Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Damn It Feels Good to Be a CAO Gangsta!

The following quotation appeared in a local newspaper regarding the Charles Dalton case:

County Prosecuting Attorney Randy Gaylord said islanders can contact the county to view a "wetland inventory map" and if a wetland is shown on your property, and you disagree, it's up to you to disprove it.

With that kind of approach and with the desk-jockeys making County wetland maps at full throttle for the last couple of years, they'll be more Dalton-like cases than you can count. Take, for example, the long-time islanders who wrote the following letter to the Planning Commission today.  Do you hear the bell tolling yet?

We are the owners of water front property on Lopez Island.  As such, we are following with grave concern the San Juan County writing of a Critical Areas Ordinance, and in particular the Wetlands Section of the CAO.  It is our understanding the County has again requested citizen input regarding its proposed Wetlands Section.

We have reviewed the proposed wetlands designation map and are flabbergasted to see a “non-tidal wetlands” label pasted upon our property.  We are flabbergasted because no standing water or any semblance of a “wetland” has ever existed or been observed on our property in the past 44 years the property has been owned by us or our parents.  It appears to us that San Juan County has acted erroneously and randomly in their analysis of and labeling of our property regarding “wetlands”.

If our property is any indication of the overall  manner in which San Juan County “wetlands” have been identified, we consider the county’s work quite flawed.  We do not claim to be particularly knowledgeable regarding wetlands, but it doesn’t take much knowledge to understand that our property is no “wetland” of any type.

We respectfully request the proposed Wetlands Section not be incorporated into the CAO until its errors are corrected and impacted private property owners are given proper and satisfactory answers to their concerns.

It ain't easy bein' owners in a CAO world, yo!  Damn It Feels Good To Be a CAO Gangsta!

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