Friday, March 9, 2012

If Only Patty Felt the Same Way About the CAOs

At last week's Charter Review Committee meeting:

Ms. (Patty) Miller (Council member from Orcas East) reminded the CRC of her advice that they consider the problems they are trying to solve, and then propose solutions. This approach, of identifying the problem, identifying the solution and then identifying new problems associated with the solutions, she emphasized, would avoid creating new unintended issues. She expressed concern about the potential increase in cost with a return to countywide elections and that the ability to campaign is not necessarily associated with the skills needed once elected. While she did not express a preference for a particular number of council members, Ms. Miller noted that with a part-time system the voters get six brains for the price of three.

How is it that Patty can so clearly express the need for "solutions" to address problems in one forum, but take the exact opposite position for the CAOs?

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