Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who Is Number One?

The following slide is from the Council's workshop on February 5, 2012. That workshop set down the Council's plans and perceptions about all sorts of topics, like the budget or how to handle public information in the coming year. The slide presented below addresses the topic of public information, and from my perspective, it is ironically the most unintelligible slide in the entire packet. I surmise that the Council might have been trying to formulate their own construction of the Thomas Theorem, but who knows? It could equally be construed as a need for a public re-education program. All I can say is that if this is the Council's strategy for communicating with the public about the CAOs, no wonder the Council and staff are having such a difficult time relating to people.

From my perspective, one of the regular pitfalls plaguing this Council and staff is that they presuppose their own objectivity. Looks to me like they think the purpose of information is to narrow the gap between the public's perceptions and the Council's reality, by changing the public not themselves. They want to change perceptions, not understand them.

Who is number one?  We can only speculate, but it's not us.

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