Saturday, February 18, 2012

When the consultants like it ...

At Rich Peterson's constituency meeting at Roche Harbor today, Pete Rose made some comments about the Draft Wetlands CAO.  He thanked the Group of Technical of Experts who had helped to draft this version, and he reported that Dr. Adamus, the County's wetland consulting scientist, feels it may be the best Wetlands CAO in the State. That should give you pause.

There will be future postings here to elaborate on the Wetlands CAO, but the fact that wetlands consultants like the draft is not a particularly good indicator for the average homeowner.

For more information on the actors in the CAO drama, please refer to the tab marked "Central Casting" for brief explanations of the participants.  More to follow later.

1 comment:

  1. Well, given the fact that the "technical advisory group" appears to have been convened by CDPD after they pulled the wetlands section from the Planning Commission in the middle of its hearings to address the complaints of the Friends' witness, it is probably no surprise that it comprises the Friends' featured wetland consultant, the Friends' Board member, and the ever-present, ever-helpful Ecology staff.