Sunday, March 31, 2013

Byers And Brickworks?

The Trojan Heron is confused. The advertisement below has appeared in the Journal and related papers, and it shows Byers standing in front of the Brickworks and smiling with select contractors.

But Byers doesn't have anything to do with the Brickworks or the Agricultural Guild, does she? Not her too?!? The Ag Guild already had a mess on its hands back in 2010 when Lovel Pratt served simultaneously as Ag Guild Project Director and County Council woman. Now, a Council wannabe is talking about her experience with $20 million in construction projects and standing in front of the Brickworks, one of the most recognizable construction projects in the county.

If Byers or the Ag Guild have anything to do with one another, they should explain their relationship; otherwise, what is this advertisement saying?

Also, we'd like to know how many contractors, beyond the hand-picked OPAL few, really intend to support Byers. Aside from being environmentally pointless, the CAOs are some of the most anti-affordable-housing, anti-business, anti-people, anti-middle-class laws to ever hit our books. That's the feedback we consistently hear from contractors and realtors, especially those who have attended the head-shaking CAO training put on by the County.

Byers supports the revamped version of the CAOs. Do contractors really support her, or is this just a bad April Fools joke?


  1. The quotes should say: "Lisa converses with known democrats and is assured they will keep voting for anyone, qualified or not, who has a "d" by their name on the ballot."

    What a joke.

  2. I would like to know if the Brickworks endorsed or knew about this ad in advance. I support the Brickworks and an ad like this only hurts their support and ability to raise more needed funds. Does anyone have any insight into this?

  3. Do either of those two contractors actually build anything, other than wealthy Democrats' estates?

    And it seems that some OPAL homes are beginning to disintegrate, yet OPAL is not stepping up to take responsibility to repair them.


    This was on Sharon's Blog

    Sheriff's office investigating Rosenfeld/Forlenza altercation

    Sunday, 31 March 2013 20:48

    A heated discussion between San Juan County Council member Marc Forlenza and former Council member Howie Rosenfeld Tuesday, March 26 led to a call to the Sheriff's office dispatch. Assault charges by both men against each other are possible after the verbal confrontation.

    The incident is under investigation.


    You guys want to do a good community fundraiser??? CELEBRITY BOXING!!!!!

    Forlenza would put the smackdown on Howie...

    This ought to be good. I was almost ready to give Howie praise for getting the message and going quietly. His bitterness at having his IDEAS, MACHINE PARTY METHODS, IDEOLOGY, and METHODOLOGY summarily REJECTED still shows.

    Howie, you lost. Get lost. Stay lost.

  5. Hmmmmm............
    desperate times call for desperate measures???

    This surely would take the heat off Lovel for her failed record, the mounting court case against her, the CAO debacle, the blatant partisan endorsement by the machine and the fact that more and more people are turning their attention to her inability to tell the truth, practice ethical behavior, and actually do her job as a legislator.

    Yes, she could sure use a distraction from her failed record and ethical transgressions.

    Along comes Howie... Way to try to take one for the team....

    What a clown.

  6. Is this a Sharon Blog April 1st joke by chance???

  7. ECK, in the prior post people began asking the question of whose property abuts the new "monument", I think that's an excellent idea.

  8. Backstory. Marc has been encouraged by lots of folks to run for Mayor of Friday Harbor on the next go-round.

    Howie Rosenfeld, who's lovely wife be the current Mayor of Friday Harbor, is throwing up a defensive perimeter and not doing a very job of it because he's a fool.

    What you see here is what we'll see a lot more of going forward and its gonna get worse before it gets better. As we clean house and disinfect our public sphere of these angry, narcissistic wackos, do not expect them to go quietly into that good night.

    They will howl, threaten, bluster, bully, their true nature will be revealed. It won't be pretty.

    Stay tuned.

  9. Re @6:53

    And what is gained by having monument status.

    1. I don't know. Of the 105 or so Monuments, I think we're the only one a substantial number of people make their homes. I am concerned about language buried in the Monument thingy giving the Government carte-Blanche to do "anything" necessary to "preserve and protect" the Monument.
      Perhaps we're emitting too much C02, and vehicle miles need to be cut in half. Maybe we're using too much water. Perhaps a 1/2 mile "buffer" needs to be added and a number of private properties need to be "acquired". The possibilities for mischief are endless, the list of benefits are, uhhhh,...

  10. Is the message implied by that ad something like this:

    "Hi. I'm Lisa. Behind me is the Brickpile. If you'd elected me four years ago that project would be done by now."

    As far as sponsorship goes, here's pretty much the "chain of evidence" to look for:

    Brickworks --> Ag Guild --> Ag Resource Cmte --> Econ Dev Council --> Town of FH --> Madrona Institute --> Kevin Ranker --> Pratt Campaign Cmte --> Lovel Pratt

    The Brickworks is "for the community" if you have ever seen that dreadfully painted sign nailed to the side of that old building. So of course the Machine gleefully uses it for political gain. What else is new? They always have.

  11. From Island Guardian:

    04/01/2013: "Rosenfeld vs. Forlenza"

    (UPDATED 8:35 AM 04-01-13) ~ Forlenza may have beat Rosenfeld in the last election, but that does not mean disagreements are over between the two. Rosenfeld asked to talk to Forlenza last Tuesday, and an argument ensued and sources stated at one point Forlenza opening his office door and stating to people in the hallway that he was being threatened by Rosenfeld.

    In writing this report, The Island Guardian contacted Rosenfeld by phone, however he was unwilling to discuss the matter at the time of the call. Forlenza is responding, and told The Island Guardian Rosenfeld told Forlenza if he were to decide to run for mayor of Friday Harbor against Rosenfeld’s wife, who is currently the mayor, Rosenfeld would release damaging information he possessed that would harm Forlenza.

    Forlenza said that he had worked in South America and told Rosenfeld “I have had a gun held to my head by people,” and informed Rosenfeld that as an example of why he was not impressed by Rosenfeld now claiming he had damaging information he would release if Forlenza ran for mayor.

    One County source said there were witnesses to at least part of the exchange. One source said that at one point Forlenza had held up his hand and pointed his finger at Rosenfeld as if his hand was a pistol.

    Forlenza filed an assault charge against Rosenfeld. It is not known if Rosenfeld also filed a formal complaint, but in any case the entire incident is under investigation.

    Since most of the argument took place behind closed doors, it is unlikely the Prosecutor will file charges against either party unless a witness to the alleged events steps forward. It is also not known if Forlenza is even contemplating running for mayor of Friday Harbor.

  12. To @ 7:50
    That is very worrisome. And rings so true.

    Mr. Salazar is in the pocket of the "machine" and has just recently been instrumental in closing an oyster farm in California. A former "friend" named Amy Trainer led the way. Falsified and inaccurate science was used to justify it and there is a huge fight going on to save it.

    Drakes Bay Oyster Company & the National Park Service. Watch the video! "THE FRAMING OF AN OYSTER FARM" at

    Salazar is a scary man.

  13. Howie threatening Forlenza reminds me of the episode where Butters acts like a pimp.

    Know what I'm sayin'?

  14. Can anyone clarify the difference between blackmail and extortion and if it would hypothetically apply to a hypothetical situation similar to Howies actions??

    Or is he just showing himself to be the Clown he is??

  15. @ 9:17 AM

    You think Salazar is scary just wait until you see who's replacing him.

    Senator Diane Feinstein tried to save the Pt. Reyes oyster farm but he wouldn't even listen to her.

    Do you think our senators (US and State) will lift a finger to protect our working waterfront?

    The "management plan" is going to be very important to the future of our rural character. Real islanders need to become involved.

    Preserving these beautiful lands is one thing. They are protected now. Bringing down the Federal hammer on our communities is another thing. I am afraid this designation celebrates Monumental Egos more than it does our heritage of stewardship.

  16. Phantly Roy Bean, Jr.April 1, 2013 at 9:52 AM

    Howie threatened Forlenza, a public servant?

    RCW 9A.76.180
    Intimidating a public servant.

    (1) A person is guilty of intimidating a public servant if, by use of a threat, he or she attempts to influence a public servant's vote, opinion, decision, or other official action as a public servant.

    (2) For purposes of this section "public servant" shall not include jurors.

    (3) "Threat" as used in this section means:

    (a) To communicate, directly or indirectly, the intent immediately to use force against any person who is present at the time; or

    (b) Threats as defined in RCW 9A.04.110.

    (4) Intimidating a public servant is a class B felony.

  17. There is no RCW preventing Howie from being a scumbag in general is there??

    Talk about a noxious weed needing to be pulled.

    Scumbaggery being elevated by Howie to all new levels.

    One only had to read his latest deranged writings to see this is an individual who was drunk with power and is now going through withdrawals.

  18. Howie Rosendorf?

    David Dehlenfeld?

    Evil twins, separated by birth?

    Getting really hard to tell them apart any longer

    Mere coincidence?

    We think not!

  19. @9:42

    Maybe Senator Feinstein needs some support. How do you support a senator? And what is the story about Pt. Reyes oyster farm? Did they have any means to fight it?

    Concerning Lisa Byers...Pete Kilpatrick is a puzzle. He has built very high end homes w/multiple crews going at the same time..for years. He has a large commercial building connected to a large paved parking lot and the building seemingly has multiple commercial rentals.

    He is a capitalist for sure.

    Is he seeing the "affordable housing" as the next money to go after? If he is friendly w/the people in charge will he get the jobs? I don't understand his support of the CAOs at all. Or maybe he just hasn't looked at them carefully? Just a puzzle.

    And .... If people like Lisa and partner have a substantial shared income does it seem fair that they enjoy a substandard interest rate that is supported by tax payers?

    Correct me if I'm misunderstanding any of this. But the word "machine" makes more and more sense.

  20. Kilpatrick builds ultra high end homes for the wealthy. Generally on a cost plus basis.

    Über regulation makes them more attractive as a "one stop shop" for navigating the rules.
    More money. Wetland delineation =$3,000??? Nope, add 15% to that for contractor markup. Do that on all the costs and it adds up.

    He is a nice guy but a committed eco whack.

  21. @10:33am

    My brother, who lives in rural Skagit, has the same type of USDA loan that OPAL and Homes for Islanders use. As your income increases, your interest rate increases. You receive less of a subsidy. I'm sure Lisa is at full interest rate. And when you either sell or pay off the loan, USDA recaptures the interest that was subsidized. Or at least 50% of it.

    So, while I'm not totally in Lisa's camp, this is a non-issue for me. As I read posts that repeat incorrect information, it makes me less likely to consider the point of view of the writer. Same with posts that are personal attacks. I discount the view.

    I want to debate the truth. I want to leave innuendo out of it.

  22. I am beginning to see ...

    The Machine is ..

    The Eco-Industrial Complex

    Not Democrat. Not Republican. But dependent on government handouts, contacts, nepotism, payola and corruption.

    Hey, its just business. Friends of the San Juans? Ravenhill Construction? League of Women Voters? Madrona Institute? Marine Resource Committee?

    Just cogs in the gears. At the end of the day, the Machine is actually apolitical as they are amoral. They don't give a damn as long as they control local government. They'll feed you any line you want to hear as long as you pull the right lever.

  23. @10:52

    Thanks for the info and comment.

  24. @10:52

    Thank you for that info. That's reassuring and sounds reasonable.

    The deal w/Pete also makes sense as well. I was wondering about the mark ups and percentages. He's a businessman.

    So..thank you for answering both of my questions. One answer reassuring and one disturbing.

  25. If things here are regulated to the nth degree and only the wealthy can afford to build and navigate the rules, who stands to benefit?? A few select contractors.

    Did anyone see the last "LEED Certified" Green home built by RH?? They had an open house.

    It sounds great, being green and all, but it was nothing more than a dog and pony show. They raped the waterfront and tried to make it seem like they were doing the right thing.

    How come these time and material jobs are taking so long???

  26. 11:55 Please be careful with the RH designation. Roche Harbor??? "Raped the waterfront." Sorry, that never happened. Maybe a long time ago, yes, but in the last twenty years, NO.

    In short, Roche Harbor has probably one of the best stewardship and conformity with "The Rules" of water front property use in these Islands.

    While I do think a lot of the RH village development lacks common sense, it certainly has not had any impact on the waterfront. It might be stupid, but it is not an impact on the harbor or the water. Fish love this place!

  27. @8:41

    I think "RH" in the earlier comment stood for "Ravenhill" not "Roche Harbor," but I could be wrong.

  28. Remember this?

    Maybe this reporter would like to come up and do a follow up and shine some light on this election?

  29. Has anyone enterained the idea that this phone was NOT taken in front of the Brickworks? (beause it wasn't!)

  30. @1:20

    Most of the posters didnt even mention the BW.

    We fundamentally disagree with Lisa on principal. She supports an unsustainable model for community.
    The idea of providing housing to those who could not otherwise afford it is wrong. Precisely those same ideas led to the sub prime mortgage crisis and ensuing financial meltdown.
    There is nothing wrong with renting at market rates. In fact, I would guess if you polled OPAL residents after 5 or 10 years, you would find that they feel trapped. In a rental, you can at least give notice and move on.

    Housing subsidized by the taxpayers is wrong and has been an abject failure countless times.

    All of Lisa's experience has had a big helping hand by some sort of government entitlement.

    Is that the brickworks? Maybe not? Sorta looks like it to me. Do these 3 hand picked contractors represent the sentiment of the Island construction industry? Absolutely not.

    We see where this is headed and are rejecting Lisa because of her core beliefs, clearly demonstrated by her life's collection of accomplishments. I don't doubt her ability as a leader and being in charge of things, I just choose not to follow the direction she is going.

    We need strong business based wisdom and leadership for our local governance. Not Lisa, not Lovel and not Jamie.

    Review the ledger.
    QUALIFICATIONS: Lisa Byers, narrow limited focus of professional and personal experience. Never been employed by “for-profit” organization/company. ALL NONPROFIT: OPAL COMMUNITY LAND TRUST, Eastsound, WA Executive Director, 1996 – Present. SAN JUAN COUNTY LAND BANK, Friday Harbor, WA Program Assistant/Stewardship Manager, 1994-1996. HISTORIC NEW ENGLAND, Boston, MA Manager of Farm Properties and Environmental Projects, 1991-1994, Properties Administrator, 1989-1991, Assistant to the Executive Director, 1987-1989,Administrative Assistant, Conservation Center, 1985-1987 CHARLES RIVER WATERSHED ASSOCIATION, Newton, MA Cartographer, CEIP Internship, 1984-1985.
    Professional volunteer activities:
    Solid Waste Vendor Selection Committee, 2012;San Juan Initiative, 2007-2010; Co-founder and Director, National Community Land Trust Network, 2006-Present (President 2006-2008);
    Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member, National Community Land Trust Academy, 2006-2012; Co-founder and Trustee, Northwest Community Land Trust Coalition, 2004-2006; Appointed Member, Eastsound Planning Review Comm., 1998-2006 (Chairperson 2001-2003 & 2005-2006); Member, Madrona Point Stewards, 1998-2000; Director, Boston Preservation Alliance, 1991-1994; Research Historian, Berkshire Museum, 1988; Preservation Advocate, Springside Preservation, 1983-1985.
    EDUCATION: BOSTON UNIVERSITY, School of Management, Boston, MA
    M.B.A. in Public and Non-Profit Management, May 1991.
    RICK HUGHES: A broad range of business and personal experience.
    Hughes family has been on Orcas Island since 1944. Wife Marlace, fifth-generation Orcas Islander.
    Executive ESPN, National Outdoor Leadership School graduate, national board member Outward Bound Wilderness, owner Ray's Pharmacy and General Store, helped develop San Juan Country Drug Take-Back Program, local property management group president, Treasurer Eastsound Water Users Association, Treasurer Orcas Island Farmers Market Association, board of Eastsound Planning and Review Committee, Little League coach, Parent Teacher Student Association Co-President, instrumental in bringing Island cattle farms and School Cafeteria Program together, helped produce annual Orcas Island Cider and Mead Festival that raises revenue for Orcas Island Farm to Cafeteria Program, helped with Friday night roller skating, Ray’s Pharmacy completed five-year $5,000 pledge to Orcas Food Bank, Orcas Senior Center Advisory Board and County Board of Health.
    NEGATIVES (from local press): Hughes = 0, Byers = many (read local press in print/online) includes “flip-flops,” nonresponse to past positions and quotes and attempts at suppression opposition in print. Lacks understanding of all Orcas residents.

  32. I did the math controlled housing = marxism. im sorry atleast a capatilistic aproach allows for people to own not only own the home but the land!
    (Lisaism) is Not ok for this county.!!

  33. I love the way the story is made up out of thin air. Then when someone points out the facts - It isn't the Brickworks building - There is no correction. Just like the Odlin "tree cutting". Can't wait to read the next chapter in Trojan fiction.

  34. @10:11

    hmmm, the pic w/Pete K sure looks like it.

    We've all become mighty suspicious haven't we?

    Like, when I asked Lisa point blank three different times what her affiliation w/the New Economics Institute was she evaded answering. She just didn't get to that question. Over and over and over. She pretended that question wasn't there, didn't exist.

    But I doggedly kept asking.

    Why would she avoid that question? I was thinking...was she coached? Examples might be...."Ignore them and they'll go away? We don't want them focusing on your beliefs about land ownership? Just skirt the questions that you can't answer safely?"

    I'm sorry but she was pretty blatantly avoiding that question and all that her answers could imply. That's suspicious behavior as far as I'm concerned. I don't trust her to be open about her beliefs and I believe she's evasive because she would lose a lot of votes if she was open about her true deep beliefs about land ownership and independence.

  35. I appreciate all of the effort and writing by Don Pencil. Listening to him and reading his writings has convinced me that he is so obviously slanted and self important that I will vote the opposite of him on any issue that comes before me.

    Sorry Rick, I think you make a great candidate, but with Mr. Pencil as your mounthpiece i just can't do it.


  36. Well, i compared some side by side photos of the ad and the brickworks. If someone is claiming that photo isn't @the BW, it was taken at a building that looks virtually identical to it, location of the chimmney in the foreground and everything.

    One of the "contractors" endorsing Byers also was the lead on this project.

    They are either using the image, or one that is very similar in likeness, coupled with people associated with the BW.

    The inference is clear.

  37. @10:57

    Wow, you are making your decision on the best candidate for office based on a single comment on a blog?

    Low-information voter isn't the correct phrase, just the first one that comes to mind.

    Have you considered basing your decision on something more tangible that that?? Come on, at least make your decision based on a bumpersticker.

  38. "I appreciate all of the effort and writing by Don Pencil. Listening to him and reading his writings has convinced me that he is so obviously slanted and self important that I will vote the opposite of him on any issue that comes before me.
    Sorry Rick, I think you make a great candidate, but with Mr. Pencil as your mounthpiece i just can't do it."
    April 3, 2013 at 10:57 AM

    The information in my post here yesterday is directly from the candidates, mostly from their respective webs. I certainly am not a "mouth piece" for Hughes. I am a resident of SJC who deeply believes Byers, Pratt and Stevens will take SJC down the wrong path. Byers has done very little outside of community land trusts. I hope she continues to pursue that as a private citizen and private community land trusts. It has no place in county government. I am only comparing the candidates stated experience, past and current policies and their past and current track records. I'm not running for office. I and others present the facts, you vote for whoever you believe is the best choice. We shall do the same.


  39. Anonymous said....PS (whoever that is)
    Why are you not voting for Rick Hughes, if he is the better candidate, as you have indicated in your previous post?
    There is nothing slanted about my view. I have presented factual information concerning Lisa Byers and Rick Hughes. Are the facts for either in dispute? If so, please enlighten me so that we may have an informed discussion concerning the 2 candidates.
    I suggest, and only suggest, that your attack on me stems from your inability to defend the facts I have posted concerning Lisa Byers.
    I will also put forth that your appeal to Rick Hughes in your post is no more than an attempt to silence me. Good luck. Although I know Rick Hughes personally, we are not personal friends. I have had dealings with Rick Hughes and know him very well. I personally back his candidacy in this election only because he is the far better of both the candidates on Orcas Island considering his qualifications, track record and background.
    My heartfelt love for this county, state, country and the world we live in our truly the only motivating factors in what I write. If you have a desire to alter my position or thinking, I sincerely welcome the discussion. Show me my friend, where my facts are in error.
    I welcome the opportunity to speak with you in print, online or if you desire please call or email me personally at 376–4586 or at
    Be well,
    Not anonymous, but signed,
    Don Pencil, Orcas Island

  40. This is addressed to April 2, 2013 1:20 and April 3, 2013 10:11. I am very familiar with the Brickworks. I was just at the site and went for a complete tour inside and out. The photo was taken from the back side looking towards Nickels st. It is the exact building that is in the photo. Any other interpretation is pure mis-information on your part. If you can't come up with anything factual to say, then stay on the porch.

  41. These are builders? What are they building other than wealthy Democrats' homes? (And the falling-down-in-20 years OPAL homes).

  42. @ 10:52--So here's a factual question: what has Lisa done to solve the OPAL issue of substandard materials used in half of the OPAL project in which she lives? Given her touted communication and problem-solving abilities, I would expect that the owners who discovered the substitution would have had some resolution by now.

  43. @9:29

    Your question what are these "builders" building besides mansions for the wealthy and crap OPAL homes??

    First, let's clarify. These guys are contractors not builders. To me the builders are the contractor/carpenter people that are on site and getting stuff done. Their best tool is a hammer, not the checkbook.

    Also on your list of what did these guys build, there is a glaring omission of "feel good community buildings that rely on HEAVY government subsidies"

  44. Islanders of every stripe can find common ground in objecting to the CAO. After all, all of us feel strongly about property rights, regardless of our political affiliation. Sadly, inertia and the lack of informed citizens may find us straddled with it, with its' attendant and multiple problems. Thanks to TJ for helping us stay informed.