Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On A Slightly Different Asunto

As many of you may already know, the County is working on its Shoreline Management update too. While the CAOs have their BAS synthesis, the SMP has its Shoreline Inventory & Characterization Report. The County has set a deadline of April 30 for public comments on that report, and there is a workshop on April 27 (see the emails below, note the spanish headers for some reason).

At least one community group has provided guidance for how we might protect ourselves by getting on the record about the errors in the I&C Report. Follow the link for instructions. If you've got shoreline property, you probably should attend the workshop on Friday to watch events unfold as well. There is a large cast of characters involved in the SMP update. In addition to consultants and the Department of Ecology, the County has appointed a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to guide them through the process. Overall, there are dozens of people making decisions that will affect us.

Bear in mind that unlike the CAOs, Ecology has authority over the shorelines. Whenever Ecology puts out a brochure titled "Making Sense of Tough Issues", you know we're probably in for it. Take that brochure's opening advice and participate in a "healthy dialogue".



De: Shireene Hale
Enviado el: vie 20/04/2012 9:01
Para: Colin Maycock; Linda Lyshall; Dan Nickel (; Barbara Rosenkotter; Rene Beliveau
CC: Lisa Brown
Asunto: Revised Agenda for April 27 Workshop
Good Morning,

Attached is a slightly revised agenda for the April 27 technical data workshop in Friday Harbor. Unfortunately I don't have the participants e-mail addresses and would appreciate it if you could forward it to those you know will be involved.

I also think it is important to make participants aware of the conference call we had, and that as a result of that discussion, the following options have been identified. Some are minor additions which could be included in the shoreline characterization report without additional cost. For those that are not minor, the County and our consultants will need to weigh the cost of making the changes against the benefits associated with those changes. Following are the options identified during the conference call: 

a) Provide additional explanation of what was included in the scoring system, and its strengths and weaknesses;
b) Add a note that habitat is an important component that can be seen, and that to assess cumulative impacts, changes in habitat need to be tracked over time;
c) Add a clearer statement that not all issues discussed in the text of the document were included in the scoring system;
d) Provide a discussion on the use of a digital elevation model (DEM) rather than Lidar;
e) Provide meta data, a description of how the mapping work was done, and information on materials and methods used; and
f) Consider adding a readers guide to the scoring system and what is and is not included.

Kind regards,

Shireene Hale
Planning Coordinator/ Deputy Director
San Juan County

From: Colin Maycock
Sent: Thu 4/12/2012 3:31 PM
Subject: Inventory and Characterization Report Data Workshop with Consultant
Please find attached a draft agenda for the Technical Data workshop scheduled for the morning of Friday April 27th.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Shireene Hale-360-370-7569.
I shall be back in the country on the 26th and present on the morning of the 27th.
If you have specific technical questions for the consultants that are not covered by the agenda, then please submit the questions in writing by April 20th so they can be passed along to the consultants ahead of time.
It would be ideal if your concerns/questions included the following:
a. Specific citations/references where appropriate.
b. A brief description of the preferred resolution.
c. A concise analysis showing how the proposed changes would impact the goals, policies and potential regulation changes of the SMP?
Thanks for your time.

Colin Maycock, AICP
Planner IV
San Juan County Community Development and Planning
PO Box 947, Friday Harbor, WA
Phone: 360-370-7573

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  1. I thought Shireene Hale told the Council that she had no time for anything except the wetlands/fish and wildlife sections of the CAO? Now she's working on the SMP? I thought we had a full-time planner paid to do nothing but?