Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Conservation District Watch: The Series - Installment #6

When you're pulling a scam, it's a question of timing. Obviously, you wait until the entire plan is cooked and ready to serve, then it's time for the patsy.

For Rosenkotter, Lyshall, and Zee, after you've coordinated with the State, after you've informed the PSP, after you've gotten letters from the tribes, then you invite Jarman and Hughes around for a little "discussion." You present your scheme as a fait accompli ... a done deal ... just sign on the bottom line.

Then, you circle back with Jamie before going before the Council on July 15 and voila, the suckers will never know what hit them. It's just like taking candy from a baby ... or in this case, that might be better put as "taking oversight and millions from the County."

Only it didn't work this time. But the entire Conservation District ploy is an example of how it usually does work around here. By the time "they" reveal their plans to normal folks, the fix is already in. They've been maneuvering for weeks, if not months. They're a dozen steps ahead of everyone else.

If you're in a poker game, and you don't know who the patsy is, you're the patsy. We've been the patsy for a long, long time.

From: Barbara Rosenkotter
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2013 10:46 AM
To: 'llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org'
Subject: RE: Meeting tomorrow?

Are we meeting at Rick's office?

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From: Linda Lyshall [mailto:llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org]
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2013 10:42 AM
To: Barbara Rosenkotter
Subject: FW: Meeting tomorrow?

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From: Rick Hughes [mailto:rickh@sanjuanco.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2013 9:05 AM
To: llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org
Subject: Re: Meeting tomorrow?

Sounds good.

Sent from my iPhone

On Jun 27, 2013, at 8:21 AM, "llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org" <llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org> wrote:
> Ok. How about if we try to meet just after the picnic around 1:30?
>> Linda:
>> Today the schedule is tight. There may be a few minutes after the
>> staff picnic and I will be on the 2:15 boat to Orcas.
>> Not sure of my schedule on 7/3.
>> Rick
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>> On Jun 26, 2013, at 2:31 PM, "Linda Lyshall" <llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org<mailto:llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org> wrote:
>> Rick,
>> Barbara Rosenkotter and I would like to meet with you to discuss the
>> fiscal agent for the salmon recovery program. Do you have anytime
>> available tomorrow afternoon or the afternoon of July 3rd?
>> Thank you,
>> Linda
>> Linda Lyshall, District Manager
>> San Juan Islands Conservation District
>> 540 Guard St., Friday Harbor, WA
>> Office: 360.378.6621
>> Cell: 425.478.9131


From: Linda Lyshall <llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org>
Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2013 10:34 AM
To: Bob Jarman
Cc: Barbara Rosenkotter; b.gregory@sanjuanislandscd.org
Subject: RE: Meeting Request

Great. How about 4:00 at our office at 530 Guard Street?

From: Bob Jarman [mailto:bobja@sanjuanco.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2013 9:13 AM
To: <llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org>
Subject: Re: Meeting Request

Next Tuesday works for me just need to know where.

Bob Jarman

On Jul 2, 2013, at 8:44 AM, "Linda Lyshall" <llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org> wrote:


Barbara Rosenkotter, Bruce Gregory, and I would like to meet with you to discuss returning the lead entity
program to the Conservation District. I understand that Jamie has this on the agenda for the 15th and I wanted
to give you an opportunity to hear the details ahead of time, and to address any questions you might have.
The best times for us are tomorrow afternoon, anytime between 2:30 and 5:30, or next Tuesday between 4:00
and 5:30. Do either of those times work for you?

Look forward to talking with you,


Linda Lyshall
District Manager
San Juan Islands Conservation District
540 Guard Street


From: Barbara Rosenkotter
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 12:49 PM
To: Linda Lyshall (llyshall@sanjuanislandscd.org)
Subject: Fw: Monday

FYI, I left a message last night for Jamie asking about the meeting. I suspected that we may only get through an overview of the various programs vs any decision making, which is probably for the best right now. Please see his response below.

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From: Jamie Stephens <jamies@sanjuanco.com>
To: Barbara Rosenkotter <barbarar@sanjuanco.com>
Sent: Thu, Jul 11, 2013 16:40:36 GMT+00:00
Subject: Monday

The original plan was to discuss the possible move of Salmon Recovery to the Cons. District. However, it is clear that a more basic discussion needs to had about the LIO, MRC, and SR. Roles and responsibilities; where funding comes from; and oversight. As we have discussed, the County doesn’t oversee Salmon Recovery, it just acts as the fiscal agent whereas that role changes with the LIO.

There is a misconception that if SR stays in the County that we will have oversight.

I hope this helps



  1. Let me get this straight. If I listen to what Rawson, Stephens, Rosenkotter, and Lyshall are saying, then the county has no role in salmon recovery. Or to be more accurate, the county has one vote among many regarding salmon recovery, and the rest of the votes are supposed to come from a variety of different stakeholders.

    What an infinite mess. Somebody, or a group of somebodies, is supposed to do something with millions in grants for salmon recovery, but that committee of somebodies isn't necessarily supposed to be tied to any governmental body like the county. If I follow this logic to its illogical extreme, then Rawson, Stephens, and the rest would facilitate via some fiscal agent the doling out of millions to unaccountable organizations, or even individuals masquerading as entities, such as Rosenkotter, for the alleged purpose of recovering salmon, but the responsible entities are essentially disconnected from any authentic governmental ability to do anything except receive grant money, so the only thing the committee of somebodies does after receiving said millions in grants is just hold meetings and coordinate or pass along trickle down grants to crazy organizations like the Friends.

    Is this any way to run an ecosystem? This is hopeless.

  2. @11:33

    No, holding meetings isn't all they do. They publish reports by experts, they draft conceptual ideas by experts, they develop proposals, they discuss and deliberate too...
    It's not just meetings.
    Man, to be an expert or fiscal agent these days...
    I sure missed the boat in my chosen vocation. Actually going out and working my tail off so people can eat fish seems so 2010. I guess not all of us can major in individual studies or public policy. Must be nice.

    So, when I go out, fish for hours or days on end, then get my check at the end of the week, with a bunch of money taken out, am I correct that this money goes to programs such as this?

    I can help "recover" salmon easily. Build another damn hatchery. Stop the tribes from raping the sound. It's the little things like that.

    Thanks TH for standing up for the working man on these islands. I fear that the corruption we see locally is 1000x worse on the state and federal level. Inspite of my feelings of impending doom, I continue to go to work so I can do what? Pay more taxes to support this crazy non-sense? Wow, I'm starting to think I am the crazy one.

  3. Just wow.

    Are these emails something the public has access to? I'm wondering if a lot of folks put on their tall black boots and start slopping through we could all help.

    Oh, and don't forget, Thomas Paine's Common Sense was published anonymously. He said "Who the author of this production is, is wholly unnecessary to the Public, as the Object for Attention is the DOCTRINE ITSELF, not the MAN."

  4. The last to know. Absolutely unbelievable!


  5. Jamie. Jamie Stephens, you gots some 'splainin to do ...

    "There is a misconception that if SR stays in the County that we will have oversight."

    Jamie: Let's talk about this ...

    And, who the heck is Bruce Gregory??

    Actually, those in the know on the inside of the soft underbelly of our local eco-mafia have been quietly pleased so far by the performance of Rick Hughes. He's been easy to work with, quite malleable really, just flatter him a bit, take him to the Gulf Islands, introduce him around, hang on his very word, feed him suggestions as if they were his own ideas ...

    Wake up Rick. You have to choose a side, and not the dark side. Do it soon. I have faith in you. You are a good guy but you can be co-opted without realizing it. You'll never see them coming.

  6. @11:33

    The point is that the Salmonites (Rawson, Stephens, Rosenkotter, Zee, Lyshall, Slocomb, Whitman, etc.) want the salmon recovery money to stay with them and only them no matter where they go. Now that the county might start rearranging the MRC and staffing related to salmon recovery, the Salmonites have invented this new concept that the salmon money isn't really tied to the institutions that have had it for the past 8 or 9 years, it's tied to the actual people and has to follow the Salmonites wherever they go. If the Salmonites aren't on the MRC, then the structure has to be redefined to be whatever the Salmonites want to call themselves next. RZ is providing a home for the Salmonites now (and the Stormwaterites) and the Salmonites will fight tooth and nail to justify that it's all been a big mistake up 'till now, and to fix the mistake, the Salmonite structure needs to be torn down and rebuilt over at the CD where the Salmonites are moving.

    It's all part of the ad hominem way government works here. Particular people here always have to have control of the power levers and never transfer it -- ever. That's why Slocomb has been on the MRC since 1996. That's why Vicki Heater has been on the CD board since the early 1990s. That's why we have a multitude of institutions in the San Juans like the Stewardship Network, the LIO/AAOG, like the CD, like the ECONet and on and on but they are all the same people.

    Here, institutions are just a way for the same people to wear a different hat over and over so they can vote multiple times and make it look like majority rule. Institutional proliferation is the thicket of brush that serves as a disguise for the corruption of democracy and government. In the San Juans, it's one institution, one vote and that equates to one person, no vote for a lot of us and one person, many votes if you're a Salmonite.

  7. @7:29

    Institutional proliferation=name proliferation. That's it. It's as if I decided to give myself half a dozen different legal names, all just for me. I think I'll call myself Shireene, Stephanie, Linda, Barbara, Tina, Lynn. Then, I convince the state that each one of my names needs to be registered as a different voter. One name, one vote. Instead of one person, one vote. All the different groups that govern us are the same people, but they have different names.

  8. Does "Salmon Recovery" somehow translate to yet ever more restrictive land use regulation? Can we expect county wide bans on pesticides, herbicides,
    gasoline (vapors harm fish), and eating meat (cattle poop?)?

  9. Salmon recovery means whatever these people decide salmon recovery means. It doesn't depend on data or anything other than the group-think of the grant-funded Salmonites (I like that term) and their state handlers.

  10. I hope that Bob and Rick are aware now of how things were completely set up, talked through, manipulated, etc...before they were included.

    Are they aware? And if not, can they be made aware?

    I was so impressed by them at the meeting where Bob asked for documentation of what the CD money was used for and Rick suggested that the "savings" Barb R keeps mentioning was something the County could make up.

    Have you noticed she never gets specific about the "savings" amount unless put on the spot? She repeatedly implies that it is a really significant amount. But of course it is not. In relative terms it is a pittance compared to their spending that would not support her goal.

    Do I have that right?

  11. Well, the ZRL dog and pony show will have to shift to plan B now.
    Kit laid the groundwork for the "legal requirement" BS.
    Their original "sign here" plan fell thru and now it's scramble time.
    Don't ever lose sight of the 65 MILLION DOLLARS headed from the Feds to the region for salmon.
    And this CD plot is about saving 7 or 8 k?
    Really? Barb, Ron, Lie-shall, you expect us to fall for that?
    What the heck do you take us for? A bunch of edhales?

  12. Wait just a second here. I resemble that remark! I may have sort of smoked that stuff once or twice, but I never, ever edhaled. You got that? Well, I sure hope so!

  13. Jamie: "There is a misconception that if SR stays in the county we will have oversight"

    Wait. What does that mean? The county is the vehicle for millions of dollars of money but they have no authority as far as how it's used? Wouldn't the fact they are the source mean it was their money to work with? I'm confused. Or is Jamie the one that's confused.

  14. What do the RCWs say about what Lead Entities are, who funds them, who has oversight, and what "fiscal agents" are?

    Might be worth looking at that...

    Chelan County has a nice writeup:


    "Fiscal agent" may mean nothing more than "accountant and banker" in this context.

  15. @10:32

    Hilarious. Thanks to I502, we can all smoke and edhale to our hearts content.

    Smoke alota rasta manage utility allota fasta!

  16. Everyone, I need some help. I need some feedback. I'm working on a Kit Rawson insult generator program. It's like those Victorian or Shakespearean insult generators you see on the web, but it works slightly differently.

    Here's how the Rawson insult generator works. The inputs are simple declarative sentences. Then, the outputs are translated into Rawson-ese. Here's an example:

    Input -
    Roses and red
    Violets are blue

    First of all, I'd like to say upfront that I would appreciate if all of you would leave me out of your rose and violet discussions. I think roses are stupid. I used to have a lot of respect for roses, but now I think they're chicken. If you don't understand that, then I feel sorry for you.

    Violets aren't blue, they're violet. What really gets me angry is that all of you are trying to destroy the good character and reputation of violets. This is not the way it's supposed to work under the Violet Protection Act. The County isn't supposed to control the protection of violets, violets are supposed to control the County. To do that, the Act requires that we set up the Violet Protection Committee. I've made this suggestion on numerous occasions in the past, and I've written the Council. I've also written to previous Council members, the President, the Liberal Democrat Party in the UK, and my great Aunt Sally, but none of them will show any leadership on this issue.

    These posts turn up in google searches so I'm going to continue to defend my rose and violet friends. I'm doing this for my life, my home, my descendants, and my own flower bed. If any of you cowards have any questions, ask me directly (preferably non-anonymously). Don't even pretend to speak for me, you losers. You're just lucky I'm hiding my true feelings about you.

    Have at me, folks.

  17. @11:01 What you need is a simple Markov-chain text generator, which you then train with a sample of Kit's own words. Here's a handy one:


    This sort of program is also handy for creating vast piles of steaming CAO/SMP language quickly, saving staff time.

  18. Readers please note the date, MRC Chair. This article (5 pages) was posted by Sharon, perhaps her finest hour.
    Aquatic Reserve
    posted 04/15/2008
    Turn over a rotted log and bugs scurry out, leaf through a pile of emails and the county's less than transparent Aquatic Reserves process is revealed. The meetings with no public notice, the ultimate goal, the real effects, the maneuvering to keep fellow councilmembers in the dark, the spinning, the "marketing" - all are spelled out in emails sent to Marine Resource Committee members since the project was first conceived last spring.
    San Juan County Council was asked by the MRC to approve a letter of intent asking the state Department of Natural Resources to include San Juan County in the Aquatic Reserve Program. Under the program, state-owned bedlands and tidelands are managed for environmental protection. Currently they are managed using five criteria including public access, recreation and income.
    During the public meetings, MRC Chair Kit Rawson and Aquatic Reserves Program manager Kyle Murphy told audience members the program would not changes things much in the islands.
    Reading through the emails, one gets a different impression. In an email to a National Park Service staff member Murphy wrote: I have copied the appropriate section out of the Cypress Island Plan. This plan was developed such that all allowable uses were identified and described in some detail, including protective measure. It also includes language that makes it clear that no other uses except those identified would be allowed. My vision is that this approach would serve as a template for future site based management plans. Allowable uses are identified, with required conservation measures to offset the potential impacts of the uses and a statement that no other uses will be allowed.

  19. We're such a polarized county across the economic divide so its really hard to understand the mind-set at play here. Wealth driven narcissistic elitism in what is arguably the wealthiest counties in the United States, while suffering among the lowest average wages in the state.

    PBS has a great piece about the psychology of all this: "Does Wealth Breed Narcissism: The New 'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall' Study"


    "we found that wealthier individuals not only feel more entitled, but they also report more narcissistic tendencies on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, endorsing statements like, "I like to be the center of attention," "I find it easy to manipulate people" and "I like to show off my body."

    Vanity is a big piece of narcissism: wealthier participants we studied were more likely to behave narcissistically by opting to look at themselves in a mirror. "

    You just can't make this stuff up.

  20. Here's an online Narcissistic Personality Inventory.

    "Narcissism in personality trait relating to a love of self and self-absorption. It is healthy at low levels however high narcissism can seriously impair empathizing."


  21. @ 722--sorry but Rick and Bob got the information and squashed the plan. Look at the hearing video. See how petulant Ms. Rosenkotter gets.

    Thank goddess for Rick and Bob. Keep up the good work!

    I don't know which is more disturbing: Jamie working in the background with these folks to the exclusion of the Council, or him parroting the "fiscal agent" dogma just as he was taught.

  22. The fabulous Dilbert Mission Statement generator sadly went off line a few years ago, but as a result, inventive minds stepped up to fill the vacuum. Here's a few tools that will also leverage the proactive collaboration thriving within the sustainable LIO community moving forward.

    The ComfyChair Mission Statement Generator

    Mission statement generator

    And, my personal favorite. It plays like a slot machine plus you can even have it generate your very own "Elegant Certificate" suitable for framing. Make one up for the FOSJ, the MRC, the Madrona Institute. We create a lovely online gallery. Have a competition for the best of the lot.

    Corporate Mission Statement Generator

  23. Actually, this Mission Statement Generator may be the best out there, might take that Markovian chain text thingee to the level of high art. You can put in your own terms, which makes it almost scary ...


  24. Nothing says narcissism better than a bunch of wealthy, highly educated scolds telling their inferiors (a/k/a neighbors") what to do with their land.

    My all time favorite was the guest house hearings that had Stefanie Buffum and her mentor Mrs. Bahrych haranguing about the "selfishness" of the working class folks who wanted to have guest houses for their families to stay for the summer weeks. Mrs. B, of course, was at the time living in a huge house on water's edge with the biggest dock I have ever seen, and yes, a studio or bunkhouse and garage and so on. But she probably had superior knowledge of how to build those things so they wouldn't pollute the county. The rest of us are just too dumb.

  25. Cynical in San JuanAugust 21, 2013 at 1:24 PM


    Please remember to use quotes around "experts." Remember, lawyer-lobbyist Russel Barsh is one of their "experts." As are the Skagit River Ecosystem Cooperative, or whatever it's called, funded by the tribes to do research. That always seems to conclude that we need to get out of the islands.

  26. There's no law against being selfish. Lynn Bahrych ought to know that because if there were, she would have received several consecutive life sentences by now.

  27. @ 852--I think what BR means about "savings" is returning her to full-time status. She was very unhappy about being made 80% time.

  28. Here comes the money, folks--for "detritus recruitment" and other helpful things.

    Couple of questions here:

    Who is letting Friends remove bulkhead on Brown Island to let the feeder bluff begin to fall into the sea? And why does Friends get a basic "capacity" grant (salary) for someone to do a demonstration project about removing bulkhead in almost every grant it gets? Did they not get it done or done right before? Their learning curve seems pretty steep.

    And who the heck is the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group?

    Brown Island Feeder Bluff Bulkhead Removal ($69,975; source federal EPA grant funds)
    Grant funds will be used to restore nearshore processes, improve upper beach habitat and provide a demonstration project for shoreline managers and landowners through removal of unnecessary shoreline armoring. The project will restore approximately 4,000 square feet of shoreline to its historic complexity. This includes the direct uncovering of 767 square feet of beach and restoration of the immediate adjacent buffer, restoring coastal processes such as upper intertidal and back shore sediment, sediment source, littoral drift, and other natural processes such as detritus potential and recruitment.
    Phase: Implementation
    Sponsor: Friends of the San Juans
    Contact: Tina Whitman (360) 378-2319

    Thatcher Bay Restoration ($260,055)
    Grant funds will be used to supplement previously awarded grants for the removal of 12,900 cubic yards of wood waste covering 1.8 acres of valuable nearshore habitat on Blakely Island in the San Juan archipelago. Thatcher Bay was the site of a wood milling operation from 1879 to 1942. Mill waste in the form of sawdust and wood chips was disposed of in the intertidal area surrounding the mill. Wood chips in the upper intertidal area have completely buried substrates suitable for forage fish spawning. The site will be refilled with sediments common to the surrounding areas.
    Phase: Implementation
    Sponsor: Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group
    Contact: Alison Studley (360) 336-0172

  29. No you really must remove wood waste if you want to spend other people's money to terraform an ecosystem you are completely ignorant of.

    Next, these "rewinding" grants will come with human resettlement matching requirements. Show us you plan to get rid of humans and we'll fund you to haul away duff.

  30. Good to know that the big bucks ($250,000) for San Juan County are going to an entity in Skagit County. How does that work in terms of growing our economy, I wonder?

    The Skagit Fisheries Enhancement (SFEG) is a nonprofit organization formed in 1990 to engage communities in habitat restoration and watershed stewardship in order to enhance salmon populations. As a non-governmental organization, we have unique cooperative relationships with local landowners, conservation groups, government agencies and tribes. Through the hard work of our volunteers and professional restoration crew, we have been recognized as a local leader in salmon restoration. As one of 14 Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups in Washington State, we are part of a coordinated effort to educate and involve the public in salmon enhancement activities across the state at the community level. Our regional boundaries include not only the Skagit River watershed, but also the Samish River and the watersheds of the San Juan Islands and northern Whidbey Island.

  31. Has anyone considered trying to get the tribes to stop raping the sound with their fishing practices?

  32. @2:06
    The $250K for Thatcher is on top of the $100K FOSJ got for the project.


  33. All the players are so sneaky and creepy. Is this what reorganization means? We do not have salmon streams nor stormwater but if you say it enough and are near Puget Sound then high paying jobs should be the result---if you believe.

  34. Is it the end of the day on Wednesday already? You know what that means. That's right, the Hales have already pocketed another $1,800 THIS WEEK ALONE.
    That is your tax money hard at work.
    Sleep well tonight, your utilities are being managed. Your land and life is being planned.
    Maybe the lambs will stop screaming.

  35. @5:27

    Yes, but incompetence and obstructionism of such high quality doesn't come cheap. They're "experts" at it.

  36. @5:29 is right. We can't let just anyone ruin this County. All of the community destroyers employed by the County go through a highly selective process. They are carefully chosen to have no aptitude for public service. They have to pass muster with several panels of interviewers that hold viewpoint discrimination in high regard. For women, misandry is a plus. For men, a missing spine is considered advantageous. All prospective employees are encouraged to believe that we are both pristine and approaching an irreversible ecological tipping point, with disastrous consequences should employee hours or departmental budgets ever be reduced. Prior membership with the Friends is an absolute requirement -- no exceptions. Every year of Friends membership will substitute on a 2 to 1 basis for education. In other words, you must either be a graduate of the 6th grade or have been a member of the Friends for 3 years. Those who suffer from an intense dislike of public participation are always encouraged to apply.

    We're looking for a few good bureaucrats.

  37. @5:29

    A few more requirements, given the number of highly qualified applicants in the pool.

    Must have graduated with honors from Leadership San Juans. Your Briggs and Myers Personality Profile must be on file with Bozz Zee.

    You must rate favorably on the following attributes and characteristics. Kit Rawson will arrange the results alphabetically so as to avoid appearances.

    1) Nepotism
    2) Narcissism
    3) Episodic narcolepsy
    3) Kleptocratic delusions
    4) Lack of empathy
    5) Casual cruelty
    6) Imperious arrogance
    7) Fear of everything
    8) Lust for power
    9) Soaring grandiosity
    10) Obsequious to superiors
    11) Abusive to everyone else
    12) General intolerance
    13) No concept of irony
    14) Shrewdly secretive
    15) Creepiness

  38. @728p

    I don't know about obsequiousness to superiors. Mrs. Hale is the very model of un-obsequiousness to her superiors--Council. She ignores them and insults them. Them again, she probably doesn't consider them her "superiors."

  39. Hey, folks. All I said was that the county does not run salmon recovery. This is in the Salmon Recovery Act passed by the legislature. I didn't say I liked that or didn't like that. In fact, I had to read the act to learn this for myself. You should too. I am not trying to tell anyone what to do, just reporting the facts. So, please don't accuse me of something I am not doing. I would greatly appreciate that courtesy. If you have a problem with me, I would appreciate it if you would arrange to talk with me in person about it. Thanks.

  40. Thank you TH for bring all this to light. Incredible but true.
    There is grant money to be had and no accountability -so who better but the self appointed visionaries to "help" the San Juans. I venture that those who continue to try to define sustainability as it pertains to the islands are myopic and simplistic. That ignorant band wagon is getting very full. A solution is to clean house and get truly educated folks in decision making positions so that these narrow minded solutions and the myriad of organizations to "implement" them are questioned.

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