Friday, October 12, 2012

Countdown to CAOmageddon: Flaw #58 - Stroke Politics

Most of us know that our County opted to "fully plan" back in 1990 when Bruce Orchid, Tom Cowan, and Bill LaPorte voted to fully opt-in to the GMA provisions. CAOs are required whether we fully plan or not, but by opting-in, we subjected ourselves to the jurisdiction of the Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB).

We keep hearing about the many forms of eco-corruption here in our County and State, ranging from hypocrisy and undue influence to outright government scandals. One of the best descriptions of corruption related to the GMHB comes from the webpages of David Spring, Democratic candidate for the State Legislature. He alleges bribery and scandal associated with Gregoire's appointment of Republican Cheryl Pflug to the GMHB, which many believe was a political stunt for buying off a Republican so that Republicans would not gain control of the State Senate. Spring lays out 20 evidence-backed reasons for why Gregoire's appointment of Pflug was illegal. No one looks good in this mess.
This report details 20 facts which taken together prove beyond any reasonable doubt that this was a million dollar bribe which was arranged more than 3 years ago by Governor Gregoire and Senator Pflug.
In some locales, this sort of thing is known as stroke politics or parish-pump politics. It's when a politician pulls a self-serving stunt in order to win an election. It's trading favors and buying people off, frequently related to a parochial issue rather than the overall public good.

Look at David Sping's website. It's one heckuva read from a very courageous guy.


  1. Good Stuff, I was wondering where the trojan would go from here/ good idea

  2. The quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. is hard to get past.

    In only one instance, think of the Ocean Science people with advanced degrees (Oceanographers) who had to have known, or were at least informed enough within their area of expertise to see immediately that Ms. Hale and her advisers were completely wrong and that buffers in SJC would mean nothing and do nothing to improve the ocean environment.

    They knew or had to be fully asleep to miss the obvious fact that we are surrounded by waters we can have little impact on.

    Anyone who has been in a boat on the West side of Henry Island will tell you that the up welling is so strong you must turn off the alarm on your depth sounder. (These instruments can't deal with it.)

    Did such things just start to happen? Did the huge flows from Canada start last week?

    Now, read the King quote again. Who are these people who let this happen. At least one was on the board at FOSJ and MUST have known how far off the rails Ms. Hale was and yet he openly supported buffers, buffers he had to have known would be of little or virtually no value to the ocean environment.

    This place is floating with Ocean Science people. With the notable exception of David Hyde, they have remained silent. (I apologize to anyone in the is huge...I may have overlooked.)

    We can only hope such persons learn to recognize how bad it is for their cause to place themselves in the direct path of someone like Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The TH has found someone who thinks like King!

  3. Another land use law case

  4. I hear we are supposed to get a bit of weather next week.

    I am Nick Power

  5. Weather next week??

    Does that mean everything becomes a wetland now??

  6. San Juan Islands National Wetlands Monument

    Wealthy ecotourists welcome. Locals need not apply.

  7. How long will it take, after the CAO is passed, for the FOSJ to file a suit claiming the ordinance is too weak in protecting functions and values? Will they be required to show what damage to functions and values has occurred? Will they demand that 250 foot buffers should be 800 foot buffers?
    Will they claim that a 2500 squre foot exemption is too big, and that it should be 800 squre feet? Who needs a house bigger than 800 squre feet anyway? Aren't we all supposed to voluntarily move to approved human habitation zones, live in 240 square foot apartments, and ride public transit to the park?

  8. I feel a great disturbance in the force. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and improperly held meetings were suddenly silenced.

    I am Nick Power

  9. Hyperbole aside; the only reason FOSJ has had such unfettered impact on SJC is it has been allowed by both staff and past and current Council.

    I always remember a huge man named Vaso on a Council I covered as a reporter. When any person even hinted at a lawsuit, he would say: "Through the chair; If you sir are saying you are going to sue us or as it seems you are threatening us with a lawsuit, I'm going to tell you sir to, GET IN LINE!"

    Somehow his presence, his commanding voice, (more like thunder) and his confidence, snuffed a lot of thinking about a lawsuit.

    Will we ever have a Council person tell the new grads at FOSJ such, or have staff that does not take their calls?

    Is our PA seen as an easy hit? FOSJ seems to think so.

  10. The CAPR lawsuit filed yesterday should make for an interesting Council meeting today.

  11. If anything, they have all been (well) advised to say nothing and proceed as nothing has happened.

    Anything they say can be held against them. Plus it takes time for something like this to seep through the bureaucracy.

    There is old attitude: "So, sue me."

    Give it time. It's not going away. And it has teeth.

  12. Hey ! Where did everybody go? Am gettin the shakes without my regular TH commentary fix on environmental deception in the San Juans (and very informative commentary on related topics). Help !

  13. Just what I was thinking! What's happening? What about the lawsuit?