Friday, February 1, 2013

The Friends Owed It To Us

There's a line in the movie Caddyshack where Ted Knight's character says to one of the caddies:
I've sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn't want to do it, but I felt I owed it to them.
Taking a cue from Judge Smails, the Friends of the San Juans today appealed our newly adopted CAOs to the Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB). They didn't want to do it, but the Friends feel they owe it to us, despite what Stephanie Buffum said as she stood before the Council just two months ago (November 27, 2012):
It's time to finish the CAO. You've got a roadmap. You've had many wonderful comments that have been provided to you. It's unlikely that the next two groups of decision makers sitting in your seats over the next five months will be able to complete more than the previous three councils before you. It's time to finish the CAO. It's time to stop the financial hemorrhage. It's time to stop the conflict. It's time to complete and create certainty for our community. Certainty is good for our economy and our environment.
How is filing an appeal before the GMHB consistent with any of the words spoken by Buffum? It isn't. If the Friends felt the CAOs were so inadequate as to require a GMHB appeal, why did the Friends stridently urge approval? Besides, weren't the Friends (such as Janet Alderton) advocates for some of the more complex and inscrutable aspects of the CAOs?

Who knows what game the Friends are really playing, but it isn't protection of the environment. They just like to mess with people. Pass the CAOs, so we can appeal. Got a B&B CUP permit? ...  we'll oppose that. Want to grow blueberries on your own property? ... we can manufacture a situation where that's illegal too. We're the Friends. We can do anything. We sit on all the important committees. We're the lifeblood of the Network. And we'll get taxpayer money (grants) to mess with you too. Just try to stop us.

From what we've observed, the Friends seem not to be an environmental organization so much as they seem to be professional bullies, and they want our County government to devote all its energy towards aiding and abetting their harassment mission.

Vanity of vanities, saith the Friends, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. What profit hath a County of all its CAOs which it maketh under the GMA? There is no remembrance of former things. All the committees run into the Network; yet the Network is not full: unto the place from whence the CAO come, thither they return again.

Here's the press release the Friends sent out today.

The FRIENDS of the San Juans has appealed the Critical Areas Ordinance update that San Juan County adopted in December 2012. 

The FRIENDS press release on the appeal to the Growth Managment Board (Board) states the " filed the appeal in an effort to stem the steady, incremental and cumulative degradation of local waters and wildlife. Eelgrass disappeared from 82 acres of embayments between 1995 and 2004. Puget Sound Chinook salmon, Southern Resident Killer Whale and sea bird populations continue to decline. Shoreline trees and shrubs that deliver insects to salmon, and tidal marshes that provide them homes, have also declined significantly over the years."

“Unfortunately, this is the next step,” stated Kyle Loring, FRIENDS’ Staff Attorney. “We see litigation as a last resort, but when seven years and several different processes result in an ordinance riddled with loopholes, like shoreline buffers as small as 30 feet from spawning beaches when other counties seek 150 feet, we feel compelled to turn to the Growth Management Hearings Board for guidance.”

San Olson, President of FRIENDS’ Board of Directors, stated, “We are picking up where experts like the Washington Department of Ecology, locally-affiliated Tribes, and the County’s Marine Resources Committee left off. Each of them offered recommendations to ensure that the CAO protects critical areas, unfortunately many of their recommendations were rejected. FRIENDS’ board is concerned that if we do not challenge the CAO provisions we believe are inadequate, San Juan County would lower the bar for ourselves and those Puget Sound counties just now starting their second round of CAO updates.” 


  1. To Mr. Rawson, the friends, and their ilk. We are the never satisfied "you folk". Things that make you go Huh?

  2. Perhaps someone would like to defend the actions of FOSJ? Want some geeky fun? Figure out what they want to have happen as a result of "climate change induced sea level rise". Read the paper on their website. Try and follow their logic and math in coming up with their estimates. It is all very simply wrong, with cherry picked data from sources which flatly state they are using the wrong approach. But the right answers don't let them use BAS, or best available bullshit to demand that everything ahold be removed, oh, 1000 feet or so from the high tide, Greenland has melted, once in 500 years storm scenario. I prefer to think they are a tool of rich people to inhibit any additional build out or population growth in the county. I think they are pure evil, because I've never seen an action which would lead me to believe they are not.

    But, opinions aren't worth nuttin on the Internetz!

  3. Frauds of the San Juans.

    They tell lies. They are not honorable.

    Nearly invites a full blown RICO investigation. They are beginning to appear to be little more than a criminal enterprise (usually seen as a network in forensic terms) specializing in government corruption and economic terrorism, and the cold blooded murder of our rural character in the name of insects, pseudo-science and first nations.

    The Frauds are a local mafia.

    And, Lisa Byers takes money from this den of iniquity? Lisa, Lisa, say it ain't so!

  4. They OWNED the entire process. They had 5 of 6 council members in their pocket. They had unlimited access to the bureaucrats that framed the issues and were the gatekeepers for what qualified as can they say they didn't get what they wanted????

    The only good thing about this lawsuit is the timing. Lets press the candidates on their thoughts regarding this and the Fiends in general.

  5. I posted this last night in the previous forum, but I think it is a question that each candidate needs to answer:

    "The Friends of the San Juan's have just filed suit against the county over the CAO, a process that they have been heavily involved in. What is your opinion on this lawsuit. Also, do you believe that it is appropriate for the FOSJ to be involved in county committees moving forward while they are pending litigants against the county?

    I think each candidate must answer this question - my vote will be based on the response to this question alone.

  6. I am reminded of Woody Allen's insight into the primary rules of life.

    The food here is terrible, and the portions are too small.

    And, courtesy of the Marx, (Groucho not Karl). I would never belong to a club that would have me as a member.

    Nick "Calgon take me Away" Power

  7. All of the above is true. They are pissed because a few cracks in their vision to destroy private property remain. Non-conforming MUST be put back in with teeth. Their frustration with not being able to completely deny any development is palpable. Read their impassioned plea that 800 square feet of "reasonable development" on 20 acres is sensible, and passes muster as avoiding a "taking". NO NET LOSS across 100% of the surface area of the County. And they haven't made clear the desire not only to prevent, but to mandate restoration. We think your wetland looks a little worse than it could. Perhaps you should "improve it". We'll tell you how. You want to add a room to your house? All you have to do is clean up a EPA superfund site.

    Hyperbole? Sure! TH is the only safe place in the county to rant about your "Friends"

  8. Their press release pretty much says this:

    "We, the Frauds of the San Juans, in league with our co-conspirators a rogue outfit inside the Department of Ecology, the out of control Marine Resource Committee and Big Casino Money reach out, in all humility, seeking guidance from the Growth Management Hearings Board."

    To quote Mark Twain: "Why, even the burglar couldn't have said that better>'

    Absolutely, to all candidates: If elected what will your relationship be with the Frauds? Will you commit to the people's business? Will you commit to doing everything in your power to take this local mafia apart and return it to its original mission to pick up tourist garbage on the beach?"

  9. I'm fairly certain Kyle Loring is a very weak, milk-toasty sort of attorney who would not have had any success in this so far if he had not had Shireene and her cohorts siding w/him from the start.

    What about the woman who sat at Shireene's table and said something like..."The waters here are pristine! No one is doing anything wrong right now!"? And the video by the scientist about the flushing that occurs around the islands? Are those included in the GMHB's information?

    There's some kind of disconnect here.

    As Bruno Bettelheim said in his essay called "The Ultimate Limit" concerning man's terror of death "...Because of decline in faith, the denial of death through the religious promise of life eternal wore thin, and came to be replaced by a concentration on postponing death. Man cannot worry about too many things at once: one anxiety easily replaces another. By concentrating his attention, as well as his anxieties, for example, on cancer and.... pollution, etc., man manages to push death anxiety so much into the background of his mind that for all practical purposes it is denied"

    Bruno was a survivor of the concentration camps in Germany.

    And strangely...I think Kyle could just as easily have been the supporter of a different way of thinking were he being paid to be so.

    Just my impressions...

  10. The Friends should lose the Appeal. The County DID consider BAS, and made the rules. The Friends are now in the position of having to argue that THE BAS is so clear and accurate that a specific set of regulations should have been obvious. And that the regulations the County adopted, will not serve to "protect values and functions". They will need to quantity the unquantifiable. And the science they will use is useless for this. PETARD'ed!

  11. My Question is: Does this appeal have any "chess" component? That is, does it limit input from say, CSA? Does it allow them to control the agenda at the hearing?

  12. let the games begin. Chess is a very good analogy. It may turn out that some other folks are several moves ahead.

    By that, I mean the good guys. Standing was established long ago.

    We are right. They are wrong.

    Part of the maneuver may have been to see who would blink first, and file before the deadline.

    Now we know.

  13. But, mom, all the other Counties (controlled by Ecology) did it, why can't I? Besides, our donors already have their big waterfront homes and big docks. Some very recently built without a peep from us.

  14. I really hope that the "good guys" are preparing to file an appeal. I know we are all sick of it, but the very bad pieces of it are still in there and the Friends are merely making a peremptory strike to make it even worse. One Friendly candidate on Orcas actually said that we should all just wait and see how the new CAO is applied--that the wailing from property owners is just "scare tactics" and besides, she read the rules and had no problem figuring them out. Well, sure, why not? Which property owner is going first? Why not just ruin people's hopes and dreams about living here and then decide whether the CAOs are bad? By the way, that appeal board is notoriously "out there" and often reversed by the courts. So this is merely the opening salvo.

  15. I saw an Ecology e-mail the other day that used the term "those people" referring to citizens opposing extreme CAO provisions based on bad science. We are "those people"--the ones who are not blessed with The Vision of the Greater Good.

  16. Lisa really needs to be challenged about these public statements. They show the arrogance of the "true believer". She may think she understands the "algorithms", but if her answer runs afoul of the County's "real answer", how much money does she have to fight? This is the same BS Pelosi crap about passing the bill to see what's in it. And where has the County hidden the "here's where WE think YOUR wetland is but we're not gonna show you" map?
    The one they claim doesn't exist and won't use?

  17. First, I would direct everyone's attention to:

    2.116.120 Conflicts of interest.

    “Conflict of interest” is defined as the possibility or appearance of possibility, and not just the actuality, of a private benefit, direct or indirect, or the creation of a material personal gain or advantage to the member, family, friends, or associates who hold some share of a member’s loyalty. An interest shall be considered: an employee/employer interest, business interest, financial interest, family interest. No member of an advisory body may engage in any activity which would appear to a reasonable person to be in conflict with the proper discharge of their duty on behalf of the County, or impair the member’s independence of judgment in the performance of official duties, without fully disclosing on the public record of the advisory body the circumstances giving rise to such an appearance. Such disclosure shall be made prior to engaging in the performance of official duties. Failure to disclose the circumstances giving rise to an appearance of a conflict of interest may be grounds for removal from the advisory body by the County council. The chair of the advisory committee may request advice from the prosecuting attorney with respect to the existence of procedure that should be followed in the event of a conflict. (Ord. 11-2008 § 12).

    In response to the multiple calls for candidate responses: I pledge to begin the Summer Council with a declaration of our commitment to transparency. Agenda item's will include a call for each committee to evaluate it's membership and official relationships for concerns regarding Ord. 11-2008 § 12. Results of these evaluations must be communicated beyond the advisory body to the Council and public as quickly as possible. Resignations and new appointments shall commence in June 2013.

    Advisory committees exist to draw community participation in policy research, not to empower NGO's with privileged positions to subvert elected officials.

    Brian McClerren
    Candidate San Juan County Council #3 Lopez/Shaw

  18. There, that really wasn't so hard was it?

    Jamie, your turn. No psychobabble please.

    Now here's the deal. We are rural. The average islander wears 4.2 hats. It has always been that way, I pray to the good Lord above will be ever thus.

    And so, part of our real rural character, and many of us who have found ourselves in this kind of position, simply asks us all to:

    "Disclose, disclose, disclose."

    Give your fellow committee members the opportunity to say hey no worries or yeah maybe ya oughta sit that one out.

    Record it in the minutes. Move on. Not a big deal.

    But this is something that Lovel Pratt could not learn. There are plenty of reliable reports that solid members of both the ARC and the Ag Guild suggested she think more carefully about the position she was in.

    She went ahead anyway. She got herself wrapped around her own axle, watched a key vote go against her, embarrassed the committees she was involved with.

    She just broke the rules, kept breaking, didn't listen and got her ears boxed.

    Did she learn anything. By any measure, not at all.

    Is Lisa Byers utterly unaware of who she has hitched her own wagon to?

    Is this how Lisa would behave? I really doubt it, she's too smart and solid for that.

    So why on earth would she consent to have road signs that pair the two cheek by jowl on county roads on every island?

    Lisa gots some 'splainin' to do.

  19. I have always said that a small, local, non-profit with a staff attorney is troubling.

    Imagine if the food bank, the animal protection society or one of our local day cares had a staff attorney? It is obvious that the FOSJ is distinctly focused on litigation.

    Enough already. It is time for our county legislative body to focus on what it should be doing instead of this constant and never ending un-critical ordinance.

    Thank you Friends for continuing to waste taxpayer money. I hope that San Olson can once and for all be swept away into our beautiful Salish Sea to live peacefully in his bed of eel grass.

    Bring on the tsunami I say- the Friends need a homecoming!

  20. I disagree with the earlier post. I don't think Lisa has hitched anything to Lovell. I think the opposite - I think Lovell is trying to ride Lisa's qualifications to success.

    Lisa is a proven leader, a proven manager and a proven success. Conversely, Lovell has proven to be ineffective as a council member and could not even hold her own seat in a district election.

    My hope- Lovell will lose in the Primary so that we can get down to business in making meaningful choices. I'd take Lisa if she could be paired with either Jarman or Forlenza and I think McClaren would be fun to have as an out if the box non-politico. That would make for some fun council meetings!

  21. We could do far worse than Lisa, absolutely.

    I also agree that Lovel needs Lisa's halo effect. Lisa does not need Lovel.

    But that just begs the same question.

    Why would Lisa involve herself with Lovel's campaign? It is the same campaign. They are running jointly by every measure. Even the Ubercrats phone calls today reinforce that, they are a team.

    Is this bad judgment on Lisa's part? Is she just being nice? is she naive? Does she believe she has no chance running as a nonpartisan independent?

    Lisa is way too smart and solid not to have through this kinds of obvious questions and reached her own conclusions and made mindful choices.

    So again: Why?

  22. So, pro-Lisa help us out? I am suspicious. I keep hearing generalities about how skilled, works well with others, knows the system, etc.
    Then I hear the "CAO ain't no big deal, quit whining!". And I just get "community organizer" vibe. I am not interested in a far left Troika installed to convert the County into the new progressive people's commune. What in her background (Vassar, Boston, east coast liberal) suggests anything different?

  23. Could be simple Math.

    In a county that votes solidly for the democratic candidate, it may make mathematical sense to look at the numbers- keep your talking points as focused as possible- and hang on for the ride.

    Let's face it, both Lisa and Lovell will do very well on Lopez. Lisa will do pretty well on San Juan and will split Orcas with whoever is left standing. Based on this, the math says stay left to maintain a strong pull on Lopez. Lovells path is less clear, because while she will do good on Lopez, her standing on Orcas is less secure an her standing on San Juan is seriously in question.

    In fact, if you attend every forum, you will not find Lisa repeating the words of Lovell- what you WILL find is Lovell trying to sound as intelligent as Lisa.

    Lovell is carrying around some pretty heavy baggage that she shares only with Stephens. I would expect that if Lovell survives the primary you will see the Byers campaign team begin to try to put some distance between Lisa and the Stephens/Pratt duo.

    This is a 3 way political chess came, with candidate v. Candidate v. FOSJ. I can't say who the winner will be, but can imagine that we will see 3 very distinct and different races heat up after the primary.

  24. Freudian Slip Says

    We are a county full of narcissistic schizophrenics presenting multiple personality disorder.

  25. Anonymous @ 3:04pm

    Nice analysis, tip of the hat!

  26. The analysis makes sense and take it also from the view of follow the money (not hard) and it boils to the maintaining a voting majority as has been enjoyed in the past.

    Lovel could be thrown under the bus, it doesn't really matter. If Lisa and Jammie prevail in a 3-2 world, the majority supporting all three candidates, prevail. Who the two left standing are doesn't matter as long as they are part of the party machine.

    Is Lisa aware of that kind of political calculus? Damn straight she is.

    Also note, that Lovel, if she were to lose, could distribute any remaining campaign funds subject to the laws, to candidates of her choice.

    That will happen if she does not earn a shot in the general election. I guarantee you that deal was struck quite some time ago.

    Again, Lisa in the dark? Doubt it.

  27. Lovel sees no evil.
    Jamie hears no evil.
    Lisa speaks no evil.


  28. @Freudian Slip

    Never thought about it like that. But you are flippin right.

  29. Anonymous@4:06 PM

    Lovel sees no evil.
    Jamie hears no evil.
    Lisa speaks no evil.

    Absolutely spot on. Excellent.

    The islands hath fallen upon evil times ... none dare speak its true name ...

    But gotta say, narcissistic personality disorder, sociopath tendencies, lack of empathy and remorse, pulling wings off flies over and over again ...

    What do we call this?

  30. Don't forget the pathological lying.

  31. There is a weird chess stratagem here.

    Assume Lovel loses. Lisa is set free to re-frame herself and recover from being latched to a loser. Plus Lovel's contributors will insist having their funds moved to support Lisa and Jamie.

    On the other hand, if Lovel makes it through the primary. Her reputation dampens Lisa's campaign, Lovel keeps the campaign money and both Lisa and Jamie will have a tar baby to contend with.

    In that scenario it could be more likely that all three would lose and the voters will pivot towards authentic nonpartisan choices instead.

    Hmmmmm .... Go Lovel! Go Lovel! Go!

  32. Just a correction-

    If Lovell loses, she is barred by law from transferring funds to another candidate.

    (Thanks to Mr. Charlie Daniels, a true patriot who understands freedom and what is at stake)

    The Devil went down to the San Juans. He was lookin’ for some land to steal.
    He was in a bind ‘cuz he was way behind, So he was lookin’ to file an appeal.
    He came across this young man muddling thru some briefs, looking to take a shot.
    And the devil jumped up on an eelgrass bed and said “Boy, let me tell you what.

    I guess you didn’t know it, but I’m a litigator too.
    And if you’d care to take a dare, I’ll make a bet with you”.
    “Now you argue a pretty good motion, but give the devil his due
    I’ll bet a repeal of CAO against your soul ‘cuz I think I’m better than you”.

    The boy said, “My name’s Nickky, and it might be a sin,
    But I’ll take your bet, you’re gonna regret ‘cuz I’m the best there’s ever been”.

    Nikky you polish up your skills and argue your motion hard
    ‘Cuz Hell’s broke loose in the San Juans and the Devil deals the cards
    And if you win you get the repeal of the CAO
    But if you lose the devil gets your soul.

    The devil opened up his case and said “I’ll start this show”
    Fire flew from his legal briefs as he launched the first blow.
    He drew the FRIENDS close at hand and they made an evil hiss
    Ecology demons jumped on in and we knew something was amiss.
    When the devil finished Nickky said “We’ll you’re pretty good ol’ son
    But sit down in that chair right there, and let me show you how it’s done”

    Fire in the courthouse, run boys run.
    The devil’s in the court and he ain’t done.
    FRIENDS in your mailbox, lookin’ for dough
    Are we gonna lose this fight?
    NO SIR NO!!!!

    The devil bowed his head ‘cuz he knew he had been beat
    He laid that CAO repeal on the ground at Nickky’s feet.
    Nickky said “Devil just come on back if you wanna appeal again
    Cuz I told ya once, you son of a bitch, I’m the best that’s ever been.

    Fire in the courthouse, run boys run.
    The devil’s in the court and he ain’t done.
    FRIENDS in your mailbox, lookin’ for dough
    Are we gonna lose this fight?
    NO SIR NO!!!!

  34. Awesome! And, with apologies to Woody Guthrey's "Great Philadelphia Lawyer":

    Way out in old San Juan County,
    Where regulations blossom and fade
    A great FOSJ lawyer
    threatened to sue a Lopezian maid

    Come, dear and let's go gamblin'
    With the Hearing Examiner who's right
    I'll mitigate your wetlands and buffers,
    and you can start building tonight

    Lopez Bill was a gun-totin' red-neck
    Ten notches were carved in his gun
    And all the boys in the islands,
    Left Lopez Bill's maiden alone

    One night when Bill was returning
    From Herb's Tavern on a ferry so cold
    He dreamed of his Lopezian sweetheart
    Her bulkheads were as lasting as gold

    As he drew near her window
    Two shadows he saw on the shade
    It was the great FOSJ lawyer
    Signing papers with a Lopezian maid

    Lopez was as still as the desert
    The moon hangin' high overhead
    Bill listened awhile through the window
    He could hear every word that was said

    "Your bulkheads are so pretty and lovely
    Your wetlands so rare and divine
    Come go with me to Seattle
    And leave this old red-neck behind"

    Now tonight back in old San Juan County
    Among those coastlines so fine
    There's one less FOSJ lawyer
    in old San Juan County tonight.

  35. Please stop propping up Lisa. She is the FOSJ candidate on Orcas. Make NO MISTAKE!

    Rick Hughes is a very savvy guy. Good businessman. Wants to bring in good island jobs. His work in setting up the pharmaceutical collection boxes at the pharmacies and Sheriff's offices was brilliant (you try figuring our & complying with DEA rules!!) and really good for our community. I think he is the strongest and best candidate of all the 8 running! His family has been here for generations (yes, I think this matters). If there is one thing this group should be able to get behind, support and work hard for - it is to get this guy elected.

    Please: vote for Rick!!!

  36. It has always been my impression that FOSJ wanted to get the CAO passed so they could take it to the GMA Hearing Board.

    The Hearing Board and the the Friends network are so tight the sheets need washing.

    Points to Bob Querry on the chess match, but I'm not sure it matters who is on the other side of the board. As sick as it can be, the despicable FOSJ never loses. (And they're never satisfied, are they?)

  37. My wife and I both voted for Hughes and she never agrees with me about, well anything.

    We don't live on Orcas.

  38. Message to the workers, AG people, and moderates on Lopez, many of us on your big brother next door (we do have the votes) are with you for a new beginning. Together we can toss out the FOSJ dog pound. Join us.

    No insult intended to our wonderful dogs.


  39. OPAL community land trust website. Lisa Byers, only full time paid employee. Under Visions, " be funded by the county". It seems to me that the head of a non-profit, where you are the only full time paid employee and your vision is to be funded by the county. That if you are on the county council, may , be a tad of conflict of interest. I have been wrong before, just thought I would throw it out there to help clarify my thinking. I hope that I don't elict another nasty retort from Mr. Rawson. Touchy fellow, whot?

  40. Lisa is a proven leader, a proven manager and a proven success.--Not in the private sector or government. Lisa is a proven NGO leader. She's good at getting and spending taxpayer money. She has, so far as her biography discloses, never developed anything without subsidies, waivers of fees, etc. Someone needs to figure how much each of the OPAL homes cost taxpayers. I far prefer our chances with Rick Hughes or Greg Ayers. Both of them have had extensive success in the private sector, and know about real budgets and real costs.


  41. Go to the county website, polaris mapping, zoom in on Mt. Baker Rd., locate Opal Wild Rose Subdivision, click on the circle with an "i " on the bar at the top of the page. Land value 0, improvements 0. Open tax records, 6+ acres, $63.14 taxes per year in 2012. Nothing to the state, county, schools,library etc. Find ALL the opal holdings,same thing. OPAL takes but does'nt give. A groveling grant machine. I have several friends, no not the fake ones, who live in the various OPAL holding and hesitate to ask the details of what they pay taxes, land lease, fees. All I know is that OPAL constantly gets grants, donations, tax breaks, plus they do SELL the houses. And have only one full time paid employee, so what do they need the county to kick in. Are we to think that Lisa is going to just walk away from her baby if elected, it must require all her time. The county council pay is to be seventyfive thousand dollars a year + benefits,hopefully thats for full time work for all of us, how can she do it. I, for one , would like to know. Oh, and Lisa try to keep it to a more or less yes or no, not a long drawn out jive, I for one find your responses very tiring and non informing.

  42. To me it makes perfect since that the executive director, Stephanie Buffum, representing the Law Firm of the Friends of San Juan urges the Council to pass the CAO in a timely manner because it was revising its legal budget and needed more money to appeal the exact document that they urged the County to pass. For the Law
    Firm Friends of San Juan, it makes perfect sense to urge passage and then appeal or sue.

    The circumstances surrounding the passage of the CAO reminds me of the Coroner, Stephanie Buffum, urging the Patient, the Critical Area Ordinance, to die, so that the Undertaker (Kyle Loring representing the Law Firm (Friends of San Juan) can bury the Patient (the CAO), and make money doing it.