Thursday, August 2, 2012

Whatcom County

I'd like to give a shameless plug for a like-minded blog about Whatcom County. If you'd like to know how one of our neighboring counties is dealing with its eco-hypocrisy, eco-deception, and eco-shenanigans, check out the Whatcom Excavator.  In their own words, this is what the Excavator is all about:
While you're busy working and "just having a life," laws and regulations are growing at a dizzying pace, without much press or fanfare. County and city ordinances may be posted in fine-print notices in the newspapers, but that's not very fair. Find important rules and regulations that affect your daily life here. We're getting bulldozed by 'elected officials' and organizations that are working us over "for our own good," whether we like it or not. Looks like we need to do some serious earth moving to hang on to our rights and property.
Good stuff!

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