Thursday, May 23, 2013

I-5 Bridge Over Skagit River Collapse

In an atypical post for us, we're passing along some shocking local news ... of which there are only sketchy details at the moment.  As the headline says, the I-5 bridge over the Skagit River has collapsed, and there are reportedly cars in the water. A search and rescue operation is underway.

Local news outlets are not yet covering the story, but details will soon emerge. This is the bridge that many of us travel on a regular basis ... the one next to Home Depot on Route 5.


  1. So relevant to the "in the know" conversation in the previous comment thread. Found out here first that the bridge collapsed and contacted off- island family and friends. Thanks for all you do!

  2. That is exactly right.

    How many folks will look back and recall where they first heard this breaking news?

    This is why we need a real news and opinion outlet in this county and the Trojan Heron right now is as close as it gets. A lot of people read this often and a lot of people contribute.

    So nuts to those just trying to sow confusion. It's pretty obvious. I'd love to hear how many visits the Heron is getting these days and from where.

    Bravo, and I hope there are no injuries out there.

  3. Yes, I just received in my mailbox today word of two undisclosed candidates still in the running for county manager-exciting!

  4. Did you really just say "Route 5"?

    Interesting bit of geographical semantics.

  5. @7:24

    Be sure to thoroughly analyze that ... maybe even bet your friends a sawbuck or a fin over what it means.

    But you are right, I should has said "the 5" instead.