Friday, February 22, 2013

So Now The Story Shifts Back To The College

This is the image of the diploma that Pratt has produced tonight. Now, we just have to figure out why Keene State College, as stated in email correspondence and phone call verifications, appears to have no record of this degree.

Strange story. Stay tuned!

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  1. The email from the registrar's office and the copy of the diploma seem at odds. Hard to have it both ways.

    Time will tell, facts will out.

  2. Individualized Studies or a college that can't maintain records. Or something. Oi vey.

    I'd like to better understand the academic and real world working experience of candidates. Individualized Studies sounds a bit fluffy somehow.

    In any event with a proactive Pratt, the copy of this diploma now belongs to the whole community in the interests of the greater good.

    And leaves us scratching heads again.

  3. time to get back to business, unfortunatly our public is unable to attain real information directly from candidates, or their candidate statements they are so politically evasive. I just want to know, Do you represent People, individuals, or the State? God knows we have so little left of our liberty, no matter our love for the land. Who?, will stand to defend every citizen against the man (or woman) that will deny him the liberty to live privately unnecessarily protected by communitarianism on his beloved Land.
    We need to get back to this here. Only one Council Member, and "No" staff, either Planning, or particularly "Legal" Paid any regard
    to the damming effect of the CAO, in "absence of scrutiny" and that also goes for every draft Enforcement, and every secret Enforcement action that relieves a property owner of the due respect and service demanded by any imposition on his Liberty. We deserve, no we need to know where our candidates stand on these issues. We already Know where Lisa comes from "thanks to the TH" and we have seen far too much of Lovell, what about our other candidates? Who will stand up to the FOSJ or a county Attorney that only represents the State, We have a dire need for citizen (on an individual level) representation here. The good of a community can only be measured by the level of duty, respect and concern it will utilize to represent any one citizen.

  4. Lovel is a master at political rhetoric. She uses and re-uses the same phrasing at council meetings. It sounds rather knowledgeable at first but wears thin.

    I don't think she has much or any personal business experience and I often disagree strongly w/her choices about where she thinks money should be spent. Penny wise and pound foolish if you ask me.

    During the CAO deliberations she consistently shut the door on the idea of monitoring our wetlands to show if and when and where any potential damage could occur. Jon Cain acknowledged publicly more than once that monitoring was a very supportable option.

    Lovel consistently said monitoring was too expensive. But in reality I don't think she ever really investigated it. Lovel could not argue her position w/me and instead talked around the idea to a maddening point.

    So now we face appeals galore and I am fairly certain the new CAO will cost the County much more than monitoring ever would. Who loses there?

    I think a BA from a school is fine. But I think common sense and experience w/real life is better or at least a necessary compliment.

  5. Interested in learning more about her tenure with the San Juan Island Home Trust.

    At least that was a job. Executive Director.

    But she did not last very long.

    Very interested to see an aggregated proforma of all land trusts, as well as a list of all board members and staff since the inception of these entities back to there founding dates.

    Then follow the money.

  6. So now we have Ms. Byers whining on the Guardian about "mudslinging" and name calling with a demand for "civil discourse"...ARE YOU SERIOUS Lisa? Let's look at the Democratic Party's treatment of conservative woman candidates over the past 8 years; you chose to bring partisan politics into our small community, now reap the reward you so justly deserve.

  7. Lisa is choosing to use the "incivility" distraction to actually addressing the issues.

    These guys have been trying to wave this rubber chicken in front of the voters in this county for the better part of a generation. It's old. Stop it.

    Lisa, you are the one who insults. Political campaigns are not rainbows and unicorns. Deal with it.

  8. Actually, there was a rainbow this morning, and with the new pot initiative just passed there have been several unicorns spotted in San juan county. Rumor is they live near wetlands.

  9. Well, I'm sure our crack Prosecuting Attorney will get to the bottom of it.

  10. Remember being a kid, lighting some firecracker and watching that fuse anxiously???? But then sometimes, it would get right near the end and nothing would happen???? But it looked to still be smoldering?? You were afraid to touch it again because you might blow your fingers off.

    I'm still clinging to my bible, guns and TH but we are headed back to the fringe, where, as of late, we had seemingly caught a bus out of. Guess not.

  11. So Pratt has pushed her chips in the middle and said "all in". Oh yeah, she's holding a full house.

    Drawing to a straight flush to beat her, one card in the deck that will win it.

    This right here will decide the election.

    At least there is still hope to make some money on a Reynolds aluminum foil endorsement.

    Hope the payback isn't too steep. We will find out just how anonymous the TH really is.

    Enjoy the weekend folks. Share those memories of how the islands used to be, for soon, memories will be all that is left.

    Welcome to the collective. Assimilation is nearing completion. Resistance is truly futile.

  12. Earlier the TH said they would get back to Lisa's reference to Thomas Paine. Coming soon?

  13. Call

    And raise ...

  14. Yes, regarding the Thomas Paine reference, it's coming soon. My apologies for the delay.