Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Friends Money - Whence Come and Whither Go?

In an earlier post I described how most of the Friends' money comes from government grants, according to their IRS filings.  They also get non-government grants.  For instance, the attachment below shows that they've received $235,000 from the Bullitt Foundation too. That's very impressive. Of course, the Bullitt Foundation gives money to lots of environmental causes, but if you look at the organizations that have a "Friends-like format," then the Friends of the San Juans' success at attracting out-of-county money is quite impressive indeed.  Of the eleven like-minded organizations that received Bullitt funding, the Friends of the San Juans ranks third.

I wonder what that money has been used for.  This is a quote from the Bullitt Foundation website:

In pursuing this goal, the Foundation looks for high risk, high potential payoff opportunities to exert unusual leverage. It has a special interest in demonstrating innovative approaches that promise to solve multiple problems simultaneously. It searches the world for successful projects and policies that can be adapted to the Pacific Northwest. It strives to build the intellectual foundations and political support needed for sweeping innovation.

Hmmm ... "innovation"? I do not think I will view that word with quite the same innocence ever again.

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