Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who is Charles Dalton?

If you haven't yet, you need to see the video about Charles Dalton. The "Friends" and Sharon Kivisto of the online news site,, have responded by saying that it portrays a law-breaker as a victim. We believe that is the kind of unforgiving, heartless rhetoric that we have come to expect, and which we are against. Besides, if "they" have their way, we will be subject to so many new environmental requirements that there is no way we average joes will be able to avoid at least some kind of minor violation, for something. They'll target us for having committed some minor victimless crime and then use the legal system to persecute us while the eco-noise machine discredits us, one by one -- painting us as "developers" committing crimes against nature and saying we deserve no mercy. Meanwhile, whether we actually caused any harm will be overlooked and forgotten.  We are all Charles Dalton.

Watch the Charles Dalton Video and read what Nick Jones has to say about Sharon Kivisto's reporting on the situation.

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