Sunday, September 23, 2012

Countdown To CAOmageddon: Flaw #49 - Trajectory

Where do our Friends go when they leave us?

That's not an existential question, but one about networks and common tactics. We already know that Stephanie Buffum came from the hardball Center for Biological Diversity and is the former Mrs. Kieran Suckling, but what about some of the people who have left the Friends. Where are they now?

Before Kyle Loring, the Legal Director of the Friends was Amy Trainer. She is now the Head of the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin (EACWM), where she's making life unbearable for some people in Northern California. Like the Friends, EACWM doesn't let facts get in the way of their efforts to destroy people, small business, and agriculture.

Some people feel that Trainer/EACWM are testing strategies that will be deployed here in the very near future, so if we want to see where we are headed, have a look at OysterGate. It's about a small oyster farm in Point Reyes National Seashore. In 1962, Congressman Clem Miller wrote and introduced a bill for the establishment of Point Reyes National Seashore to protect a shoreline region from residential development. Miller's vision included the continuation of the historic ranching and oyster farming in the area along with the preservation of the grasslands and open scenic vistas. The mix of commercial and recreational uses was the reason the area was designated a National Seashore rather than a National Park. In 2010, all of the park's beaches were listed as the cleanest in the California.

Regardless of Miller's intent or of the park's spectacular environmental health, Trainer/EACWM, in conjunction with corrupt government officials and bad science, have had it in for a small oyster farmer in the park. Trainer and EACWM's tactics have even been too extreme for the typically eco-friendly California Democratic Party, as Senator Diane Feinstein has sided with the oyster farmer. Doesn't matter, though. Trainer and EACWM keep pounding away.

Have a look at the videos below (and the linked article here).  Think of what is happening in Pt. Reyes when the Friends send out misleading emails saying, "Shouldn't we protect at least 9% of our shorelines?" The Friends never mention that our proposed CAOs will designate 100% of our shorelines as critical. The Friends never mention how much shoreline is already in parks or otherwise protected here (about 20%-25% of shoreline parcels are in a natural or conservation land use designation).

Every move by the Friends and Gang Green is calculated to position us for the next move ... and then the next ... and the next. Thank you, Friends, may I have another? There will never be an end until we are all driven out, like the Drakes Bay Oyster Farm.

NOTE: The video screenshot that was posted here from ABC News was causing scripting errors to some users, so it was taken down.  However, you can still access the video by going to this link.  To see the second video (OysterGate Scandal), just click on the image below.


  1. Off topic, but important.

    EK, how "Anonymous" are we? Given the climate in our area, people are scared.

    I realize that if someone came here and threats were made or something, the authorities could investigate and generate records of ISP#s, but can the county obtain this, without a warrant?

    I'm sure they have some computer savvy folks working there.

    Just curious.

    Thanks to EK and others who post here.

  2. Trojan Heron has two stat counters, but neither provides detail down to the level where individuals can be identified. We certainly don't know who the anonymous posters are, but can we be absolutely sure that no one could ever find out ... no ... can't guarantee that, but I think it would be mighty difficult. ISP's are recorded (e.g. Rockisland) , but individual IP addresses of specific computers are not known (as far as we know ... we don't see them).

    Of course, the Friends probably already know who you are anyway :-)

    It's a shame that there is so much fear in these islands about speaking one's mind, but it is the truth that retaliation is a fact of life here. The powers that be are known for it, all the while pretending to be good and decent folk. We live in a very ad hominem community. Speaking out is the only way to break the spell.

    Btw, it's ECK which stands for those of us who "Embrace Civic Knowledge"

    Thanks for reading and commenting, and we hope we never have to contend with actual threats being made on here. Vigorous discussion, satire, tough questions, disagreements, brutal honesty, things that may be hard to listen to ... yes to all ... but threats ... no.

  3. A clever poster woud educate herself about proxy servers...

  4. I would spend less time worrying about anonymity and more time trying to get the good people of San Juan County to stand up and recognize hypocrisy. The fear and the anonymity works for the powers that be. You will be brushed off and discounted as anonymous, once you state your name, you become a power to be reckoned with. Remember the bully in the playground, deep down he was scared of you. Same goes fore here. I am Nick Power

  5. There are different roles and masks we can wear in different situations. Never discount the power and poetry of crowds.

    Anyone ever read Enders Game by Orson Scott Card? The interstellar on-line debates between Locke vs Demosthenes?

    Shaped the politics of worlds. Turned out it was a ten year old arguing with himself.

  6. Curious why San Juan County voted in the November 2012 election to elect political representation that has aided the ability of eco-zealots (re-wilders) to further the taking of private citizens property rights. The entire State of Washington had a genuine opportunity to elect representatives that would've fouught to preserve your rights, but we replaced one pretty liberal, cozy with the eco-zealots, governor with Inslee who is one of them.
    I'm just saying...time for everyone to wake-up!
    Have any of you read the book; "Behind the Green Mask," by Rosa Koire? It's time to raise your voices and get vocal about what the agenda is if you want a fighting chance to win.