Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Countdown To CAOmageddon: Flaw #44 - Self-Hating Stereotype

Aside from being scientifically unsupportable; aside from forcing on us a draconian planning vision that is mismatched for our community; aside from being hopelessly impractical, the CAOs are wrong because they reinforce the stereotypes of self-hating environmentalism.

Watch this clip from Santa Cruz, California of an interview conducted during this year's Earth Day "celebration." Santa Cruz, by the way, is where Janet Alderton of the Friends picked up a graduate degree.  Maybe the young lady in the video will be running the Friends in 15 years ... or be on our Planning Commission ... or even be a Council member. She's got a bright future as a planner too, and has a lot in common with all those consultants we've hired.

Better yet, she could work for the Department of Ecology.


  1. It's worse than you think. This stuff is taught from Head Start through our finest colleges and universities. In fact, I don't believe you can graduate without professing your eco-faith. This crap along with believing 2+2=5 or whatever you want it to be seems to be the main objective of education today in America. We are doomed.

  2. Cultivating a sense of self-loathing at an early age is essential to off-set any natural yearnings for independence and the pursuit of happiness later on in life.

    It would be better if the schools taught critical thinking and problem solving skills instead.

    The Church has always done a pretty good job of this. The New Reformed Church of Gaia has now transformed this practice into public policy.

    Logic suggests that this poor young girl will seek to extinguish herself and perhaps take a few others along with her.

    Rather than seeking personal independence and problem solving, she will seek out a Jim Jones guru type in a few years and wind up out in the jungle somewhere drinking Koolaid. Or even the San Juan Islands.

  3. Well, that's one interpretation...if that's what you want to see. I think it's kind of a cheap shot though. I don't know how old the girl is but she looks pretty young. I don' think there is anything wrong with being concerned about pollution. We have certainly caused pollution and population growth is a big problem. The "wish we didn't exist" quote is a juicy sound byte but I don't think it means much in the big scheme of things; nor does it have much relevance to the San Juans.

  4. Derrick Jensen's works might be of interest:

    2006, Endgame, Volume 1: The Problem of Civilization, Seven Stories Press, ISBN 1-58322-730-X

    2006, Endgame, Volume 2: Resistance, Seven Stories Press, ISBN 1-58322-724-5

    Deep Green Resistance (with Lierre Keith and Aric McBay), Seven Stories Press, ISBN 978-1-58322-929-3

  5. If you look at Dr. Adamus' analyses; if you listen to Shireene Hale; if you read Ecology's comments; if you pay attention to what the Friends say; if you have listened to many of the Planning Commissioners; then you would have heard the same kind of self-hating environmentalism that this girl is being taught. No evidence of actual harm is needed because as Dr. Adamus says, "of the hundreds if not thousands" of toxic substances that are the "inevitable result of having humans around."

    If you believe that and if you define environmental harm as "humans" then you're going to end up chasing your own tail. It has everything to do with the San Juans because the "science" here doesn't go beyond that ... humans are bad.

    And by the way, it's sound "bite" not "byte." There is a difference between being concerned about the environment and indoctrinated into being hysterical about non-problems.

  6. And that is precisely what we are producing. Indoctrinated automatons. If anyone can't see this they have their head in the sand. This all reminds me of the original movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Pod People. You're going to be ok. Just don't go to sleep!

  7. Indoctrination is very simple w/young children. What seems just as scary to me is the proud mother standing by. It all has a very hitlerish taste to it if you ask me. creepy

  8. Perhaps this young lady is saying things she thinks are expected. I agree the video is a cheap shot, but the doting mother is classic! If this is indeed "Mom" I worry more about her than her daughter.

    If you choose to bring a child into the World then by that decision you are saying people are OK. That Mom and Dad need to let this little lady know that she is good, she is OK, she is NOT a problem that needs correction.

    As a snotty aside, an employee of the "Friends" actually had a baby last year. Hallelujah, maybe there is hope!