Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Force Feed Them Cheetos?

In earlier posts, this blog has included links to the famous Milgram and Zimbardo experiments. Now there is a new study that suggests buying organic food turns people into self-righteous jerks (their words, not mine). Maybe the answer to our CAO/SMP problems is to put many in County government on a diet of Cheetos. Too bad the study didn't examine whether there is a difference between the people who buy organic food versus the people who grow it. The people who produce organic food seem to be victimized by our eco-know-it-alls just as much as anyone else.

By the way, study or no study, the Trojan Heron is very supportive of people eating organic food, especially if it's done without an attitude. Regarding attitude, same goes for land use planning.

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  1. I think the researchers were being discrete and circumspect when interpreting their findings, but actually it turns out that eating organic food carries a significant risk of being transformed into a zombie. Yes that's right a lurching mindless, fanatical bag of rotting flesh desperately seeking artisanal Brussels sprouts and shrieking at anything in the way. Or, you may become a land use planner if the infection is less serious and you attended Evergreen.