Monday, November 5, 2012

The Wages of Sin — Awards from the PSP!

Everyone by now should know about the troubled history of the Puget Sound Partnership (PSP). It's the organization that was earmark-funded by Congressman Norm Dicks while it was headed by his son David. Even after stepping down as its head, David Dicks is still on the PSP's Leadership Council. In addition, the PSP Leadership Council was formerly chaired by San Juan County's own William Ruckelshaus while at the same time his daughter Mary served as the PSP's Chief Scientist. Makes you wonder if the PSP had a pro-nepotism policy.

The money dealings involving Norm Dicks and the PSP were so shady that the organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) gave Dicks "dishonorable mention" as one of the most corrupt members of Congress earlier this year.

Over the last few posts, we've seen Stephanie Buffum, Tina Whitman, Barbara Rosenkotter, and others conspire with one another about public meetings or plan secret meetings to altogether avoid public scrutiny of public information. We've seen them create and defend pathetically bad data which falsely incriminates and hectors innocent landowners.

How fitting it is, then, to have the corruption-haunted PSP recognize these same people as "Puget Sound Champions." And Linda Lyshall (remember, she was copied on the emails about secret meetings) is kind enough to announce the awards via email. In the photo below, Buffum, Whitman, and Rosenkotter are standing just behind two of the four plaques (the two plaques on the left).

They're champions alright  champions in the same vein as Lance Armstrong. 

From: Linda Lyshall <>
Subject: FW: San Juan Champions Photo
Date: August 23, 2012 8:53:36 AM PDT
To: Linda Lyshall <>

Dear IC and AOC,
I’ve attached a photo of the San Juan Puget Sound Champion award winners. Congratulations to the members of our Implementation Committee: Stephanie Buffum, Alan Chapman, Kit Rawson, and Barbara Rosenkotter, for well-deserved recognition. Tony Wright and Diana Gale from the Puget Sound Partnership gave out the awards yesterday at our San Juan LIO meeting.


  1. Incestuous. PSP must give awards to create the perception that it is accomplishing something. Our local PSP group -- the local integrating organization -- is directed by tribal lobbyists, MRC members, the Friends, the Disneyfication group, and the faux-agro crowd (agri-tourism!) -- pretty the same players, over and over again. So when PSP decides to award awards, it goes to this group and -- surprise --they award themselves. How many of them are true volunteers? I mean, NOT paid lobbyists or paid government employees? Few, if any.

  2. I find this Blog to be a Beacon of Truth in the insane county.
    And I thank all the contributors. Here's my question for the assembled wisdoms.

    Beside an insatiable lust for power and control, just what exactly is the Friends long term goal? Do they want to eliminate all human life from the Islands? Do they want to make is so expensive that only wealthy progressive eco freaks can live here? Do they follow Steve Ludwig's vision of a pre 1800's lifestyle? They work every day to achieve, er, what?

  3. This looks like one of those old-time photographs of the Kremlin leadership. All these folks need are a few fedora hats and dismal gray overcoats. And, surely somebody fell from favor and Was airbrushed out of the photo. I wonder who it was this year?

  4. The Trojan Heron: "A Bacon of Truth"



    Nom nom nom nom nom!!