Thursday, November 15, 2012

Omnishambles: Where Do We Stand?

The word "omnishambles" has been chosen as the 2012 word of the year by the Oxford University Press. It means "a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged by a string of blunders and miscalculations." With a nod to GBS's adage that Great Britain and the US are two nations separated by a common language, I would like to point out that over here we know "omnishambles" as the "CAOs."

So, where do we stand on our omnishambles?

The final hearing of the CAOs is scheduled for November 27, according to a recent email from Shireene Hale (see below). Can final approval by our current Council be far off? If so, it would be 11th-hour approval by a Council configuration rejected by voters, half of whose members are lame ducks, two of whom where voted out of office, and three of whom are being sued for OPMA violations.

They haven't listened to us yet. Why would they start now?

The final hearing on San Juan County’s critical area regulations is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27 at 10:45 a.m. Copies of the hearing notices and the four ordinances are posted at:

Kind Regards,
Shireene Hale


  1. It is nice to see Shireene communicating with the hoi poloi once again.

  2. Ahhh yes, the old foregone conclusion. It is the FINAL meeting, what could possible happen in a final meeting. Shireene Hale IS Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi -- "these are not the droids you are looking for". This reminds me of our own school board during the Pflueger days. They would send out notices of meetings saying "no action will be taken" -- Oh yeah, by saying that you have just taken action.

    As someone who is interested in linguistic theory I am against the introduction of the new word "omnishambles". For language to be exact, I resist the introduction of new words for words that are already in existence and have the same usage. It seems to me that Omnishambles is merely a redundant word and adds nothing to the lexicon. Simply, we already have "clusterF&*%"

    I am, &%##*^$, Nick Power.

  3. According to science, the clock is ticking....

  4. This sitting County Council CAN be responsible adults.(I am trying to be serious.) Their legacy CAN be that they understood finally that they did not understand what they have done with the CAO.

    That being the case, as responsible people, they will table the CAO process until the newly elected voter representative council is seated.

    I assume all of them want to continue living here, and forever after to be remembered as people who finally got it right, might be a nice thing.

  5. 53If only "reason" ever was introduced in the conversation. If only Private Rights and responsibilities ever were introduced into the conversation, If only the citizens demands and expectations ever became a matter of influence into the actions of our councilors. But wait could it be the councilors didn’t receive a copy of the comp plan that demands respect towards landowners. maybe it’s time the PA, the council and the planning commission receive some constitutional training in the areas of land use and governing in a free society, where they come to understand where their authority comes from, and maybe they would realize ecologic health can only remain on the plus side when it is realized on the side of the people, in respect for the land that they love, and respect and love for their neighbors. Governing by force only brings about violence and blight. Remember the department of commerce is about commerce and corporatism. "We are the People" BIG Difference.The CAO as introduced thus far must be defeated. Or blight is sure to come

  6. When the new council is seated I expect somewhere between 10 to 27 people will be let go, fired! And, along with them hopefully about half the useless standing committees will also be cut.

    A total house cleaning is in order, way overdue, and badly needed.

  7. If only this were possibly true we could rejoice, along with the balance of the citizenship that although struggling to find the means to survive in a failing economy, like most islanders are creative, have simple needs and great willingness to work ever harder to continue to be islanders in the ways we have almost lost, and at the hands of our regulators and bygone investors.

  8. Apparently the "property rights" cabal has grown to great numbers in the County. Howie is blaming them for his rather emphatic defeat. And all this time I thought we were a handful of extremists. Looks like we're more than half of Howie's district, anyway.

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  10. Howie has to blame somebody other than himself. That's who he is. His whole little local tinpot career has been based on blaming people. He is a sour and bitter little man. Off you go, Howie.

  11. I remember aasking Howie how his business was doing one year. He said "Not so great. What can you expect in a Bush economy." This was three weeks after Bush was inaugurated.

  12. Thank goodness the mind set that was Howie will be shortly gone. The succinct comment about property owners running WILD was spot on. (Those bad people, threw him out of office...well no shit buddy, yes, and I bet your very own mother would have done the same.)

    Meanwhile the Mayor Wife says we should not raise taxes, BUT dumping public funds into the Brickworks private enterprise well that's OK of course.

    I'm in favor of Brickworks, but like all children at some point you must cut the cord, and it's overdue with this outfit.