shifting her wages to building or even having the managerial chops to convince him she is doing the best for him that she no no , she tells him to stick it.

      Now he's really pissed and decides to put the law on his side. And also now we are headed for a really expensive mess.

      Excruciating poor management at every level from the top down. I mean, NO ONE saw this festering problem at CD&P???
      No one could step in the get the people around a table???

      Instead, we the proud and few tax payers, will fund lawsuits and termination settlements in the six figures.

      Anyone else getting really tired of this circus? We hired and WELL PAID County Commissioners, THREE OF THEM to WORK. Not one of them has down anything of merit, not one damn thing! They have no connection with general staff, and they are out of touch with anything and everything.

      And still we pay them.

    2. Here is a quote, a recent one, from Rick Hughes. Orcas Issues did an interview.

      “Our job is to find out the solutions that work,” Rick Hughes says, in job-description shorthand for his position as Council Councilman. With the changes to the county charter in 2012, the three members of the County Council and County Manager Mike Thomas have more executive and administrative authority than past councils, Hughes explains.
      While the Council has no authority over other elected officials — the County Treasurer, Assessor, Clerk, Auditor, Prosecutor or Sheriff — Council Members now often serve as ombudsmen, going to departmental staff to work things out.

      Could it be that a politician says what people want to here then does something totally different? Or does nothing at all?
      Naw. That's crazy talk.

    3. Hughes needs to read the county charter - the county council doesn't have any administrative authority.

  43. Did the county really escort geniuch out of the building after he filed a claim about misused money?
    We should be demanding answers to who authorized this. Don't you have the legal right to some sort of hearing or proceedings before they dump you?
    I'm going to watch this closely.
    The IG article seem to paint a picture that this funding & money SNAFU had been almost institutional. How come no one said something sooner?
    Is it because they valued their job over doing what was right? That's a sad state, but likely reality.
    If this flushes out as close to the truth, it's no wonder people don't come forward.
    Too. Much. Government. Period.
    Stop. The. Madness.

  44. There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call San Juan County.

  45. Mr. Hume you are incorrect.
    That was the old charter.

    1. It depends on the council - this council has chosen to use the County Manager to the maximum extent allowed under section 4.41 - the council doesn't have any direct authority over the employees unless they somehow (unlikely) decided to take the power back from Thomas.

      True that section 2.31(1) grants the council broad authority, including executive and administrative authority. Anyone who's watched the clowns in action realizes that they've fully implemented section 2.31(2)(a) and delegated everything to Thomas.

      I guess the point is that while they could have executive authority, they've vested all that in Thomas. And they're paying him the big bucks to do it.

  46. So then is Thomas's head on the chopping block and the Council gets off scot free?

    What about Charter Section 2.31(c) ? Seems like the Council is tasked with making sure codes and laws are followed. Can they pass that off to Thomas?

    Section 2.31 – Executive Powers and Duties - (c) Ensure that all actions of the County are compliant with all federal, Washington State, San Juan County codes, laws and procedures, and this Charter, seeking advice from the Prosecuting Attorney or other sources as necessary.

    1. Please note the phrase "or other sources as necessary." Gaylord cannot control the legal pipeline if the Council wishes to seek alternative advice and counsel. I think Spokane council went beyond their PA for better advice on some local land use legislation if I recall. Probably other counties have as well.

  47. I'm hearing the Countu got thrashed today at the State Supreme Court by CAPR...can anyone elaborate?

  48. You can watch the County get thrashed at the below link.

    The basic argument from the County's was, "we did not do anything illegal, because we do nothing"

    1. please help with link. Does not work. another approach?

    2. That link works for me, so let me try to post it (cut and past it into your browser if the link isn't live). If that doesn't work, the TH will soon be putting up a new post with the video embedded.

  49. Great. A high profile Supreme Court case to distract from the CDP debacle.

    San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney's Office needs a new slogan.
    "Defending the indefensible since 1994"

  50. Some good folks, maybe Trust Islanders (if exhumed) could run a Kickstarter campaign and raise money for legal defense and public education on the Geniuch affair. The court of public opinion is gonna matter on this one, so 60% for legal and 40% to frame this properly to the voting public.

    1. Not sure that Geniuch needs a legal "defense" fund. More like a legal "offense" fund.
      What I suspect from reading the Island Guardian story is that plenty of solicitations for representations may come John's way.
      Interesting to see how this goes.

    2. Indeed. Unless Geniuch was caught In flagrante delicto with one hand in the cookie jar and the other down the intern's blouse I imagine this one is going to clear out the bats in the attic. Can you imagine the size of the settlement made against the risk fund? The brief cases are lining up at his door step.

  51. In addition to what is being said, look closely at what isn't being said and by whom. FOSJ has been awfully silent as of late.
    The link between FOSJ and Gibboney is only a few Freedom of Information Act requests away from having the dots connected.
    From what I have seen and read, Geniuch was practical, worked with people within the rules, had a good fundamental understanding of rural islanders and didn't try to impose any agenda. Not who the FOSJ want.
    If you all don't think this stuff is interrelated, look again, follow the grants. Monument. FOSJ. Unvetted Gibboney for planning director, placed WITHOUT interviewing or screening ANY OTHER candidates. Simply placed on the say so of the planner guy from Eunmclaw/King County.
    Anyone see something fundamentally wrong with this picture?
    There are 3 folks that could reign this in, but instead chose to listen to the music that carries them down the path of least resistance.
    It works until it doesn't.

  52. It's more than likely that the FOSJ and DOE are behind this attack.
    They can't fund their planner utopia without stealing money from the building department, and that means steeling from you.

  53. Did Sam Gibboney "fear for her life" when Shireene Hale was fired?
    Was Shireene Hale escorted out of the building
    like a perp walk?
    It's not lost on many that CD&P is over-run by 50+ year old women.
    This looks to be a pure case of sexism and stereotyping.

  54. I spoke with one of Johns female co workers confidentially (name not to be revealed). Asked if he had ever done anything that could be even loosely construed as angry, threatening or intimidating, in light if the recent hysteria.
    I was quite shocked at her reply. She told me, John was always quiet, soft spoken. Every once and a while he would bring around a picture to share with us and it was always some cute puppy, kitten, butterfly or something beautiful or cuddly. He had a great sense of humour too.

    She seems shocked at any "concerns" about threats, danger or anything.

    So isolated hysteria from a lone worker becomes actionable enough to send off letters to the PA and the Sheriff?
    I'm betting that Gibboney's narrative about Geniuch was quickly unraveling around her, could be proven false easily, and she had to either admit ahe screwed up, or take it to the next level.
    Welcome to the world of slander and character assassination.
    Good luck John.

    1. Admitting when your wrong is not a bad thing. Taking it to a place where it should not go is!

      Sheryl Albritton

  55. Well that employee hit it right on the nose. Caring, kind, helpful, and a champion for us little guys "the homeowner". What a loss. John is one of those rare public servants that shine above the bureaucracy. We will miss you dearly behind the counter but know you will be successful no matter what you do......and you wonder why we live but do not work here. hmmmmm

    Sheryl Albritton, San Juan Island
    Permit Professionals LLC