Thursday, October 29, 2015

Links ... and ... Another Day, Another Allegation of Fraud in the County

A complaint of medicaid fraud has been filed with the state Attorney General's Office against San Juan Island Emergency Medical Services. The AG's office is investigating medicaid reimbursement claims for air ambulance services. Not much is available about this story yet, but there was a brief announcement in the San Juan Islander.

Regarding the mysterious lawsuit referred to in the previous post, some readers have been asking to see the actual court filings. Here is a link to the complaint. Here is a link to the first set of exhibits. Here is a link to the second set of exhibits. Here is a link to the third set of exhibits. Fascinating reading.

The county has said that it's all a big misunderstanding. Read and judge for yourself.


  1. Thank you for posting the lawsuit information. The local media outlets have been lacking in giving us links to the information. I do not regularly read this blog, but was directed here by a friend.

    All one needs to do is read the complaint to see that there was, at least on some level, unnecessary interference from multiple levels of county employees. This in itself is cause for worry, but the continuation and the the follow up by Hughes and Stephens which declared that no issue existed is most troubling. When our elected legislative body begins to think of itself as being the arbiter of judicial issues, it is a sigh that they are out of touch with their scope and authority.

    If this case plays out to prove the complainant correct, every actor involved, from the council to the department heads to the PA, should all be removed and replaced.

  2. First we put up with Ricky's Scope and 7 binge, followed by the Listerine and Coke debacle, WTF next Rick, Old Spice shooters? Get some help already.
    And Lord knows what Rhea Miller is stuffing into Jamie. And Jarman? We all know he's nothing more than Mike Thomas's errand boy.
    No wonder these fools thought they could break the law.

  3. WOW!!
    There is a lot of information in the exhibits. Close to 300 pages or so. I have started reading all of them and noticed a few shocking things.

    Take a look at the first batch of exhibits. Look at #4 and #5 (PDF pages 10-15).

    This appears to be a letter written by former staff member Annie Matsumoto-Grah. It was authored on the 22nd of January, then apparently re-written on the 26th, removing the language where she expressed her displeasure and concern with the actions of her supervisor and the county manager.

    I would be real curious to see the story behind these memos, specifically what prompted Annie to wait 4 days and then re-write a statement?

    No wonder she left her job. The pressure to be complicit in illegal activity must have been horrible. I worked with this nice young woman on several permits and she was totally professional, she would research stuff very diligently, and she just plain worked hard. On one occasion, on one of my projects, we had a disagreement. She listened to my argument, did some more research, conferred with staff, and ultimately we reached a mutually agreeable solution that helped me and was allowed under the code.
    This is a loss for the county that she is gone.

    The damage that Thomas, Gibboney and Randy have inflicted go way beyond breaching public trust. There wasn't a lot of trust to begin with. But to drive off confident, talented staff, that is going to hurt.

    I say Bravo to Sheryl A. for having the courage to step forward and call these guys out.

  4. "close to 300 pages of exhibits"

    I don't think those are "exhibits". That is actually just 300 pages of misunderstandings.

  5. Exhibit 4 vs Exhibit 5 AMG's changed report ... wtf?
    Exhibit 7 "Mike walked the site last night with a local wetland expert (JT)" ... since when are wetland experts in the witness protection program? ... wtf?
    Exhibit 11 "please destroy records" ... wtf?
    Exhibit 15 "instructed by Erik Stockdale not to finish it or provide it to me because it's too Politically Sensitive" ... wtf?
    Exhibit 17 "recon refers to the reconnaissance style report referred to in SJCC 18.30.150(E)(4)" ... wtf?
    Exhibits 17 & 18 personnel rules don't apply to the County Manager ... wtf?
    Exhibit 22 JT is an Evergreen "Environmental Masters" grad with an undergrad in ENGLISH from Seattle U ... *sigh* ... wtf?
    Exhibit 24 despite what Gaylord says in Exhibit 17 about the recon satisfying SJCC 18.30.150(E)(4), in this exhibit he says, "Because no written report was submitted, it is not necessary to evaluate JT's qualification" ... wtf?
    Exhibit 26 "scolding me for sending to DOE Directors" ... wtf?
    Exhibit 31 directive to remove all documents related to Mike Thomas ... wtf?
    Exhibit 33 PA didn't need to put it in writing ... wtf?
    Exhibit 34 Gaylord admits he revealed Whistleblower's name to protect him ... wtf?
    Exhibit 36 the council reviewed/investigated the Improper Governmental Action and VOTED in secret about it. The Council can't vote in executive session. Besides, they don't have investigative powers anyway, much less secret powers of secret investigations voted on in SECRET ... WTF WTF WTFFFFFFF?!?!?!??!

    Head explodes!

  6. WOW!
    I think Exhibit 33 (Beginning of the third batch in the link above), the memo from Colin Maycock, is particularly insightful to what was going on behind closed doors.

    If I am not mistaken, Randy originally asked the code enforcement officer to "keep separate files" and keep Thomas's involvement separate.

    Code Enforcement officer believes he is being asked to do something that is illegal so he asks that these requests be put in writing. Repeatedly. Gibboney won't do it. Gaylord won't do it. Bravo to Colin for making some record of what happened. They threaten the CE officer with insubordination? A room full of managers and the PA on the phone yelling at you?

    No wonder this guy left his post. I don't think most people would want to endure these sorts of working conditions.

    And why was he subject to these conditions? Because he discovered that senior management had broken the rules and were trying to bury what had happened.

    These guys are shameless.

  7. Just to make it clear when searching the large volume of documents, the links above
    1st set of exhibits contains Exhibits 1-17
    2nd set of exhibits contains Exhibits 18-31
    and the 3rd set contains 32 on

  8. From Exhibit 31
    "In the four years as Code Enforcement Officer I have never kept nor been orders to keep a special file of any sort for particular information that is related to an enforcement action or request for code enforcement, nor have i seen any such special files in any other older enforcement file or folder".

    Sam Gibboney and Randy Gaylord were attempting to bully the Code Enforcement officer to do something totally unheard of, unprecedented, and what he believed illegal.

    You think abuse of citizens is bad? Sounds like working at this place might rival that.

    I hope this can finally serve to shine a light on these rats. I wonder what prompted the recent shifting of Gibboney to some made up job in Public Works with a steaming pile of BS praise for her work and Thomas crooning about how damn wonderful she is.

    Circling of the wagons, plain and simple. Protect the boy wonder, Mike Thomas.

    My questions is this, why would Randy stick his neck out so far for Thomas? That has me puzzled. I realize he represents the county council, and Thomas is their boy wonder, Mr. Lean, Mr. Do No Wrong, but, I think there is way more to their relationship than meets the eye. Randy could have just told these guys they screwed up, apologize, suspend the guy for a day without pay, and move on. Discipline him, make him say sorry. Why stick your neck out?

    Something else is going on.

  9. "I don't think those are "exhibits". That is actually just 300 pages of misunderstandings."

    Sure. In the same sense that WW I was a "misunderstanding". And the county is following the same strategery: a) search for the guilty, followed by b) the punishment of the innocent, all preceded by c) the bayoneting of the wounded.

    F the county - The Machine needs to be pulled out by the roots.

    One cool thing from the exhibits - Randy's gonna need to hire his own attorney. His behavior in this "misunderstanding" appears to be gross negligence (putting even the best spin on it, you can also make a colorable argument that it's criminal), which kicks his personal legal situation up a few notches.

    Open question: why did Randy, Jamie and Rick do this? Surely they were aware as they were doing this that they were skating out onto the thinnest of ice. What allegiance do they owe to Thomas to risk their careers? Being indicted will have a material negative effect on Hughes's reelection efforts.

    1. I think they did this because the county has gotten away with similar stuff for years and has never been caught. Rarely does someone get caught the first time they shoplift. What was that famous quote by Ted Bundy? I think there is a certain amount of truth in it for all types of habitual wrongdoing, not just serial killers:

      “You learn what you need to kill and take care of the details. It’s like changing a tire. The first time you’re careful by the 30th time you can’t remember where you left the lug wrench.”

  10. Holy crap.... these guys thought they could get away with this? They all need to go.

  11. Interesting that The Dorf is railing in letters to most of the local online sites about the hospital commissioner race and about how one of the candidates has "broken the public trust". At what point will we see The Dorf complain about Randy's, Thomas's and Jamie's violation of their duties to the taxpayers of the county in this case? Oh, wait, Randy, Thomas and Jamie are all part of the same Machine that The Dorf is involved in. Then The Dorf will remain silent on this.

    1. Actually the Dorf spoke at public access time in June when this issue first made a public appearance.

      He was pointing fingers and stomping up and down in true Dorf fashion.

      He gets a pass on this. Not too many other people have spoken up.

    2. July 14th Council Meeting at public access time. It was covered in a previous Heron article. Shireene Hale spoke out against this debacle also.

    3. My apologies to The Dorf then. However, I'll just suggest that anytime The Dorf appears to be on the side of the righteous, there's probably some angle we're missing.

  12. My 5 year old could prosecute this case it's so easy.

    Shouldn't the State Auditor be involved in this? We have multiple government agencies acting complicity in the criminal violation of law. A private citizen should not be burdened with holding public officials responsible for following the law.

    1. By "State Auditor", do you mean the current State Auditor, Troy Kelly who is under multiple federal indictments?

      That State Auditor?

      We have corruption so rampant through all levels of government that it becomes necessary for citizens to step in and use whatever tools we have at our disposal to serve as citizen auditors.

      Don't buy Randy's "it is just a misunderstanding" bullshit for 2 seconds. The only misunderstanding is this: We can not understand why Randy would stick his neck out to protect Jarman and Thomas.

      It looks really bad, having a "local wetland expert JT" turn out to be not only, 1) the wife of the county manager, 2) a part of the Best Available Science synthesis for our CAO regulations, and 3) BLATANTLY WRONG about the presence or absence of a wetland.

      Maybe they were worried that it would unravel something else?

    2. "Maybe they were worried that it would unravel something else?"

      Right. Jamie and Hughes aren't going to win any advanced placement points, but they're not THAT stupid. Gaylord is corrupt as all get out, but he's not dumb. Well, not that dumb. WTF doesn't this story make more sense? There's something here we're all missing or don't know yet. Gaylord, Jamie and Hughes entered the story with only Thomas and Jarman's dicks in the wringer. Why did they jump in? The contagion could have been limited to Thomas, Jarman and Gibboney. Gibboney was the logical person to throw under the bus, but once Gaylord was involved ass deep, Gibboney's promotion and raise were assured - now they need her. At least until she's given a deposition under oath. Once she's committed perjury, they can cut her loose with the understanding that she can't recant. What's the 9/10th of the iceberg that we can't see?

  13. In talking with Sheryl she contacted the State Auditor and the Attorney General; both told her they did not handle these matters and instructed her to hire a lawyer or seek assistance through CLEAR. No pro bono attorney through CLEAR would touch something like this.

  14. From the front gate of Errol and Kathleen Speed’s 20-acre Orcas Island farm, they can glimpse a small stand of evergreen trees, an open meadow and their own, fenced organic garden.

    What they can’t see is why the local governing authority, San Juan County in Washington State, has chosen to treat them like criminals for committing what appear to be minor building code infractions.

    Like many rural Washington residents, the Speeds live “off the grid” in a small trailer on the property they
    share with their horse, goats, and chickens. They are neither wealthy, nor are they hardened criminals.

    Consequently, they never expected to be subjected to a search warrant, charged with a criminal offense, tried before a jury of their peers, and sentenced to actual jail time for minor code violations involving their own property.

    The driving force behind Errol and Kathleen Speed’s nightmare is the bureaucrats’ relentless effort to
    criminalize minor infractions and victimless crimes. The Speed family’s experience is just the latest example, but it demonstrates the pointlessness of this over-criminalization effort by Big Government.

    Freedom is almost perfectedAccording to San Juan County law enforcement officials, the couple’s great crime was to erect a small building on their property, believing that structures less than 1,000 square feet were exempt from permit and building code requirements. They also committed the great crime of having a bed, blankets, a couch, and a kitchen in this building.

    They also used a composting toilet.

    For their trouble, the Speeds endured a police raid of their property (using a criminal search warrant), a jury court trial, thousands of dollars in fines, and a 180-day jail sentence for Errol Speed. Not coincidentally, the county has spent tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money prosecuting the case

  15. Errol Speed was sentenced to 180 days in jail?
    I tend to agree with the majority of your points, but I think you are making that up.

  16. Jail time was suspended.

    Speeds greatest fault was contending that no one habitated the space in question, when, in fact it was obviously being used as a residence. Errol is a smart guy, he knew exactly what he was doing and got caught. Him, Pearson, Lancaster and everyone involved in that little feud all
    Got exactly what they were asking for.

    Behave like asses and you will likely be labeled as such.

    This issue is far greater. Every single person involved in this issue (excepting Annie, Chris and Collin) is guilty of being complicit in a cover-up, including our Council members. They were way beyond their duty in writing a forgiveness note for everyone involved.

    Some may say that they were simply working with the facts they were being fed. I disagree. They were trying to find a way to keep from having to make a hard decision like tearing apart a structure that was made up of people THEY put in place. It is sickening that each of the potential offenders is not currently on suspension while a THIRD PARTY investigator looks into the events.

    I would agree with the earlier poster that this is the exact scenario that should be under the jurisdiction of either the AG or the State Auditor (regardless of his own legal problems). They are responsible for enforcing government accountability.

  17. Errol was given the opportunity to resolve his minor infraction by simply applying for a building permit for his house amounting to a few hundred dollars.
    He chose instead to pay his attorney tens of thousands of dollars and attempted to convince a jury that what was obviously a house was a chicken coup, they didn't buy his bullshit and they convicted his dumb ass accordingly.

  18. Hey now, those canaries were excellent layers.

  19. Errol and his living conditions never created a nuisance of any kind against anyone, it is criminal to invade another's space for no cause. Nuisance in San Juan county as writ is bullshit, that should have been recognized first and for most in any consideration of invading his privacy! For anyone to not recognize this is to be blatantly dehumanized by a society most of us with a long history on Orcas would fight to defend!

  20. Was Randy overzealous against Errol. Absolutely.
    Did Errol blatantly and repeatedly lie to the County. Absolutely.
    Neither are blameless.

    This original thread is about government corruption. I would hate to see it hijacked by rehashing the Speed case. The half-truths make him far less sympathetic than those who have suffered truly under Randy.

    180 day jail sentence.... Oh, well it was suspended.
    Thousands of dollars in fines.... oh, well it was $250.
    Half truths.

    Should things have been done differently? Sure. Is Errol blameless? Certainly not.
    Why did Randy have such a gleeful time going after him? I could explain it, but it is just further airing of Errol's dirty laundry and I don't want to do that.
    He was given ample opportunity to rectify the situation and choose to stick to his lies.

    Let's focus on the issues at hand and not try to have our own little Travyon Martin episode rehashed.

    1. Yah well maybe Errol should have just said Fuck off, it's none of your business!

  21. After a person drags through reading the hundreds of pages, "documents" and the many, many E-mails of open warfare between managers and staff, it is abundantly clear why it costs so damn much to run this place.

    It is also clear some top level people need to resign. Jarman and Thomas #1 & 2.

    1. I respectfully disagree.
      The order of resignation should be #1 Gaylord, #2 Thomas. I almost can give Jarman a pass for this because his involvement seems fairly minimal. He made a request to the county manager to look in to something. I believe Thomas needs to pull up his big girl panties and own what he did.

      Gaylord comes out in his memo and actually states that Thomas broke the rules. He tries to sugar coat it, but there is no denying or mistaking it.

      The subsequent attempt to remove stuff from the public record under some BS guise that it was "personal information" is pure Randy. Now, what was discussed in these executive sessions that they are so fond of, we will probably never know.

      Actually, when we really analyze this, Hughes and Stephens should offer to resign for a flagrant OPMA violation on their little Kangaroo Court memo how they "investigated' the matter. Jarman wasn't part of that.

      It sure speaks volumes that during their "investigation" they didn't even bother to interview either Chris Laws or Annie Matsumoto. Shit, they didn't even try to make it look impartial or unbiased. Pathetic.

      Randy or Thomas voluntarily resigning just won't happen. These guys are way way too arrogant.

  22. Jarman is part of all of it, unfortunately!

  23. Pathetic is an excellent word for this whole fiasco. A tiny bit like Watergate, much about nothing, until everybody start lying and covering their butts.

    So Jarman resigns and somehow a decent replacement is appointed. This person then runs as an incumbent and Jarman can look even more like the lamb he is.

    I think staff quit because they got NO respect.

    1. Cannot appoint a replacement, have to have a special election if I recall the situation where Rhea Miller quit, Ranker and Lichter had the dias to themselves until Bob Myhr was elected to fill out the term, and then he ran again. I don't think there was an interim appointment was there?

    2. You are recalling the pre-charter days, but it's not that much different in any case. The charter calls for filling of the vacancy at the next general election, but until that time, it is filled by appointment by majority vote of the council.

      As bad as that sounds, if these same people are involved in interpreting the Charter, it could mean anything they want it to mean. There's no telling what they would come up with. They would appoint their version of Incitatus, probably Gibboney or Thomas.

  24. There is a scenario that Jarman basically fielded a constituent concern/request, one from his neighborhood, and he responded by passing it along to Mike Thomas to look into and after the hand off it flew off the rails in the manner the county manager mismanaged the whole thing. If what comes out of this is a story that MT believed he had the discretion to interpret a CAO-related issue however he felt best in a given situation, then it means the CAO was codified to be applied in a capricious and arbitrary manner; this is what really pissed off the line staff. It would also show how broken and corrupt the CAO is. Remember too that part of the Speed affair was the county making an example of their newly minted code enforcement ordinance that criminalized certain violations in a manner that were previously civil infractions. Dangerous mix.

    1. Again with the half truths surrounding Errol Speed.

      Errol was prosecuted under the old code enforcement ordinance, not the new one.
      The charges against him were always criminal. Building and Land Use violations have had criminal penalties going way back.

      Have we ever seen those enforced? Not never, but very rarely.

      Is Randy an out of control power tripping zealot with short man's complex? Absolutely. Could Speed's case have been approached differently? Probably.

      I just want to keep the debate honest and not give Errol a badge of martyrdom that he doesn't deserve.

      I am on board with doing everything we can to get rid of the whole lot of folks running this place.

  25. If Jarman did that in itself it is not good. He and others know the extent of the wetlands and stream that front the Hughes lot in PF. It was a concerted effort.

  26. If you read through the exhibits, it seems pretty clear that Jarman didn't simply "hand off" a constituent issue to the staff. Jarman directed staff to "handle it" by fixing things for the Hughes - the people building the new house. Thomas (and the mysterious JT), apparently don't have the sense that God gave a goose, but they know which side their bread is buttered on (to mix metaphors) and the arrived at the conclusion Jarman wanted. The whole thing is like a low rent version of Chinatown. The county is absurdly corrupt and the machine is leaving honest county employees like Chris Laws and Anne Matsumoto hung out to dry. It's shit like this that prompted Mencken's "hoist the black flag" quote.

  27. Jarman is the head of this snake without question. He has been a bully for years as the president of the Home owners assoc. and now he has used his county influence in the most arrogant of ways

  28. Can Stephens/Hughes be embarrassed enough to seek out and appoint a good person for the SJI seat? Jarman does almost nothing at this point, actually he never has done anything, so it is as if he is gone already.

    Don't think MT or even JT (better looking) are going to take a cut in pay to sit at the dais. Hughes and Stephens are a couple of electronic cigarettes...vape on vape...but I don't think even they would be crazy enough to try to appoint a staff person.

    Meanwhile, countless costly hours continue to be wasted by County "management" as it bickers and pounds out one lawsuit after another. Powers with his new legal sheepskin is on this money train, but if it was not him it would be some other attorney. And I have to say, his organization and attention to detail is very impressive.

    1. Don't think the council can appoint an interim vacancy, there has to be a special election with all that entails. I could be wrong but I think that is how it works.

    2. You are wrong. Look at the Charter, p. 9. Until the next general election, they fill it with an appointee. Bet they'd temporarily "promote" someone from the MRC or another committee.

    3. That is the old charter, sans 2012 amendments, but the new reads about the same.
      5.60 (2)
      We don't want Bob to resign. Just Gaylord and Thomas. Dang. Even Gaylord might be a dangerous thing, this imbecile riddled council being charged with appointment. We would get Kyle Loring probably.

    4. Hey, I just read that section. There may be a way to get rid of Hughes and Jarman:

      Section 5.60 – Vacancies in Office
      (1) An elective office shall become vacant when one of the following occurs:

      (b) Total permanent incapacity as determined by a panel of three physicians;

      We just need a panel of 3 doctors to agree that Jarman and Hughes are dead from the ass up.
      I think we may be on to something here.

  29. (Gaylord): I’ll answer the question. You want answers?

    (Power): I think I’m entitled to them.

    (Gaylord): You want answers?!?!

    (Power): I want the truth!

    (Gaylord): You can’t handle the truth!

    (Gaylord): Son, we live in a County that has public records, and those records can disappear at anytime. Who’s gonna make them go away? You? Mike Thomas? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Portland Fair Road, and you curse the CAO’s. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know – that erasing the Portland Fair wetland, while tragic, probably saved fish; and my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves this County money.

    You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me at that document shredder, you need me at that shredder.

    We use words like “cronyism”, “misunderstanding”, and “wetland experts”. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending bureaucracy. You use them as a punch line.

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to another attorney who seeks to discover the blanket of documents that I have hidden, then questions the manner in which I got rid of them.

    I would rather that you just said “thank you” and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a stack of these public records and start shredding them. Either way, I don’t give a DAMN what you think you are entitled to!

    (Power): Did you order the documents removed?

    (Gaylord): I did the job I was---


    (Gaylord): You’re Goddamn right I did!

  30. RCW 29A.56.110
    Initiating proceedings — Statement — Contents — Verification — Definitions.
    Whenever any legal voter of the state or of any political subdivision thereof, either individually or on behalf of an organization, desires to demand the recall and discharge of any elective public officer of the state or of such political subdivision, as the case may be, under the provisions of sections 33 and 34 of Article 1 of the Constitution, the voter shall prepare a typewritten charge, reciting that such officer, naming him or her and giving the title of the office, has committed an act or acts of malfeasance, or an act or acts of misfeasance while in office, or has violated the oath of office, or has been guilty of any two or more of the acts specified in the Constitution as grounds for recall. The charge shall state the act or acts complained of in concise language, give a detailed description including the approximate date, location, and nature of each act complained of, be signed by the person or persons making the charge, give their respective post office addresses, and be verified under oath that the person or persons believe the charge or charges to be true and have knowledge of the alleged facts upon which the stated grounds for recall are based.

    For the purposes of this chapter:

    (1) "Misfeasance" or "malfeasance" in office means any wrongful conduct that affects, interrupts, or interferes with the performance of official duty;

    (a) Additionally, "misfeasance" in office means the performance of a duty in an improper manner; and

    (b) Additionally, "malfeasance" in office means the commission of an unlawful act;

    (2) "Violation of the oath of office" means the neglect or knowing failure by an elective public officer to perform faithfully a duty imposed by law.

  31. Looks like R. Gaylord is in ALOT of trouble.

  32. So do we want to try to recall Randy? Then let the clowncil appoint someone in the interim?

    Reading the charter, it says we have to follow state procedures, which someone just posted above. Further reading of that says if it is the PA that subject to recall, we file it with the AG. Then once it is accepted for being "sufficient", (not weighing in on the accuracy of the complaint), we have 180 days to gather signatures.
    Number needed = 35% of votes cast for him in the last election. Translation = 1854 signatures.

    Does that seem doable? A battle worth fighting?

    If they aren't willing to listen to we the people, and we have to have essentially citizen auditors step in using the judicial system to make them follow the law, this maybe our only recourse.

    Recalling Jarman would be easier, but more dangerous in my opinion.

  33. Who is the attorney for SJI EMS?
    Is that Gaylord too, or do they have outside council?

  34. This is my nightmare. If all this nonsense continues, some judge is going to appoint a special something to run this place. Maybe that's good, but what if that Special Something is an ECO freak who puts us all under permanent Federal or State jurisdiction to protect a legislated "Monument."

    Many thanks to 3:25. I Laughed myself off the chair. No one could ever say the TH does not have humor, a necessity given the truth we face.

  35. We tried the soapbox. Failed.
    We tried the ballot box and got the clowns known as Jarman and Hughes.
    Next stop, the Jury box.

    Mr. Powers is, I feel, performing a great community service. He is helping to hold our local government accountable and make them obey the law. They seem incapable otherwise. And we have received zero help from the State Auditor oversight.

    In the 21 years Randy has been PA, how many attorneys have run against him? He has been unopposed as long as I can remember. The local attorneys may talk a good game, huff and puff at the hearings examiner, drag a few neighbors in to court, and think they are pit bulls, but in reality, that is bush league. Taking on the sitting PA, holding him accountable in a meaningful way, ballsy. Thats what we need.
    Thank you Mr. Powers.

    1. I will second that Thank You to Mr. Powers.

  36. These people look to be guilty as Hell. One thing I don'the understand, though. The complaint seems to be all about exacting retribution for violations of the PRA. What about asking for the wetlands to be restored too? Isn'the that the real issue here, or this really just about process? To me this is just another example of why protection of wetlands should not be left up to local government. Seems like state government is not doing the job either.

    Oh, and it looks like a nosy, meddling neighbor was a good thing in this case, eh? Hard to think why that isn'the also true in some of the other cases people get so worked up about.

    1. Yes I agree. They should have to restore the area the plowed through and buffers they have cleared. Also their septic is within 60' of the stream which PF has diverted to the ditch when the plat was built. Further moving and filing occurred with the previous owners (Pilsbury's then Claudia something?) Just look at google earth in 1990 you will see the whole front of the lot is all swale (wetlands and stream which are mapped). We have asked the Health department how they can permit a septic so close... they can't their screw up. The designer knew what he was doing when he slipped this one by them. Code requires 100' or 75' with waiver.... can't meet either of them without closing up the ditch which is the stream now.

      I believe the new green shores program along with the land bank monies would make a great resource for people...the could come in for unbiased help and receive thousands in grant or land bank monies for their stewardship. The ideas are win win based and would protect water supplies for generations to come.

    2. For those who don't know.....Green Shores is a pilot program. It rewards properties for soft shore protection. Its frame work could be shifted to wetlands as well and used to benefit those with critical areas as a whole in SJI. Property owners in need of help could receive free report assistance and rewards for buffers (which do not have to be big to be effective). Effective is key. We can do this without being an ECO freak LOL. Just plain ol' common sense.

    3. For those who don't know, the original septic system design was by Jack Cory, editor of the Island Guardian. Good supporter of Jarman.
      He has since dropped links to the Trojan Heron.
      He has also chosen to not report on the new developments.
      Just so the full picture is clear.

    4. I am 3:06 AM, and I say "hear, hear" to all of the above replies.

    5. I agree, but I will defend the new owners too, the county is 100% culpable, listen why should a new owner be held responsible for the crimes of our county officials? what good is any ordinance and enforcement thereof to any member of the public, when it is not reasonably related to the necessary prevention of harm, AND equally delivered without disparate impact upon separate entities of the public at large! ie Our government is responsible for governing, not members of the public

    6. And if they cant stand the heat get the "F" out of regulating peoples lives in such a way as to not consider this potential when these idiotic regulations are written.
      Discretionary authority is a very fragile thing. You Must use it wisely

    7. "I agree, but I will defend the new owners too, the county is 100% culpable, listen why should a new owner be held responsible for the crimes of our county officials?"

      I'll need to know more facts before I'm of the opinion that the property owners shouldn't be punished, it depends on how involved they were with Jarman. If on one hand, they truly didn't understand what the county was doing on their behalf, in my mind they're off the hook (other than mitigating the environmental damage). If, at the other end of the spectrum, let's say they paid Jarman to push this crap through, then they're part of a criminal conspiracy. Do I have reason to think either one of those scenarios is true? No. The truth is somewhere in the middle probably. But in the matrix of known knowns to unknown unknowns, in this case I know what I don't know. Yet. I'll bet Nick P will find deposing the various parties pretty damn interesting.

    8. They didnt Pay Jarmin, that isnt how its done. Its the way its been done from the beginning of regulation. the new buyers got lucky, or not they asked for help from the right people. This is how its done. And if the right people decide for their own reasons to help some poor sucker is being screwed over on the other end. Its as simple as that. And other times when one of those Right people have someones bone to pick with you, Watch Out those Right People can Fuck You over Royal! you might as well leave town because there is no protection from this kind of corruption. Not many folks can recoup from the wrath of a bad county Employee

    9. HERE! HERE! I know there are a lot of us

    10. "They didnt Pay Jarmin, that isnt how its done. Its the way its been done from the beginning of regulation. the new buyers got lucky, or not they asked for help from the right people. This is how its done."

      Now who's being naive? There's always an ask. Always. Ricky pushes for affordable housing because it keeps Byers from running against him. Jamie does the same thing because it keeps the Lopez cabal from abandoning him and he truly truly wants to run for higher office. The fix is always in because there's always an ask.

      If you're working with a county employee who gives a shit (I.e., not Mike Thomas & not Sam Gibboney), they help you because that's what they're supposed to do. If you ask an elected official for help, there's always an ask. If you don't understand that, you're delusional or part of the problem. If you ask Thomas or Gibboney for help, they'll figure out of they can advance their careers by fucking you over because they're both political tools.

  37. The last thing a state AG wants to do is approve a grass roots petition for impeachment of a county PA. Professional courtesy notwithstanding ... the complaint would have to be rock solid. The PA has a job to zealously defend their client. One person's malfeasance looks like another person's zealous defense. The AG would have to ask, wasn't the PA just doing his job? Prove otherwise.

    1. RCW 29A.56.140
      Determination by superior court — Correction of ballot synopsis.
      Within fifteen days after receiving the petition, the superior court shall have conducted a hearing on and shall have determined, without cost to any party, (1) whether or not the acts stated in the charge satisfy the criteria for which a recall petition may be filed, and (2) the adequacy of the ballot synopsis. The clerk of the superior court shall notify the person subject to recall and the person demanding recall of the hearing date. Both persons may appear with counsel. The court may hear arguments as to the sufficiency of the charges and the adequacy of the ballot synopsis. The court shall not consider the truth of the charges, but only their sufficiency. An appeal of a sufficiency decision shall be filed in the supreme court as specified by RCW 29A.56.270. The superior court shall correct any ballot synopsis it deems inadequate. Any decision regarding the ballot synopsis by the superior court is final. The court shall certify and transmit the ballot synopsis to the officer subject to recall, the person demanding the recall, and either the secretary of state or the county auditor, as appropriate.

      They only can determine "sufficiency", not truthfulness. The AG processing of this and the court as well appears almost ministerial, not discretionary.

  38. Randy has been around too long. He's respected and well connected with his peers at State. This guy has never lost a case. Forget it; he's untouchable and he knows it. File a recall and we will just have another expensive mark in the loss column.

    1. Are you joking? His case history regarding wins has nothing to do with skill, it's fixed! Don't forget the people don't get legal representation, how can he loose?

    2. The real answer is to make sure someone else runs for this office. No one has filed against the current PA for a long time.

    3. PA spot isn't up for re-election until 2018.

    4. Thats because we failed last Year!

  39. OK, will Jarman vacate if he can get a commitment from S&H as to his replacement? I think he would.

  40. It's sort of mind boggling that a county of only 15,000 residents could have this many scandals going on simultaneously. It's as though we don't have a government infrastructure but an entrenched criminal enterprise. The US Dept of State calls countries that are as fucked up as SJC is using the term "failed states". Is the only solution to burn the existing government structure to the ground and then wait for the Feds or the state AG's office to appoint some Special Master or something to oversee the rebuilding process?

    Seriously, we don't have a functioning government, we have a crime family.

  41. The complete CID from the AG's office to SJ EMS is posted on SanJuanIslander. The AG is requesting info on 200 flights.

  42. Only 200? Holy shit, what next?

  43. The closest thing we have to an answer for the failings of the current county government is the next election. It is critical
    That we get people in place of Rick and Jamie that are willing to call the staff out on their BS and make bold moves to change the current structure.

    We need to be talking about how to make change happen that way rather than plotting a recall. By the time a recall happened, the next election would be over.

    1. Your point is well taken, however, I originally posed the question, "would a recall be worth the effort". It wasn't plotting anything, just tossing the idea out. I'm sort of a novice and trying to learn things here, so your answer was helpful. I realize that we need to work on getting two good candidates to run in 2016 that are committed to taking back this county from the entrenched bureaucrats and placing control back in the hands of the people. Reigning in middle and upper management. Ending the cronyism and corruption.

  44. 10:15, Totally, completely, absolutely, correct! Recalls are a complete waste of time are very rarely successful.

  45. Look how the SJI Hospital Board was just purged. One election, good candidates, voila. Interestingly the person who spent the least money, almost nothing, got by far the most votes.

    1. Like the last big council election, it's nice to know that money won't overcome a bad message.

      Regarding the specifics of this most recent election, I'm sorry but the hospital board situation is the very definition of FUBAR. There is NO WAY that contract will be changed. Show me someone who thinks ANY board would be able to change it, and I'll show you a fool. The only role for hospital board members is to shuffle tax-collected funds to Peace Health. That's the way the district and the contract were set up. We may not like it, but it's too late now to do anything about it. All the talk about local control was laughable wishful thinking. There's a contract. Period. Those who want to change it, go tilt at another windmill or waste your time on something more realistic, like an anti-gravity machine or an eternal energy.

      Despite all the heat generated over that campaign, no matter who was elected, San Juan Island was going to end up with three eunuchs because "eunuch" is the job description for the hospital board position. The only thing voters were deciding is the name of the particular set of eunuchs to act as figureheads on the Board.

      It was fascinating to see who spoke passionately about local control, having power over end of life decisions, and the right to choose, because many of those same people have been devotees of the CAO and all things Friendly. I guess the "local control" niks would like us to have control over how we die, but not over how we live. I guess they would like us to have control over our bodies, but not over our property.

      That race, the issues discussed, and the grandiose way they were discussed was a total circus. A meaningless, off-point, carnival of hyprocisy, self-importance, and San Juan style hubris.

  46. Let us look at the unopposed candidates. Yes, it is a little sick, but also it is because these people have a track record; unless they f-up you can't beat em, so why try.

    These people are the field we must plow. They know politics, they have been elected, and they can make the wheels of government turn, or at least it looks like they can.

    More importantly, it appears they give a shit, otherwise why do they come back for more?

    What is with Lopez anyway? Ed is trounced. Are these people truly stoned ALL the time or subservient to the "guidance" of a few ideologues.

    1. As bad as the overall county is, Lopez is 20 years behind the rest of us. It's Waldron with a ferry stop. It's East Germany with a moat. The good news is that there are people there who are beginning to wake up. The bad news is that they are outnumbered by the others 2 to 1. The good news is that many of the worst Lopezians will be dying and aging out over the next few years. The bad news is that the younger folks are just as bad.

      Watch carefully over the coming year. Jamie is the only stable council person. He will use his influence to make Lopez the center of the county universe, and one of the ways he will do that is to throw his full support towards an affordable housing tax that will save Sandy and Rhea from penury, provide a steady income for Lisa on Orcas, and keep Nancy DeVaux going strong too.

      The Charter gave Lopez much more power than it deserved, and don't think for a minute that the crazy wing of the county isn't still planning to make Lopez the center of the county universe. We have Lopezians to thank for the Land Bank renewal remember. Just wait to see what else they have in store for us.

    2. San Juan and Orcas are pretty evenly split between Dems and Repubs. Lopez is not. So San Juan and Orcas pretty well cancel each other out and Lopez wags the dog. Probably not what SJC residents intended, but here we are.

  47. I've heard that Lisa is actually opposed to the affordable housing tax.

    1. Oh really? Please, Rick, don't give me any money. I don't want an eternal stream of cash bilked from taxpayers, with the county taking a "nominal" cut and the rest going to me, Sandy/Rhea, and Nancy. Nothing could be further from my mind.

      Where did this affordable housing tax idea come from then? Who is the originator?

      The word "tax" is so ugly. Let's call it "wealth sharing for a healthy economy" ala the New Economics Institute.

  48. I've heard Rick Hughes floating Lisa's name for planning commission.
    If true, it is actually one of the smarter things Rick has done. Sure its a purely selfish move, but it shows a level of thinking I didn't think he was capable of.

    Give Lisa a meaningful appointment. Gains some of her supporters in the next election. Encourages her not to run.
    Rick is an absolute tool and a fool. I hope people can see him for who he is and realize that his motivations are self serving, not in the best interests of the citizens of this county.

    1. I think Rick is unbeatable right now. He's a shoe-in to be re-elected. There isn't any viable opposition candidate from Orcas who has even a remote chance to beat him. He's being very smart by eliminating competition by buying Lisa off with a Planning Commission appointment. I think Rick will be our councilman for a long time to come at this rate.

      Don't underestimate Rick. I know TH'ers like to say he's a tool, a fool, and a drunk, but Rick is the one who has played TH'ers for fools. Rick got what he wanted. He has eliminated the people he doesn't like. That takes skill. You have underestimated him.

      Rick is way ahead of you. Face it. You've been outmaneuvered. Truth hurts. Jamie will be there forever too. I think we're looking at 10 or more years of the Jamie and Rick duo on the Council, unless one or both of them decides to run for higher office.

    2. Rick's having trouble with his donors - it seems that the spigot for campaign cash won't be flowing quite as freely as last time. It's always a problem when you sell yourself as one thing and then 4 years later have an actual political history. And Rick hasn't tended his garden.

      Do we need to find a decent candidate from Orcas? Absolutely. Is co-opting Byers a smart move? Sure, if she'll stay bought. It's not like the planning commission is all that important - both Lopez positions will be open at the end of next month. There's no reason Byers couldn't screw Hughes and accept the PC spot, then run for the council anyway. Sleazier things have happened in SJC. On a daily basis.

      Removing Byers from the equation makes it harder for a centrist candidate to run against Hughes, but not impossible. Maybe not even that difficult.

      One thing is crystal clear from the election this week: the three major news outlets in the county (SJ Journal, Kvisto's sad rag of a web site, and Islands Weekly) are all carrying water for the status quo. What the county needs is an alternative - a Trojan Heron news site if you will. And a place to discuss local topics without fear of some pussy webmaster taking his ball and going home.

    3. Regarding your description of a the recent webmaster who has taken his ball and left the playground, we are please to announce that Lopez Rocks has recently changed its name to "The Lopez Precious Snowflake, a no-hurt feelings zone".

      Thank you.

    4. I wonder if the "new" Lopez Rocks Townhall will have some sort of trigger warning requirement - any criticism of Jamie, the status quo, the county council, the squandering of money by elected officials, drum circles, or the "moving bravely forward to the 1930s" Village plan will necessarily be preceded by a notice in all caps to the effect that reading further may make Lopezians uncomfortable.

  49. The average person sees Rick on the news stumping for whales, talking about stormwater, at the elementary school roller skating. All the warm fuzzy stuff.

    The average person thinks San Juan County is in fine shape because the mainstream news (term used lightly) does not stir controversy. They don't do in-depth reporting on things like potential corruption across county administration. That is uncomfortable and make all the happy people worry. So they avoid it.

    And so, Rick sits in his happy little world, covering up for his associates and honestly doing very little of anything.

    Unfortunately I think you are right, Rick is pretty safe. I don't know that any of the previous names could get 51% away from Rick and to do so they would need some of the in-the-mud stuff that the TH threw around in last election.

    1. " ... and to do so they would need some of the in-the-mud stuff that the TH threw around in last election ... " And you did it on Rick's behalf that time. Now you'll be doing it against him. So little credibility you have.

    2. "And you did it on Rick's behalf that time. Now you'll be doing it against him. So little credibility you have."

      When the facts change, what do you do? I change my mind. Three years ago, Rick ran as a centrist reformer who would oppose what The Machine stood for and would champion the rights of individuals. He didn't have a political record to examine then.

      What's happened since then? I don't know whether he always believed in the rights of government over the individual and just lied to voters last time or whether he's had too many chummy dinners with Jamie since he got elected, but Rick is really just a second vote for Jamie. And Jamie is just a proxy for the Zee/Byers/Rhea/Dorf/FOSJ factions (I know they're not all the same, but they might as well be). Rick has a desperate need to be liked and it was sooooooo easy for Jamie to co-opt him.

      In any case, many TH, CSA & Trust Islanders people supported Rick last time. I suspect that won't be the case this time. Back to your credibility comment — no, it doesn't affect my credibility. Once bitten, twice shy. I learn from experience, what do you do?

  50. Don't forget, Rick got a $750,000 package from the DOT to build some sort of bus stop on Orcas at the ferry landing. Or more like a park and ride.
    Rick realized that the county was an utter failure at building roads so he is switching to parking lots? After the Dolphin Bay project that no one wants?
    I think Lisa Byers could beat him. He must have figured that out too.

  51. Surely there must be some person on all of Orcas who is interested in a decent paycheck for some hard work.

    Hughes can be easily beaten, the guy has done nothing for the people of Orcas. This jerk has pocketed thousands for sitting in a chair and saying to every staff presentation: "Sounds good, I'm OK with it."

    This clown does not do his homework and has no idea IT is. Some insider comments from County employees and he's rightfully dead meat.

    As to ten years of S&H, that cannot be allowed.

    Orcas needs to field a candidate or two. Two reasonable people, either one of which would get huge support to snuff Hughes.

  52. Did you ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe it takes a little time to make changes in government? There is an entrenched bureaucracy and its tough to undo a lot of that. Bob and Rick didn't make this mess. Why not let them try and fix it. It might take 4 more years, but in the long run, that's not that long.

  53. 12:16

    Under Bob and Rick change has happened.

    They have changed lots of things. Before them, our county followed standard public records laws. Now, we like our department heads to circumvent state laws when possible.

    Before them, we spent 10 years in a bitterly fought battle over a flawed CAO process that they eventually passed. Now, they have taught us that the whole thing was unnecessary, because their administration is OK with ignoring it.

    Before them, the county tried to train and retain employees. Now we like to ask them to do illegal things and then run them out of town when they try to follow the law.

    Our county administrator used to work for the council. Now they direct the council.

    In my opinion, Bob and Rick have made plenty of change over the past 4 years. I shudder to think how much they could change things with another 4.

  54. Maybe the Trojan Heron should hold a contest for ... what shall we call it ... "The Rubber Stamp Award" Business as usual. Give it pass. Plausible deniability. Yet another string pulling grant. Ongoing maintenance costs after the funny money for guard rails dries up. Transfer nonperforming employees to other departments with a raise.

    Four more years. Four more years. Say it loud say it often, cry in your beer and do nothing.

  55. We've had 2-3 good names from each island tossed around here.

    Anyone talked to any of these people about if they would run?

  56. There may come a time when these kinds of conversation require discretion and a need-to-know umbrella until things ripen up enough to hit the nets. So there may be some radio silence on the Heron for awhile. There is such a thing as too much transparency. Let the games begin. If you don't hear much for awhile, doesn't mean the waters are being tested out there. On the other hand, if a possible candidate figures what the hell I'm gonna step up and get baptized on this batshit blog, well hooray!

  57. A worthy candidate makes an entry announcing to all that he/she is in the hunt. Right then and there the new candidate kills all the nasty lies by a full disclosure of his/her entire history.

    And even more important, this person refuses all labels, and professes to run as an independent and then actually does.

    I want this competent, reasonably good person to know they will get my support.

    Please RUN

  58. If the PA is not up for relection till 2018...we need to recall him.

  59. What needs to be met in the sufficiency test that allows a recall petition to go forward?

    Here is a short compilation from MRSC

    [1] Elections - Recall - Petition - Court Review - Supreme Court. The Supreme Court reviews the factual and legal sufficiency of a recall petition by applying the same standards as the trial court.

    [2] Elections - Recall - Petition - Factual Sufficiency - Test. A recall petition is not factually sufficient under RCW 29.82.010 unless it precisely alleges and describes unjustified acts which constitute a prima facie showing of misfeasance, malfeasance, or a violation of the oath of office (as defined by RCW 29.82.010) so that the public can make an informed decision on whether to support the recall. A petition is insufficient if the voters cannot determine whether they actually believe the act requires removal of the official from office.

    [3] Elections - Recall - Petition - Factual Sufficiency - Violation of Law - Intent. A recall petition charging a violation of law must include facts indicating that the official intended to commit the unlawful act.

    [4] Elections - Recall - Petition - Legal Sufficiency - Test. A recall petition is not legally sufficient unless it states with specificity substantial conduct clearly amounting to misfeasance, malfeasance, or a violation of the oath of office. A petition is insufficient if there is a legally cognizable justification for the official's conduct.

    [5] Elections - Recall - Petition - Factual Sufficiency - Purpose. The purpose of requiring that a recall petition be factually sufficient is to ensure that the charges, although adequate on their face, are supported by identifiable facts.

    [6] Elections - Recall - Petition - Legal Sufficiency - Purpose. The purpose of requiring that a recall petition be legally sufficient is to protect an elected official from being subjected to the financial and personal burden of a recall election based on false or frivolous charges.

  60. "Did you ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe it takes a little time to make changes in government? There is an entrenched bureaucracy and its tough to undo a lot of that. Bob and Rick didn't make this mess. Why not let them try and fix it. It might take 4 more years, but in the long run, that's not that long."

    YHGTBSM. Seriously, Rick, I thought we told you that you couldn't post here.

    Maybe it's just me, but I think "Send me back in coach, I'm nearly about to get started" as a campaign slogan for Rick's re-election is a nonstarter.

  61. Lucy and the football. Who is Charley Brown every time election season rolls around? Who's the chump? Pity the poor voter,all alone, pathetic couch potato, Monday night quarterback, coulda, shoulda, woulda, if I get around to voting, guess will vote for whatever narcissistic sociopath who makes more noise than the other one.

  62. Another early night of Scope and Seven for Ricky.
    What an embarrassing display of unfettered debauchery.
    Get some help already.

  63. It does take time to change bad government and I can see the ball has started to roll in that direction.

    If I were the neighbors who wanted to purchase the property and then have all of this go on I would be outraged. Those involved should be ashamed of themselves thinking anyone would take it in the shorts like this and say anything.

    When I read the complaint yesterday for the first time I was disgusted. Especially the part where they tell the PA awe nothing will come of it?

    The complaint details that the neighbor (Albritton) is a permitting expert for a living. Kudos from us on standing up to double standards.


    It does take time to change bad government and I can see the ball has started to roll in that direction.

    If I were the neighbors who wanted to purchase the property and then have all of this go on I would be outraged. Those involved should be ashamed of themselves thinking anyone would take it in the shorts like this and NOT say anything.

    When I read the complaint yesterday for the first time I was disgusted. Especially the part where they tell the PA awe nothing will come of it?

    The complaint details that the neighbor (Albritton) is a permitting expert for a living so she would be the last person to NOT stand up. Kudos from us on standing up to double standards.

  65. Welcome aboard 4:25. The TH, in this case, has boots on for several weeks now. Check in more often.

    Maybe you would like to run for County Council.

  66. Sounds like a hot mess to me and in my reading of the TH my vote is for John Geniuch. He is more equipped for the job and I hear has not left the island thank goodness. We sure miss him as Building Official. Thanks Mike Thomas and Gibboney for totally effecting our lives for the sake of your bullshit and treating real citizens like crap.

  67. Remind me again why Jack Cory is boycotting the Trojan Heron these days? He used to list new TH postings right at the top of the Island Guardian but stopped during the Portland Fair dust-up. Is he really that small? We need another media outlet around here.

    1. A number of TH readers/posters were dismayed at Jack's very biased article covering the initial reports emanating from the Portland Fair fiasco. He blatantly attempted to spin it as Jarman having done no wrong.
      This didn't sit well with TH'ers. While a number of us elected Jarman, we demand ALL elected officials and staff be subject to the same scrutiny and standards, not just those we oppose.
      Some of the comments were very critical of Jack.
      It was also discovered that he had done some work on the site for septic stuff years back, so the wetland issue was likely known to him at the time.
      He was just unwilling to present an unbiased story about local government corruption. The TH was.

      Agree, we need another local media outlet.
      As much as some of the TH'ers criticize Sharon's Blog, she has been actually doing a good job covering the corruption angle of things and getting stories out there.

    2. Yes but.......Kvisto's utter rag of a news outlet has been unfair as hell to the Honeywells and missed most of the Xmas hayride story and missed the Orcas Fire Dept DUI story and has been a friend of the Friends and on and on. It's possible that her coverage of some smidgen of corruption of the massive corruption story is simply an existence proof of the "infinite number of monkeys sitting at typewriters theory". One or two instances of proper journalism won't get her off the hook for that steaming pile she has the audacity to call a new outlet.

    3. Probably because he messed up designing a septic so close to a stream and got caught. Health department has agreed they missed this one. But will they do something about it?

    4. They never do anything about it.

    5. San Juan County Department of Health is yet another large department that is bloated and needs some serious work. These guys fly under the radar because they get their services provided in a very timely manner. Septic and water permits take only a few days. This keeps the heat and spotlight away from them, contrasted with CDP and Public Works that routinely take months or even large portions of a year to get stuff done.
      Look at the budget and the amount of staff they have. A lot of it paid for by ongoing grants.
      Surely there are some cuts that can be made here too.

  68. Jack actually has journalism training and knows how to make calls and write a story, so why does he not? It's simple, he ain't got the money. You can tell by his writing he is so tired he can barely keep an eye open. Large posting mistakes (Currently the election thank you letters) sit for days without a fix. The guy is a one man operation, grabbing crap off the free internet and the County's spit.

    Kinda sad, really.

  69. The San Juan County daily news cycle driven by Kivisto and Cory. The ancient little weekly snoozepapers owned by the same publisher, publishing the same drivel read by nearly nobody.

    Really? In 2015? Really?

  70. I get more local news from the Trojan Heron and the Friday Harbor Rant and Rave. Jack and Sharon are both hardcore ideologues, just different sides of the aisle. Biased "journalism". Nothing new about that.

  71. If people led and behaived in a way expected of public officials, a news outlet like the Trojan Heron would not need to exist. I appreciate the work TH.

  72. And now it is Friday. Ahem

  73. Anyone see the list serve announcement of heaping more praise for the failure known as Gibboney? These guys sure don't know when to quit. She is being given more responsibility for more stuff. Translation, more things will get broken.

    Look at the wreckage that she left at CDP. Granted, that has always been a messed up department, but under the French guy and Geniuch, it went the best it ever has. Gibboney has been a disaster of epic proportions. The loss of such a large number of key staff should speak volumes to her incompetence.

    Can anyone remind me why she is still employed by the county?

    This is a woman that has utter distain for the elected that are supposedly her supervisors. In her own words, "It just takes a little time to train the council members".

    Happy Friday the 13th.

  74. Sure would like to see copies of the Answers filed by the County and the good Mr. Gaylord in response to the detailed complaint in the Skagit County proceeding.

  75. The County has settled. Once again, the taxpayers foot the bill for Randy Gaylord's questionable conduct. Randy figures this will all be forgotten by the time the next election rolls around, and he will slide into office yet again, unopposed. Sadly, he is probably right. Nothing will change in how county government does business.