Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back from Siberia ... Figuratively Speaking

Hello friends and fans!  Many apologies, but the Trojan Heron was quite literally working on some explosive stories in other parts of the State for several days ... and it lasted longer than anticipated.

We're back with new posts later today.  Although the Trojan Heron's attention was diverted elsewhere, the steady drumbeat of hypocrisy, bias, and bad thinking continues in our County unabated.  There is so much to comment on:
  • County employees being fired for campaign/personal use of computers, and County Councillors doing nearly, if not exactly, the same thing. And incredibly, the County lies about the termination, calling it administrative leave. That's one more example of our County's long-standing commitment to truthiness.
  • The Friday Harbor Mayor endorses her husband for Council. What took her so long? Was she undecided up until the past week? Since this was a mayoral endorsement, can she issue the endorsement from her Town email?
  • CAPR files a lawsuit dealing with procedural aspects of the CAOs, and nary a mention of it by the Council (although it was printed in the Island Guardian and San Juan Islander).  If a lawsuit falls in a wood, and there are no Councillors around to acknowledge it, does it exist?  
  • The County issues a budget document that reads like a political propaganda hit piece sprinkled with a few numbers. Did Bob Jean really write that or is he being the mouthpiece for others in the County?
And ballots are out!  All that plus what Karl Popper would think of Dr. Adamus, Shireene Hale, our Council, and the CAOs ... plenty to talk about. 

We're baaaaAAAACK!!!

Is this who wrote the County propaganda ... er, I mean ... County budget document?


  1. Yes, Heron, it is really frustrating that most of us have real jobs and must devote what little spare time we have to chasing the full-time paid bureaucrats and lobbyists. What happened with the termination, I heard, was that there was one week of administrative leave filed by effective date of termination. So when the County Ministry of Information issued its correction, it was saying "there's no termination, it's administrative leave" leaving out the termination 7 days later as if it didn't exist. Typical and shameless. What does one expect from a former political campaign worker?

  2. Welcome back working Herons out there. Coming up soon, the real news the local propaganda mills don't dare to print.

    It may not be pretty, but it's gonna be fun!

    What other subjects need revisiting and airing out? Whatever became of the Eastsound Mosquito Hatchery? The Friday Harbor Brickworks Brigade? County prosecutors advising Town officials?

    Hop on board kids, the carnival ride is about to begin!

  3. I continue to be both amazed and disgusted. We have a mayor who uses her office to endorse her husband, Howie. Howie just having been chastised for using his county email to promote his campaign website. Oh, and here is another. Howie, in his mea culpa email to the citizen who brought the violation to his attention, uses his PERSONAL email. Like it is not official business. Hmmmm. A council which thinks that if they just remain silent, a very serious lawsuit will go away. We have a Prosecuting Attorney who gives legal opinions in the comment sections of news articles despite the fact that the issue dealt with the conduct of a town official and he is not the town's Attorney. Basically, the only thing keeping us from becoming a complete third world charity case is that malaria is not rampant.

    I am nick power

  4. Isn't there also The Case Of The Lopez Port Commissioner And The Mysterious New Driveway to be looked into?

  5. So many controversies/scandals involving our public affairs, so little time. Where is Miss Marple when we need her? Maybe we should just change the name of the Town to St. Mary Mead.

  6. The following Is Howie's Mea Culpa for using his official email to promote his campaign website. Note that it is sent from his personal email account. I have omitted the name and email address of the recipient and nothing else.

    In the country where I come from if it is pointed out to you that you are committing an unlawful act while in office, the explanatory email would be properly sent via an official email account so that it could be found by public information request. Guess that is not how they do things here.

    I am, as always, Nick Power.

    From: Howard Howie Rosenfeld
    Subject: Changes
    Date: October 13, 2012 10:23:35 AM PDT


    I’ll send Stan Mathews my request to make the changes on my County profile. I think it’s been that way a long time and I’ve never had occasion to look at it. In the interest of caution I’ll ask him to delete all my personal email addresses.

    Also, thank you for pointing out that I might still have drowsiness issues. My treatment might need to be adjusted. I promised I would be public about this condition. I will need those who notice something to inform me.


  7. Re the CAPR lawsuit, I read about it on San Juan Islander Oct. 16.

  8. Right you are! I stand corrected, and I have amended the post accordingly. Thank you for pointing out the oversight.

  9. Is Howie now using his *personal* email account to transact official county business, or to evade the Public Records Act?

    I've heard that sort of activity makes his personal email account and home computer potentially suject to disclosure to PRA requests...

    Someone who wanted to help Howie learn about these things might want to follow up on that.