Monday, February 18, 2013

State Of The County

One year ago today, we published our first blogpost.

Since then, the County has passed the dreadful and unintelligible CAOs; adopted the second largest budget in County history; added millions to County debt; held two elections; passed the CRC changes; been sued twice (one involving the CRC and one involving the CAOs); is facing two appeals before the Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB); has held two elections (general election for the Winter Council and a primary for the 3-person Council); and is in the midst of another election.

Quite a year.

We've seen the Friends manipulate government to abuse our neighbors. We've learned about the Stewardship Network and its coordinated PSP-paid-for-messaging that "Puget Sound is in trouble" and that "our environment is our economy," and we've seen how the Madrona Institute run by Ron Zee has set up a Council-bypassing alternate grant-supply for County entities like the Marine Resources Committee (MRC) ... while it takes a modest 5% to 10% cut.

Quite a year.

We've had a year of pablum from Sound Publishing (Journal, Sounder, and Island Weekly). We've witnessed hypocrisy (Vivian Burnett) and lies (some yet to be revealed). We've seen the usual vitriol, distortion, and incivility from the very people who accuse others of those traits. We've had candidates run on their records ... and despite their records being filled with secret meetings, New Economics, and dubious connections to everything that makes this place troubling ... a sizable proportion of our neighbors remain unconcerned and uninvolved ... if not supportive.

Quite a year. What will the future bring?

It all depends on us.


  1. "Ask not what your County can do for you, ask what it can do to you."

    Nick F. Power

  2. "The Octopus Grows"

    Another Ron Zee item. On the Madrona website about the SJI Conservation district it says,

    "The Madrona Institute supports the work of the Conservation District, and works closely with its Board and Staff."

    Ron Zee is the Chairman of the SJICD and just won reelection unopposed in January 2013.

    How does this guy have any time for "farming"?

  3. One thing we want to prevent from happening is any kind of formal County Government approval, support, legislation, funding, connection, recognition, or linkage with or any of its equivalents.

    This is not an admission or denial of Climate Change. It is a warning that is determined to save the planet from Climate Change through the path of "coercive social justice". The only way to reduce CO2 concentrations back below 350ppm is to fix global "wealth inequality".

    The local implementation of saving the planet will require "land use reform", severe reduction in the use of fossil fuels (legal limits on how much gas you can purchase per month, or propane, or electricity), perhaps banning the raising of cattle because of the carbon footprint and methane produced, and any other looney thing the activists can dream up.

    It all starts with "property must be made common"

  4. Happy B-day TH!
    This blog, by simple use of sunshine and spotlight has completely changed the dynamics of relations between SJC commoners and royalty.
    May every community have such a simple, potent venue for discovery, discussion and dissent.
    Thank you, TH, you have done an invaluable service for SJC.

  5. I would like to thank the Friends of the San Juans, board, staff and stooges a like for all the hard work that made the Trojan Heron necessary and what it is today.

    Please keep running like hell through your fog machine of lies until you sail off the cliff ahead like Wile E. Coyote.