Monday, December 3, 2012

Lamest of Lame-Duck Councils Passes the CAOs

Geologically hazardous and frequently flooded areas passed 6-0. All others passed 5-1, with Rich Peterson opposing. Miller couldn't resist jabbing at Peterson for his "no" vote on the General Section.

There were some important changes in today's final hearing, but we will have to wait for the final print copy to give a full report. In the meantime, here is footage of the actual vote and its effect on the County.


  1. Well, one problem with the general section, aside from its war on the English language, is its lame, redundant , circular or political shaped definitions of Qualified Professional. As it happens, there exist several groups of professionals who are well educated and tested for licensure, but we just went out and redid all that causing a major muddle. More disturbing is the fact that County doesn't have the right to tell a licensed engineer that he or she cannot do in the San Juan precisely that which his or her state licenses allows. Lawsuit, anyone? And to add at the end of one definition a criterion not warranted but very specific in that only on small group would satay it--surprise, that came from that small group who want the whole game left to them alone, for no particular reason.

  2. Sorry to interrupt, but like all of you, I got it so I assume you did. today you received an assessors notice showing you a large loss in your hard earned net worth. Mine was a $446,000 loss of land value. Yes, it had gone up, but now it is far less than what we paid for it seven years ago.


  3. I feel sick. I think it's fear and anger. The anger may go away but we will live in fear from now on. Just as this thing was designed to do. Fear of our own corrupt county ,now with superpowers.

  4. This Council, its infinite delusion, has salted and poured vinegar into the wound they opened in our civic spirit and rural character, at the enthusiastic urging of a small group of powerful, well funded radical extremists.

    This is one battle - and unnecessary one - in a larger war - also unnecessary.

    Who is the biggest loser emerging from this festering howl from hell issuing from our elected officials?

    The real loser is the authentic environmentalist, the original environmental movement hijacked and made mock of by an idiot fringe, who's days are numbered.

    That it took something like this to rip off the veil is tragic, and there is much work to be done.

    But these fools will not prevail, they have been exposed, and the house is burning down.

    In words of the immortal Lowell George of Little Feat: "Same people you misuse on your way up, you might meet up, on your way down."

  5. I suspect our current County Council members will greatly enjoy talking to people at the grocery store, at the farmer's market, and at the theater So I think we should all drop the fake smiles, and have polite but honest chats with them. Every time we see them...

    Related: does anyone know offhand what the maximum campaign contribution limit for county elected officials is now? Because I'm going to be writing a check for that much for those who step forward challenge the inept incumbents and run on a platform of honoring our County's comprehensive plan.

    We should all do our best to vote those involved in this mess "off the island"...

  6. So, as I understand it, the Council made important, last minute changes in the draft cao updates and then promptly enacted the updates with those changes. What happened to the opportunity for public participation and comment, pro or con, with regard to those changes? Was or is no 10 to 14 day notice required with regard to the new (and yet to be published) changes?

  7. I'm that guy with the almost half mil loss in land value. So I'm with the guy who wants to write the max check to a person who will bring a brain that actually functions with some merit to the County Council.

    Oh, I know, the old saw, you rich guys; a million here or there what's it to you.

    To those who think like that, let me respond. First "rich" is a very relative term. I would say anyone who owns land is rich when compared to someone who does not. But hear me, that person worked hard to own that land, and that person may not be that other definition of "rich."

    They might be someone like me, 75 years old with every dime I got deposited on stinking SJI.

  8. Given the various lawsuits that will be filed, I think you will have plenty of opportunity to contribute funds to worthy efforts to fight the CAO monstrosity. Whether an election will be held sometime soon is up in the air, however. As the latest post describes, a lawsuit was filed today seeking injunctive relief to stop the scheduled county-wide elections and transition to a 3-person council.

    There is turmoil on every front, and I think things will get worse before they get better. If we keep fighting, however, they will get better.