Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Because $38,999 Isn't Good Enough On Its Own

Looks like the Network (see below) is pulling out all the stops for Byers and Pratt, even though just those two candidates have raised a whopping $38,999 combined ($20,447 for Byers and $18,552 for Pratt). Nonetheless those "outstanding candidates" will be getting more help, according to the email below.

Diane Martindale is a member of the League of Women Voters, a donor to the Pratt campaign, and San Juan Vice Chair of the Democratic Party. Some nonpartisan election this is turning out to be.

Remember, this is easy calling.
Subject: Primary election
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 13:07:40 -0800 (PST)
From: Diane Martindale

Two of our endorsed candidates for County Council have asked for our help. We are going to have a blast phone bank-ONE WEEK ONLY. If everyone takes one shift we will have it done, done. This is easy calling--we will be calling Democrats to remind them to vote for Lisa Byers and Lovel Pratt and make sure they understand this election process. The ballots are out and we want our candidates names checked!
All you do is show up with a charged cell phone. We will have one spare for someone without a phone. FOR THOSE NOT ON SAN JUAN ISLAND- I can get the script and calling package to you. Let me know where to mail it. I AM MAILING THOSE NOW.
Here is the schedule on San Juan Island for the phone bank at the Garden Path Cafe: Thursday, Jan. 31 phone bank from 4 p.m to 6:30.
Saturday, Feb. 2 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Monday, Feb. 4 4-6:30
Tuesday, Feb. 5 4-7
Wednesday, Feb.6 3:30-7
Thursday, Feb. 7 4-7
Friday, Feb. 8 3-6
Saturday, Feb. 9 10-1 p.m.
ACTION: Call or email me to let me know when you can come. 370-XXXX PLEASE forward this email to supporters and friends who might help.

Thank you for your help for our outstanding candidates.

Diane Martindale


  1. Polysyllabic Delphi Fog MachineJanuary 30, 2013 at 9:05 PM

    "Hello, I'd like to ask you to vote for Lovel Pratt because she thinks a desolate construction site in the middle of Friday Harbor is a vibrant, sustainable, green-space and community asset for proactively creating year-round jobs. Also, she is so dedicated to our community -- she'll call up almost anyone and scold them for an hour or more for not being sufficiently loyal.

    And please vote for Lisa Byers because she already houses 5% of Orcasians and 15% of its schoolchildren. Even though that is a statistic we should all be horrified about, Byers sees it as a sign of community success and won't stop until she houses 100%. But Byers' greatest asset is that she will compassionately collaborate to build a culture of consistently constructive resolutions of realistic metrics to reward innovation stemming from appropriate motivation based on clarity and honestly -- while striving for continuous improvement and valuing diversity.

    How many votes can we put you down for?"

  2. And your point is? Ed Kilduff, your immaturity, naivete, and paranoia are showing.

  3. I don't know about Ed Kilduff, but Anonymous #1's defensiveness and name-calling proclivities are definitely showing. Doth protest too much Anonymous #1? Don't you have a phone call to make Anonymous #1?

  4. I agree. And Trojan Heron and Anonymous #1 are both Ed Kilduff. Source: Mike Carlson.

  5. Oh, that smacks of Dehlendork, doesn't it? How is it that the Dehlendorks coughed up so little--I thought he was a banker in a prior life? Seems odd when Janet the lab scientist and her husband came up with $3000. I guess those California pensions are really generous.

  6. Nothing like a shrieking call from Lovel to ruin your evening. HOW DARE YOU CONTRADICT ME???
    I think she's modeling the Queen of Hearts. Off with their heads! Who's Mike Carlson?

  7. Wait! Anonymous #1 is Ed Kilduff? And who is Mike Carlson? Is there anyone who isn't Ed Kilduff? OMG, am I Ed Kilduff? All this time, I thought I was me.

    I may not know who I am, but I know a political machine when I see one, and paranoid or not, we've got us a political machine operating in this election.

  8. Correction to the previous commenter but Alderton and her hubby have coughed up $5400 dollars.

    To the critical commenters on this post - Where is the compassionate collaboration? Give me your tired, your consistently clear metrics for innovation, your appropriate motivational continuous improvement, your striving diversity sustainability yearning to be free!

  9. Jimmy Hoffa is buried in Stan Matthews backyard, and both Stan Matthews and Jimmy Hoffa are Ed Kilduff. Source: Mike Carlson.

  10. We are all Ed Kilduff. Source: Who else?

  11. We are all the Trojan Heron.

  12. We are Anonymous. We are legion. Expect us. The Party has been infiltrated.

  13. G'Day. You know, this Party Machine thing in a nonpartisan election is beginning to annoy me a little. Where is the San Juan's editorial attention?

    So, this is about the environment, the fish, the eelgrass and the Marbled Murelet is it?

    At least the power game behind it all is throwing off all pretense.

  14. Seems to me that the First Amendment protects the Democratic party and allows them to endorse anyone they want.

    The problem, is that the email indicates that the candidates have solicited the party for aid -- and this was not sua sponte action of the party.

    This is a whole other ball of wax.

    I think a fair reading of the County Charter arguably renders this an election violation.

    Affectionately yours,

    Nick Power

  15. Well, perhaps the Party hack mispoke, what actually took place was proactive compassionate collaboration betwixt and between several of the larger campaign Friends and the Party on behalf of their mutual political interests to ensure a sustainable and resilient turnout in the favor of their purchases.

    But it would be hard to say that over the phone wouldn't. "Hello, I'm calling on behalf of Janet Alderton, of the Friends of the San Juan. Won't you support Janet and her Friend's investment in the best candidates her money can buy? Because if you don't, she wants you to know you are nonconforming and she has photos and will make your miserable little life a living hell. So get that ballot marked and mailed if you know what's good for you, chump. Hop to it."

  16. It absolutely is about the candidates behavior, not free speech. If you remember the email from Ron Zee, the candidates applied for sponsorship from the Democratic Party. Now the candidates are asking for help from the Democratic Party.

    If this isn't a violation of the nonpartisan provisions of the Charter, then what is? So the candidates can request/demand the help of the Party on anything, and the Parties and candidates can collaborate to any degree and it's not a partisan election just because the county ballot doesn't have a party name next to a candidate's name?

    At the moment, we have a situation where county citizens think it's a nonpartisan campaign, but all that is happening is that one Party has put its machine into effect in a covert manner.

    Byers and Pratt are making a complete mockery of the Charter, and if they can't even control their own Party (or don't seem to want to), what makes anyone believe they are strong enough leaders to control our out-of-control county. Quite aside from the Charter, this speaks to lack of personal leadership ability. They are the instruments of the special interests they serve, not leaders.

  17. A complete mockery of the voters and citizens. These guys view the Charter as a quaint inconvenience, along with the antiquated Washington State and U.S. Constitutions.

    "Nonpartisan in Name Only" NINO?

    But wait. The CRC voted on whether the positions should remain nonpartisan or become partisan again. In their infinite wisdom the CRC voted to keep the positions nonpartisan and so that was not a measure or option presented to the voters last November.

    What is the voting record of the CRC Commissioners? Since a number of them have turned up as party hacks themselves, as campaign committee members and donors in this fiasco. How did they vote, during the CRC deliberations? Did they behave as a voting bloc from Day One or did they behave in a neutral, deliberative manner?

    Tell it to the judge.

  18. I should add, I have nothing against the democratic party I voted for Clinton twice (or was it three times -- ha ha). And Obama twice (once enthusiastically, the other only grudgingly).

    I am democratically, Nick Power

  19. Open letter to Diane Martindale -- I will hit the record button when I receive your call and then file a harassment activities will be the basis for a lawsuit

  20. I am coming to the conclusion that the path is set.

    if you look at State and National election results for years past, the county is 75% Democratic and 25% Republican. So be it. Democrats by and large will go for Pratt, Byers, Stevens. Low information voters or zealots, the identity politics drives where the ballot marks go.
    The three winners are influenced strongly by the far left side of the bell curve, where the FOSJ and Agend21 crowd live. So, our freedom and wallets will be restricted and extracted in order to pursue to Eco-Socialist Utopia fantasy. Because 75% of the people who live here put the ballot marks where they do. Don't see any data or logic overcoming the emotion. My response will be to fight and delay this march to Ecotopia suicide much as the 300 Spartans fought the Persians. There will be honor in resisting the evil to come.

  21. Nick-

    you're an attorney, so can you help us out here? Where in the RCW's is the line drawn that defines Partisan v. Non-Partisan elections.

    RCW 29A is the governing law behind our elections, but in the legal definitions does not even define the term Non-partisan?

    Everything I read seems to say that the only distinction between a Partisan and Non-Partisan election is the printing of the Candidates preferred party on a ballot - other than that the law seems to consider everything else OK.

    If thats the Case, then can I officially start the Demopublican party and endorse every candidate? I'll even send them all the same amount of money!

    But seriously - what is the rule?

  22. I have no Idea.

    I am not licensed in WA and would shy from giving legal opinions over the internet in any event.

    Though, I am happy to talk to anyone about any number of interesting civic matters and my number is 370 5708.


  23. To the earlier post:

    But if 75% of the people vote for something, isn't that what should be put in place? I get that as part of the 25% you may not be happy - but the idea of democracy is that decisions should be made in favor of the majority of the people's will.

    I am as adimant about the failings of the CAO and other endeavors as the next guy, but I also believe in majority rule.

    If any of these candidates gets 75% of the vote - then I believe they are the right one for the job.

    And- just as a side note- I don't think that 75% of the county is voting for a D. I just think that the Republicans have put up some really terrible candidates recently (Mr. McKenna excepted). If anything San Juan County is likely to lean away from a political party designation and favor an independant candidate.

  24. If 75% of the people vote to enslave the remaining 25%, that is not OK. "Democracy" is not necessarily what you want in a free society...

    Some old dead white guys wrote up some moldy documents about this in the 1700s, I think.


  25. Once again whats best for the people, a affordable government for one, gets lost in the political wrangeling.

  26. Hope the last line from 10:56AM is true.



  27. Still think you're right Gordy? You made it almost impossible for yourself of a person of any conservative bent to be elected in SJC.

  28. “The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather that of the party...that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections.” Lord Acton (1834-1902)

    “A bill of rights...serves to secure the minority against the usurpation and tyranny of the majority.” James Winthrop, 1788

  29. And so I think our Comprehensive Plan lacks a "Bill of Rights."

    We need a Rural Element in our Comprehensive Plan to protect and maintain our real rural character.

    We don't have to become EcoLand.

    It's up to us.

    By the way, the character of an islander leans away from the authoritarian and embraces closer to the libertarian end of the political compass.

    Want a recent example? The Stormwater Referendum

    We're a complicated bunch out here, and fiercely independent.

  30. This isn't about electing conservatives or liberals but about electing people who are independent voices for local people and local issues.

    This is about how a large portion of the people involved in county government ... no matter what they may say about community this or environmental that ... are simply chasing money.

    I agree with an earlier commenter who said that most of us are independents. That coincides with national trends which show membership in both Parties declining.

    If folks are going to criticize anyone on the CRC, I think they should look to the CRC members who are participating in the undermining of the nonpartisan nature of the Charter. You just have to look at the Byers and Pratt campaigns to see who they are. I don't see Gordy's name listed there.

    Again, I hope this doesn't turn into a CRC debate. The subject deserving scrutiny now, I believe, is the behavior of the people involved in the Network and the campaigns.

  31. It's the Lisa "Buy Her" campaign.

  32. I suppose the question to be put to Ms. Martindale is: "If a moderate member of the democratic party asked you to light up a blazing telephone tree would you do it?"

    Is there no room for moderate independents in San Juan County government?

    Ayers, Forlenza, Hughes, Jarman, and McClerren all seem like moderate folks to me and say one of them is a democrat; would he get the telephone tree if he asked for it?

    Tell the truth, if you know it.

  33. Has the SJC Republican Party jumped in with telephone trees and endorsements and funding of any County Council candidate?

  34. To John Wayne above (Marion Morrison) - no they haven't.

  35. OK Blazing Saddles or blazing telephone trees, I just can't understand those who feel the need for the inspiration and birth of a 40K drive to blow a few moderate candidates to kingdom come.

    These guys, the Winter Council, are so benign as to not even elect one of their own as chair. So far there has been not a millimeter of movement to correct the debacle handed the citizens of this County by Pratt and crew.

    And yes, you know it is true. The CAO is garbage. It needs a ton of work and a lot of us open minded people don't want bought and sold people doing it.

    PS: I was pro Byers until she hooked up with and sold out to you driven people. Welcome to TH by the way.

  36. Agreed. I have known Lisa Byers for nearly 15 years and have worked with her in the past. I am a life long Democrat. I voted for Obama. I voted once for Ranker but never again after observing his performance in office. He utterly fails Abraham Lincoln's famous test: "“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.”

    Lisa Byers has shown herself to be a terrible, tragic disappointment not only to this community but to herself. She is rapidly losing my respect and good will.

    She should be ashamed to have anything to do with this naked power grab.

    I disown this cabal, this local mafia masquerading as the Democratic Party. The apparatus was stolen years ago, it has been in power far too long, it became complacent and arrogant and now believes it faces an existential threat. This explains the behavior you see.

    This is the principle of Occam's Razor in action. The simplest explanations generally turn out to be the most accurate.

    What is the best way to uncover the simple explanation, or M.O. in political theater?

    We all know the answer. Follow the money.

  37. I think people should be more careful in their language about Lisa Byers. She seems sincere in her beliefs. I really don't think she can be "bought." I just think that she has a seriously left bend and that that would be bad for the County.
    Lovel, of course, is a totally different story. It's too bad Lisa cast her lot with Lovel.

  38. Yes Lisa seems sincere in her beliefs. With a permanent left lean. And Stevens turns left. And Lovel sure isn't right. So, the Eco-Mafia has purchased its Troika.
    Maybe the FOSJ will get the reasonable use exception reduced from its "generous" and "dangerous" 2500 square feet down to the 800 "reasonable" square feet it pushed for. Maybe they'll get the Troika to agree that ALL our houses WILL be NON CONFORMING. Maybe the county will see if it can levy its own Greenhouse Gas tax.
    Get that National Monument status to include the entire county, why stop at BLM lands. Wheee, Eco-Utopia is around the bend!

    How broadly read is TH? Too bad the truths here don't get wider visibility. This place doesn't know how bad it is going to get.

  39. It has nothing to do with "Left, Moderate, or Right" it has to do with being your own person.

    Ms. Byers sold out. Like the real estate or not, too late, it is sold!

  40. I look forward to Lisa Byer's explanations. I do like her. But I am very disappointed.

    I feel she has allowed herself to be used to lend a halo effect around Lovel Pratt who does not deserve another term of office and who betrayed the voter's trust. Whether Lisa realizes this, or not, is now an issue she needs to address ... proactively.

    I am also interested in learning more about the reach and readership of the Trojan Heron. It appears to have been fairly successful because it meets a crying need:

    1) Real, fact based investigative journalism, served with rum spice
    2) An open public forum

    That's really hard. And the publisher of the TH also helps keep the conversation constructive with a gentle hand.

    No other "news" outlet in the islands offers such a service.

  41. Thanks, and we try at the Trojan Heron to guide the conversation in constructive directions when we feel it is beginning to veer off the rails, but it's a fine line because we want people to express themselves, even when it is hard to hear.

    All I can tell you about our readership is that we have received about 105,000 hits in 11 months of existence. Most of our hits come from the islands, but we also have fans on the mainland, especially in Whatcom County.

  42. I cut some eel grass and made a salad. Dang tasty.

    Recipie will be forth coming in my new online TH featured recipies.

    I am Billy Crocker (Betty Crockers Illigetimate Son)

  43. TH

    Hits are the wrong term to gauge traffic, hits are not relavant, impressions/page views or unique users are a much better matrix.

    Every image on a page is a hit...six images = 6 hits

  44. Very well then, here is the "relevant" data:

    About 250 unique visits per day, or about 7,500 per month, with about 3 pageviews per hit recently. Roughly 40,000 unique visits over the past year, with an increasing trend.


  45. Stay tuned for the "smilin' jim roadshow". Over two months of "community conversation". Four islands! Round table discussion! Small groups! Summary prepared! AND posted on the SAN JUAN COUNTY WEBPAGE! Number one on the the agenda is about "Quality of Life in the Islands". Number three is the "Conversations on Economy"
    Want to learn how to hitch your cart before your horse? Our leaders will tell you how.
    There is nothing wrong with doing some meetings, but then you need to do something. How many paid county employees will it take to compile this report of our needs? Climb out of the economic downturn? Here is a thought. No, gonna save it, the county would have see if there is a grant to study it.

  46. Hey if anyone reading the Trojan Heron happens to get a call from the San Juan County Ubercrat Earth Muffin Brigade be sure to post a comment here!

  47. Interesting site statistics. I don't think I agree with the idea that hits are meaningless, that's ancient marketing hype for old web site statistic products that predated Google Analytics. Everyone had their own secret sauce on what constituted a real site visit so they all dismissed the hit as meaningless. But hits are meaningful as well, as one metric among many.

    Anyway, since Blogspot is bolted into Google now, its probably possible to deep dive into the analytics for all kinds of patterns for site visits ... like trolls from Department of Ecology or Tulalip Tribe keeping tabs on us or red faced spin doctors inside San Juan County, or Ubercrat czars in a cold sweat.

    But the Trojan Heron is clearly taking wing, and getting to the point of attracting certain kinds of ad based revenues. Trojan Heron got legs.

    Had it not been for the Friends of the San Juans, the Trojan Heron would not have been necessary.

  48. Wow, 7,000 visitors each month?

    The total population of the county is about 16,000? What's the percentage of net access from home, pretty high isn't it? Do the math.

    Just keep spreading the word. Trojan Heron quickly becoming part of the morning news over coffee, in these islands.

  49. We want FOSJ to read TH. At least 10 times a day. To quote from Ben Hur, the movie, "Quintus Arrius: Your eyes are full of hate, forty-one. That's good. Hate keeps a man alive. It gives him strength

  50. As a common consumer of the TH news feed, I think that "Lisa" has been lumped in with "Lovell".

    I will not be voting for Lovell, but will be voting for Lisa.

    I have talked with her coworkers and have heard their take and have even heard Lisa herself express displeasure with the FOSJ tactics. I know that she has gone head to head with the county planning department in an effort to sustain her (opals) land use rights.

    She may be a political Lefty, but of you look at her answers in the recent forums they were sound.

    If your vote in this election is going to be about what a party has to say, then by all means vote against her, but I seldom listen to parties, and vote for the person I believe is best for the job.

    On that note, still not sure who to vote for on San Juan!

  51. I live on San Juan and have the same tough decision with Orcas. I think Hughes and Ayers are both good, but I only have one vote of course.

    Same predicament on San Juan. Truly would be beneficial if excellent candidates Jarman and Forenza BOTH defeat Pratt...yeah with those bucks, dream on.

  52. This primary vote construct is bovine excrement! The concept of a district is a joke. All Lopez needed do was only run two candidates. Lopez chooses its winner off- line. Then, Lopez decides in a significant way who is San Juan's and Orcas' candidates. How is this fair? I can see everyone voting in the general, but I did not expect the same rule for the primary. Who do we have to thank for this absurdity?

  53. And to prove the arrogance of the FOSJ...How the hell do you dare live here. We'll fix you now! And, we bought the election too...

    02/01/2013: "FRIENDS Appeal CAO"

    The FRIENDS of the San Juans has appealed the Critical Areas Ordinance update that San Juan County adopted in December 2012.

    The FRIENDS press release on the appeal to the Growth Managment Board (Board) states the " filed the appeal in an effort to stem the steady, incremental and cumulative degradation of local waters and wildlife. Eelgrass disappeared from 82 acres of embayments between 1995 and 2004. Puget Sound Chinook salmon, Southern Resident Killer Whale and sea bird populations continue to decline. Shoreline trees and shrubs that deliver insects to salmon, and tidal marshes that provide them homes, have also declined significantly over the years."

    “Unfortunately, this is the next step,” stated Kyle Loring, FRIENDS’ Staff Attorney. “We see litigation as a last resort, but when seven years and several different processes result in an ordinance riddled with loopholes, like shoreline buffers as small as 30 feet from spawning beaches when other counties seek 150 feet, we feel compelled to turn to the Growth Management Hearings Board for guidance.”

    San Olson, President of FRIENDS’ Board of Directors, stated, “We are picking up where experts like the Washington Department of Ecology, locally-affiliated Tribes, and the County’s Marine Resources Committee left off. Each of them offered recommendations to ensure that the CAO protects critical areas, unfortunately many of their recommendations were rejected. FRIENDS’ board is concerned that if we do not challenge the CAO provisions we believe are inadequate, San Juan County would lower the bar for ourselves and those Puget Sound counties just now starting their second round of CAO updates.”

    1. It will be interesting to hear each candidates response to this.

      Here is the question:

      The Friends of the San Juan's have just sued the county over a code process which they were heavily involved in. How do you view the actions of FOSJ and what restrictions do you believe should be put in place with regard to their involvement on San Juan County commissions while they are a pending litigant against the county?

  54. Gee, do ya think Pratt, Byers, and Stevens will think 500 foot buffers will satisfy the eco-jihadis of FOSJ?

  55. Anonymous @ February 1, 2013 at 2:11 PM: In Skagit Co. the primaries are by district, while the general is county-wide for each of the three commissioner positions. See, e.g. . That always made sense to me. Not sure who you have to "thank", but I wonder about this assumption that somebody is always doing something to you. Is there a form of government that would satisfy you folks? Just curious.

  56. And as I understand it, Whatcom County, a Home Rule county, by charter, also has district level "top 2" primaries followed by the final candidates competing county wide.

    Why on earth the CRC simply did not recommend the Whatcom model for adoption here, combined with dropping the 6th Friday Harbor district to create a simple working majority is beyond comprehension.

    And then of course is that odd duck of an old law that provides that certain counties comprises of islands may, if their commissioners deem fit, create districts of unequal representation.

    That may have made some sense in 1909, but nowadays is just a tool of a corrupt party apparatus to maintain power.

    The so-called Democrats here in San Juan County are even opposed to equal representation ... if it keeps them in control.

    Yes, it really is that crazy, and you can see that they are not Democrats at all. Not really.

    Of course, I may be wrong.

  57. Kit says:

    "I wonder about this assumption that somebody is always doing something to you. "

    I don't wonder at all. I know. Our good FOSJ spends endless time, money, and PR to "do stuff to us".

    Their science sucks, their end goals never explained, and their disdain for non-eel-grass entities (like people) is legendary. Aggrevate, irritate, litigate, that is their motto!

  58. American democracy and representative republic suits me just fine.

    I understand there was some borrowing of governance ideas from the Iroquois Confederacy from back in the day.

    Be that as it may, as Winston Churchill once quipped "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." (from a House of Commons speech on Nov. 11, 1947)

    Excepting this loony-tunes authoritarian Ecotopia being rammed down our throats. That, would be worse. And not good for Gaia either for really obvious reasons.

  59. It is good that PM Churchill is getting some quotes on the TH. The guy was a clear thinker or at the very least he was a enlightened speaker.

    I am thankful we have some good candidates and turf for comparison.

  60. The truth is that most people voting in favor of the Charter amendments did so as an opportunity to get rid of unpopular council memebers and now understand the folly of their short-sightedness.

  61. Most people voting for the charter amendments live on Lopez. They did so because it was best for them. Still is.

    Let's hope that Feb 4th sheds light on what is by definition unequal representation.

  62. For those of you unsure of who to vote for on Orcas, I would like your vote. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions.

    Best regards,

    Rick Hughes

  63. @Rawson

    I'm not against government, but I am against bad government. I'd like a government that is transparent, accessible, and ethical. I find the current local government lacking in each of those dimensions.

  64. Rick, the previous commenter before you probably posted about the same time you did so you might not have seen it.

    It is a really important question. What is your position about the Friends and the special interests dominating Council policy? This is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

    What do you say to this?

    Thank you very much for the hard work you do. Best of luck.

  65. For the "not Lovel, but Lisa" poster:

    Sorry, but Lovel=Lisa=Jamie. Lisa is closely aligned with the Democratic puppeteers on Lopez. She was hand-picked and heavily financed by the Democrats on San Juan.

    She may be expressing concern about the Friends now, but who isn't? Her comments on the CAOs have been disturbing. She said we have to let them play out and see how they work. Sure, no problem there. Who will be the sacrificial lambs? Not Lisa, or anyone else who doesn't own or seem to believe in "property." Just the poor suckers who bought land and paid taxes in San Juan County.

  66. I have no intention to allow any special interest to have undue influence on my opinion or process while as an elected official. My interest is to represent the entire county fairly and openly. I will do my best to fight so the average person can open a business or build a shed on his/her property or attempt to earn an honest wage.

  67. Thank you Rick, that really helps. We need a fighter for the causes you raise.

    I do want a very specific answer from you however.

    I do not feel you will be able to represent fairly until you make your position regarding the FOSJ - by name - absolutely clear to the public.

    Thee FOSJ and aligned special interests have tipped the scales have they not, and years ago? Their influence is deep, pernicious, well funded and ruthless.

    There is no other "special interest" remotely close to this level of corruption. I know you know that. The opposition to the FOSJ are simply organized citizens pushing back against years of intimidation and plunder. Are you actually suggesting these civic group are just "special interests" no different than the FOSJ? I certainly hope not.

    Balance is not achievable until the question of the FOSJ is fully articulated and measures taken by THIS Council. This Council must address the damage, seek to cure the problem and begin the process of community healing.

    If you cannot speak to this matter directly Rick, I will be gravely concerned you will likely become part of the problem, though perhaps not intentionally. The road to Hell being paved with good intentions.

    Best of luck to you. You are on the right track, but you are looking square in the face at an oncoming train. One hopes you have an idea in mind how you will deal with that. Quite frankly, you need personally need to concern yourself with the issue of FOSJ in the current council. You really have no choice.

    Time to make a difference. You are faced with this dilemma, right now.

    If you do not chose to grab this bull by the horns, not only will you be gored, so will everyone else.

    We're depending on you.

    This is not a time for fence sitting. This is your time to make a difference.

    Thank you for listening