Sunday, February 19, 2012

Going Down Down Down Down ...

The latest reports are out about the steady inexorable decline in real estate sales here. Of course, there are those who have said repeatedly that it has nothing to do with the CAOs or the SMP, but with national trends instead. That hasn't stopped Stephanie Buffum, during public access testimony before the Council, from saying that the CAOs are needed to eliminate the uncertainty hovering over the local real estate market. Are the Friends really interested in improving market conditions for real estate? Do you believe the CAOs will eliminate uncertainty and worry, or increase it? You decide.

Maybe your conclusion will be like that of the President of the San Juan Builders Association. Given the abysmal declines with no end in sight, one has to wonder where the growth is that we're supposed to be managing with such severe new restrictions.

We're going down, down, down, down ... sick and tired of ya settin' me up, yeah, set me up ah just a knock-a-knock-a-knock-a-me-down ...


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