Monday, April 1, 2013

21st Century Agenda?

Here's a clip from the National Monument celebration in Anacortes today. Did you know that we're part of a 21st Century Agenda? Have a listen. Here is the link to the Presidential Proclamation creating the San Juan Islands National Monument, and below the video clip is the map accompanying the Proclamation.

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  1. A Department of Interior announcement made the rounds today, about Salazar's imminent departure as Secretary.

    As follows ...

    "Dear friend,

    On Wednesday, April 3rd at 2:00 pm ET, Ken Salazar will participate in his last web chat as Secretary of the Interior. Secretary Salazar will discuss some of the highlights of the last four years and will take questions from you about conservation, energy and the Department.

    If you would like to ask the Secretary a question, please send them to and we will get to as many as possible.

    To watch the chat live, click here"


    Tim Fullerton
    Director of Digital Strategy
    U.S. Department of the Interior

  2. I'm a treehugger, but I have a really bad feeling about this, particularly because I don't see how this "protects" anything. It will be on every travel brochure in the state now. How is that protection?

  3. Well, the Wilderness Society has already weighed in with the need to stop some uses of the land in question. You know, PEOPLE and boats and bikes and dogs. Like that.

  4. Like the CAO and SMP, NM impacts are now part of the toolchest for beating up on residents for no good reason.

  5. What does it really mean to us? Does anyone know? Will there be more regulations? A honest question...would love a real answer. Thanks.

  6. @6:04

    The honest answer is that no one knows what will happen, but the Department of the Interior has not had a good record lately of getting along with locals. Most of the problems are with the Park Service, but many here are still worried. We have had our own problems with Park Rangers here in the County, plus there are many other horror stories.

    This could be used for almost any self-serving purpose, and it probably will - and probably already is.

  7. Oh good, we have a Director of Digital Strategy at the Department of the Interior?

  8. Ummm ... what's that green line about? Anybody know? It looks like we're inside ...

  9. Yeah, the green line is a puzzle. I think it's how they try to convince people that the declaration of the Monument actually means something. because those of us who live here know that it is mostly sound and fury, signifying nothing. People still live on, own and work on that land inside the green line. For now, anyway.

  10. @6:23 - The green line is the boundary line - any BLM lands within the green circle now have National Monument status. It does not mean the entire San Juans are a Nat. Monument, only the BLM lands.

    @6:04 - this designation is a tool for strict conservationists. BLM lands have historically been multi-use, now? We'll see, but as Tim Clark (Land Bank,etc) commented on Lopez Rocks when the announcement was made Mar 21
    "I could almost hear the sigh of relief with this news. It will be a great day when these lands we love are protected. After that, of course, comes the work of creating a local management plan. But for now we get to celebrate."

    Local. Management. Plan. it sends chills up my spine.

    I assume BLM managers will coordinate this, but who will be selected to participate? Will there be recreationists as well as conservationists? What about hunters?

    Please keep your eye out for us ECK - you are so good at it, thanks.

  11. Great place to try a new "ocean zoning" scheme??

    John Connor for President!

  12. Reading the MTMNM will give some feel what could happen here. Just pieces of the massive regulations
    Establishment of the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument
    The Mariana Trench is approximately 940 nautical miles long and 38 nautical miles wide within the United States Exclusive Economic Zone (The green line is the boundary line) and contains the deepest known points in the global ocean
    The Secretaries of the Interior and Commerce shall take appropriate action pursuant to their respective authorities under the Antiquities Act and the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, and such other authorities as may be available to implement this proclamation, to regulate fisheries, and to ensure proper care and management of the monument
    All Federal lands and interests in lands within the boundaries of this monument are hereby withdrawn from all forms of entry, location, selection, sale, or leasing or other disposition under the public land laws, to the extent that those laws apply
    Just a few thing to watch for in the San Juan Islands National Monument because monuments typically restrict access for public use and recreation of the forest.
    I have studied this for 4 years
    Bill Wright

  13. I suggest that people read the proclamation for the SJNM itself rather than another proclamation for a different National Monument. According to BLM Manual 6220 (

    District and Field Managers are to "Ensure that all activities on Monument and NCA lands are consistent with the relevant designating legislation or proclamation, national and state office policies and guidance for Monuments and NCAs, and approved land use plan decisions."

    It's still not clear what will happen, but at least it identifies the controlling documents.


  15. @8:28
    Good article but I wish you had posted it from the source:

  16. The call came in to party central
    A meeting of the green and simple
    Trying to tell us something we don't know

    They're meeting at the monument
    The call came in, the monument
    To liberty and honor under the honor roll

  17. It will be interesting to see what Secrectary Salazrs next career move is. Chairman Bullitt Foundation, Natural Resources Defence Council, lobbyist for Goldman-Sachs a major investor in the Cherry Point coal chute. The "friends", San Juans own "Ocean Hero" Senator Kevin Ranker sold thier souls for $ and represent them selves as false idols. They know it is all a scam and laugh all the way to the bank.

  18. An economic engine for the Northwest Salazar said as he walked out the door.Look out Boeing,Mirosoft,Starbucks,Amazon, casino's etc. I am already working on my sales pitch for my new job, wonder who is going to get the consession? "What would you like on your farm raised Atlantic salmon dog ?"

  19. The map is hard to see in close detail but a better version will make the rounds soon. When it does, check out the tiny yellow dots all over the place. Those are basically rocks - very tiny islands - peaking out here and there. They are all owned by BLM. They basically are a string of pearls around the larger populated islands, or now perhaps more of a noose. It is those small outcroppings that pose a really interesting scenario when you think about the implications of the Management Plan.

    My God Lovel, Jamie, and your Friends. What have you done? Now that its done maybe you'll finally come clean and just lay it all out in plain English?

    When pigs fly.

  20. The BLM document describing National Monuments is full of FOSJ friendly tools. If you we're Kyle Loring and crew, how would you use the following:

    The BLM will inventory existing facilities within Monuments and NCAs and
    determine whether to remove, maintain, restore, enhance, or allow natural disintegration of each facility. Subject to applicable law and valid existing rights, the BLM will consider removal of facilities on Monuments or NCAs that do not have administrative, public safety, recreational, cultural, or historic value. If removal will have a negative impact on the Monument or NCA’s values, BLM will evaluate whether to allow natural disintegration.

  21. The notion that "we" have to "begin" work on a management plan is ridiculous. The bureuacrats have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars figuring out "management" for two small parks, a few lighthouses and a large collection of small offshore rocks. Now the Friends and their friends will be seeking more taxpayer money to "vision" the future of those places.

    If you do not yet have questions about being made National Monument "in-holders" with the stroke of a political pen, take a look at the documents here,, and here: (where we as residents are studied as Human Resource Units).

    Commenters during the recently-conducted BLM management study demanded the following for the San Juans BLM lands: Prohibit all motorized vehicular travel, except
    for emergency vehicles; prohibit any trail construction;
    BLM to seek out opportunities
    to acquire non­federal land within the boundary, including purchase
    from willing private sellers
    and/or exchange, and upon
    acquisition lands will be incorporated; place signs
    to control visitor use
    as necessary; close the
    areas to any use or combination
    of uses that tend to
    degrade the natural values
    of the sites; keeping cattle away from streams and dogs under control.

  22. Prattvensbyers of BorgApril 2, 2013 at 9:06 AM

    How do you that on a BLM rock that basically is little more than a navigational hazard at high tide?

    We are the Eco-Borg Commons
    Attention Human Resource Units
    You will be assimilated
    Your habitat will disintegrate
    You will Service. The. Greater. Good.
    Resistance is Futile

  23. Well I for one will sleep better at night know that Patos Island is no longer in danger of being clear cut and strip mined.

    You know, its a funny thing about that Federal government. When your folks are running the show, it seems pretty good and its sure seems nice when Uncle Sam drops in with his baggage for an extended visit.

    But what about 10 years from now, when your Friends might not be running the show any longer and Uncle Sam has sort of over-stayed his welcome?

    The laws of unintended consequences are as immutable as the laws of physics.

  24. What if the view of your house from a BLM Monument site is deemed to degrade the "values" of that site. After all, there was no house to see 100 years ago. The view of your house from the Monument is not historically correct. The view must be "restored". First you get the opportunity to voluntarily sell and remove the house. Then, after you refuse, we'll, the Government will "assist" you!

  25. Is this true:

    San Juan County Council Marc Forlenza suffered a heart attack this morning and is being flown to a hospital on the mainland.

  26. ... and will allow you to allow naturally disintegrate ...

    Remember, we're doing this for the community. You do support the community, don't you? Lisa and Lovel would be a little disappointed if you didn't support the community. This has wide spread community support, don't you know that? No one will like you any more. No one will hire you any more. Your children won't have fun at school any more. The community has a way of making this hard for you. Don't swim against the tide. There's nothing to be afraid of. You can keep doing what you've been doing. It makes no difference.

  27. Re 10:39

    I read it in the islander

    My most sincere prayers go out to Mark F and his family. We are all praying for a quick recovery Mark.

    May God bless you and comfort your family in your time of need.

  28. Here's the Forlenza story from the San Juan Islander:

  29. Get better Marc, you need to run for mayor!

  30. Hmm! 21st Century Agenda, or is this UN Agenda 21 in disguise????

  31. Has Marc established his mayoral fund? I am looking to contribute!
    Get well soon!

  32. The altercation (Howie/Marc) has gone viral with radio at least and with Howie's backdrive video might be next.

    Oh Lord, when will it all end?

    I know, we have to calm the wing nuts on the conservative side and throw all the little buggers out who have been ruling things for no reason for far too long.

    So I'm going to work and making more signs for McClerren.

  33. @ 7:45

    Wait...what do you mean it's on the rado?

  34. Sorry...forgot a Not rado.

  35. Hey!!! The Machine wants Kit!! Thought you already owned him???? Well if you really want him, we won't keep him. So enjoy your bedbug, Yes that's intentional. He is a bloodsucker.

  36. Anacortes, WTF, don't have the balls to come out here and tell us to get the he!! off of your Islands??????

  37. Its quite possible to arrange a tiny rider slipped into any appropriation, debt ceiling increase or spending bill in Congress to prohibit the Dept. of Interior from spending any funds to develop a National Monument. Congress can easily deny funds to develop or approve a management plan.

    Just turn off the tap. This is a tried and true tactic in Congress. Another tactic is to work with the House leadership to actually pass the NCA bill introduced to it with caveats, including a provision to remove the NM status. Congress has done that before too.

    The Machine has no idea what it is about to unleash against itself and the level of damage it will cause its own party especially in this region.

    This is probably why the President looked so disgusted signing the thing. He knows what's coming.

    Political water torture.

  38. I love the TH and the informative and insightful comments and history. I really dislike the angry back and forth thing that sometimes begins happening. It's not constructive and it's not informative and it really detracts from the issues.

    I'm so impressed by the way Bob Jarmon interacts w/people and honestly LISTENS. And he is married to Susan (Franklin) who is from an old island family and who's father was very much involved in the keeping and protecting of the islands.
    I'm completely inspired by Brian McClerron and especially by his comment about his belief that debt removes freedom both personally and communally. Smart, inspired, caring, aware! Fantastic. I think he has impressed me the most. Thank you Brian!
    Rick Hughes seems so genuine and has proven himself in the real world.
    I'll say nothing about the others except that...two of them ignored everything I ever said about the CAOs despite careful research and persistence. They nailed their coffins as far as I'm concerned. I don't respect or admire them. Their complacency then is paying off now.
    I support Bob Jarmon, Rick Hughes, and Brian McClerron! Whole heartedly!

  39. And I support at 10:14 totally!

  40. So who is going to tell the Lopezians that there is a big chunk of their Island near Watmough Bay that they can no longer "enter" according to the National Monument proclamation? Picking up an interesting piece of wood and taking it home is now considered "damaging" the "values and functions" that are to be "preserved and enhanced". Want to set up a pool, and bet on how long it takes before the first parcel of private property is annexed?

  41. Does a National Monument require a "buffer"?

  42. 10:51. Yes, of course, the whole darn County will be a buffer. The Friend's are already collecting for purchase of their first camera drone.

    I was sawing and had my ear plugs in, but regarding the Radio I heard several snatches of reports on the Howie/Marc deal on KAFE 104.1. yesterday.

    Taste in music??? There are several people working here, I stand blameless.

  43. You're working here??? My God you must be stopped!

  44. In today's New York Times:

    President Obama to wealthy donors in a mansion over looking the Golden Gate Bridge:

    “You may be concerned about the temperature of the planet, but it’s probably not rising to your number-one concern,” Mr. Obama said. “And if people think, well, that’s shortsighted, that’s what happens when you’re struggling to get by.”

    I'll let the irony speak for itself ...

  45. Today, I'm proud to have left the Democratic party. I left three years ago, but today really marks the first time I've been proud of it. Why?

    The democratic party machine endorsement of Lovel Pratt.

    Jeff Morris, Kristine Lytton and (you know it,) Kevin Ranker came out for our dear Mrs. Pratt. A person who many believe belongs in jail.

    No one knows Lovel like we Islanders do, but who can forgive the "party" for not doing a basic check up on the dame.

    Nope, it doesn't matter, it's a party person who needs help, so we do that, don't we?

    Well of course we do, we have to keep SJC in our pocket as it has been for (your guess) the last twenty years.

    It only occurs to me that Morris and Lytton might be lame ducks or taking the big state pension, so the endorsement ment nothing to them. Likely.

    Vote Non-Partisan

  46. Re 10:20. I'm fairly convinced that there are stealth attacks on the TH. This is an effort to make the TH look radical or even a little crazy. I imagine the Machine candidates when confronted with a TH quote respond with: "You! need to read that thing, it's full of crazy nasty stuff."

    Then the need arises to insert crazy nasty stuff.

    A typical target is Kit Rawson. See 9:41 & 9:45 obvious, I think. Kit may be deserving of some action, but he's gotta be tired of this nonsense.

    In closing, 10:20, this is just something we have to tolerate to be able to read thoughtful comments from a person like you.

  47. @ 7:46 You may be correct - but consider this, the political correctness madness that has swept through this country allows hacks like Kit to accuse, berate, and marginalize those who oppose their agenda by hiding behind libelous slander of racism heaped upon their opponents; blogs like the TH allow those so marginalized to call them out for the hypocrites they are without the anxiety of being smeared by their small minded hateful minions. The smear of racism and bigotry allows the leftist anti-American radicals to continuously erode the most successful and free country in the world and the ethos upon which it was derived.

  48. I'm a proud life long Democrat who worked on campaigns, did the sit ins, demonstrations worked to keep nukes from coming on line, supported Green Peace back in the day for the warriors they were.

    I do not need political party politics in local government. I draw a bright line.

    I really don't need this Dem-baiting crap, the Republican party is a hilarious train wreck these days. Nor do I need this corrupt Machine in our midst pretending to be the Democratic Party. They are not. This is just a local mafia using the apparatus of the Party that has been stolen from us. We want it back.

    Vote. Vote. Vote against the Machine. Vote for independence and for the independent candidates.

    Vote for Hughes. Vote for Jarman. Vote for McClerren.

    Let's clean our own house and hose down the floor. It's starting to smell funny.

  49. I got a very strongly spoken call from the democratic party telling me just who I should vote for in this non partisan race. I was rather shocked with the assumption that 1. I was democrat, and 2. that they offered no reason I should vote for any of them other than these were 'their' candidates. It was offensive.

  50. I got a very polite call from the Jarman camp, who promptly delivered signs and stickers... Very pleasing

  51. Bygone democrats, or even the sorta bygone democrats, the independents, the decline to state, the others who know what the stakes are, we MUST win this one!

    Send money, or do what you can, anything will help. DO IT NOW!

    The big money onslaught has begun. They laugh at us now. We must fight back. We must not let these gear heads rule.

  52. If you want to help go to the Trust Islanders website, and look through the material. If you like what you see and want to help at the grass roots level or funding or both send a note through the contact form.

    Also, send a check if you can to each campaign of the three independent candidates.

    Also tell you friends who you think needs to win. It makes a big difference. I got a call from a friend of mine today who has five elderly friends who want to know who to vote for. She trusts me. I told her who I was voting for and why. There are now five more votes for Jarman, Hughes and McClerren.

    The ground game is on. Get on board.

  53. "Trust Islanders" (Cute) is way too little, way too late.

    Still, your're better than nothing.

    Welcome to the trenches, now get to work!

    Do 1,000 flyers on windshields, do it now. Thanks!

  54. Yes a bit better than nothing. The ground game is building. Much, much more is coming. The analysis really is starting to show that thing is up for grabs. Tell them what they need to be doing and put them in touch with active concerned people in every precinct in the county and do it now, today.

    And if you get intimidating calls from the Machine basically ordering you to vote for the party line, record the call, get the caller id number, date and time, get in a conversation, ask for name and badge number, ask for their supervisor and then tell them the call feels unwelcome, do not call again. Hang up. Call the State Attorney General consumer hot line and complain. Let Trust Islanders! know so these threatening calls get publicized (your name will not be). Of real concern are the effect of such calls on the elderly. The Machine is immoral and will stoop at nothing.

    Vote. Vote. Vote against the Machine.

    Vote for Bob Jarman, Brian McClerren, Rick Hughes

    Tell five people you know well to please vote for Change. Tell them why.