Monday, August 19, 2013

Conservation District Watch: The Series - Installment #5

Barbara Rosenkotter keeps in touch with inter-governmental officials with the same unstoppable vigor of a salmon swimming upstream to spawn. We've only shown you a portion of her correspondence with various officials. During the whole time she's been deliberatin' and conjugatin' with the tribes and the Conservation District, she's been keeping the State Lead Entity Program Manager apprised too (Lloyd Moody). She has such a good relationship with Lloyd that she even asks if she can have the Lead Entity contract term changed to fit her schedule better ... because the tribes just aren't moving fast enough for Rosenkotter's liking so that everything can get done by July 1. To paraphrase Lloyd's response to Rosenkotter, "he's on it."

It's marvelous how Rosenkotter is able to keep so many people in the loop ... except our County Council. If you read her email, you will note that she expects to get the County's blessing at the end of the process, rather than at the beginning. Oh wait ... Rosenkotter says that she's talked to one County Councilman who appears to be supportive of the move! Gee, I wonder who that could be?

Everybody's in on this, except Jarman and Hughes. Don't forget to copy Scott Williamson of the PSP too!
From: Barbara Rosenkotter
Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 4:37 PM
To: Moody, Lloyd (GSRO)
Subject: RE: LE Transition - Extend PSAR portion of existing contract?

Thank you!
From: Moody, Lloyd (GSRO) []
Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 4:35 PM
To: Barbara Rosenkotter
Cc: Williamson, Scott (PSP)
Subject: RE: LE Transition - Extend PSAR portion of existing contract?

Barbara –

Thanks for your time on the phone to help me get a more clear picture. I’m on it. I’ll let you know what I uncover, assuming the legislature doesn’t do anything really silly…

From: Barbara Rosenkotter []
Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 11:41 AM
To: Moody, Lloyd (GSRO)
Cc: Williamson, Scott (PSP)
Subject: LE Transition - Extend PSAR portion of existing contract?


FYI, I have one formal letter of support from the San Juan Islands Conservation District indicating their support for being the fiscal agent for the San Juan LE Program. I have requested an updated status from Lummi, Tulalip and Swinomish as to where they are in the process of providing letters of support and so far I have not heard any concerns expressed. And I have also spoken to one San Juan County Council member so far who is supportive of the move.

But it looks like this will continue to be a slow process, so is it possible to extend the PSAR portion of the existing LE contract with San Juan County through September rather than starting a new contract with San Juan County that then has to be redone with the San Juan CD? Seems like that would be the easiest solution.

Then once we have the county’s blessing to move the program then we can start the new contracting with the CD so it is in place when the move is likely to occur, i.e. in August or September.

I had a conversation with Scott this morning and it sounds like he would support this approach. Would this option also work for RCO?


Barbara Rosenkotter
Lead Entity Coordinator for Salmon Recovery
San Juan County / WRIA2
PO Box 947
135 Rhone Street
Friday Harbor, WA 98250


  1. Everyone's in on it except Jarman and Hughes. Sounds like the MRC appointments.

  2. "...assuming the legislature doesn't do anything silly...."

    Yeah, like actually look into this devious scheme to shift power and control of potentially tens of millions of dollars right back in to the very hands of the people we defeated in the last election.

    Jamie knew all about this. Watch the video again, he was upset that Bob and Rick didn't just go right along with this.

    Thanks to the TH for exposing the devious nature of conduct of a rouge county employee.

    At least Lie-shall was straight forward about her thoughts when she told the council "I don't report to you".

    Rick, Bob, remember these posts. There is 65 million dollars being doled out for salmon. SJC will stand to get a lot. Should we scrutinize the grant allocations and put it to good use, actual projects, or should we let the Zeero ilk have it and take their percentage??

    Honest, boots on the ground action, or pay the protection racket money?

    Please do what is right. Please see these people for who they are and help put the brakes on this nonsense.

    Thank you.

    (PS> thanks to the editor for the clever hyperlinks on some of these articles. Only realized it yesterday on the 50-ways. I was laughing)

  3. This really is desperation, isn't it? I kind of think Jamie is a little smarter than this ... I mean, he needs Rick's vote on all kinds of things down the road, and they are barely out of the gate.

    This is stupid. In a three member council, all three need the same information going into deliberations. It is a responsibility of the chair to make sure this happens. Jamie is smoking an exploding cigar I'm afraid.

    Rosenkotter I hear shared an office with Hughes at the Orcas county annex. During the campaign. While she was Lisa's treasurer. Out to defeat him. Now, that would kinda piss me off a bit, I might remember that later on ... She's stupid. No wonder Rick ripped her a new one recently.

    Go for it Jamie. Go for it Barbara. Create an active and committed majority against everything you stand for.

  4. Barbara R says it's 7 to 10 thousand dollars they would "save" by taking control of the "decreasing" grants?

    I had to go search for the link again
    start at about 3:04:00.

    Bob Jarmon is just great at demanding accountability and Barbara R's face shows so much....

    13 million dollars in projects? Or 13 million in paychecks? Fascinating to watch.

  5. @10:47
    I actually think Jamie isn't that smart. He has that puppet look with someone else pulling the strings.
    You saw how the machine trashed one of their own, Laura Jo. What do you think they think of Bob and Rick?

    Probably arrogant enough and feel so righteous that they have convinced themselves this is whats best, awarding their political cronies potentially 10's of millions of dollars to control.
    Think about all the studies you could do with that kind of money, the reports you could write, the graphs you could generate.....
    They are that arrogant to think it could work. Why not, Jamie skipped normal procedures and put 3 radicals on the MRC. Just shifting the LIO to the CD, saved $8K a year. Just sign here fellas, then we can roll up our sleeves and get to work. Nothing to see here.
    Now we have Kit "firewater" Rawson chiming in to please oh please keep me out of it. Nothing to see here. Then they trot out the barely literate "why I don't read the TH" rant in the guardian. I'm glad no one responded to that ass clown. I mean really, you know you are dorfed when you have Edhale write your speeches.
    See how this plays out with the MRC appointments.

  6. Hopefully we have a few TH'rs heading over to Shaw to keep watch on the dog-n-pony show, and two on Stephanie Boof 'em, that's right, cause as soon as you turn around she's trying fuck you out of your taxes, money that should go to you children's education, or fix roads, Boof 'em would have you line her wicked pockets so she and the FOSJ and their accomplices Lie-shall and Rosenkotter can continue to sue our fellow citizens.

  7. Stephanie Buffer AKA "Boof'em". Well, boffo.

    Yes, the Machine just sees this past election as a minor speedbump. Taking a few little detours, is all. Same destination. A bit more street noise than there used to be. Let's shutter the windows so we can have some peace and quiet around here.

    And Shaw is so peaceful and quiet.

  8. @12:03 AM. No. What I said to Ed was, when you bring my name up, let's have the discussion publicly and non-anonymously, or else leave me out of it. Ditto for you too.

  9. Barbara Rs comment about decreasing funds just before huge grants are awarded says to me they were trying to wrap this up before the council was aware of the $.

    Could that be correct?

    And Kit, hmmm. Coming from a family connected to the tribes....I am under the strong impression you are very involved...and not in a straightforward, honest, or wise way. Sorry, I've not responded to your comments before but that's what I'm seeing.

    Please try to recognize that the people trying to move the fiscal entity to the CD are using you and your people to achieve that control. I completely believe that is true. They are watching out for their personal pockets w/a slight interest in the salmon and the tribes. Barbara R feels entitled and superior. Quite disturbing to watch her body language really.

  10. I must might know something you're not sharing? About how the tribes might benefit?

    Transparency could explain this. Could you reveal the truth? Or is there something you'd be uncomfortable w/sharing?

  11. @8:57

    I don't think Kit's a tribal member. He worked for the Tulalip, but you don't have to be a Tulalip to work for them. I could be wrong, but I never got the impression that Kit was himself a Tulalip tribal member.

  12. Hey, folks, if you want to know personal information about me, why don't you ask me directly? Non-anonymous is best, of course, but whatever. "A family connected to the tribes," what's that about? I already posted here that I worked at Tulalip for 26 years and am now retired from that job. I just don't appreciate all this innuendo and hints at sordid goings on without a chance to know who is making these statements so I can reply on a fair playing field. Nobody is using me for anything, I can assure you of that. And, this "your people" stuff is just stupid. If you are of mixed central and western European descent with ancestors who mainly arrived here in the mid 19th century, then you are "my people." Otherwise, I guess you are someone else's people.

    I may not be wise to engage with you folks, but I am as straightforward as I know how to be. After all, I am one of the few who uses my name here. (And I am so far the only person to have a non-anonymous main post on the TH). I quite honestly do not at all appreciate being accused of dishonesty and hiding something when that is not the case. I was once asked to make an apology here, which I did. I would appreciate the same from the person who suggested that I am not being honest. The only thing I am toning down is my true feelings about those who hide behind anonymity and do not have the courage to stand behind their accusations and innuendo.

  13. @Kit

    I think the commenter was implying that they have a family connection to the tribes. They assumed you did too, Kit, but thanks for clearing that up.

    Talk about damning with faint praise. xD. Kit thinks we're all cowards. Some of us are stupid. Thankfully, though, he's hiding his true feelings about us now and won't bring that up.

    Also, the posts on the TH aren't anonymous. They are attributable to the blogger(s) who go by "ECK" which stands for "Expanding Civic Knowledge." That's not anonymous -- you just don't know who comprises ECK. That's confidential, not anonymous. There is a difference. As ECK and others have explained from time to time, ECK is more interested in promoting TH as a brand than in promoting the personalities associated with TH.

  14. As usual Ranker is flying under the radar.

  15. Kit, Have you at any time discussed grants, the Conservation District, fishing rights or restrictions, or anything remotely related to those or other San Juan County business privately with Barbara Rosenkotter, Ron Zee, or any other person remotely related to any of the issues being discussed here?

    And if the answer is yes, was there anything discussed that you felt in any way should be kept from common public knowledge to avoid disagreement by said public?

    That's what I'm wondering. Your evasive answer about providing the contacts per Barbara Rs request felt uncomfortable to me. I'm also uncomfortable w/the fact that Barbara was working behind the scenes and in a secretive manner trying to promote something she obviously wants very badly. She showed her frustration very clearly.

    Thank you 9:58 for expressing your (correct)understanding of the "family connect(ion)". To clarify, first cousins as well as close friends w/tribal members.

    And I did assume that Kit Rawson was a Native American. But no? Just an employee? A former employee? Why are you so involved then?

    Lots of little signals. Something fishy going on here. Only a little pun intended.

    But if you, Kit, in all honesty, are being completely transparent and open and are sharing any and all information that could have ANY sort of impact on my beloved home or my life...I rescind the use of the word honest in reference to you and apologize profoundly for any distress I've caused.

    Looking forward to your response.

  16. Kit isn't in this for reasons of heritage. As he has explained, he's just a faithful former employee. They paid his salary and now they pay his pension. He's in it for the money. Substitute the words "cigarette" for salmon and "tobacco company" for tribe, and you understand the loyalty aspects of this entire game.

    Somewhere in the TH a commenter once posted an apt quote by Upton Sinclair. "It's difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon him not understanding."

  17. My thanks to Janice Peterson for her letter to the Island Guardian in response to the letters earlier printed there from Sarah Crosby and Jim Stegall (who registered complaints regarding the Island Guardian link to thel TH). Well done and right on, Janice.

  18. @ 5:27 PM -- Please don't pretend to speak for me, Mr or Ms anonymous. Not that it is any of your business, but I get no pension from Tulalip. If you don't understand why someone would be loyal for reasons of friendship and nothing more, then I feel very sorry for you.

    Janice -- is this kind of chicken attack what you are supporting in your letter to the Guardian? I really used to think much more highly of you.

    @12:16 I must admit that it is very weird to be cross-examined by an unknown person (not the American way and all that), but, since I have nothing to hide, I will go for it.

    I don't think my answer re providing contacts was evasive. Barbara wanted a complete list of tribes with interests in the San Juans, and I had that list and I gave it to her. I even gave it to her in alphabetical order so as not to appear to favor any tribe. What is so evasive about that? (Even though you won't say your name, do I have the right to ask you a question?)

    When I was still working I often expressed my opinion that the original setup with the Lead Entity program in the CD was better that having it in the county. In fact, having the MRC be the citizens committee is contrary to the Salmon Recovery Act. This is because the MRC is a county entity, but the county is only one member of the citizens committee and should not be controlling it. There should be a separate salmon recovery citizens committee with the proper representation, and I expressed this opinion a lot. The decision makers apparently didn't listen to me, though.

    I have not participated in any of this since I left employment. Certainly I have seen some of the people you mention, and these topics may have come up in conversation. But that's the nature of gossip about work. I had no reason to or interest in or time to be a part of any of these things. As you may know, I was out of the country for two months mid-April to mid-June and really not focused on any of this stuff during that time or since. Just for fun, since I have been so upfront here, can you say a little more about your interest in these matters, your potential for financial gain, and so forth? Fair is fair after all (and I won't even make you say your name).

    Suffice it to say that I am involved for the same reasons as you -- my home, my life, my family, my future, my descendants. If you can't accept that, well, I feel sorry for you as well.

    I also need to respond because these discussions do come up in Google searches, and I feel that I need to provide some truth that will appear near the lies and innuendo. It's likely a losing game for me, but I am giving it a try.

    What really makes me angry is to see good people's character and careers destroyed here with nobody calling foul. San Juan County lacks leaders, apparently. I have written to the Council about my concerns, but they continue to show no leadership in this area. The more they refuse to stand up for their own employees and volunteer citizens committee members, the less respect I have for any of them. That includes the former council members as well. Perhaps there are other community leaders who will speak up (and again, no, I am not proposing that any kind of speech or communication be made illegal, just that people be accountable for what they say).

    So, have at me, folks.

  19. ... if the Legislature is viewed as "silly" then how are our council members viewed? ... overhead costs are a really dumb reason to move the LI to the CD. Functionally, it doesn't make sense to house the local program in a state office ... just sayin'

  20. Well Kit, assuming this is you and frankly I don't care as it means far more to me what you say than who you purport to be. Which is the basis to this blog. I think most of us just don't have the egotistical need to feel our names are all that important. Besides its easier to push fewer buttons. But I digress.

    Yes I figured you would be back in the game this summer, soon as you got back from your bike trip with your pals, and I look forward to being entertained by them again as well. Welcome back.

    The issues being raised here are entering the mainstream of open public discourse. That's the whole point. That's a good thing. Investigative journalism with attitude is as old as the Republic. Get used to it.

    You cannot stop the public right to know, or distract from this larger purpose however you try.

    I feel you have stood by complicit for years when Kivisto's blog thoughtlessly mind-raped reputations and spewed out endless lies cynically disguised as rumor control. But she flew so far out of control she eventually became a danger to both herself and others and her reputation now resembles what is left of Downriggers. She did it to herself.

    And you better believe her virulent swill got out on the Internet, and we are talking at least ten years ago. I attended a large foundation conference in Chicago back then, having drinks with a vice president of the C.S. Mott Foundation over a major project, thank heavens and old friend -- who started teasing me: "Good God man, what have you stepped in out there in the San Juan Islands these days?" Bloggo Kivisto + Google. Forgive her, she really, really knows not what she does. She has no clue. I am afraid you may not either.

    Kit, what goes around comes around. I feel sorry that you on the one hand turned a blind eye to Internet spread malicious local gossip and ruination for years because it didn't seem to affect you or the gang you hang with, but now seem to feel indigent because the pendulum turned ... as it always does ... because that it the Law of Hubris. Old as the Greeks, an eternal truth.

    The sooner you figure that out Kit, or whoever you are an amalgam of, the sooner your own internal healing can begin. God help you.

  21. @ Kit
    Kit, some of the angst expressed on the TH is an illustration of how fed up people have becoming with phony environmentalism - you know full well the way to recover salmon would be
    1) Stop all the Russian, Japanese, and Chinese drift net fishing that is decimating the ocean.
    2) Tear down damns
    3) Stop the Tribes from stringing a net from one side of a river to the next and hauling in salmon they dump on the beach because it's their "right"
    4) has NOTHING to do with how close someones house is to the stupid beach or bank.
    But did we here the Tribes, the MRC, LIO, or any other phony outfit address the real issues? HELL NO.
    People who actually live, work, and contribute to our community are also tired of part-time second home owners drifting in and out and complaining about those who live and work here.
    Do us all a favor and fine somewhere else to set up your eco-fascist ideological nightmare and leave us the fuck alone.

  22. Kit thinks we're stupid. Kit thinks we're cowards. Kit thinks Janice is chicken. Kit has no respect for the council members, even the former council members because they won't defend their employee and volunteers.

    Kit thinks Janice is a chicken for speaking up but then criticizes the council members past and present for not speaking up.

    It just doesn't seem like anything is going to Kit's satisfaction at the moment. Also, a few posts ago Kit wanted to be left out of these posts and discussions. Now, it's "have at me, folks."

    Kit, would you make up your salmon-pickin' mind for Pete's sake? Is the inside of your mind like an M.S. Escher lithograph?

    I found this statement of yours to be especially Escher-like for its impossible construction.

    "In fact, having the MRC be the citizens committee is contrary to the Salmon Recovery Act. This is because the MRC is a county entity, but the county is only one member of the citizens committee and should not be controlling it. There should be a separate salmon recovery citizens committee with the proper representation, and I expressed this opinion a lot. The decision makers apparently didn't listen to me, though."

    You are a fascinating person, Kit. I'll grant you that, and for that reason alone, I hope you keep commenting and offering us your views.

    Btw, I'm not @12:16, just another one of the stupid cowards who loves this blog.

  23. With 65 million dollars in salmon grants up for grabs, I wouldn't be surprised at anything we see.
    Lies, deception, possibly even a little fraud thrown in.

    Kit, can you please provide one example of a "lie" by the TH? One? Thanks.

  24. @9:55

    lol ... except it should be M.C. (not M.S.) Escher :-)

  25. Very good. Now Mr. Rawson has succeeded in his distraction and now the conversation is "All About Me." The only other person as remotely narcissistic is Kevin Ranker ... uh hmmm ... separated at birth?

    The Kitmeister sez:

    "Barbara wanted a complete list of tribes with interests in the San Juans, and I had that list and I gave it to her. I even gave it to her in alphabetical order so as not to appear to favor any tribe."

    Let us deconstruct this as John Darrah, a part-time resident of San Juan Island and retired King County superior court judge attempted during the election campaign last winter (

    1) "Barbara wanted a complete list of tribes with interests in the San Juans." But of course she did, and boy she needed that list on the double quick, chop chop!

    2) "I had that list and I gave it to her." But of course he did, anything to ensure continued tribal control!

    3) "I even gave it to her in alphabetical order so as not to appear to favor any tribe." But of course he would spin the meaning of the list, but everyone knows whose at the top of the totem pole right? wink wink, nudge nudge.


  26. I agree with Kit, San Juan County lacks leaders. Our best and finest Kevin Ranker, left. I wonder what could entice him to come back and save us$ Why did you forsake us Kev$ We trusted you and took you from leading the friends to chairman of the county council to the state senate and you just keep moving on, further and further away. We loved you, I thought you loved us, was it something we said or did? My heart is broken, you never return my calls anymore. Perhaps it is as Kit said, you had no respect for the former council members either.
    I think Kit is trying to distract from the main issues and focus on him. Remember, he is a pro, we are viewed as amateurs.

  27. Sarcasm. The last defense of the truly witless.

  28. BUMP

    Kit, can you please provide one example of a "lie" by the TH? One? Thanks.

  29. resspough@ 8:58

    I don't know much about Mr. Rawson, but I would like to read his letter to Council about how they should protect their staff.

    It's odd that he finds it "weird to be cross-examined by an unknown person" yet doesn't seem to object to unknown people running the County residents' lives. Not the people we elect, but the professional bureaucrats and tribes.

  30. I was not saying that Janice was chicken. I was saying that by publicly supporting the TH, she was lending her very credible reputation to the support of the cowards who anymously post slurs and slander about good people who work and live in San Juan County. I was very sorry to see that happen.

    The recent article in the Sounder/Journal about the MRC appointment fiasco demonstrates that it is possible to raise very real concerns about how the council and advisory bodies operate without resorting to unwarranted and vicious attacks on people. That is the way that freedom of speech is most effective.

    I am sorry that people seem to think I am part of some group that is trying to run and destroy your lives. Nothing could be farther from the truth -- I am part of no group, and I actually agree with you on many, perhaps the majority, of your issues. But as long as you persist in these slanders and attacks I will continue to do my best to defend the people you are trying to bring down.

    There are one or two people out there who have it in for me for some reason I don't understand. I agree that it is not about me (or you, for that matter). So, let's find a way to discuss this privately so that these public forums can focus on the real issues.

  31. Mr. Rawson:

    How about posting one example of slurs or slanders?

  32. Do I understand correctly that Ms. Rosenkotter unilaterally sought the extension of a legal contract between the County and the State agency without consulting the County Council for permission? That sounds like a potential ground for termination.

  33. @5:16

    Yes, you understand correctly (or at least as much as we do).


    Anonymous said...

    Kit, can you please provide one example of a "lie" by the TH? One? Thanks.

    August 21, 2013 at 9:08 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Mr. Rawson:

    How about posting one example of slurs or slanders?

    August 25, 2013 at 5:11 PM

  35. Kit, Here are your words in response to Barbara R's request for names and addresses...

    "Here are the names of the tribes and tribal chairs (in alphabetical order), along with others to whom the letter should probably be sent. As far as honorifics go, treat the tribal chairs as you would treat any other executive level leader of government."

    This more than implies your knowledge of and support of a plan that has been previously discussed.

    Can you explain this? Does not inspire trust.