Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Election Spending Through The Roof -- Already

Reports from the Public Disclosure Commission show that so far Lovel Pratt has taken in cash contributions of $9,910. But even she is trailing candidate Lisa Byers from Orcas who has taken in a total of $11,902. The largest individual donor for both Pratt and Byers is Janet Alderton, Board member of the Friends of the San Juans.

Things that make you go hmmmm.

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  1. Hmmm!

    Just as expectef. FOSJ and the Merry Band of Agenda 21 Jihadiis want to buy themselves a puppet government. Expect a work session in July to discuss making the County a "Carbon Free Zone", and then declaring the Maldives a sister-island to show solidarity with the UN $500 Billion/yr wealth transfer scheme! Local carbon-tax and banning cars on Spring Street by September. "Adopt a Salmon" week!

  2. Seem's it's time for Janet and the FOSJ to have a friendly visit from the taxman to insure there are no anomalies in their accounting practice's. Want to guess that Janet just got a bonus, that conveniently adds up to the donation amount.

  3. Oh this is desperate and pathetic. A lot of folks on Orcas Island remember the Friend's ill-considered and unwelcomed "community meeting" at the Odd Fellows Lodge last February. I think a lot of folks on Orcas are going to remember that meeting when they fill out their ballots. It is good that Janet Alderton will help remind the voters.

    Why is Lisa Byers suddenly playing this kind of game? She has a fairly decent reputation. Why throw it out the window like this? I am growing a little concerned for her.

    Why do I think that some big zit on the nose of our body politic is about to pop?

    All it needs is a bit of a squeeze. A little pressure.

  4. It is very peculiar when the affordable housing head, Byers, is the richest candidate in the county.

    Also, isn't Lovel married to a scion of the Cooke family of Castle & Cooke fame, the people who used to own Lanai when it was just a pineapple plantation? Didn't they make their money the old fashioned way - exploiting peasants for it?

    I fear we may all be treated like plantation workers soon.

  5. Goodness, Love?!? If that is true, OMG! C&C has a terrible reputation from both an environmental and social justice perspective.

    I just don't know what to say about that.

  6. Surely you recognize this type of obsessive behavior as trust-fund-baby-itis. And Lisa Byers is just Lovel with social skills. Same nanny state agenda. The only jobs that this Democratic slate will be producing in this County are in government and NGOs. Someone needs to count up the number of people making their living from the public treasury on the Dem slate contributors. Byers has Barbara "I Speak for the Fish" Rosenkotter on her committee. Orcas citizens, be looking elsewhere.


  7. We have some excellent nonpartisan candidates we can all come together around, Republican and Democrat alike who prefer the nonpartisan promise of our Charter.

    This election is becoming a public referendum over that partisan local mafia that hijacked the County Democratic Committee some years ago. Just look at the campaign committees and contribution sources. It is a rogue's gallery of usual suspects.

    It was an easy decision for plenty of local Dems to vote for Obama but not for Pratt/Rosenfeld. The Party deserves better and until they figure that out, authentic nonpartisan candidates who walk the walk, are the ones who moderate Democrats in this county will increasingly favor. That is a clear pattern now.

    Moderate island Democrats do not like the local mafia that has taken over the Party machine. They want that local mafia dissolved and replaced.

    This election shows that local mafia rising up to protect itself at all costs. They are feeling quite threatened now, and it shows.

    This "troika" of Pratt, Stephens and Byers being pushed by this local mafia disguised as Democrats is really amazing to watch.

    Tell everyone you know we have much better candidates.

  8. So who is a really good tattoo artist?

    Mr. McClerren, running against incumbent Stephens on Lopez, got off an excellent quote buried in the on line Journal about his interaction with people on that island. It is a lengthy quote.

    "As I meet with people and ask them to share their concerns. I hear the same complaint again and again. They feel all feel as if they are under attack from their government..." so that's the graph. Find it and read it.

    So under the cover of darkness in a good bar we have this paragraph placed on his chest. It is a long paragraph (you said that already..ed) and there is going to be considerable pain to get it implanted, but every time he strays off message we can rip his shirt open and get him back on track.

    Given the above he gets my vote.

  9. Quick comment:

    Isn't the title of this post wrong? Isn't this about election contributions... Not spending?

    Any chance you can post a link to everyone who is in the races information?

  10. That's a very fair comment, and I had thought of changing the title, but I intended it to mean that donors are spending a lot of money on the candidates, not that candidates are spending a lot of money.

    The link where you find information about about the candidates and their fundraising is:

    Filter on "San Juan" for locality, and the current candidates will come up. If you click on "details" on the far left then you will see the details for each candidates' donors.

  11. Dear Bird:

    I keep hearing rumors that there are three lawsuits pending that might be of interest to our citizenry. Anybody got the 4-1-1? If only we had newspapers to cover stories such as this. Oh well. Perhaps someday.

    I M Curious

  12. Perhaps a good question for Lovell at the upcoming LWV Q&A:

    Do you have any recollection of saying THIS?

    "I believe in campaign finance reform. I believe that election to public office (both running for office and supporting a candidate) should be available to everyone on equal terms, regardless of personal finances.

    From the start of my campaign, I decided to pay only for the filing fee ($337) from my own money, and only to accept contributions up to $25 per person ($50 per couple)."

    Journal Q&A October 13th 2008
    (published in print and online)

    Did you really go from a self imposed $25 limit to the legal maximum $1800 in four years?