Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shireene Hale's Pattern Of Behavior

Yesterday, the Council selected Michael Thomas as the new County Manager.  Thomas is from King County and has a planning background. Mr. Thomas, you have your work cut out for you because our Planning Department functions like a rogue government within a government, with a functional head who openly despises public participation and dissent.

In the email below (from a year ago), Hale discusses her reaction to a CAO public meeting that was, from our perspective, one of the greatest meetings from a public participation standpoint. It was one of the worst from the standpoint of the reaction of public officials.

Once again, Shireene Hale thinks dissent is violence. Someone who regularly cannot tell the difference between dissent and violence may not be stable enough to deal with the public, and perhaps we should be concerned about her reactionary behavior or the irrational steps she might take.

Who is the threat here? It makes me wonder whether Hale will start coming to meetings armed and dangerous. In more ways than one, we need protection from Hale.

From: Shireene Hale []
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 11:54 AM
To: Colin Maycock; Jon Cain; Lovel Pratt; Patty Miller; Pete Rose; Randall Gaylord; Rene Beliveau; Richard Fralick; Shireene Hale
Subject: Agenda for Monday CAO Implementation Team meeting?

Good morning,

What do you all have for agenda items for the Monday CAO/SMP Implementation team meeting? Colin will not be attending as he will be in Costa Rica.

At this point I have two items:

*         Conduct of public meetings on CAO and SMP.
*         Alternatives for getting the wetland and fish and wildlife regulations through the approval process.

Conduct of Public Meetings

On the conduct of public meetings, I would like to discuss options for ensuring that our citizens, staff, consultants, Council and Planning Commissioners do not feel threatened or intimidated, and to ensure that comments are focused on the issues, and not on blaming or attacking individuals. Problem meetings in the past few months include the last three Planning Commission meetings (particularly the March 6 meeting), the San Juan town hall meetings, and the Orcas SMP meeting.

For those that have not heard, we are aware of two separate instances of people discussing the use of guns. One was a warning from someone that works at the Orcas fire station, the other was a conversation overhead on the ferry. Chances are nothing will happen, but given the way John Evans and others are stirring up fear, hatred and hostility, and given some of the testimony we heard on March 6, I don't think the possibility of violence should be dismissed. 

In addition, prior to the March 16 Planning Commission meeting, Gordy Peterson suggested to Janice  that she should consider calling in sick rather than attend the meeting, because "it was going to be ugly". This may constitute intimidation of a public servant under RCW 9A.76.180 and 9A.04.110. Given everything that is going on, it was intimidating to those of us charged with running the meeting. 

Alternatives to help with the public meetings include:

*         A clear statement from our leaders (Patty and/or the full Council ?) assuring people that we will get through this and that their comments are being considered. Other topics that could be touched on include reassuring people that if their house burns down, they will be able to replace it; that we are doing are best to keep costs down; that we are trying to find the least intrusive approach that will pass muster with the Growth Board; that what we are trying to develop is a moderate approach that is more fair and tied to the current science than the Ecology recommended regulations; that we are all friends and neighbors, and though we may disagree it is important to be civil and respectful of one another so that all points of view can be heard, and so that people don't feel intimidated; that we will try to find the resources to refine
the wetland map so that is does not show man made ponds that are not wetlands; and encourage people to read the proposals for themselves, rather than believing what others are telling them. 
*         Do what we can to get through the rest of the process in as efficient a manner as possible, to remove the anxiety associated with uncertainty.
*         Consider holding a joint PC/ CC hearing on the fish and wildlife amendments, to provide the staff and Planning Commission, and particularly the Planning Commission chair, with some additional support, and to help move the amendments along through the process. 
*         Hold all meetings in the Council chambers so that they can be live streamed. If F&W is a joint hearing with the Council, perhaps testimony could be taken from the Orcas and Lopez libraries (we don't have the capacity to do it without assistance and another staff person).
*         Consider having a deputy present for the hearings/ meetings. We have been trying to avoid this - but it may be time to give it serious consideration.
*         Consider developing clear expectations of conduct, enforced by the chair, and let everyone know what they are and what will happen if they are not followed. I suggest that clapping, jeering, cheering, and statements that are focused on individuals rather than issues not be tolerated. Options include asking individuals to leave, and if the Planning Commission/ Council are in deliberations (testimony is not being accepted), if necessary the room can be cleared so that deliberations can continue without the disruptions.

Adoption Process for Wetlands and Fish and Wildlife Amendments

Regarding the approach for getting through the remainder of the process, following is a schedule I sent to Patty yesterday.

Wetland Amendments

April 23 - Signed PC draft of wetland amendments and staff report submitted to Council.

May 1 - First touch to review PC recommended draft, findings and recommendations (including the  recommendation for a conference call between the Council, Dr. Adamus and Dr. Mayer, to discuss whether we are properly applying Mayer et al. 2007, and to consider using a paper by Xuyang Zhang et al. (2010) as a guide to buffer width, rather than Mayer
et al.)

May 7 - field trip (may be just wetlands - if we can get the F&W draft out prior to then, could be both wetlands and F&W).

May 9 - publish hearing notice

May 21 or 22 - CC hearing on wetlands (half day?)

??? - deliberations (probably need a full day)

F&W Amendments

Prior to June 20 - release hearing draft and publish notice.

July 9 or 10 - Joint PC/CC hearing, with PC deliberations in July, followed by CC deliberations. If necessary CC can hold another hearing on another draft prior to consistency review. (Note: I am out of town on vacation June 18 through July 4).

Note: Having a joint hearing does a couple of things. This is likely to be a difficult hearing and it provides the Planning Commission and CD&P staff some support that they don't normally have. It also helps us get through the steps in a more efficient manner. 

Please let me know if you have additional items for discussion.



  1. To name Gordy Peterson and John Evans as people threatening violence shows that Shireene is scraping the barrel in search of scapegoats. I can't imagine two men who are more gentle and peace loving.

    Sheesh Shireene. You are a nut case.

  2. Gordy and John E are outspoken and sometimes critical of the local government. I don't always agree with them either. You could call them cynical at times, even adversarial. Heck you could throw a lot of names around, but violent or threatening are not words that are based in reality.
    Isnt this defamation by Shireene at some point?

  3. Does anyone know anything about Shireene's past?

  4. I don't think it shows she's scraping the barrel, I think it shows that she's mentally imbalanced. I'm serious. Is she walking around mumbling under her breath about Peterson, Evans, Wright, and others and talking about guns? These are warning signs people. Her employer should be far more worried about Hale-on-public violence than the other way around. If something happens and an overwrought Shireene snaps, there were plenty of warning signs about a county employee going off the rails, and no one heeded any of the red flags.

  5. Get her out of there. NOW!!!

  6. Google doesn't gather overhead data on their own. Their updates come from outfits like Pictometry (which they probably own a stake in).

    The SJC photos Google has today are none other than those the County subsidized in the summer of 2008 (not 2006).

    It's not so much that the obliques are that out of the ordinary but I do wonder if Martha's Vineyard could be so easily duped. The contract could and should have been cancelled outright. Pictometry may have flown anyway.

    We are now subsidizing Google's update which local private landowners will be dependent on just to see what the Friends and others will be using against them.

    Witnessing the collusion of staff to drive forward their agenda with our Council representing nothing but a tiny speed bump is pretty demoralizing.

  7. Brian EhrmantrautMay 22, 2013 at 11:34 AM

    We will not be "clearing the room", installing metal detectors, or having uniformed law enforcement officers looming over the public at any Planning Commission meetings on my watch.

  8. Nothing says "public meeting" quite like "clear the room."

  9. John,

    I'm no attorney, but this sounds like slander to me?

    It's pretty clear that a county employee has implied that you have threatened to use violence at a county meeting. If this is not the case, then yup... It's slander.

    Fear, hatred and hostility... Or perhaps just a different opinion.

    Either way, if a county employee accused me of threatening violence and I had not- I'd be the first in line to cash in on the county insurance policy!

  10. John is a hard working honest man who has dedicated himself to bettering the community in which he resides. It's a shame to have rogue planners trashing his food name. Mr Evans, thank you for all your efforts.

  11. or his "good" name either!

  12. Shireene, Janet Alderton/Friends, Ecology Stockdale/Anderson, and various members of the MRC/PC form a particularly strong interconnected multi-headed monster that preys on the rest of us, derides us, and generally thinks it is smarter than everyone else. They comprise a know-it-all authoritarian parallel government that has been intolerable for years. When will we get rid of these people from our government?

  13. Shireene is definitely cracking get her out now! The only talk of guns I have heard is by Mr. Alderton.

  14. John Evans is a gentleman in every sense of the word. I have known John for nearly 15 years. While there are plenty of things we might not agree on it does not matter. Why? He has an ability to see past his own view point, reach out and allow his curiosity to learn what your viewpoint is all the while working to develop a friendship. That is not easy.

    I met Gordy on the opposite ends of some issues and found him not only a delight to work where when the rubber hit the road, but an enjoyable friendship has emerged regardless of differences.

    This is why I trust islanders. Where it really matters, we work to cross the divide, learn from each other and become enriched for the experience.

    Shirene has been given enough opportunity (or rope ...) to show the impulses that drive her relationships with others in this community. Unhappily she abuses a small position of power in an authoritarian manner that not only betrays a lack of trust for the public but quite frankly a lack of trust in her own competence. Her continuing acts of insubordination are well documented. To wrongly accuse two well respected civic leaders of violent tendencies is unsavory. She demonstrates mental instability for the position she holds.

    She has had a good run. Her projects have earned her mixed reviews. It is time for some housecleaning. The new County leadership would be well advised to move swiftly on changes that need to be made.

    "Community moving forward." What remains to be said? The longer this lingers the worse it will become.


  15. King Fitch always offered his resignation to a new Mayor elect, none of whom of course ever accepted it.

    It is time for Hale to step up to the plate and offer her resignation to this new Council, who should accept it forthwith.

    That is the honorable way forward.

  16. @2:34
    Yes, but King Fitch wasn't a dilusional narcissist on a power trip and wholly unqualified for the position he held.
    SMP = CAO v.2

  17. Shireene Hale, and the effects of our entire county staff both elected and hired staff, have the gull to impose their will upon the citizens of this county without any regard to strict scrutiny and the real cost and effect on the myriad of persons and personalities that they affect. And to criticize the gentle ways and means these men (John E and Gordy P) to name a few, have used to attempt to impress upon county officials and staff to please consider what you do and its effect on people to no avail, I am aghast at the deaf ears and fail to respond in a manner obliging to the people. this behavior of staff and officials is simply absurd and disgusting. deaf ears every one!

  18. @ 2:58 PM

    There are strong undercurrents to keep her around and you put your finger on it ...

    SMP = CAO v.2

    Or, SMP = CAO squared ... on steroids ...

    Golly Batman, you mean to say there is a relationship between an insane CAO designed to pound together an SMP that will totally shut us down?

    Just wait till you toss the exciting new BLM National Monument Management Plan into the blender at the same time.

    But we have to hold off on finishing up the county economic development element until all this curdled policy sewage is poured out first.

    Maybe Senator Ranker can help. We don't hear much from him these days. But you can go to the 40th Dem website and watch "A Message from State Senator Kevin Ranker"

  19. John Evans and Gordy Peterson, the terrors of San Juan.
    Yup, Shireene is off her rocker.

  20. Kudos to Brian Ehrmantraut for helping to maintain an open public process. Not quite sure why Mrs. Hale shows up at every meeting, anyway. Why do we need two planners at everything?

  21. So now legal ace Shirene Hale can accuse citizens who oppose her ideas of crimes? Wow. This woman is out of control.
    Probably time to promote her.

  22. You know, that judge was right--nothing of import went on in those CAO secret meetings.

  23. "Consider developing clear expectations of conduct, enforced by the chair, and let everyone know what they are and what will happen if they are not followed. I suggest that clapping, jeering, cheering, and statements that are focused on individuals rather than issues not be tolerated."

    Maybe a dunce cap and a stool in the corner? And the only individual anyone complains about is hers truly, for good reason.

  24. And Bill Wright is a gentleman and a gentle man. So ridiculous to try to paint a picture of him as dangerous. He is so intelligent and caring and researches so deeply before making any comments. I'm so impressed by him.

    Shireene, you are a scary person.

  25. A highly paid scary person who has the inside track to be the next CD&P Director, you ain't seen nothing yet, wait until she gets her hands on the entire department.

  26. Wow, so Shireene can just toss around accusations of felonies against citizens who dare to speak up.
    Can we remove her from employment by mini imitative? I'm guessing the council won't do anything until the new manager gets on board. Great. Each day that goes by the Hale's can continue to peddle their bullshit regulatory schemes.
    Does it matter that she is writing new rules that create work for her otherwise worthless Dolt of a husband? Utility manager? Really? If Ed and Shireene left tomorrow, the count would save money short term long term less litigation.
    These conniving clowns need to be shown the door.

  27. Stand up and take a bow, you have just graduated from one of the most left-wing organizations in our beautiful County.
    Those graduates are:
    Christopher Aiken, Faith Van De Putte, and Kai Sanborn from Lopez Island; Shannon Borg, Sheldon Gregory, Russell Guerry, Lucas Limbach, Armando Nunes, and Kim Secunda from Orcas Island; Lee Taylor, Tamara Weaver, Katie Fleming, Cathy Kromer, Sam Leigh, and

    Michelle Loftus, San Juan County Republican Chair.

    Boys and girls, simply put, you’re screwed when the chair of the Republican Party graduates from an left-wing indoctrination and leadership program!

  28. Well Stephanie Buffum expects you to put an end to this Trojan Heron tommmy-rot and expose the evil-doers. That's your senior project. Get to work!

  29. Notes:

    A. This is a year old e-mail.

    B. The addressed include Pratt, Miller, and Fralick. No other Council member got this at the time. Pete Rose did get it.

    C. There is a level of paranoia here than ANY person can recognize. You don't need psychiatric training. In my view anyone can see it plainly.

    D. So one year ago NO ONE did anything. Did Patty Miller call Ms. Hale into her office for a chat? Did Professor Fralick step up and scoop the froth off this teacup? Did Pete Rose call HIS employee in for a one on one?

    C. It appears no one did anything.

    D. This person continues her employment with San Juan County.

    E. Are there other County employees like this one? (I hope not, but my hopes never seem to find this rock we all look to stand on.)

  30. Communications from The Machine make more sense when you realize that "incivility" is defined as "criticizing SJC government, FOSJ, or any of the progressives posting on salishrocks".

  31. Far from condemning Hale, Patty Miller and the rest of the Council acceded to her request for a joint meeting between the Planning Commission and the Council. The next time the Planning Commission met, it was the infamous Planning Commission meeting that was run by Patty Miller. It was a joke. I believe the meeting topic was the Fish and Wildlife CAO. Patty Miller and the rest of them carried water for Hale.

    We suck. Whether it's the CAOs or Pictometry. We suck. We can't find politicians that have any backbone at all.

  32. @6:39

    I don't think anyone indoctrinated Michelle. In fact, I think it's a good idea for un-indoctrinable people to attend those "cohorts" to give them a little diversity. Fly in the ointment.

  33. Well hey, maybe Michelle was able to indoctrinate a few of them.

    Back to the Highway to Hale ...

    The behavior we are witnessing from the outside looking in, is just one expresion of a deeply toxic working environment and organizational culture.

    My inner arm chair shrink suggests three possibilities to the Council response or lack there of over the past few years to this unchecked culture of intimidation and fear they presided over:

    1) Stockholm Syndrome (kidnapped by the Friends, et al)

    2) Adult children co-dependency (don't wake Shrirene when she's sick like that, you'll make her really angry and it will be all your fault)

    3) Bwah-hah-hah! Everything goes according to my Brilliant Plan for total domination. Prepare the Laser Beam!!

  34. RCW 123.48.6(B) Willful arrogance and abuse of public trust.
    A public employee shall be guilty of the crime of willful arrogance and abuse of public trust when they engage, perform, or conspire to do any of the following:
    1) Ignore public input in a legislative process and only provide data suiting their agenda.
    2) accuse members of the public in good standing of crimes or threats of violence after they show up to public meetings
    3) craft useless legislation that even they dont understand
    4) kowtow to and implement agendas of Eco-zealotry driven organizations (as defined in subsection 21)
    5) conduct themselves in a manner whereby they appear to be an expert on everything.

    Persons found guilty of violating this law shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor and sentenced to not less than a fine equivalent to the direct and indirect average cost per capita assessed in an ongoing basis of the direct number of subject victims of said offense and in the continuation of such actions

  35. Council members need to ask themselves: Do we continue to employ a person who was instrumental in spending $800K + (does any fool know the real number?) to achieve absolutely nothing, accept, of course, lawsuits and more expense.

    The lady is a true construct of self delusion. (A persistent, false psychotic belief.)

    Do you continue to employ such a person?

  36. Brian Ehrmantraut.

    Thank You. We are lucky to have you on the PC.

  37. Here here! I second that sentiment.

  38. @ 8:59 PM

    Oh yes, thank heaven for Brian. I cannot imagine how his predecessor the good Mrs. Dumbledorf would have handled this.

    Oh, unfortunately on that RCW 123.48.6(B), it was struck down by the Island County Superior Court after expert witness Sen. Kevin Ranker explained the law would bring local government to a screeching halt, result in grave danger to public safety and closures of State Parks.

  39. @ 6:43p Michelle knows what she is doing. There has to be at least one voice of reason in that group. Have a non-kool-aid drinker present to witness the goings-on keeps them relatively even-keeled. Though we did hear that Stephanie B (or was it Lovel P?) exhorting the "cohort" to track down the trojan heron and expose it/him/her!! That's just so damn progressive of them.

  40. We need to have 100 people show up to the next Council meeting wearing heron masks.

  41. @10:57pm

    Great! Just like "V for Vendetta"! Hundreds marching through the streets with Heron masks!

  42. We are Heron. We are legion. Expect us.

    Yeah, but what does a Heron mask look like? Would the feathers make me sneeze? Would there be an environmental impact to this?

  43. Cute idea, but in reality, has anyone written letters to the council about this out of control planner? Hale has clearly demonstrated incompetence and now is slipping in to a paranoid realm, leveling accusations of criminal activity at those who speak against her.
    Call and write your council.
    Every week that Shireene and Ed are still here is another 3k of taxpayer money being flushed. More regulatory nonsense coming out of these two clowns.
    Stop the Hale madness.


  44. Actively. Manage. Council.

  45. Heron legion? You have to be kidding; so far the "legion" produced exactly four people to attend the code enforcement ordinance, left something like 22 committee positions un-filled, has produced perhaps a few letters to the editor by the same people who always write them, and the idea the "legion" can "acitively manage" anything other than blather is doubtful.
    Instead of wild-eyed paranoid accusations about and against county staff, and vitriolic diatribes, try attending the public comment portion of council meetings with well thought out ideas and suggestions, do some research, come with statistics, I think Nick Jones' comparison of Pacific County to SJC is a good model.

  46. Sleepless in SeattleMay 23, 2013 at 1:49 PM

    @ 11:36am--wait, we, the taxpayers, are the wild-eyed paranoid delusionals? I beg to differ. Ask any psychologist to analyze Ms. Hale's vitriolic diatribes (John Evans sowing hatred?) and tell us what they conclude about her mental health.

    The Heron legion did get rid of Lovel Pratt and staved off a complete takeover of Council by the eco-bureau-crats. Not bad for a first foray.

    As for the enforcement ordinance, you fail to appreciate that most of us think it's an improvement. Rather than have criminal charges filed against people--which Randy's overstaffed department never got around to doing--with one notable exception, someone who annoyed them mightily--now lower level actions can be taken against offenders. Of course, all our rules assume that we have a fair and knowledgeable person in charge of the process. Lord knows we haven't had that for close to a decade. But that particular can of worms is for Council to fix. Fat chance?

    As for public comments, surely you jest, sir. People who aren't paid lobbyists for special interests have to take time off from work and in many cases spend half the day traveling by ferry to make a three-minute comment. Let's see--when was the last time that the good people of the county took the time to comment in large numbers? Why, that would be the planning commission meeting that Shireene is wailing about up above. She certainly doesn't seem to be a fan of public participation. That meeting included all sorts of folks, with lots of ideas (including retired city administrators and planners and farmers and on and on). What difference did it make? Well, we might be getting deputies to protect Mrs. Hale's delicate sensibilities in the future. That's about all.

    As for 22 committee slots unfilled, what's the point? Do you see any of them making a difference? Which one in particular?

    Yes, Nick Jones analysis of another county compared to ours was a good start. It is in fact exactly what someone in the county should have been doing as a matter of course. It was something that many people asked about for the "Community Conversations." Because, after all, how do we tell the county what we want if we don't know what it costs? But we forgot that the county doesn't operate like you and me. It doesn't ask the cost and it doesn't balance its checkbook. It just comes up with another bogus reason for a levy lift.

  47. I think I just figured out why council keeps Shireene on. She is the little engine that could. Bob Jean seems to have assigned her to supervise our new economic development planning (anyone really believe that "economic development plans" produce anything in the way of economic development?) and our new stormwater planning and our new public civility rules. Who else would run our lives if she weren't available? It's a hard job but someone has to do it. We certainly can't think for ourselves.

  48. Marcus VergiliusMay 23, 2013 at 2:13 PM

    Very few people showed up for the Planning Commission's public comment hearing on the SMP.

    Perhaps people are happy with it, perhaps it is too complex for a normal person with other things on their plate to understand in time available, perhaps everyone got their concerns addressed during earlier workshops...

  49. And some wonder why we post anonymously? If Shireene had her way and a list she would send the deputies to our houses to give us a "attitude adjustment". Randy would find no problem with it " your either on the bus or you off the bus" he said. Sort of like "team" meetings.

  50. ... or thrown under the bus ...

  51. @11:36 AM

    Just let them continue to believe they are "legion". Apparently it's all some of them have.

    Many of the posts, both pro and con, are from the same couple of people. There are not very many people who actually post here.

  52. @4:38 PM
    Get real. There a lot of islanders who read this and post here. I personally get a lot of information here. Yes we are legion. without heron we would be in the dark.

  53. @4:38 - Sour grapes, anyone?

    Apparently, "all some of them have" is their vote. And during this last election, it seems there are some (other of them?) who might liked to have had the votes of those "couple of people" who post here.

    Honestly, people all over the map politically post here - one thing they are finding they have in common is that they are tired of being pushed around. And having their own taxes used to do that.

    The elite, entitled attitude struck a nerve.

  54. Yes, everyone is thrilled with the SMP. All the people with jobs and families have taken the 10 hours to read it and days off for the workshops and planning commission meetings. It's what real folks do in their spare time.

  55. 11:36

    Maybe there is just 62 of us, but dude, you lost, you lost, you lost!

    As for 11:36. I did take your comment as constructive and I did for the first time in a year write, what I thought was a constructive piece, on code enforcement, to the New Council.

    And yes, I agree with much of your thoughts. It certainly is easier to get on here and unload than it is to actually get something done.

    I have said this before and I'm going to say it now.

    At one point Hale might have been right to be fearful, as the completely unhinged attack by her on County residents was certainly ready for a much deserved wake-up call.

    There is no question in my mind the TH served a real purpose in letting the steam off.

    Some might say that's too bad. I'm not one of those.

  56. @ 4:38 p.m. Yet here you are, feeling the need to express yourself. Odd, that.

  57. @5:16 PM
    Apparently, "all some of them have" is their vote. And during this last election, it seems there are some (other of them?) who might liked to have had the votes of those "couple of people" who post here.

    I must agree that those who lost in this past election would have like to have the dozen or so votes the heron gave to the winners.

    Not that it would have made much difference.

    Those in the know are aware that Kilduff and Civille are doing most of the posting both pro and con to stir the pot.

  58. Sorry the first ref should have been to 4:38

  59. Hey, I missed the completely unhinged attack or Hale. When was this? Anyone got video?

  60. 6:57 "Those in the know" Wish I knew some of those guys.

    Most folks need to know a whole bunch more than is being provided by the Journal or any of the on line stuff, even the TH. But, admit it, the TH gets inside and gets it outside helping to assist a legitimate public "need to know."

  61. 7:00 Be advised, reading is reading all the words. Have a lovely evening, because we can all agree it is one.

  62. @5:16 PM

    "Those in the know" understand that only two people were stirring the pot.

    Thanks for letting all of us know why you really lost. That was too easy.

    Losers ...

  63. @ 6:57

    I guess I'm not "in the know" so...still very supportive of and interested in the Trojan postings.

    In particular I'm interested in postings including documents like Shireene's emails that give a picture of how our little government has been (so called) working.

    I would love to attend meetings and have in the past. I've also spoken for three short minutes once. It was utterly futile and nothing I said was even slightly touched upon in Shireene's recap document the next week. And that was despite the fact that I had researched deeply and put a lot of time into the content.

    I have kids, a job, a home, a yard, and a second job. Very easy for someone who has extra time and energy to say "Where were you?". It took stupendous effort for me to get to the meetings I did I expressed before...I might as well have talked to a wall.

    And I know I'm not alone. How I long for a local government that I can trust and feel some confidence in. What a disappointment.

    Shireene is representing an agenda and ignoring anyone and anything that doesn't fit into her plan. That is not her job and she should have been let go long ago.

    Thank you Trojan! Ignore the bullies and keep up the fantastic work! You are so very appreciated!

  64. Like most people who read this blog, I believe government is generally getting far too involved with the minute details of the lives of citizens, and I believe the CAO attempts to inject government into areas it doesn't belong. That said, I was a bit surprised to read the comments aimed at Hale based apparently on the published email. I had to reread the email to be sure I hadn't missed something. Judging from the comments, it appears she is correct in suggesting a portion of the public harbors hate and hostility. Any one of the individuals commenting would feel intimidated if faced with a large number of emotionally charged people with opposing ideologies. I'm an opponent of the CAO as well, but seeing the words of those commenting here, questioning Hale's psychological fortitude for no good and valid reasons, makes me wonder if her accusers aren't the crazy ones. A suggestion: gain support for your cause by appealing to the public's sense of logic, and don't automatically assume that public officials and administrators are so different that they cannot possess the same logic you do. All I see posted by others reading this particular blog entry is pure emotion.

  65. "Automatically assume that public officials and administrators are so different that they cannot possess the same logic you do."

    For those of us who have dealt with Shireene for years and experienced the dismissive and contemptuous way she treats everyone outside a certain circle of Friendly influence, I can assure you that no one has "automatically assumed" anything about Hale. What you are seeing is the pent up frustration of citizens who are fed up with Hale never being held accountable for her own conduct.

  66. @ 7:55 pm. Not sure you read all of the post or attended the meetings in question. Take, for example, the notion that Gordy Peterson joking with another planner that the hearing day would have been a good day to take sick leave was some kind of threat requires a little background. Shireene complained bitterly about said planner taking sick days. And yes everyone expected the meeting to be tense. But only Shireene took Gordy's (truly) lighthearted comment as a threat, much less one requiring a criminal complaint and armed deputies. Nothing said at the March 6 meeting would be taken by anyone rational as a threat; and John Evans is a 70+ year old man who does not traffic in hate or hostility, sorry. The only wound anywhere in sight was to Hale's vanity as She Who Must Be Obeyed. And the degree to which she presses rumors of guns and violence raises serious questions about her mental stability. Council either ignored her first outburst and demand for armed guards (we'll never know), but it should not ignore the second one. In fact, I think Council has an obligation to investigate her memo and evaluate the absence or presence of a threat, and what her claims suggest about her own mental state. She seems unhinged, and at the very least, an inappropriate person to deal with the always-controversial land use issues the County encounters. Perhaps she is best suited for a position that doesn't have to deal with the public almost daily? (I'm sure the human resources person would agree--oh, wait, she is a personal friend of the employee. Hhhmmm.)

    Please don't accuse islanders of a lack of empathy--a lot of people in the islands attend meetings filled with people of opposing positions, but none I know are "afraid" of their neighbors. Hale is somewhat reminiscent of the Victorian lady's feigned shock at anything she didn't care for.

  67. Thank you to whoever defended my conservative nature here.Yes, Leadership San Juan Islands is composed of many not so conservative but very good people.I took the course with the intent of learning leadership skills and learning how others think.I hope I have had a positive influence on the class. They treated me with respect and recognized some of my views as helpful. I would encourage others to take the course. LSJI is producing leaders in our community whether you like it or not.Consider it like Church in that you share ideas for the good of the community or Church while holding separate views on some topics.Liberals are our neighbors and friends. Let's learn to lead and work with them.I am still my prolife, property rights while keeping the environment safe,small government,low taxes County Republican Chair self.

  68. Hey @1:06
    Would you take what you wrote and compose it in letter form to all 3 of our council members?