Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Just Sayin'

Tim Hyatt from the Swinomish Tribe, who is also the Environmental Protection Ecologist for the Skagit River System Cooperative, attended the County meeting on the Fish and Wildlife Habitat CAO.  He made comments regarding non-conforming uses on the shoreline. Apparently, he and the organizations he represents are concerned about development along shorelines, given the prospect of sea level rise due to global warming. If I understand his position about "non-conforming" correctly, he wants the County to require our citizens to gradually abandon their homes and other structures along the shorelines, so as not to affect habitat as sea levels rise.

The Swinomish operate a casino, gas station, convenience store, and RV park on the shoreline in Skagit County. They sell some of the cheapest gasoline in the region, too. Excerpts from their webpages say:
Explore our unprecedented 98-room luxury Lodge on the shores of the beautiful Padilla Bay in Anacortes, Washington.
Explore unparalleled Las Vegas style casino action now open 24hrs with the pinnacle of personal service.

The Tribe is one of the five largest employers in Skagit County with over 250 employees in Tribal government and approximately 300 employees in its casino and other economic enterprises.

The Swinomish RV Park is located at the casino on Fidalgo Island overlooking the Swinomish Channel. With views of Mount Baker and the Cascade Mountains, our park features 35 affordable, full-service sites.

Google Earth Image of Swinomish Casino, Gas Station, RV Park
Description of Swinomish Gas Station ... Wow, expanded gas islands and new dispensers!

Hmmm ... it makes me wonder how many Friends or other environmentalists concerned about global warming and shoreline structures patronize the Swinomish gas station? If they do, I suppose they're the kind of environmentalists who reckon if they're going to contribute to global warming, they might as well do so at a great price while having a front-row view of sea-level rise as they fill up.


  1. Well you'll never guess who I ran into at Costco a year or so back stocking up on cheap Chinese consumer gear and stuff. Buy local, bah! She only talks the talk. I won't say who, but no surprises. Hypocrites. I buy local as much as I can but I'll be damned if I'll buy gas in the islands if avoidable. I'll go to the rez every time. I'll make a Costco run on occasion myself. But I don't berate and scold neighbors to buy local and go to the farmers market only to surreptitiously pop up at I5 big box outfits. Ya do what ya gotta do and move toward the local one day at a time.

  2. Sea level rise for thee, but not for me.

  3. Hmm, looking at the google earth image I don't see any stormwater catchment ponds to deal with all the contaminated runoff from all those parking lots. Much less the gas station where I am sure there have been multiple fuel spills. What would the Friends et al say about that?? My My look at the wetlands surrounding them.

  4. The same is true of the Tulalip--they sent the County a letter demanding that we stop building anywhere within the 60+ extreme sea level rise projection, yet they have concreted over half their county with casinos and shopping centers. It's do as I say, not do as I do. And how many different tribes get to tell us what to do with our county, anyway? Shouldn't it be limited to one?