Saturday, January 19, 2013

That Oughta Fix That Global Warming Thing

When you try to obtain County permission for a little project, you hit the tripwire that inevitably and unwittingly slams you headlong into the Network. The Network that was ostensibly built to combat global warming, to fight against agrochemical pollution, to save salmon, protect whales, house people sustainably and affordably, and stop coal shipments directs its know-it-all suspicions towards hapless you. Of course, if you can pay "donations" to have the Network ignore you, then your mega-dock or super-house might not attract a whiff of concern, but if you're just John Q. Public trying to do something more normal, you're in a spot of bother.

It doesn't matter what your project actually does to the environment, if anything. If it suits them, the grant-fed, self-interested Network backed by the credulity of superficially-thinking believers will shake you down and treat you as a likely environmental criminal no matter what you're doing. After all, there is money to be made in stopping environmental menaces like you, and someone in the Network might actually win an award for stopping you too. You are a surrogate for all the environmental ills of the world; as big a potential threat to life on earth as global warming itself. Well, at least that's how the Network can write it up in the next grant application.

So a Network that claims to be saving the planet actually ends up hassling elderly B&B owners (see email below), shellfish farmers, a small business owner who wants to store kayaks in his own barn, and a simple guy who only wants to grow some organic blueberries for his environmentally friendly restaurant. The rich are able to buy their way out of scrutiny; affordable housing proliferates; and the middle class disappears -- the people who usually start businesses and raise families and pay taxes.

The Network does everything it can to prohibit people from working at home and using their land, and then it tries to "solve" the self-inflicted economic crisis by promoting activities that it controls, like eco-tourism and further grant-funded government-sponsored activities. It rails against development, and then promotes development that it runs.

Most of all, the Network tries to get the right people in office ... both elected office and on the Committees ... because the health and well being of the Network depends on who "they" have in office to pull strings. They need enablers. They need government money and complicity. Will the people who vote for a living beat out the people who work for a living?

So far, I think, "they" are winning, especially when you consider rulings like the one described in the B&B email below. Paraphrasing the email below, if "no guarantee of no future impacts" is the new impossible-to-pass litmus test for whether we can do anything anymore, then we're all doomed. It provides the justification for the Friends and the rest of the Network to stop everything. Looking at the Hearing Examiner papers, you can get a sense of the grand Friends/Network strategy for us all. The trick is to maneuver everyone into a potential nonconforming situation, then target us whether there is an impact or not. In the B&B case, the use was denied not because of impacts (there aren't any), but just because nonconforming uses must be phased out because of judicial policy.

Read the email below by clicking on the image. Since it isn't a public records email, I have redacted the personal information. The email is just another disturbing, meddling, pointless injustice perpetrated by the Friends. Aren't you glad the Friends intervened to stop a kindly 82-year old woman from selling her two-room B&B so she could finally retire? That oughta stop the whole global warming thing right in its tracks, don't you think? Well done Network. Well done Friends.

Click to enlarge. Friends intervene to crush B&B owner.


  1. Well, that will show the elderly woman who wants to retire. Send Kyle Loring in to oppose it, even though all neighbors but one support the sale. Who put the "Friends" in charge of our lives? Well, bad choices in elections, for one. And why haven't they intervened in other cases, like the latest megamansion with megadock on Lopez? I guess that they just didn't notice it. But they noticed the poor lady and her two bedroom B&B. Amazing how that works.

  2. More facts, please. There should be a public record of the hearing and it should include copies of the Friends letter, briefing and perhaps other written submissions by the lady's attorney, and the court's opinion and ruling. What was the venue of the matter (what court), what was the cause number of the case and who was the judge? Would like to know what court and judge now applies the impossible guarantee principle to such matters.

  3. Thank you Dear Friends. A grateful nation sighs in relief.

  4. If only there was a way to read the actual case rather than just the email from Helen Chapman King.

  5. Unfortunately, she's gotten wrapped around the axle by the non-conforming laws, which are something the CAOs and SMP will do in spades. As the HEX says, there is no impact, but he concludes it is still illegal, just because.

    This is where silly rule-following trumps impacts. The silly rule/law is put in place because of "OMG we're all gonna die" fears about impacts, but then the simple truth is that there are no impacts, but the use is denied because of the silly rule.

    "Given the judicial policy to phase out nonconfonning uses, the authorization of a bed and breakfast at the subject property once that authorized use has expired must necessarily be construed as creating or increasing nonconformance with the prohibition of nonconforming uses in the Rural Residential 10 zoning district."

    And another no-impact home-based business bites the dust.

  6. We must promote tourism, our strongest economic driver, buy first killing off all rural residential B & B's. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  7. I believe the word "eliminate" is used in place of "phase out" in Ecology's literature.

    And that is a frightening word isn't it?

  8. This is why FOSJ so desperately fought to get every house in San Juan County labelled as non-conforming. The next step after the dust settles on the new CAO would be to push for a prohibition on the sale, transfer, gift, or other diosition of non-conforming properties. Presto! Well on to the goal of eliminating human existence in San Juan County,

  9. I thought the Vivian Barnett debacle made it clear to everyone that now with the wholehearted support of FOSJ and their minions, San Juan County now operates under the MAD society system. (Mutually Assured Destruction. You rat on me, I rat on you.)

    And, since SJC has countless rules an interpretations of same, there are very, very few properties wholly in compliance the MAD system should work well to keep lips sealed.

    So to those who still don't get it and want to continue to turn in their neighbors to the enforcers at FOSJ, you only need wait, because rest assured your turn will come.

    As to the enforcers at FOSJ who seemingly enjoy attacking single family homeowners, I have only one remaining question:

    "Where are YOU gonna live?"

  10. So (Lovel Pratt/Shireene Hale/Fish Ladies begin every answer with "So"--we're starting a drinking game--bring your flasks to the meetings. Perhaps "so" is an indicator of "everything else I say from here on is a lie or fabrication."

  11. Why did the Friends stop publishing the names of its donors on its annual report? Because it realized that people no longer considered it an honor? Because it doesn't HAVE that many people donating any more? We should start a 12-step program for Disgruntled Former Friends and Disgruntled Former Democrats.

  12. Oh come on that could never happen here. Next you will try to make me believe that you could have a day come when a group of concerned citizens would get together to save a special piece of waterfront land from development, that they would get the federal government to purchase this land for the local Indian tribe [who found their ancient spirits living in these 80 year old trees]. That this would become park for the whole community use and enjoy,till the day came when it was not kept clean and it was illegal to even enter for decades. That could never happen here.

  13. The FOSJ stopped publishing donor names in order to keep evil anti-environmentalists from tracking them down and scaring them from contributing to FOSJ!
    One cannot do Gaia's sacred work by day. Gaia's work requires getting rid of people, and people won't give money if they know they are trying to be gotten rid of. Funny about that.

  14. Funders - We appreciate your support!

    The Bullitt Foundation
    Charlotte Martin Foundation
    Horizons Foundation
    Northwest Fund for the Environment
    The Russell Family Foundation
    United States Fish and Wildlife Service
    Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board
    National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
    FishAmerica Foundation
    Environmental Support Center
    Washington Department of Ecology
    Tulalip Tribes
    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife ALEA

    From the friends website.
    I don't think we can scare all of these State and Federal funders.
    Its your money not thiers.

  15. My neighbor and I were just taking about the atomic weapons standoff in the fifties between the US and the USSR. We came to the same conclusion that the situation here is much like that one.

    His violations, he has several, and my violations, I have one large one, are of no threat to anyone but him or me. There are completely inconsequential to society.

    We get along well, but we both agreed that even if we didn't, it was like the nuclear weapons standoff, we would just have to get along.

    It is very sad what has been done to the woman with the B&B, but I might guess that her neighbor, like the previous commenter said, just does not understand this whole terriable society promulgated by the friends of the san juans.

  16. I like the idea being tossed around of a citizen oversight board for alleged permit violations. I know, I know just another advisory committee to be hijacked and corrupted but bear with me. We are learning. It's possible to have good rules.

    Anyway, this citizen committee would be able to air out the stories from "permit violators" and make recommendations back to the enforcement officer and/or to the Council who I am sure has the power to intervene and smooth the waters if they chose to.

    If someone went to this citizen group and said basically I got on the FOSJ/DOE shit list and they can demonstrate that, the committee could call foul ball, demand written explanations, bring FOSJ board members to testify on the record and more.

    It's an angle to think about. It doesn't over-ride the hearing examiner but it helps let the sunshine in and encourage transparency. Something Charter Proposition Three appears to have strong public support to promote.

  17. We found your posting (That Oughta Fix That Global Warming Thing) interesting that the FRIENDS will help those with money. We found that they will directly help if you make a large donation to them. We were shocked some years ago when they suggested they could help in a land use issue if we would be willing to donate $5K in return for their support. We were dumfounded that when we declined the request the offer to help was withdrawn.

  18. That person didn't say "so" or even so, so. So, it must be so.

  19. I wonder if the friends still have access to the county computers? So they can keep track of "things".

  20. The report here that the FOSJ asked for a $5K donation to "help" and withdrew that offer when tribute was not rendered.

    Would be really good to learn more. If there is someway to protect the person's identity while getting the full story, that would be great.

    What this says to me that there is that the FOSJ know how to game the system they helped create, they are not above taking bribes (fees? donations?) to provide such a needed service, to get through the system.

    That means that FOSJ is just a business. All that speak for the trees stuff is just sales hype. And they act like a local mafia. "Why not just take out a small insurance policy, a contribution to our Orca orphan's fund. Yeah. Dat's right. Hate to see your little shop burn down. Thatta be a shame."

  21. To the anonymous poster who provided the link to the doc. What is your viewpoint? Do you feel the County was wise? Do you think Ms. King's B and B was hurting the environment? Not supporting "eco-tourism"? Was something that should be phased out (eliminated)?

    The sarcastic tone is not helpful w/out explanations of your reasoning and beliefs.

    I am under the impression you support the "phasing out" of cottage businesses that allow someone to live w/out the help of the government. Does that mean you prefer using tax money to replace her home w/an affordable dwelling in one of the new neighborhoods in town?

    Have you considered the reality of running a small B and B for an elderly woman? Have you considered the years and work and imagination she has invested to create a viable means of support for herself w/out the help of government tax dollars? In fact she and her kind pay more taxes to support others.

    I can't imagine how Kyle sleeps at night. The "friends" have lost touch here. And I'm very grateful to the TH for exposing their busywork. Busy busy busy aren't they?

  22. Could someone please post the FOSJ mission statement?

  23. And while you're at it...would love to hear the story of the woman from Salt Spring too.

  24. "To protect the land, water, sea, and livability of the San Juan Islands through science, education, stewardship and advocacy."

    Fiscal Year Starting: Oct 01, 2010
    Fiscal Year Ending: Sep 30, 2011

    Revenue Total Revenue $494,566

    Expenses Total Expenses $558,563

    To be honest, the mission statement should include surveillance, intimidation, litigation and agitation.

  25. Oh yes but everyone is so happy in SJC we experience so few appeals we really dont have a problem that couldnt be corrected with a little extra authority givin the Director of CD&P
    start w hour/minute 1:25
    Zoning and code enforcement

  26. The poor woman was clearly railroaded by the FoSJ and the hearing examiner, simply for originally suggesting there could be a term to her B&B. and the hearing examiner were not qualified on the facts, a B&B is indeed vastly different than a short term rental and the woman was/is highly vested in the more significant of the two terms. the decision should be appealed. And she needs the support of this comunity to do so. OK?

  27. I wonder what the friends true mission really is? The way they are educating us is pretty brutal, crushing peoples hopes and dreams. Their is no real information on their website, all very cloak and dagger. They wouuld never host a open forum like this blog, people are getting mad because they are confused, sometimes frusteration leads to aggression. But if there is no dialog there can be no resolution, is that what the friends want? Is this all about them creating a job for themselves? Following in the footsteps of their ex. leader sen. kevin ranker. He's the one that got the foot in the door of our government when he was on the council, then on to the senate, then fellowship ocean foundation, then a principal with coast consulting group. He topped all that off with rejecting the chairmanship of the state enviroment and marine waters committe, waste of his time they don't aggree with him, apparently kev does not play well with others. Good job by our elected representative in olympia. We wonder why the state is so attentive to matters here I say he is the inside man. Wonder why some of us are worked up? It's because we are tired of lies, decption and patronized. Fueling uncertainty with evermore uncertainty.A lot of people are struggling and when we try to seek justice the judge and others in the room laugh at us. I don't know if kyle or his ilk can sleep at night, but I sure have trouble. This tragedy is all so needless. Thank you TH for providing this service, it is truly needed.

  28. Nah, no more appeals. I suggest the lady instead convert her operation to that of a medical dispensory co-op for B&B (or vacation rental) guest members only. That or perhaps offer the place for sale to one of the tribes for operation as a vacation rental casino.

  29. Re-reading the decision concerning Ms. King I see that they approved her house as a vacation rental therebye removing the legal ability to "serve" food. I think that could be a point to work on...maybe? Couldn't you fix a little breakfast but not "serve" it per se? Like yourself if you're tourism simply deplores "service".

    What was achieved? Whose donation was spent achieving it? What was produced? What was the service the "friends" provided? It seems the friends are leeches feeding on their donors money. If those donors were aware of the petty obsessions they were supporting I wonder if they would denounce the "friends".

    Now Ms King can sell her house at a loss to a wealthy retired couple who will not produce anything or provide any service either. Well done "friends"!

  30. I wonder why FOSJ has been silent on the little reported proposal by Kentec, USA to build a waste gasification plant on the Sutton Road trash site. Tons of mixed waste in, electricity, steam, and CO2 out. Plus a little S02, and other stuff. And lots of ash, to be hauled away. 100 foot tower, or more to emit the gases. But they act like a B&B Is a bigger threat.
    Very strange and dangerous band of Eco-jihadists!

  31. I cannot imagine being on the Board or Staff of FOSJ. What I cannot imagine is being able to adopt and maintain a state of mind that utterly has no concern for the people of this county. To be so welded to a belief structure that it generates an impermeable, unshakable arrogance. I wish I knew how to take the war to them, to rattle that arrogance, to instill a deep fear that a wave of rejection of their very being will inevitably engulf them, and sweep them into the extremely non-polluted Salish Sea!

  32. The Bullitt Foundation has been involved in the energy market before, Go to Also interesting do a search american thinker agenda 21.

  33. If I were this poor woman, I would rent it out as a vacation rental. THAT should please the only neighbor who complained--and whose complaint was that the B&B house had a light that bothered her. A million KW spotlight? Nope--more like a 60w light outside a door. Some people have too much time on their hands.

    Anyone else interested in a fundraiser to pay for Mrs. King's appeal?

  34. Unfortunately a vacation rental wont allow her to retire, she needs to sell. And a vacation rental permit is not the least bit similar to a B&B

  35. The corruption around here took decades to build,it's a complete system. They call it politics , but its just two words that mean the same thing. Don't expect that the hearing examiner , or the appeals judge are not in the system. I'm not sure the state is any better. Do your records request if you like ,but then what? You may find you wish you could have one more day in a world that Santa Claus is real.

  36. The neighbor who complained should pay for her appeal and if that neighbor refuses to do so then an SOB like me might take a very hard look at the neighbor's property.

  37. Code enforcement is very doctrinaire. Once a low level hearing officer has rendered a verdict, those hearing an appeal are loath to rule otherwise.

    I do think it is true the whining neighbor is vulnerable as I agree most lots in San Juan County have code violations of one sort or another, and many land owners have no idea they have broken some rule. The rules are complaint driven. They only exist for one person to snuff another. They serve no other purpose I can divine. For instance, is there any common concern about the distance a guest house is from the main house? Is there any common concern about about these buildings being on the same water and septic systems?

    Yet these are the very rules used to snuff the much conflicted Ms. Vivian.

    Looking back, who generated most of these unsupported rules?

    I know you know the answer to that one.

  38. This begins the fee and fine process. The way the county hopes to support the building department. This and the new Randy ,Oh I mean safety tax. As we turn on one another we generate the funds and build a great little community .

  39. Okay, let me see if I understand this. The county council wants to encourage clean, low impact small businesses and tourism, but they charge exorbitant fees for permits and then deny them and charge even more for appeals so that people who want to start a small, low impact business are discouraged. Can you spell self-destruction?