Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Conservation District Watch: The Series - Installment #1

There is simply too much information about the Conservation District being in cahoots with Barbara Rosenkotter, the tribes, and others to fit in only one blogpost. So we've decided to create a series where we will release information in digestible portions.

Zee is using the Conservation District as a vacuum cleaner to suck up all available eco-grant funding in the county. It's part of his grand plan to create a bureaucracy of mass destruction, and he's working on it with Barbara Rosenkotter (County employee), the tribes, the PSP, DNR ... and pretty much everyone except our County Council and the public. As usual, Zee is going about his business as stealthily as possible, writing letters and maneuvering while conveniently forgetting to copy the County Council on important correspondence, even when the subject matter concerns taking away County programs and funding.

San Juan County is the Lead Entity for Salmon Recovery for Water Resource Inventory Area 2 and has designated the San Juan County Marine Resources Committee as the citizens committee for salmon recovery. But for some reason (maybe the election outcome?) such an arrangement no longer pleases Rosenkotter, who is the Coordinator for Salmon Recovery here. Instead of devoting her billable time to saving salmon, Rosenkotter works to rearrange the bureaucratic levers so she can join forces with Zee at the Conservation District ... because we all know that nothing saves salmon like having a new office at the Conservation District.

In this first installment, we see Rosenkotter writing to Kit Rawson for the purpose of enlisting his help in getting the tribes' support for moving the Salmon Lead Entity program from the County to Zee's Conservation District. The Conservation District Board doesn't know about it. The County Council doesn't know about it, except for maybe Stephens (but more on that in later posts).

Below is the email from Rosenkotter to Rawson, and below that we see Zee writing to the State Lead Entity Program Manager (and not copying the County) to ask that the San Juan Salmon Recovery Lead Entity program be reassigned from the County to his Conservation District.

From: Barbara Rosenkotter
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 8:09 AM
To: Kit Rawson - Tulalip Tribes (krawson50@gmail.com.)
Subject: Recommendations?
Hello Kit,
Hope you are enjoying all of your various activities. I heard you were snowshoeing recently.
I wanted to contact you regarding your previous job experience and expertise in working with tribes. We are considering moving the Lead Entity program from the county as the fiscal agent to the Conservation District. I think I could cut the overhead costs in half by making the move. I expect there will be more funding cuts so I know that I need to do whatever I can to make the program as lean as possible. And now may be the time to consider it since the CD is getting their management in order. The new Lead Entity contract would start July 1 so there is some time to get this all organized but not a lot.

So my question is which tribes would you recommend that I contact should we decide to try to move the Lead Entity program to a new fiscal agent? I would definitely contact the tribes who have been working with the San Juan LIO to make sure they would approve the move before we got too far down the road. Would you recommend doing active outreach to the others who have U & A in the San Juans? Or I could just inform them of the proposal and ask for any comments but not actively try to engage with them.

I would appreciate your thoughts, ideas.

Thank you
Barbara Rosenkotter
Lead Entity for Salmon Recovery
San Juan County
PO Box 947
135 Rhone Street
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

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  1. So she is a County employee pulling a manuever to get the grant taken from the County? How does that work?

  2. Allow additional funds for staff capacity. Would welcome her as an employee. How many salmon, exactly, has Rosenkotter saved? I guess writing emails, campaigning for your own pet causes on the taxpayers dime, and sneaking around behind your employers back counts as salmon recovery. Also, I never heard this term fiscal agent" before, but it's in everything RZ writes.

  3. No no no. You misunderstand. Rosenkotter doesn't save salmon, she speaks for the fish. That is her job description.

    Tell me this: Why on earth would Rosenkotter copy Council when speaking for the fish? The Council are not fish, walleyed as they may be.

    Gotta be on top the little details here, there's so many of them, I tell ya!

  4. Dear Jim Stegall: See recent Island Guardian post.

    Well OK, you seem to be up on things with the Island Conservation District, I'm thinking and hopeful you can tell us something the CD has accomplished to the benefit of men/women/fish/dirt in the here and now. Anything?

    I'm reading the above and thinking you will pass it off as baiting or something, well it ain't, it would just be really interesting to know something is being accomplished by our CD.

    If you know about such getting it done stuff, please tell, or please say honestly you don't. Frankly, no one seems to know what the heck this CD thing does, so here is a chance to correct such a misconception if it is.

    Thank you.

  5. Sort of related. This quote from Rickie on the Mt Baker Road debacle:

    “It’s costing a little more than anticipated, but there was some wiggle room with the grant money for any overages,” Hughes said. “The project is on time and on contract.”

    So, remember grant money = wiggle room.
    Salmon restoration = grant money
    Wiggle room.

  6. Rick tried to make the CD fee change no net increase. Drop the parcel fee a bit and add the per acre charge. Then Bob chimed in and gave the CD more. I know it's not a lot, but on principal.
    Can't you guys meet in secret and figure out a plan?

  7. Stegall's letter is almost unintelligible, and he has the facts wrong too. For example, Kilduff only ran for CD once. Also, it's RZ that's destroyed the conservation district from the inside. Nevertheless, it's nice to see the TH getting under people's skin to the point where they continue to write about it.

    As the old adage says, just spell the name right.

    I'm sure ECK and the TH appreciate it. The rantings of Dehlendorf and Rawson were some of the best things that ever happened to the TH and to the anti-machine candidates. Thanks for keeping their tradition alive.

  8. I can't find the letter from Jim Stegall in the Guardian. Help?

  9. Mt. Baker Road is on time and on budget? WHICH budget, exactly? Seems like Public Works revises it every year to account for the foul-ups. Did he ask about that? And the fact that our state and federal taxes are being used to pave over our islands (and fix stupid mistakes) somehow doesn't make it all OK. What did that mile cost, finally--$3 million? And what's it going to cost to straighten out Orcas Rd.? Hope that's not as expensive and inconvenient and unnecessary as Mt. Baker Rd. And then another $3 million to replace a short wooden bridge that seems to be working just fine. And what did that project on Lopez cost?

  10. Mr. Stegall, one of the usual apologists that shriek about the Trojan Heron but fail ever to produce anything but blather, accuses the TH of using "Ouija board, crystal ball, tarot cards, and possibly a magic stick for divining water" in its criticism of the Ron Zee empire. Funny, it looks more like facts and documents to me.

  11. The only person I know of that has "lost twice" in a local election is Lovell. Most folks get the clue after the first loss.
    On a side note, I have actually used a divining rod and it was rather effective.
    This Stegall fella is using classic Alinsky playbook stuff. Mock and ridicule. Literally, they have a book that guides them.
    I've always been of the mindset to simply not read things I don't like. Similar approach for music I don't like. If I just dont like the songs or the station, do I waste my time complaining to the radio, or do I spin the dial and see what else is on?
    Sad that this mans dillusions and falsehoods were deemed worthy of print. Like a previous poster said, we miss the quarter baked nonsensical rants of Dorf and Ole 80 proof Rawson. Maybe we will have some new fodder.
    Nothing like incoherence mixed with rabid hatred for those you oppose, sprinkled with a little dash of I'm not clever but I'll try.

  12. I have sacrificed a substantial amount of personal time and research efforts to compile the comprehensive list found below. Considering the money we spend on each of these, as taxpayers, I decided to merge the two. Below you will find an exhaustive list detailing the accomplishments of Ed Hale as well as the Conservation District. I have tried to provide as much detail as possible. Hopefully you recognize some of these accomplishments and the boundless benefit they bring to our community.

    In no particular order:


  13. @2:13
    Ed Hale is the face of Public Works and its incredible engineering staff that engineered the grand infrastructure of the San Juans, a community without bridges (real ones), traffic lights, or utilities (real ones), the list of their amazing feats of engineering are listed below:

  14. The triumvirate of Lyshall, Zee, & Rosenkotter lead a subversive sect of eco-fascist that hold the general public in contempt; they are people without talent, nor expertise, save for an incredible ability to con the Council into funneling them tax-payer money that they then send along to the greatest con artists in the County, the FOSJ.
    A full independent audit of the Salmon Recovery, CD, and the MRC will reveal to the public just how much money is being squandered on useless paper-pushing nonsense by people who hold utterly useless degrees in such astounding fields as "Environmental Public Policy" - I'm sure those classes were intense - Every tax dollar stolen from the public to further the FOSJ jihad against middle-class people, for that is EXACTLY what it is, to drive them out so their wealthy donors won't have to be bothered with the "rabble" when they're visiting their vacation mansions (protected by huge bulkheads - right Jamie? - Jamie, at some time you should try taking the ball-gag that Rhea shoved in your mouth out and explain your bulkhead) and kayak around with Stephanie Buffum.

    ECK - if it's possible a flow chart illustrating the money trail would be enlightening.

  15. I really believe that the old adage "follow the money" will open your eyes and set you free. It is a complicated mess, but so much of this is public funding, and foundations that it can all be tracked down. Big job, but doable.

    Jim Stegall served on the Charter Review Commission. He is a SJC Democratic Party PCO. Its funny that the only other letter in the Guardian whining about the Trojan Heron, comes from other SJC Dem PCO, Sara Crosby, a major contributor to the Lovel and Lisa campaigns. Sara Crosby has been Chair of our League for Women Voters for years -- imagine my surprise -- is also Chair of the Madrona Institute Advisory Board.

    Yep. I can imagine Sara and Jim would be getting their knickers in a twist about now.

  16. @5:49

    Agree about the money, but that is a particularly squirrely thing to map out with all these "fiscal agents" floating around. The TH hears you, and we're working on it.

  17. Two Democratic PCOs supporting the former Head of the local Democratic Party, Ron Zee, as he converts the CD into party headquarters for the grant-sucking, hypocrite, eviro-glorymongering wing of the Party. I'm a Democrat, and I'd like to know when my Party was taken over because it happened without my consent.

    I'm sure you have all seen the numerous articles about the San Juan Islands National Monument. They're everywhere. Tim Siefert of the San Juan Preservation Trust and the rest of the National Monument promoters quoted as saying that all the secret places once known only to locals are now open to the nation. Thanks Tim. Thanks Obama. Thanks Tom Reeve. Thanks Maria Cantwell. Thanks to all of you for putting them on the map and publicizing it to no end.

    Preservation -- yeah right, sure. That's what the National Monument is all about, uh huh. It's all BS BS BS BS BS. All the supporters are full of BS with more in common with PT Barnum than Rachel Carson or John Muir. At least PT Barnum knew he was conning people. Show me an environmentalist in the San Juans, and I'll show you a self-interested, sanctimonious, hypocrite who is chasing money and glory.

    How long before Tim Siefert and the rest of them put out glossy flyers asking for money under a banner that says tourism now threatens all the special places in the San Juans? Please give. Sniff.

  18. @8:31

    The Friends have already sort of done that, put out a flyer about the NM. Besides you forgot to add the sense of urgency. It should be "Please give, before it's too late!"

    Then you sniffle.

  19. Let's start with a short master list of the most likely influential fiscal agents,and then the most likely board members/deciders around each one. Remember the MRC is only a committee, and is not a fiscal agent. This will help us separate the wheat from chaff. Obviously the County as a municipal corporation is a fiscal agent. So for example:

    Non Governmental Fiscal Agents

    Madrona Institute
    Conservation District
    Ag Guild
    Friends of the San Juans
    Leadership San Juans

    Quasi-Non Governmental Fiscal Agents (subject to County control)
    Land Bank
    Economic Development Council

    Quasi-Governmental Entities outside of Council control
    Puget Sound Partnership
    Northwest Straits Commission

    This is just a draft, starter list but these three categories are important and we need to separate the gaggle of committees with no fiscal capabilities from those entities that are incorporated. Focus on the corporations.

  20. Ooops made a mistake in above

    Please note that the Conservation District is in the third category NOT the first ...

    The Island Conservation District is very much a Quasi-Governmental Entities outside of Council control.

    Which is why we are so very interested in the changes taking place there.

    The Conservation District is very much in the same league as the Northwest Straits Commission and PSP in that they lie OUTSIDE of local government authority.

    That is why this situation is so concerning.

  21. @9:43... and others wondering what the Conservation District does for people. They helped us learn how to protect our land asset. We wanted to take care of our property, to be sure we were not going to damage what we had bought and make best use of what we had. They helped us learn when where and how to soil test, and what to do with that knowledge. When to fertilize, what weeds would hurt us and possible our livestock. What fencing could do to help maintain soil. Am I your much aligned "Hobby Farmer"? Yep. I was grateful for the assistance and guidance. I'm sure my neighbors are thankful as well that my property isn't causing a nuisance to them simply because I couldn't have afforded to do all I have to improve and protect without the help of the Conservation District. And don't ever think this was a handout... it was a buttload of hard manual work by those using the help available to do things right and protect mine and my neighbors land.

  22. @10:00
    If you couldn't have done it without the CD, then yep, it's a handout. My money given to you.
    I don't dispute that they may provide good info, but the organization has become hijacked by Zee and his cronies and the original intent of the CD is gone.
    Why should I have to pay to subsidize your activities? I am listening with an open mind.
    Do you understand where grants come from? From people like me who pay taxes.
    It is out of control. CD "helping" people get grants. They are "helping" take money from taxpayers and put it towards pet projects. Maybe there is a larger benefit, maybe not. From your own admission, you benefited from their hand out. And from all that, the "fiscal agent" is taking his cut.

  23. Bravo to the TH for peeling back the onion to expose the confusing, shadowy array of grant funded entities seemingly bent on operating as a shadow government here in the islands. I look forward to a follow the money follow-up, and would also like to see a chart of some kind that identifies (by name, title and job duties) the various county paid employees who devote their work time (and how much of that county paid time) to the activities of those various entities. The names mentioned in the previous "stacked deck" post is helpful, but I, for one, remain confused as to when county employees are working for the county (and subject to Council control) and when they are not. That said, thanks again for the ongoing disclosures. Don't know how voters and taxpayers could possibly understand what's going on without your excellent reporting.

  24. So if I buy a car but can not afford insurance, gas, and driving lessons, I should get a grant so I can be a good steward of my automobile? So I am safe and not a "nuisance" to my fellow drivers? I can't afford it, but it's a good idea, therefore the taxpayers should provide me a handout.
    Ok, I get it. Who wouldn't want a safe, insured driver behind the wheel.

  25. @9:43
    You're telling us that you're a farmer that doesn't know when to fertilize or which weeds are noxious without a tax-funded agency telling you? Perhaps you should do something else, and pay for it with your own money.
    How oh how have humans been farming all these lo so many centuries without Ron Zee's help?

  26. @10:00

    You're the curtain that Zee hides behind. A few mom- and-apple-pie projects disguise and excuse an ocean of abuse. No one had a better image than the Friends two years ago until the TH and others pulled off the mask.

    Google provides more tips about farming and fertilizing than the CD ever could. Go there next time, and do all your own work next time too.

  27. @10:00

    I think you are a great example of the problem. The conservation district helps select hobby farmers who don't farm for a living and generally lose money every year. Hobby farming only provides a sizable tax break against excess out-of-county retirement income usually. Farming contributes virtually nothing to our economy any longer because it is nearly all money-losing hobby farming like yours. As usual, this county wants it both ways. They want to stop all resource-based enterprises that really produce money, but they want taxes for organizations like the conservation district to "support" the resource-based enterprises that we no longer have. We have no logging. We have virtually no fishing or shell fish farming. We have no mining, except for the occasional small gravel pit. We have money-losing hobby farms. What vital service, pray tell, is the conservation district providing? We don't do anything anymore except lose money.

    As the old saying goes, socialism is great until you run out of other people's money. Glad you got some of that socialism before our money ran out.

  28. Which came first? Farming or the conservation district? Farming started at least 10,000 years ago. I wonder if there is any archaeological evidence of conservation districts from back then.

  29. At lease someone feels like they got some actual benefit from the CD. Offices are rented, chairs are padded, phones, machines, lunches,... thanks you for speaking up sir, but golly, for all the expense of the CD there should be at least fifty or sixty benefactors jumping in here.

  30. I was going to pour gasoline and salt on my field that I just bought to see what would grow. I figured that since gas was good for cars and the ocean was full of salt, I would have a powerful, expansive farm.
    Thanks to the Conservation District, I was able to learn about better soil amendments. Boy howdy if it wasn't for them, I might have done some harm to my land. Farming today is so much more complicated than in years past. Most likely from increasing global temperatures.

    Now that my farm is all squared away, thanks to the Conservation District, I'm on to my next taxpayer funded adventure.
    I would like to do some research on the benefits of microwaving toothpaste for extended periods of time. I know there is a grant somewhere for that, problem is, I'm just a hobby farmer so I need someone to help me find it.
    Where is a fiscal agent when you need it?
    (or as the Pratt cheerleaders would say "physical agent")

  31. Oh, Green Grant Acres is the place to be
    Hobby farmin' is the life for me
    Lovin' that open space so far and wide
    So I left Manhattan to buy up your country-side

    New York is where I used to play
    Ecotopia was so far away
    Landed on Lopez, funded a Friend or two,
    Now I control all of your land, not you.


  32. "Let me tell you a little story, and it won't take long ...

    About a lazy farmer ... who wouldn't hoe his corn...."

  33. @11:07. They won't jump in here just because of the reaction I got. Viewing that I'm some kind of bloodsucker because I took advantage of a program that is offered, that my taxes also contribute to. Ignoring the work that is required and with no knowledge of stringent requirements to be met for what you see as handout. These are not 100% grants.

    The conservation district did help me. I won't apologize for that anymore than I'd apologize for using other tax supported programs.

    By all means, look into waste, make people accountable. I just think calling for the complete abolition of the Conservation District is a mistake. Just as calling for the complete abolition of the DSHS because you see some instances of fraud and abuse or lack of oversight would be a mistake.

    The tone of some of your responders here really do more to hurt this discussion than help it. I come here trying to hear all sides. Its getting very hard to hear anything here for all the nastiness.

  34. Aw Jeez Monty Python had this racket nailed decades ago. Ministry of Silly Walks.


    "Well sir, I have a silly walk and I'd like to obtain a Government grant to help me develop it."

  35. @11:07 That might explain why no one with common sense bothered to show up at the give us more money hearing recently, there is just too much nastiness around all that from the gimme the grant crowd. Seriously.

    But I agree with much of what you say. I'm a lifelong Democrat and understand there has been a century of bi-partisan support for programs like Conservation Districts, 4H, FHA, Rural Utilities Services, Coop Extension. This dates all the way back to Abe Lincoln, the establishment of Land Grant universities, and the belief that government had a role in promoting the progress of science and the useful arts.

    I still believe that. I believe the Conservation District is worth trying to save, before moving to pull the plug. But I wonder if you can see past the modest benefits you have enjoyed to understand the skulduggery going on behind the scenes.

    You have been shown a false front. I say that as a reasonably well informed Democrat with great passion for agriculture and the rural life.

  36. I guess we'll rue the day for giving them the devil 'cause they wouldn't hoe corn.


    @12:03 If you want to see nasty, I suggest you look into some of the activities of conservation district, especially how they treat employees who disagree with RZ and the conduct of conservation district personnel during certain elections in the past.

    Thanks for participating. I appreciate hearing your point of view. It's not persuasive to me, but I appreciate hearing it in any case. If you support the conservation district, you should be at the forefront of trying to reform it instead of defending it at all costs.

  37. @11:07
    You very much represent America's problem over all - you took advantage of a tax payer program, why shouldn't you - why shouldn't millions of lazy asses take advantage of welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing? Then you go on to mention DSHS - THE LARGEST STATE AGENCY, that's right, not education, not roads, not parks, nope, the agency that dishes out my money to irresponsible losers.
    The CD is an institution whose time has come and gone and only serves to line the pockets of non talented dolts like Zee and the FOSJ.

  38. Here is a trail to follow, How many grants and how much assistance have Zee/Kendall received at their Sweet Earth Farm. Even though they willingly/knowingly were in violation of county building and zoning regulations. A copy of that article should be forwarded to all the agencies Zee deals with "Yeah, I knew I was breaking the law". Whatever happened with that? nothing I guess.

  39. The conservation district cannot be reformed. There are two state appointees on a five-member board plus all of Ron's invisible hoards steering this and advising that. Reforming the conservation district is arithmetically impossible. Fugggettabouttit. It's been taken over by body snatchers and so must have a stake driven through its heart. History be damned, but if you want to bring up history, let's talk history by all means. County employee Vicki Heater has been an appointed conservation district board member since the days of Lincoln. Let's talk history. Lynn Bahrych, formerly of the Friends, formerly of Shaw, currently of the Washington Environmental Council, and one of the most ruthless "environmentalists" anywhere, has been on the Washington Conservation Commission since 2004. After we get rid of our Conservation District, it can be re-constituted a few years down the road if anyone misses it, but I doubt anyone but the machine will miss it.

    You need to get real about the history of the conservation district as well as the arithmetical impossibility of reforming it.

  40. @12:40 Right. Every person that ever needed help must be a lazy ass that will never contribute to society. I sorely hope sir, that you never have need of any social program offered in this country. You must surely be blessed to be so positive in your belief that you, nor none of your loved ones will ever have need of help from anyone outside your family.

  41. @1:30
    You are missing the point. Welfare, much like the CD, once played a valuable role in providing help to those in need. It has since evolved, in the case of welfare, to essentially subsidiing laziness, through the creation of a dependent class. Same with the CD.

  42. @12:40
    Welfare, sir, is enslavement and control and has little to do with helping anyone - much like the CD - and like the CD, DSHS has bloated into an all consuming hoard of money sucking leaches.
    The Great Society programs meant to "help" has only degraded and destroyed almost every inner-city community, again very much like the CD, which now houses the most divisive eco-fascist in the County who is h ell bent on destroying this community and replacing it with eco-totalitarianism.

  43. and you both make broad generalizations ignoring anything good, or anything positive, that come from any of those programs. Everyone is a money sucking leach, lazy ass, eco-fascist, or in your view. Welfare and the CD both continue to play a valuable role. Welfare needs better oversight. Hell... so does the IRS! Doesn't mean throw out the baby with the bathwater which is what you are suggesting with the CD.

  44. Throw that baby out and light it on fire...so it can't come back.
    The 10% good does not justify the continuing 90% bad.

  45. @10:00

    How did you get the help from the CD? Was it through a friend? We have what could be considered a small farm tho' not something I think of as a hobby. More like healthy food that we can afford.

    How did you even find out about the CD? I've never heard of it before this discussion.

    And...did you know that San Juan County CD received something in the neighborhood of 12 million dollars since...2002? I think that was the year.

    Why did you know about it? Did you look for assistance or did you know someone involved? I'm extremely curious about that.

    And...what was the actual help you got? Was it classes? Money? What exactly was it? It's not clear to me in your description. I cannot make any kind of judgement with such a vague reference.

    Thank you for sharing tho'. I feel the same as others that the CD is being unduly controlled by RZ and friends (no pun intended) and RZ wants MORE control. He pretty much wants total control.

    I am from an old island family. We were not farmers but were fishermen and owned small businesses in the town of FH. But I am friends w/some old island farm families and I'm intending to ask them about all of this. In fact...Bob Jarman's wife is from a San Juan Valley farm family. The Hudsons.

    Waiting for your clarification! Thank you.

  46. @5:26 I got help by attending classes offered and coordinated through the CD. I got $$ to assist in proper fencing, soil testing etc that the CD helped coordinate with the USDA, farm calls, analysis, follow up to be sure what I'd done met the requirements to get the $$. If it wasn't right, I didn't get reimbursed. Notifications of the existence of the classes and grants were on local websites and the newspaper.

  47. We're not talking about people in need of social services here--we're talking about whether taxpayers should be subsidizing retired folks who have decided to "become" farmers. As it happens, the last data I saw on argiculture's role in our economy revealed a net loss from ag. I did not research the state data at the time, like 2010 but I suspect it's because what little we produce is offset by subsidies.
    I'm not speaking of real farmers; I'm talking about the wannabes.

    The Conservation District and similar orgs like the 4-H are wonderful traditions. But then the CD was hijacked by the pols, who fired the only trained resources expert so they could hire Linda Lyshall. (The other "expert" who was retained has a degree in who-knows-what, but has a full-time paid government job and also runs his farm. Hhhm.)

  48. Correction! Sue Jarmon is from the Franklin family and was formerly married to a Hudson. Wow. Brain not working.

  49. Too True. Lyshall, Zee, & Rosenkotter, and don't forget Gregory and all the other willing participants on the board, are working to lead a subversive sect of super green grant getters that clearly do not like the general public. But they love to spend their money hand over fist. New office, new signs, new displays, new computers, new staff, all at a higher price.

    It is sad that these newbees to the islands are also so interested in promoting their idea of right so that they can fund their "jobs" at high rates so they can continue to scheme and feel productive.

    This hoard of self-serving visionaries has duped Conservation District supporters, leadership and granting agencies. An audit of the use of state and county funds is necessary.