Thursday, August 16, 2012

Countdown To CAOmageddon: Flaw #14 - Unsustainable

By deciding to fully plan under the GMA back in 1990, we effectively agreed to impose urban planning requirements on ourselves although we are a rural county with a rural tax base. Agreeing to fully plan was a self-inflicted wound that keeps festering. How is our meager tax base going to afford the oversized planning and enforcement infrastructure needed to keep everyone in line with all these new-fangled CAOs that are unnecessarily restrictive?

Quite simply, we can't afford it.

As if Odlin Park weren't harbinger enough of increased costs, we also have data from County Human Resources showing steady projected declines in County personnel, with no end in sight. Every year, we will have fewer and fewer County employees (with higher and higher salaries). That means ever fewer people to serve the public, issue permits, and enforce the new CAOs.

Given that the new CAOs require us to get permission for almost everything, it's a recipe for regulatory and economic gridlock. How's that for a no-growth strategy?


  1. "Sustainability". A major key concept of their religion. Maybe they have a different definition for the word.
    This is like our federal government spending countless billions promoting electric cars while doing everything in their power to bankrupt the coal industry, which most of the country would need to re-charge their electric cars. Doesn't seem "sustainable" to me. It sure seems like government everywhere, even in our little po-dunk county, is divorced from reality. A very dangerous setting.

  2. Yet I'm sure we'll still have (1) Planning Director, (1) Planner I, (3) Planner IIIs, (1) Planner IV, an EcoSystems Education Coordinator; a Marine Resources Committee Coordinator; a Pollution Prevention Specialist; a Lead Entity Coordinator; and three support personnel. But they'll probably cut the only people who do anything useful: the plans examiner and building inspector.