Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Advert Is Worth A Thousand Words

If you've been keeping track of all the consultants hired by our County, you'll recognize the name of the Watershed Company. They were involved in the BAS synthesis. They're currently involved in the Shoreline I&C. They're on emails (look under "Para" in the previous "Asunto" posting). They're everywhere. They are about as plugged in as you can get.

After helping to design our buffers, apparently they can assist in solving our buffer problems too. Not a bad business model, wouldn't you say? Their use of the word "fix" seems to suggest a whole new meaning in that context (see advert below), but at least the quote is free.


  1. Get your free quote today! Maybe get two buffer fixes for the price of one. Act now. Operators are standing by. They know who to call. No reasonable offer refused to ensure reasonable use of your property.

    Let's just call it ... insurance. Yeah, dats right pal, insurance. And, we'll be back next year to renew your policy, if youknowwadimean?

  2. After hearing from shoreline property owners about how many errors there are in the Inventory and Characterization, I think the old (and unfair) saying should be changed to "Those who can, do; those who cannot, consult."

  3. Or "those who cannot, plan."

  4. Planning is God's way of reminding you the money ran out.