Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pratt Notes Involved In Deposition

Commenters have asked to see the notes related to Lovel Pratt's deposition in the secret-meeting CAO-Committee OPMA lawsuit. They are provided as images below (click any of the images below to enlarge). They'll be the subject of a future post, but for now, have a look and judge for yourself if Pratt and the rest of the Committee discussed only non-substantive scheduling matters.

Oh, and by the way, the BLM lands are now a National Monument too (another link here).


  1. If this is entered as evidence, as shown, and L. P. continues to state that she can't recall. What is in her own handwriting. Then the judge should site her for contempt, and sentence her to 30 days and an appropriate fine. How will that play on her election campaign??? Oh, but the judge is on the payroll to. Remember to vote, memory failure is not a good campaign platform.

  2. Were the other council members aware of these meetings?

  3. Proven Leadership for Islanders

  4. Let's see, gotta get this shopping list together...hmm, need soap, spaghetti sauce, noodles, ice cream, laundry detergent, hamburger, buns, chips...get to the store...WTF am I doing here...where am I?

  5. The bill introduced to do the National Comservation Area thing is moot. Obama made us a National Monument. The bill had some private property safeguards. But the Monument Declaration? Do I smell a bunch of Emiment Domain grabs, driven ny the Eco -Jihadis lust to depopulate our home?

  6. @10:23

    I am assuming you mean Council members other than Pratt, Miller, and Fralick. I think the best way to answer that is to say that the others were aware of the meetings, but not fully aware of the content of the meetings.

  7. Re: ECK @10:23

    How can you be sure that others were aware of the meetings. It is possible that they have no recollection either.

  8. @10:52

    I am afraid I cannot answer your question because I have no specific recollection of my previous answer, even though I am able to read my previous note/comment on this very page.

  9. "I can not recall..."

    ah yes, but the good voters of San Juan County can, by sufficient petition as prescribed by law, they may recall an elected official.

  10. Well, I guess we are all now inholders in the new San Juan Isands National Momunent Conservation Area. Misson, "to protect the area". Go to , find map, we are all inside the "green line". As a national monument the fed's wish to work with the county on how best to manage the "area". The cao's are nothing compared to what this will bring on. But on the up side think of the federal grants that will now be available to the one's who live in those murky waters.

  11. This is off topic but...
    Did anyone see the San Juan Journal Q&A for Brian and Jamie??

    It's telling. Read the questions and answers.

    If you don't want to, I will. Brian says, regarding the budget, he wants to "ask hard questions" and have people justify their spending.

    Jamie says, regarding a balanced budget, basically, "good thing we passed a new tax last year and have the ability to raise property taxes".

    Did you know that SJC CAN raise property taxes by a maximum amount, but they don't HAVE to?? They aren't mandated to do so.

    Imagine if you were running the government and worked on the budget to the point that there was excess $$ and you decided one year, to reduce the amount of increase. Then the next year you actually eliminated it....

    Brian seems to be of a mind set that this is possible. Jamie appears as tho he would break out in hives if this notion entered his mind.

    (for the anonymous blog record, I have never met Brian or Jamie).

    I did notice that after the TH mentioned Jamie driving a convertible Jag, he suddenly showed up in a VW Jetta, ahhh, VW, the peoples car. Green color, none the less....

  12. Jamie was driving the vdub last time he came to Orcas, with a sticker on the back window, sayin' vote for Jamie.

  13. From notes dated Feb or March 2011 (dating unclear):

    "no new science will be accepted ....there is always new science"

    Nothing substantive there, of course, just an expiration date on BAS here in the islands. Sorry, Dr. Hyde, et al, your reports come too late. They are new science, and therefore not the best available.

    Proven leadership at work.

  14. "No new science will be accepted ..."

    I imagine the Church took a similar position to Galileo back in the day.

    Don't Vote for Lovel ("Church Lady") Pratt.

  15. Was it in Plato's Republic where we learned about a "Benevolent Dictator" and here we have the "Malevolent Dictator."

    This addenda DRIVEN wanna be dictator is out of office and we must keep her OUT!

  16. Sorry, AGENDA! (She wants to do an addenda to her agenda, double ugh.)

  17. Are there other notes from other members of these meetings that will be released??

  18. I'm just going to make a guess, that if Mr. Howard Rosenfeld were asked today to comment on the activities of his CAO Implementation Committee he would respond along the lines of:

    "I have no recollection and besides you must be a Republican terrorist to dare ask me such a question."

  19. @1:27 if ole sleepy said he didn't remember, we might buy off on it. His notes most likely consist of an elbow impression and drool.

    Credit Howie for getting the message when he lost the election.

    Lovel on the other hand is basically elated that a loophole appeared.

    Stop the lies. Lovel, do the decent thing and resign from this campaign. Those of you that still support Lovell are endorsing Someone who either lied under oath or, given the benefit of the doubt that she was honest, could not recall anything when presented with her own notes. If the latter is the case, please, can someone who supports Lovel provide a compelling argument why, in the face of these memory obstacles, she is even remotely fit to run for office???

    I'll up the ante. Provide me that explanation and I will vote for her.

  20. @12:30

    If/when we can get them via a PRA, we will post them.

  21. Seemingly simple stuff in LP's notes might have consequence. IE:
    "Colin will use Bainbridge Island's Public Participation Plan as a template for a new version of the PPP."

    "Will use" means to me that Colin got an OK or direction, possibly in one of these closed door meetings. Perhaps he made this decision on his own and blew it by this group and got the nods he needed.

    Question; what was wrong with our own PPP?

    Question; why the Bainbridge Island pick?

    Had this been suggested to Colin in an earlier closed door meeting? By Lovel Pratt?

    One thing is true for sure, the PUBLIC here never got to participate in the concoctions of this "committee."

  22. Something bothers me about these notes and I think the thoughtful readers of the TH might agree. WHY?

    Why does Lovel Pratt make such notes? In all such meetings a staff person makes notes (minutes) and these are reviewed in subsequent meetings and usually get a sugar glaze of changes by the participants.

    Pratt, on the other hand, gives her wrist substantial exercise. What's going on? Maybe she knows she can't remember anything?

    OR, just maybe, she writes all this stuff down as she has found it useful later in dropping the hammer on others.

  23. Probably 2011 will have the most intrigue as Lovel was Council Chair with a single minded agenda, didn't quite make it and Patty took the baton in 2012.

    These are the kinds of notes referred to from time to time to monitor who is doing what to move the agenda ahead.

    Another funny thing about notes. I am not likely to recall other folks note taking a year later unless its pretty important stuff. But my own notes? There's so much mental reinforcement involved in one's own note taking especially if you are on a Mission From God and your notes are breadcrumbs through the dark thicket to the Promised Land ahead.

    Strong likelihood Lovel was 1) coached; 2) coached by Randy; 3) basically prevaricated under oath with Randy in the room.

    I could be wrong. But it don't add up do it?

  24. I just went to the Sounder website and saw Stephens has two ads, one on top of the other. Each identical.

    I couldn't imagine why, but then it dawned on me. So Lovel can remember who to vote for.

  25. Let me ring in. It has always been a question for me as to why intelligent people like Miller and Fralick did what they did with the CAO process. It was like Pratt was holding family members hostage. (Especially in Miller's case. I think Pratt hates her guts.)

    I believe there was real up against the wall stuff going on in these private meetings that we might never know.

  26. Stockholm Syndrome ... Jim Jones ... Branch Davidians ... Cult driven group think ... a tiny little Church driven by a messianic leader ...

    "No new science will be accepted."

  27. How do smart people like Patty Miller make such bad decisions?
    They are confronted with life-long bureaucrats who have honed their skills in self-justification for decades, know how to make legal requirements appear out of ambiguous laws and codes, and because, at some level newly elected people who come from all walks of life want to trust those whom they consider professionals, or experts in their field.
    Mr. McClaren was close to the answer in the paper, the very first question any elected official should ask when a life-long bureaucrat says something MUST be done is say "Show me the specific law that says we MUST do x" 9 times in ten what they will get is "Soooo, state law doesn't say that specifically but..." and at that point they should be stopped. Another thing they pull is to say "Soooo, Ecology says we have to..." and at that time they need to be stopped and the elected need to bring in Ecology and ask "Show us the SPECIFIC law that says we have to do x..." and keep doing it; they will soon find that most of the "Soooo" is BULLSHIT, and they will realize they are dealing with professional BULLSHITTERS.

  28. "No new science will be accepted"

    It's a t-shirt waiting to happen.

  29. Lovel Pratt tried to use CD&P to destroy a man's business and means to support his family...
    A silver-spoon-never-worked-a-day-in-her-life east coast lazy free-loader who fooled a bunch of kool-aid drinking lever-pulling democrats into voting for her tried to ruin a hard working man and his business using her position as a council person.

  30. Lisa & Lovel unleashed upon the San Juans will be one long sad story of litigation, malfeasance, and incompetence that we may never survive.

  31. Let's not get carried away. Lisa didn't vote for the CAO, Lovel did. Jamie did. Patty did, Fralick did. Howie did.

    Lisa supports them, but she didn't vote for them.

    The two-cows CAO edition - You own two cows. No new science will be accepted.

  32. Prattvensbyers of BordMarch 23, 2013 at 10:44 AM

    We are the ECO-BORG

    Your property will be assimilated

    No new science will be accepted

    Resistance is Futile

  33. I sent my check to trust islanders this week.

    Here is a group that is founded on PRINCIPLE rather than a national platform. I have met with a number of supporters of Trust Islanders, boy we differ on a lot of things as far as national politics, but when it comes down to local issues, we wholeheartedly agree.
    I actually think there may be more common ground for a national platform such as Trust Islanders. Identify a comm set of core philosophies and formally denounce the party led abysmal failure of our entrenched elite ruling class.
    The tea party had some legs but were wrongfully crucified by the MSM.
    That could be a whole bother debate. Locally, these next elections matter more than anything we have done in a long time.
    Let's elect a "safe and sane" council, not a polarizing and radical one.

  34. @ 10:44 AM

    May be on to something. When a council critter gets elected the Friends perform brain implant surgery. The subject is unaware.

    Once the implants are removed, they don't remember too much. Sometimes there is full recovery, but other times nothing is left but a husk, a vegetable.

  35. As this election draws near, remember to get out there and publicly speak about your candidates points of view and vision for the county.
    Direct people to the Sounder Q&A forums. Let them read the contrast between Brian and Jaime. It should be clear that if people are tired of establishment politics, there is only one clear choice.

    Also, remind your candidates to stay away from the fringe elements on any side. It will only hurt their support.

    For example, let your candidate know that endorsements from either Buffum or Gordy would be equally toxic. That's right, those 2 ass clowns are the reason we are in this mess. Buffum for her FOSJ apparatus pulling the levers behind the scene, and Gordy for this half baked, dubiously constructional, personal revenge charter change. Remember folks, this guy lost to Lovel and has never gotten over it. Re read the charter process letters and you can see he wasn't there to try to listen, only to force his way. Please don't run that as a platform for support.

    I re read Brian's comments and answers and find a clearly principled islander who is asking for a chance to make a difference. He is being portrayed by the machine as an inexperienced kid. Well, folks, you saw what "experienced" politicians have done so far.

  36. Re: @8:27. Mentions Lovel using her authority to attempt to squash a small island business.
    This isn't conjecture. Go back to the TH posting of January 2nd of this year. It is clearly spelled out in the email thread.
    Short of it, Lovel got "word" of a "potential future use" and took it upon herself to contact CDPP directly (which was illegal prior to charter change). They told her everything was in order. Not satisfied, she pressed the department head, who provided a clear matter of fact explanation that no violations existed. Not content, she pressed the county administrator, who directed the PA to respond. After receiving a "there is no violation" here response from no less than 5 different individuals, she proceeds to contact some other state agency to attempt to find flaw.

    Of course she probably doesn't remember this. This guy got a permit, was building what he was allowed, was up front about his intentions, got approvals from the county ( without any screwups or missteps), and was moving forward.

    Makes you wonder what competing kayak business is a campaign contributer

    Please help get the word out about Lovel's record of trying to ruin people's businesses.

    She is unfit for office.

  37. And on top of that...didn't the man doing the building say that he was a former neighbor of the Pratts...and he was wondering why she didn't just ask him about it. wow