Sunday, April 21, 2013

State Of The County

With election results due this week, we think it’s time to review the state of the County.

Over the past couple of weeks, the implementation of the new CAOs has been delayed a full year because no one can figure out what they mean. Even Shireene Hale, who wrote the language in the Ordinances and championed them, admitted in front of the Council that she doesn’t know what certain parts of the CAOs are saying. Despite this, certain of our fellow citizens continue to speak in favor of the new CAOs, as if they understand them better than anyone else. They don’t, and neither do the candidates who have alleged that they are simpler and better than the old/current ones.

The CAOs are still under appeal to the Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB) by the Friends of the San Juans (who urged their approval), the Common Sense Alliance (who did not urge their approval) as well as others. The lawsuit regarding the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) violations also continues, with a decision expected in the upcoming week about a Motion for Summary Judgement heard in Court on Friday. An appeal of the CRC propositions is still alive too, but will not affect the election this week.

We have a new national monument, the meaning of which (like the CAOs) remains hard to decipher. It was billed as a grassroots effort to protect BLM lands here, but to many, the entire affair looked more like an effort to promote eco-tourism by some of the more prominent and connected eco-glorymongers in the islands.

On election matters, the candidates have raised approximately $110k altogether, with about $73k amassed by the partisan candidates (Pratt - $23k, Byers - $30k, and Stephens - $20k). Trust Islanders, a newly formed non-partisan PAC, has raised about $24k to assist the non-affiliated candidates (whether they want it or not). The non-partisan candidates, collectively, have raised only about $37k.

This election has seen quite a few misstatements by certain candidates in addition to the aforementioned claim that the new CAOs are simple. Jamie Stephens, for example, claimed during the League of Women Voters forums that the County did not add debt during 2012. While the County did refinance some of its debt in 2012, it also added $1.7 million in new general debt too. County budgets are at near all-time highs as well, despite shedding staff over the last few years. Structural cost imbalances also persist since staff payroll costs (which form the bulk of general fund expenditures) continue to grow faster (3% per annum) than the levy lift limit (1% per annum).

Despite the imbalances and the need to add debt, somehow Bob Jean has been able to find about $160,000 in 2013 for highly questionable purposes related to dubious Community Conversations and more advanced aerial photography for our County GIS system.

Committees are still out of control, although the Winter Council has made attempts to get their hands around them.

The Planning Department continues to hire staff, and the unspoken relentless planning vision for our County appears to be to create and staff an Urban Planning Department despite being a rural county.

The Stormwater Program remains confused, purposeless, and expensive.

The Network/Machine continues to thrive and speak out, as is evdent from letters to the editor. It continues to exert itself out of public view too. Ron Zee, head of the Stewardship Network, the Madrona Institute, and the Conservation District, has brought Kyle Loring of the Friends into the Conservation District as an advisor. Word has it that he is about to hire Linda Lyshall into the Conservation District too.

The State of the County? Still rotten ... with plenty of work to do regardless who wins the election.


  1. Regardless of how the election turns out or is purchased, the good news is that the Machine is exposed for what it is, a lot of research has been done, and a lot of data has been generated. The Machine is limping, and we know them now. As the Irish prayer says, and I think the Good Lord has responded:

    May those that love us, love us.
    For those that don’t love us,
    May God turn their hearts.
    And if he doesn’t turn their hearts,
    May he turn their ankles,
    So we’ll know them by their limping.

  2. Watching the Sunday morning pundits all bloviating over the Boston attack. A lot of talk about resilience, recovery and all that.

    Finally one of these panelist just came out and basically said, hey the real character of a city like Boston is one level above resilience: It's Defiance.

    I like that. You cannot make us afraid we will be back in the corner cafes for our morning coffee we will pack the stadiums for the next game and we will hunt you down and take you down.

    So I say this to the Machine and their lacky's who try to dumb us down with claptrap like sustainable community resilience proactively moving forward for the common good.

    What you will get is not resilience. It is Defiance.

    Vote Vote Against the Machine.

    Vote McClerren, Jarman, Hughes

    Thousands of ballots were up for grabs as of Friday. If you have voted, good for you. You probably know some folks who need a little encouragement. So call three people, talk to three folks you know, send three emails. Just get out the bloody vote. We can do this.

  3. I thought the Council was going to review this vote for drones on Monday. But it turns out the $140,000 surveillance thingee got moved to the Tuesday agenda session, 11:15 AM.

    DISCUSSION: Information Technology and Services (ITS) Strategy and Pictometry Report – Stan Matthews, Information & Technical Services (ITS) Manager

    I thought Stan's background was journalism, not information technology.

    The Strategy paper is attached to the agenda item and begins herewith:

    "In today’s world, few people still regard computer technology as strange and mystical."

    But as you struggle through this vapor ware you will quickly realize there is not a word about "Pictometry." Go ahead, search Stan's Strategy.

    Oh come on Stan. Who's strategy is this that does not even discuss the technical term concerning advanced aerial surveillance? Has the Council deliberated on a surveillance policy? Has it passed a resolution to guide the administration? Has the Council no ability left to protect our rural character and our reasonable expectations of privacy?

    This has got to stop. We just passed a GMO free initiative people. Now, in its place we get surveillance drones?

    Let's find out NOW who will vote for drones. Jamie? Patty? Rich? Rick? Mark? Bob?

    Why wait until Tuesday. Please tell us now. Pleas don't vote for drones.

  4. John Connor for Council.
    Stop the machine(s).

  5. Is it too late for a write in candidate??

    John Connor for Council!

    Went and saw Oblivion last night. Not bad for B Grade Scifi. All about clones and drones and aliens masquerading as humans while stamping out what's left of humanity.

    Reminded me a lot of this election.

    So here is serious question: Is the Dorf a Drone? Or a Clone?

    Please explain your answer.

  6. Dorf: "it seems like you feel our work is not a benefit to the public. "

    TH Deckard: "replicants are like any other machine. They are either a benefit or a hazard. If they are a benefit, it's not my problem"

  7. You got that right, just read Bob Jean's comments regarding an appeals board. he has decided an appeals bd is not warranted, Bull Shit!. Citizens have been screwed again. Web have a right to demand this bd. our machine has become nothing more than a fascist pile of you know what. They are bullies nothing more. They know what is good for the populous, they ignore rational impartial reasoned comment. They decide whatever they want, they screw over the people every day and unles this BS is overturned there is no chance of a better place. Thanks Bob

  8. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

  9. Who does bob jean think he is? It is not up to him. Is it not up to the council? All of this is bull@#!&. It all plays into the new enforcement policy, aerial photograph and now no apeals board.
    We have no rights and no say. How depressing.
    And the county employees say they are frustrated. What BS.

  10. Employee hiring up 3%, start firing with planning. Most are not from here. Get rid of them. Outsource that department.

  11. Who on the council is standing up for the people?
    I hope this vote results in cleaning out the dead wood in the county. Bare bones.
    It is time to heal our community,without the county employees going against the people. It is an us and them mentality in which they love
    to be the victims.
    Or the slippery ones play bothsides just in case.
    And whatever happened to Maureen See?

  12. @ 3:47 PM

    I'm afraid that department got outsourced a long time ago ...

  13. If any council goes ahead with the new aeroal photography, we should sue the county. It is against our washington state constition.
    Bravo Bob Jarmen, his letter in lopezrocks was great. I hope to see the letter in all news outlets.

  14. Aerial and constitution..typed too fast.

  15. One item that is overlooked is the black eye that is inflicted on a community when a business owner uses the system to mercilessly harass a competitor.

    Hopefully those fences can someday be mended. That's what we need to give a new birth to trusting islanders.

  16. @4:23

    Thanks for mentioning Bob J's letter on Lopez Rocks. I gave that a good read.
    This would be a good meeting (Tuesday) for people to show up en masse and speak for 3 minutes during citizens access time.
    If you choose to speak, please have more than 3 minutes prepared. Go beyond the allotted time. Make your voices heard.

    Just one question, you mention suing the county for constitutional violations. What section of the constitution are you referring to? If it is about a 4th amendment "search", while I may agree with you, I am not sure if that has been settled yet.

    You would think the ACLU would be all over this one. Don't they have a local chapter? I always see them at the SJC Fair.

  17. A young gentleman of acquaintance related a conversation he had recently with someone in local law enforcement. Why do we need this new photography, the young man asked.

    Well, said the officer in return, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear do you?

    Folks this is the oldest lie in the Republic. We have all heard this line in some form before.

    The answer is easy. First, the office just said he violated his own oath to uphold the laws of the land and the Constitution.

    The easy answer is: Do you need to know who I vote for?

    The right to privacy has absolutely nothing to do with whether you have something to hide or not. You might. Most folks do. Most cops do.

    We have the right be secure in our papers and effects. To due process. Not to be subject to warrantless search and seizure.

    Erosion of privacy is slow, a slippery slope. It's like the old tale about boiling a frog real slow.

    If you get them intrude willingly then the courts will decide you had no reasonable expectation of privacy because you allowed the intrusion.

    Do you see how that works? We lose our expectation of privacy when we say its OK to expose ourselves to this kind of surveillance. So we have to say no. Our elected officials have to say no.

    Otherwise we lose even more of what used be our reasonable expectation of privacy.

    No. This is one of those bright line stands. It is no paranoia. It is not allowing our right to privacy to be further eroded.

    it's that simple.

  18. Oh, I think David Dehlendorf and Ron Zee run the local chapter of the ACLU don't they? Isn't the ACLU a new program of the Madrona Institute?

  19. He who is the real tyrant, whatever men may think< is the real slave, and is obliged to practice the greatest adulation and servility, and to be the flatterer of the vilest of mankind.

  20. We milk the cow of the world, and as we do, we whisper in her ear, "You are not true".

  21. Since the earth is one entity, this foretold property should have given rise to four titles, not to four gods.

  22. @5:20.
    I refer to the Washington State Constitution, Article 1 , section 7.
    " invasion of private affairs prohibited.
    No person shall be distrubed in his private affairs, or his home invaded without the authority of law." The 4th amendment states "....against unreasonable search &seizure shall not be voilated." The county is trying to convince sjc citizens that aerial photographs are a reasonable search.
    I do hope people go to council on Tuesday. As it was said before, our voices need to be heard.
    Also agree with @5:26 "Otherwise we lose even more of what used to be our reasonable expectation of privacy.
    The Washinton state constitution does not allow erosion to your right of privacy,due to the governments changing definition of reasonable.
    It also extends to all your private affairs.

  23. What if we have an initiative that abolishes all County positions save for the police, fire, and road crew? What would happen? would the world end? Would chaos reign? I say it's time - let's cut every position except as noted and move on with our lives already!

  24. Please see. Notes.pdf
    page 9.-great summary of article 1 section 7.

  25. State law also says the following about collusion, as in when business competitor get together to fix prices, say of oh, I don't know, maybe Propane for bbq's or some such, or to collaborate to drive another competitor out of business:

    RCW 9.18.130
    Collusion to prevent competitive bidding — Penalty.

    (1) It shall be unlawful for any person for himself or herself or as an agent or officer of any other person, persons, or corporation to in any manner enter into collusion or an understanding with any other person, persons, or corporation to prevent or eliminate full and unrestricted competition upon any public work or improvement mentioned in RCW 9.18.120.

    (2) A person violating this section is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

  26. Agree with 5:26. I believe I'm one of the few who objected to the mapping done for the glorified CAO's.

    It was and is unconscionable. A complete break with "The People" and their government.

    Many of us are vets that don't do well with things flying over us. The Government trained us and put a switch in our heads. Believe me, you don't want to switch that switch.

  27. @7:02

    Why are you advocating retaining any government functions....

    By darned, we can drive on gravel roads, protect & police ourselves, and be smart enough not to catch our houses on fire, and take care of our own health, even in emergencies.

    If were going to do this, lets go all the way, no police, EMS, fire, roads, nothing.

    And while we are at it, lets tell the ferry system to kiss our ass. I will take my home made canoe and paddle when I need to get somewhere.

    Let's see that initiative!!!!

  28. Hey @ 7:13

    Since you are putting up links to an attorney's publications, you might want to let the readers know that this same legal genius offers a summary on how to defend against child pornography charges.

    Not joking, on his own website.

    Quoting the founding fathers is one thing, but stuff like this tends to have the message fall on deaf ears....

    Just saying....

  29. @7:54
    Only saw the summary. did not investigate further. My mistake.

  30. @8:04.
    No problem. We need a lot of voices to be heard to put the brakes on this enhanced photo stuff.
    Just want our sources and quotes to be solid.
    This is a very legimate topic and worth pushing hard before its too late.
    So your efforts are appreciated.
    Calls for elimination of the entire government and quotes from those defending child porn will quickly be discounted by those we are seeking to convince.
    I don't think this issue is over.
    Phone calls and showing up at citizens access time are necessary.

  31. Fines and fee's. That's the products that the county has to sell. Is it true they are hiring someone just to sit down with the photos and look for fines and fees? Is this the way we want to live. Maybe if the county does not have enough money they should cut expenses instead of selling more of their product. ( fines and fees) How very very sad that its come to this. How do we get to this place, it should be clear to all that this is wrong. Even to those in charge.

  32. Pictometry. Journal. 4-18-13. Stan Matthews. "and eight other non-govermental agencies need the photographs AND other data and are willing to pay for them."

  33. @7:48

    We should have the government services that we can afford without relying excessively on out-of-county funding sources. King County receives less than 10% of its funding from state sources. We receive about 30% from state sources.

    Rural counties have become increasingly detached from their own tax base, and that detachment of rural government from the rural tax base has been fostered by state policies and legislation such as the GMA. As reliance on state funds has increased, rural governments, like the San Juans, have become less vested in the economic success of their own communities. We have become less sustainable.

    The same could be said of the Friends of the San Juans. The Friends don't care what happens here economically. They get most of their money from out-of-county grants anyway. The Friends would survive even if they had no local membership.

    It seems like the Friends' economic model is also the economic model being pushed for the County. The County government would like to exist even if there were no local citizens to govern.

    The CAOs were not about environmental protection. They were about preserving the County's ability to receive continued funding from its wealthiest and most influential constituent -- the state. Ultimately, that leads to unsustainable local government growth and an unsustainable community.

  34. And the National Monument status is just a part of that. Oops. Lost more local say there!

    This is disturbing and I am so grateful for Bob Jarmons letter about the surveillance! It often seems like anyone who sits in those fancy chairs becomes an automaton.

  35. Well, let's show up tomorrow and offer public comment and let it be known that we don't support living in some futuristic surveillance based dorfistan type society.

  36. It is too bad that the new photo system has not received more discussion in the current council.

    Instead, we have council members voting to move forward with a contract after only cursory public input on the subject. I would think the pending Speed lawsuit would have bearing on this subject, as it addresses the most basic question of how much view is "too much".

    I appreciate the recent post by Mr. Jarman on the topic. Until his post, I was planning on not voting for either representative on San Juan - he just won my vote. I consider myself an oddity in this election in that I will not be voting for either block of candidates, but instead mixing and matching, but Mr. Jarmen's take on non-budgeted spending and the ultimate need for the county to look that closely at my property was a solid statement to his integrity.

  37. I somehow lump the Friends, Lovel, Lisa, Dehlendorf and Zee, the National Monument thing.... all together w/a mentality that people and their things need to be WATCHED OVER VERY CLOSELY.

    So Stan Matthews has just joined that club...

    Huge egos going there.

  38. Thank your lucky stars that the Utility Management of the county is in strong hands. Ed Hale. What would we do without you??

  39. INVASION OF PRIVATE AFFAIRS PROHIBITED- No person shall be disturbed in his private affairs, or his home invaded, without the authority of law.

    The Washington Supreme Court has interpreted the prohibition against illegal searches and seizures under the Washington Constitution independent of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. A main reason cited for such an independent interpretation is the textual differences between the federal and state provisions.

    The court has determined that not only do the citizens of Washington have a right to be free from governmental intrusions in their homes, but they also have a right to '" an explicit protection not found in the Fourth Amendment... private affairs."' Private affairs are said to include "' those privacy interests which citizens of (Washington) have held, and should be entitled to hold, safe from government trespass, absent a warrant. In the context of private affairs, the Washington high court has interpreted the state constitution as providing greater protection to its citizens...

  40. @ 11:14 AM

    Very important. Washington State is well known for having one of the strongest state constitutions in the country. Flowing from that Washington is generally given really high marks for civil rights protections, and open government laws.

    So yes, the state constitution goes further than the federal constitution in a number of respects, protection of property and privacy among them.

    I look forward to hearing the Machine try to slime the right to privacy. "Oh, don't listen to them, those are those greedy privacy rights people." Nah, just doesn't sell does it.

    People, the bottom line is privacy. If you allow the authorities to intrude you are giving up your rights, and the courts will later on say you had no reasonable expectation of privacy because you didn't raise the issue when you had the chance. This is a very slippery slope.

    And this stronger language in the Washington State Constitution is hugely important and we should all memorize this right away and getting these words into the County public record tomorrow:

    NVASION OF PRIVATE AFFAIRS PROHIBITED- No person shall be disturbed in his private affairs, or his home invaded, without the authority of law.

  41. Did Rich Peterson somehow forget his famous statement: "I feel County Government should do things FOR people, not TO people." (Emphasis added.)

  42. Well folks, tomorrow will be a very telling day for the future and direction of our islands.
    Thanks to all those who have worked hard on this election, many efforts everywhere to help get candidates recognized for who they are and policies they support.
    This battle is closing but the war will rage on.

    Just remember the leaked email of the machine's plan to "disarm us with humility in victory". They presumed a long time ago they they will prevail. We shall see.

    Man I hope we will be having a few victory parties this week.

    How sweet would a farewell to Lovel post be?? I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate that it might set the record for comment posts.

    Regardless of outcome, sincere thanks to all the efforts.

    If we lose 2 of these seats to the machine, we are in deep Dorf.

  43. is it the county manager that tends to prefer to keep the sunshine hidden from the people, how dare the county charge any more than most of us can afford to appeal a CD&P decision, there is no justice no accountability, and no due process afforded the people, maybe we need to take this into our own hands, start the appeals board using local willing professionals and disregard them.

  44. Drop your picks,
    Drop your shovels,
    Grab the moving boxes,
    Say good bye to Lovel.

  45. Waiting for...not Godot. So -- apparently there has been not been a pick up of ballots from the Lopez or Orcas drop off since April 12th.

    They will be picked up tomorrow.

    This will not be decided for days.

  46. @ 6:22
    I agree totally, the first thing to appeal is ANY code enforcement initiated by businesses who are obviously just trying to run off their competitors - and then ANY code enforcement egged on by "word on the street" as relayed to a Council person by their good "Friends" - right Lovell?

  47. @7:12
    The notion that business owners would abuse the county system to harass and attempt to thwart a competitor is not only disgusting, it's down right un-American. Those who engage in this sort of thing should be ashamed for their behavior.

    I have a source who mentioned that the biggest axe is yet to fall. Those who collude and conspire to drive a competitor out of business can potentially face a host of ramifications.

    This locally inflicted wound will take a long time to heal and will most definitely leave a nasty scar.

  48. @ 8:13
    Let's hope so, I'm so sick of so-called "islanders" ratting on each other and causing problems when they have a bunch of illegal crap going on too, then complaining about the county or so-called "non-islanders"
    "Take out the plank in your eye before asking your neighbor to clean the speck out of his" ... I think Jesus said something like that...

  49. Anyone see the upcoming vacancies for the marine resource committee?? It would be nice to see some fresh faces.
    We need to demand term limits for these. Between Slocolum and Durland, the two with expiring positions, they have a combined 25 years on this committee. (17 for slocumb and 8 for Durland).
    Enough is enough!!!

  50. BTW, good article from John Evans regarding the CAO:

    It just did NOT have to be this way.

    Clean the slate. Vote in Jarman, Hughes and McClerren - for all our sakes.

  51. @9:02
    "And why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye and not notice the beam in your own eye?"
    Matthew 7:3

    I searched the bible pretty good and couldn't find any teachings that said "verily I say, go forth and harasseth thy neighbor. Behold these commandments as a tool to blunt the endeavors of thy brother"

  52. Please show up in force, NO PiCTOMETRY!!!!!
    Talk about hate, and dissent WTF!

  53. It puts the ballot in the basket.
    It does this whenever it's told.
    It puts the ballot in the basket
    Or else it gets the hose.

  54. Hysterical--the IT "strategic plan" attached to the agenda has not even been spell-grammar checked and has many typos. AWK-WARD!

    But the real question is, why are we leaving the development of our IT policy to someone without an IT background? No problem--I guess the consultants will just teach him everything he needs to know, like buying their software.

    Come on Council, get it together--you have only a few more days to make an impression. Ask some freakin' questions!

  55. @9:36

    You missed it. It's in the Gospel According to Hale, Friends 9:32

    Thou shalt smite thy neighbors with harsh ordinances, unless tithings are offered to the gods of stormwater, planning, and non-profits. For thy god is a vengeful god who will wipe thy non-conforming existence from the face of heaven and earth.

  56. @ 8:33 AM

    Yea but who hath rented ye your body that is mine, and the lands ye trod upon that are mine? There be no property but the Lord's, eco-managed by my servants on Earth whom thou shalt obey without question.

    Thou hath no property nor privacy of thine own but only that which Grace hath lent unto thee through mine servants and your masters, the State and Friends. Thou art chattle unto them as unto Me.

    Render unto your Friends that which is Friendly for that which the Friends have allowed unto thee is Mine alone to giveth.

    Your Lord Hath Spoken.

  57. Citizen Access Time-No Pictometry Where was everyone? I am hoping people wrote letters.

    Thanks Royce for standing up and speaking.

    If you don't say anything we are screwed!

  58. @ 11:05 AM

    Watching here. Thank you Royce. The surveyor's remarks are off base. They have a huge amount of accurate data to draw upon to do their work properly.

    Looking forward to the upcoming discussion with the Ministry of Information.

  59. People only get involved when it's easy. If they have to put forth an effort the matter that's so damn important suddenly isn't such a big deal after all...or, more likely, 100 people are up in arms and the other 16,000 people don't give a shit.

  60. What is wrong with our existing code enforcement? Why are we doing this?

  61. Keeps the planning department busy

  62. New over-flights look to begin soon. Council seemed to feel that a policy about the use of oblique photography was in order ... for the next council. But they allow the photography to proceed.

    Bob asked the right questions. He is good with vertical, straight-down photography, but not good with oblique photography.

    But because this all comes as a "package" contract, away it goes.

    What was so troublesome about the session were remarks by Matthews about privacy protections that were incorporated in the products. Which just says that they bloody well know oblique photography is a real problem.

    So, what are the safeguards? 1) The public won't have access 2) windows, license plate numbers, faces of individuals are "pixelated out" of the photographic products.

    Meanwhile at the same time they talk about their predictions over how heavy the demand for these products will by by the public, generally presented as surveyors and civil engineers.

    But of course we know that is not what this is about.

  63. Could be good for the windowshade business I guess.

  64. Most people I told wanted to go the meeting today but...guess what? Jobs got in the way.

    I actually talked my 88 year old mother into coming w/me. We were late and they hadn't talked about the photography thing yet and we heard "maybe after lunch" but we couldn't be there! So frustrating.

    Is there still any recourse? What are these people thinking!?! I've not told one person who has thought it was a good idea at all.

  65. is there a way to start a petition? Maybe an online one? I had people asking me for one to sign today because they couldn't go to the meeting.

  66. What exactly happened today? Wanted to be there SOOOO much but it wasn't in the cards.

  67. In 3 hours, we might or might not have an idea of the outcome of the election.

    Really? A special election in a highly controversial and contested local race and the auditor can't get off their ass to get the ballots??
    And have 90% counted today??
    None of the donut munching cops could grab the ballots in their car and bring them over??
    Too much to ask??

    Wonder if the systemic corruption and fraud of the machine trickles down to local elections???

    May God help us all.
    I pray for peace in the hearts of all islanders..

  68. More likely pot-smoking, x-box, and apathy got in the way of most.

    So here it is, will the county be one of fear or trust?

    I'm afraid the lever-pulling kool-aid drinking slacker jewelry making life-coaches on Slopez will sink us down into a morass of ever increasing regulations while they continue to wake up at noon in their cozy little OPAL eco-hovels just in time to grab some Doritos with their food cards and buy some herb from the local "farmer" with their recently cashed welfare check.

  69. Looks promising!

  70. Not if you look at the ratios from Lopez and Orcas. Depending on how many ballots out, could be a real squeaker!

  71. Lopez will sink Hughes and Jarman...looks like we're getting three socialist intelectual light weights who will be nothing more than Stepanie Buffam's stoolies and Rhea Miller's bitch (In what's his face case)

  72. Jarman and Stephens. Hughes and Byers too close to call. Hughes ahead by a hair. McClerren made a damn good showing. Watch this guy in two years when Jaime is up for re-election. I look forward to seeing what Brian does in the meantime.

    Lovel is losing along same percentages as before and I would call it for Jarman.

    5,816 in this count, 1,300 remaining to count so far.

    Low turnout. How those charter changes work out for ya?

  73. Lovel Pratt, AGAIN REJECTED by Friday Harbor and San Juan Island...

    Lovel, do you get it yet?

    At least little Howie had the common sense to get it.

    If you somehow squeak in to office through the non-sense created by the charter gerrymandering, allowing Lopez to have the final say on such matters, then you may be come more despised than even Shireene Hale. (If that is possible).

  74. So the question is, did the Lopez OPAL mafia mail in their ballots, or are they sitting in the box??

    Rhea and Sandy (Yes, the ones living on a large parcel not paying any taxes) likely wouldn't allow OPAL rent vouchers to go out until they saw your ballot.

    If they can control what's his name the used car salesman that is winning on Lopez, controlling the voters in government subsidized housing shouldn't be that hard at all.

    wonder if obamacare will cover the mental health treatment that these morons need.

  75. Hey @8:24

    Can you clarify why you think Jarmin has it and Hughes?Byers is a tossup, given that Hughes enjoys a larger lead, at this point??


  76. I confess I am splitting hairs, but Hughes is ahead of Byers by 1.8 while Jarman is ahead of Pratt by 2.04

    Small race, small turnout, small numbers. Plus Jarman is incumbent, Lovel has baggge, there are more numbers on SJI than Lopez so my tea leaves say Jarman.

    Hughes/Byers in my sense of it is a toss up.

    I should warn you, I have not made much money on the market or in Vegas.

  77. @9:16
    Since you haven't made much money in the market, here is a tip..... Short Pratt corporation.


  79. Thanks Bob Jarman for good questions and common sense. And courage.
    Patty Miller's acceptance of anything as long as law enforcement says they need it to do their jobs?
    Law enforcement is needed, but there needs to be balance.
    If we all got fingerprinted and DNA swabbed, if we all had to allow access to our homes 24/7, if we all had to check in with the sheriff's office every time we left or arrived on the island, law enforcement could more easily do their job.
    Using that as a justification for ok'ing anything in this realm doesn't show a lot of thought. No matter who is doing the funding.
    Pretty creepy, especially considering these council members are not volunteers, and will now be picking up a sizeable paycheck, supposedly for doing a professional job.

    Speaking of cash, isn't the money supposedly saved on surveying lost, in the big money spent buying this system? Eliminate local survey work, and throw a big hunk of money at a large out of area business? Not to mention the cost of the support system for this system, and the cost of the inevitable lawsuits that will follow in its wake?
    The pictures that must be pixelated can be unpixelated. Why is that level of detail - and that much spending - needed?
    And, as others have commented, how can a public agency keep this information from the public once it is gathered?
    With promises that it won't be shared?
    The level of intelligence shown in this council discussion? Sad.

    Thanks again for your common sense, Bob. It is much appreciated. Because of this and a lot more, you got my vote.

    Thanks Trojan Heron for posting these meeting videos, and Bob Jarman for respecting county citizens enough to share this information with them, and for being practical enough to know how to do that.